Sweet List <3

  1.  New shoes. Pretty pretty new shoes.
  2. When you give Malachi a bone and he walks around with it for like…a half an hour…bewildered. He doesn’t quite know what to do with it.
  3. I’ve been craving cupcakes for like..four days. I bet you can’t imagine what I’m going for today…
  4. Fall is thinking about showing up and I’ve decided to let it. I’m just that kind of person. Kindness all around. Welcoming to everyone.
  5. Spending the weekend with Sean I managed to irritate him in every way possible. Time well spent. He calls it love
    toy toy story annoying movie disney
  6. Meb running the Olympic marathon and finishing in style. Always a class act. Could we love him anymore?
  7. Galen Rupp coming in third in the men’s Olympic marathon (only his second marathon ever…).  Jared Ward is no slouch for sure coming in sixth…I mean…seriously. 
  8. Sean and I went to see Don’t Think Twice. It was great. It was funny. It was emotional and it was totally worth it. (limited release, it’s an indie film..but if you get the chance it’s really good)
  9. I had jury duty this morning. I got excused after four hours. I entertained myself by interrupting the guy next to me every time he got back into his book and also fidgeting as much as possible. Only one of these things could really be controlled. Also, see #5.  #doingmypart  #justpassingtime
  10. Theboy’s first day of kindergarten. I’m so ridiculously happy for him. I LOVE SCHOOL!
  11. I really wanted a run last night but it was late and dark so I peer pressured Sean into going with me. I ditched his normal routes of quiet residential streets and instead opted for my usual city streets. This is what it’s actually like:

    Then you add in that it was uphill and super crazy ass windy. He had an awesome time and looks forward to tonight. He loves me.
  12. The overcast afternoon sky bringing cool showers. I could live outside in this.
  13. And I just remembered that I hopped on over to Pottermore and took the sorting hat quiz to see which house I’m in and I’m in Gryffindor. Now…rumor has it this is the worst house to be in but I like it so bite me.

I had a pretty debilitating migraine today so it took me the whole day to write this. I pretty much just wanted to sleep and sleep. And eat french fries. Of course, I always want french fries. But I am finished now and getting this out because it’s Monday and Sweet Lists should always come out on Monday.

Run on…

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    1. So…here it is. I missed it in July (accident and traffic got me there too late) so they rescheduled me for yesterday. So that put me in the back of the pack. They called the first 130 and the rest of us got to go. However, had they called me I think they would have let me go anyway. One of the questions on the questionnaire was about knowing law enforcement and I know and am friends with a lot of Aurora police officers. So…that.

      I thought of you a lot yesterday. It made me laugh a little. Sorry. 😉

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