Proof that grilled cheese sandwiches are always always good no matter what

  • This just happened in my kitchen:
    Sean decided to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich. There was leftover melted butter. I made popcorn. I know, it’s random. He put some down on the pan and the bread on top of it. I watched because…that’s not the way I make grilled cheese but why not? Then the cheese. Then more bread. Then he lifted it up and put more butter down but the pan was hot. Electric stove you know.  It popped and snapped from the butter hitting the hot pan.  He flipped it. Then…the critical mistake. He stepped outside to throw something away and spent too much time out there and while he was out there…Rome burned. He ran in, grabbed the pan, cursed and cursed again. Full disclosure, I had stopped watching. I mean…paint drying, sandwiches cooking. That sort of thing. He got out the trash can and I thought…come ON. It’s not gone forever. It still has LIFE!! Let it fulfill it’s destiny! I hopped up and got the cheese out of the fridge reassuring him there was TOTALLY more cheese to put on it, just butter another piece of bread!  Instead…he scraped the burnt crusties off the sandwich.
    Yick. Flashbacks of my mom doing that. Full disclosure I’ve done it with my kids in an emergency but only when it’s the LAST PIECE OF BREAD AND THEY MUST HAVE TOAST RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWMUSTHAVETOAST. But it gives me the heebie jeebies. Do what you gotta do. I told him there was a whole wad ‘o cheese left and he cracked up laughing and spent the next two minutes saying “wadda cheese…wadda cheese”
    I think he lost it. 
    Then he ate his scraped sandwich…sans the wadda cheese.
    This is my life.
  • We went to breakfast this morning and had a hilarious time with the kids. I never get pictures. I know they’d all roll they’re eyes but I SO want pictures! They are all so pretty. I was totally able to steal one of Theboy though. He was watching funny cat videos (how funny is THAT?) on youtube with Shaughnessy’s phone and laughing seriously out loud.
    IMG_20160828_112213586_HDR          IMG_20160828_112228832
    Ugh. I am truly enamored by this little boy. I could just steal him. But I don’t HAVE TO. Because he’s nearly mine. HA. Babe loves you Littleman.
  • I’ve been tearing apart my bathroom (a spur of the moment choice that is sure to uproot our lives for at least a week. My husband loves me so much.) so I didn’t run. Wait…did that keep me from running? No. It was the 95* that kept me from running. We were on the surface of the sun. That’s it. I knew it was something like that. Whatever happened to a proper forecast? The temps are supposed to be 87* for a high. It ends up being 96*. What the hell? How can it be THAT OFF? It was that way all summer. I don’t get it. The climate is chaos. CHAOS I TELL YOU!
  • I wrote the previous stuff last night and this morning it’s hot and I refuse to run in the heat. The irony is it’s only 75* but you know when you run it’s going to feel like 85* and we’re in Denver so we’re practically sitting on the sun so…no. Instead I’m stripping wallpaper and working on my bathroom. And taking drugs because my head hurts. I’ll run later because I really want to. I found this t shirt and I think I need it:
    Running Sucks - Unisex
    If you can’t read it, it says “Running sucks (the evil from my soul)” and you can find it HERE  along with many many other fabulous running items. I don’t generally like running stuff but sometimes you come across a site like Sarah Marie Design Studio that just speaks to you. This one does.
  • Check out this OUTSIDE Magazine article on Squats. It’s so good. squats, done properly are so good for you and really important.

    5 Ways to Upgrade Your Squats

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Run on…and be brave