I skipped yesterday for Theboy

I got a run in yesterday morning with G and when she left I ran a bit more for a total of a little more than five miles.  It’s the little things, right? Baby steps to feeling healthy.

Then it was on to Theboy. I picked him up from preschool and we headed over to the theater for Finding Dory. That’s what he said he wanted. Plus, it was 96* outside. Just throwing that out there for you to ponder. We stopped for some frozen yogurt on the way, cheesecake and nutella of course.

He  asked for the gummi worms in there but he wasn’t thrilled about it (inability to make a decision…so many choices) and then when he ate one declared, “wow! That gummi worm was way better than I thought it would be!”.

I die.
bein’ goofy at the movies.

After the movie (which was great by the way) we headed over to Bass Pro Shop. Theboy was reluctant but I knew it would be worth it if he stuck with me and of course..


…because they have a gigantic fish tank in their store. And  a creek and ducks and everything. Now…you do have to explain about all the stuffed animals (really stuffed, not playtoys) and that gets a little tricky when you tell a kid that beaver is actually a dead beaver they stuffed so we could enjoy it. Hmmm. Maybe a different way to say that would be appropriate.

Suffice it to say it was a little rough but we were both easily distracted by the fish so I have successfully avoided another important conversation. #winning

::I interrupt this blogpost to say I was reading an article out loud to my husband an he fell asleep on the kitchen floor. Not sure what this says about me. But it was a really long article. Points? Also…apparently my kitchen floor is very comfortable::


We’re down a car right now (loaned ours out) so I had to come home to Aurora to get Sean from work and then back to Denver it is. It was a really long day in the end, running early, running some errands and then Theboy until very late. I came home and went to bed. I think it was 9 o’clock when I went to bed and that was an hour later than I wanted it to be.

So on that note I’ll share that I got my test results…

and I’m as confused as I was before…as is my doctor.

Everything is normal, hormones are normal, no menopause. But my estrogen is high (kind of the opposite of menopause) so now we’re all going…what the hell??
desperate housewives what the hell felicity huffman lynette scavo wtf

I know I know…I’m finding a real doctor who can interpret. My poor Celiac doctor does not specialize in this and she was doing it to help me out because she didn’t want me to wait until September. Unfortunately this is really outside of her scope so I need to let her get back to what she’s doing and move on.

I’ll make an appt and you guys just kind of…hang out and I’ll keep you posted.

It it hot. I realize that’s a recurring theme but…it’s hot. So I’ll run later when the Golden Orb of Pain has gone to bed.


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Run on…and stay cool…

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day 🙂 But that stinks about not getting good / conclusive test results…. Crossing my fingers for you to get some answers soon…

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