Adventures and pictures and wisdom, oh my. Possibly light on the wisdom.

I’m watching the men’s marathon in the Olympics. I know. I should be going to church but no.I decided to watch the marathon.

Oh my Lord that race was incredible.

I’m a heathen today. Judge not and all that jazz.


Sean and I went to the Shrine of Cabrini yesterday and I could have spent the whole day sitting on the bench in the meditation garden. It was such a lovely day and the crowds were non existent. But there was a wedding and we got to see a tater tot ring bearer in a three piece tux. I made plans to steal him.
Sean and I always go into the chapel and light candles for family and say prayers. Yesterday I went to the notebook and read some of the guests requests for prayers. Most are in Spanish but some are English and I figure I can say an extra prayer, you know? Any extra help and all that.

I began turning through the book and scrolling the written requests.  I happened on a short prayer in very shaken and scribbled print. It  simply and desperately said he drinks too much and he needs help at work. It was so powerful I immediately started crying and said a prayer.

That one is sticking with me.


I will say that driving to these places is always an adventure. And no, it’s not just because my husband is driving. Why is people choose to go 30mph in a 40mph zone? And if ALL the traffic is consistently going 55mph and the speed limit is 65mph you KNOW there’s a cop within two miles of you…somewhere. And if I’m up ahead and I see a posse of cars really really far behind me…I do a self check. Cop? School zone? construction? Fire truck? What am I missing? How is it all of these cars are a full city block behind me and going slow and I’m up here? Something must be wrong. It’s unsettling when you can’t figure it out.

From Cabrini we went to Red Rocks where we found a great hiking trail and spent a good portion of the day exploring that and then we met Alex and Megan for dinner at The Morrison Inn in…Morrison. I know, shocking. It’s a Mexican restaurant and Sean an I like to go there. It’s not awesome but it’s good and they people are always REALLY nice. The most important thing is…I don’t get sick when I eat there. So there’s that.

We managed to get a good probably 6 or 7 miles in by the end of the day, a day well spent workin’ our butts off, eating good food and enjoying family. The best.
can you imagine how pretty this would be with a good camera?  I know…

Can you imagine how pretty this would….wait. He’s already pretty. 😉  Nevermind.


Check this guy out:

People Are Thirsting Hard After This Grandpa And His Subway Pole Tricks

This guy is 68 years old. Seriously.


I’m off to play now. Sean is working and studying and I have to get dog food and then do something that challenges me. It’s my goal. I’ll keep you posted. I do have information but I haven’t decided when or where or how to share it. Not to be cryptic but I don’t have all of it yet so I’m waiting until more comes through.

Meanwhile…challenging myself.

OH and…holy cow the Pikes Peak Ascent looks AMAZING. I wanna.

Run on…