Saying goodbye to MT.

When MT was born, he was quiet and beautiful, thoughtful and sweet and had the biggest brown eyes you’d ever seen.

In other words, he was completely his father’s child.

We used to say he had no use for me but to clothe and feed him. All the love was for his Papa.

I have most likely said it too much in his young life but he’s just a bit OCD, he likes things done a certain way and can’t really concentrate until they are. We can’t even say we raised him this way. This boy was born this way. It was totally nature.

So it was almost destiny he’d be a military man what with the whole family history thing and the discipline of the military calling to him.


As he got older and spent more time with me he started to like me more. Don’t get excited, it didn’t happen overnight. It took a LONG time. I mean…he liked me but I mean…DAD. It was all about DAD.


He grew up, he went to school….


he earned his stripes and now he’s left home. Again.
He has to leave for more schooling so he’s gone for at least the next five months.

Somewhere along the way he decided to like me and I really miss him. Having him home for these ten days just reminded me what a good friend he is. We had a good time.

This was a rough morning. His flight was very early. He’d been up late. Beyond late. Lots of friends over. Things didn’t go smooth. His usual organization wasn’t in gear plus…he’s been sick. Getting to the airport was tricky. We ended up in an interesting place in the airport by accident. Sean and MT ditched the car to bail into the nearest building and try and gate it while I attempted to find a way out of wherever I was.

Unfortunately, where I was wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

Did you follow that?

So there were gated arms stopping me from getting out everywhere I looked. There were deserted roads that weren’t even finished yet and they definitely didn’t look like the average airport traveler should be driving on them and I expected any moment to find security tracking me down. I called for help while getting yelled at by bus drivers who were REALLY rude (it’s not like I MEANT to be there, geez) and finally a very nice lady was able to send a security guy down to get me out and he escorted me OUT of the airport rather unceremoniously. I was grateful he didn’t have me arrested and thanked him for his help and apologized for causing trouble.

Except I still have a husband in there so…um…can I go back in? And please don’t arrest me.

Back in I go. MT has missed his flight so he had to get on another flight and he managed to do just that for a mere $45 that will actually be a direct flight rather than the jumping around he was on before. Bonus! Would be totally worth it except for the unbelievable amount of stress we’d dealt with.

We kissed goodbye and sent him on his way and I cried a lot which is random because I’m not usually known for that but today I did.


Because…this face.

I got two and a half miles in last night and my first mile was slow and tired and I wondered why I was even running. It was hot and I just have zero energy this week. I wonder why.

But mile two kicked right in and I took two minutes off my mile so in case you’re wondering I definitely need that “warm up mile” only for me it’s usually a “warm up two or three miles”.

Then I got three hours of sleep so I’ll probably try and sleep a bit before running errands and running tonight.

With MT gone, a semblance of our normalcy will return.

Totally not worth it.


run on…