People be crazy.

Sean and I are tearing apart the bathroom upstairs. Our downstairs bathroom will require about $15,000 so I opted for the upstairs which I’m hoping to do for about $800. Because I’m cheap. And a feisty little bargain hunter, that I am.

I do try to allow for the additional 20% any construction will undoubtedly cost you because…life.

Of course, Sean LOVES it when I take on a project like this so he jumped in with both feet. I’ve reassured him he doesn’t have to do any of it and he completely believes me. Anything I want his help on, I’m willing to do. Though I have to allow extra time, extra ick factor and extra computer searching to figure out how the hell to do it. But I’ll do it. It just may be a lot harder. I don’t think he really believes me.

He took out the toilet and the sink yesterday so I could work on the walls and ended up tearing up the floor. But under the floor…was more floor. And under that floor…was more floor. So now Sean is trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing.

Shut up, you know that was good.

This is the current state of my bathroom floor.
Thank the Lord it’s the world’s smallest bathroom because…yuck.

I know you wish you were here to help but no thank you. We really just want to do it all by ourselves. We’re having the best time.

I bought paint and if I ever can find enough of a floor to not be completely grossed out, I’ll use it on the walls maybe.

When MT was home he did the unforgivable.

As a matter of fact, I was pretty surprised it happened.

He put his ~please donate this stuff~ box…ON my treadmill.

My treadmill (though seldom used but always loved) is NEVER to be used as a table, a storage place or a closet. EVER. Do not hang things on it. Do not put boxes on it. Do not.

This makes it sad. It isn’t fulfilling its destiny.

So when it’s dark and I haven’t run I go to my treadmill and I get really..really…really…


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So I sadly turn around and go back upstairs. It’s just too much work to move the boxes.

In reality…it’s only two boxes. But did I mention …

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Note to self: move those boxes in the morning.


I use a computer program called “mighty text”. It let’s me text from my computer. It’s a fabulous little tool and I love being able to type my responses to people though I’m sure they wish I wasn’t so prolific. Mighty Text just sent me a message “you sent 324 texts messages last month. You’re a power user!”. Hm. As opposed to a power player. Hm. Too many jokes. Not sure where to go here. I’ll just leave it at that. But now you know what I do with my time.


This wedding shoot is amazing and Sean and I have been on this volcano…years ago when I ran my very first marathon we took a side trip. It was an incredible experience.


Yesterday I went to Petsmart and on my happy little jaunt out of the store I apparently walked too slow (pretty unlikely, I’m a quick stepper, you know) I crossed in front of a woman careening around the corner in the midst of a pet food emergency. She rolled the window down on her 1982 Toyota Tercel (pure speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised) with three different door colors all mostly burgandy and screamed hysterically at me like her life depended on it (or mine) “COULD YOU WALK ANY SLOWER???”
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Well, I was a little taken aback. And I was so cheerful just a moment ago. So when she screeched to a halt and jumped out of the car walking (nearly running) past me I said, “there’s no rule, I don’t think. I mean, I get to walk”.

She yelled at me again. Quite nastily I might add. So I cheerfully told her I hope her day gets better. 

She hysterically and angrily turned and screamed again at me, “I HOPE YOU DROP DEAD!”.
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That was IT> I had pretty much HAD it at that point and I needed to let her have a PIECE OF MY MIND.
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I told her I thought she was VERY MEAN.

She’s still upset about that. I could tell as she continued to scream obscenities to me on her way into the store. I believe she needs medication and therapy. But randomly this has provided me untold entertainment for the last two days. I don’t get out much.

G and I got our 6 miles in this morning and it was beautiful and cool and amazing and I loved it. It’s dark when we run but the park has amazing fog that creeps in and covers the park and it’s so creepy and beautiful and I feel like I’m running in San Francisco. It’s so lovely. #dreams

She has a race on Sunday and providing all the planets are aligned I am going to run it with her. Her running partner bailed on her. It’s not my favorite race but I always love running so that’s a good time, right? I’ll keep ya posted.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Max. I know you’re excited.

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Run on…