Turns out…we’ll take pictures anywhere.

I went to San Diego and I came home with this guy:


I mean…how great is that face?  Of course…this is after he was released from captivity. Otherwise known as Marine Corps boot camp.

When we first got him he looked like this:
This was his…yes. You can take my picture but I don’t like you for it.

Also, these pictures were taken with my high quality camera on my super phone. I know you’re jealous. Okay, you talked me into it. I’ll trade you your awesome smart phone/camera with mine. It’s a sacrifice but … we’re friends.

The following picture was taken at the In N Out Burger in San Diego about 3 minutes before he changed out of his uniform. The boy had no patience and was like…get me OUT of here. I need food and I need to change my clothes. Shaughnessy and I were like..um…could we get a picture? So there we are, in front of God and everybody, standing in front of the drive through taking photos. It was…awkward. The whole world was there and I’m sure they were wondering why we chose to do that there. I don’t know. Because we were afraid we wouldn’t get any at all. It was a gamble. We didn’t want to lose.

But lo and behold there were a few not horrible ones in there and hey if we look at it another way it was a funny story that turned out okay. For the fact that there were 487 people there, Shaughnessy scored us a lovely table and we ended up having a good lunch.


Could they be any cuter? Full of sass and attitude but what can you do.


I’m so anxious to get back to a degree of schedule and normalcy. I’ve been out of whack for over a week. And I’ve missed the internet fiercely. I am not ashamed. I love it almost as much as cupcakes.

I should have had some beautiful beach shots but I don’t have them in my folder. They are stranded on my phone and I don’t smartphone good. But I’m married to someone who does. We can rescue those photos and bring them out here because they are begging to be seen. It was so pretty! I can almost understand why someone would want to live there. Except for you know…Colorado.


I only ran a few times this week since the half marathon. I am anxious to schedule those runs again. Once in San Diego and that was amazing. I would do that again in a heartbeat. I was fast and strong and clearly taking advantage of sea level. Anytime, Baby. Anytime.


Run on…