I’m running on last week’s energy. I’m almost out.

It’s my dad’s birthday.

This is quite the week, huh?

Yeah, I think so, too.

So today I’m going to maybe…find a cupcake. I’d eat a piece of chocolate pie in his honor but…chocolate is the devil in my world so I’ll stick with vanilla and blow him a kiss.

I’m going to watch The Magnificent Seven.

I’m going to take a photograph.

I’m going to listen to the hymns he used to play on his guitar.

I’m going to tell him he was amazing and wonderful and I loved him with a fierce and powerful love.

I’m going to tell him he could be an ass. It’s okay. He knows it.

And I’m going to miss him. I started that a while ago.


My awesome Botox doctor got a cancellation and I got called in to make up my appt from last week so that’s the other thing I’m doing today.It’s quite the relief to not have to worry about that and it was SO nice of them to fit me in like that. I feel a bit high maintenance right now. I am in genuine appreciation mode.

You would think sleeping six hours would fix me but…no. I need a good six more hours to even THINK about feeling like my bones don’t hurt with sheer exhaustion. I’m hoping the pain of the tired will distract from the pain of the thirty odd shots being injected into my skull.

I realize I’m reaching but it’s really all I can do.

I met G with a run at 5am (you know, 5am isn’t bad, it’s the getting up at 4:15 that’s rough…)  and it was amazing because the air is cool and wonderful and it’s dark as can be. The moon is rich and full and bright orange. It’s incredible. Fall is thinking about coming and Colorado is beautiful in the fall. It’s still 90* during the day but oh it’s so lovely at night and early in the morning. It’s my favorite.

We walked a lot this morning. After that last paragraph, are you surprised?

No, I didn’t think so.


I came home and grabbed Malachi to give him a quick walk. So if nothing else I’m getting my steps in. I would kind of like a nap so maybe another run later would be in order. I would love to up my running mileage. These last few weeks put a huge damper on my running plans.


This sums up my brain. And I laughed so hard when I read it because my co worker, Norma, used to say this to me all th time.
I cannot brain today... I has the dumb:

And then when I was grabbing it, I found these…because I have no life and they are hilarious.
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day 28 Pics:                   Maybe....:

phantom of the opera funny - Google Search:


I get it. I went a little cat crazy. It’s the tired. I found them ridiculously hilarious.

Run on…