Off to see the wizard…

  • I think I have pink eye. Because why not.  I did a little research and I’m pretty sure it’s viral so I’m going to let it try and run it’s course for a few days. But it’s not very friendly and I don’t appreciate it. I’m super drippy so I thought it was allergies but it’s gotten worse and now I might as well just walk around with Kleenex in my pocket all day and never touch another living soul. Pink Eye is like the plague. Also, so bright. The world. So bright. I’m a vampire. I’m a drippy eyed vampire.

music video justin timberlake jt sexy back

  • Guess who I get to see today???  THIS GIRL!
    This picture is three years old. Also…I still have that jacket and wear it far too much considering how obnoxious it is. If I could get it in black I’d be SO IN. Of course, the object is to be seen. Still. Great jacket, better in black. Everything is. Maybe we’ll take a new picture!
  • My run yesterday was 5.8 miles and today it was…the same. Why? We always do the same route. We are wild. But we’re getting our runs in and I won’t always be able to so for’s run as much and as often as possible and adventure, too. Must adventure.
  • This is just a friendly reminder to always get your stretches in after you run. You don’t want to do it before you run because your muscles are cold and you could cause injury. Dynamic stretching before is okay but static stretching is only for after your run. It’s a pain, I know, to click a link and read something else but doing it right is important and will go a long way to preventing injuries.


Run on…