When your dreams send you right down the river.

I am so late with this. I totally started it yesterday and then Alex came over and that was it. I was immediately distracted from the computer. Until it was time to look at bedroom furniture. Then we spent all our time on Craigslist. After he left I just didn’t get it done. Too many other things and my brain stopped working. So now it’s a new day, let’s see what happens.
I wear my stress in my dreams
and last night was no different. I dreamed I drove my jeep into a river. And my family and friends were like…of course you did. Because you’re you. They weren’t amused. They weren’t mad. They were more irritated that I again screwed up.

When I woke up I googled the dream analysis of this and here is the answer (sometimes there isn’t an answer and yes, I look these things up all the time…did I mention stress in my dreams?):

To dream that you are driving a car denotes your ambition, your drive and your ability to navigate from one stage of your life to another. Consider how smooth or rough the car ride is. If you are driving the car, then you are taking an active role in the way your life is going.

So…that was interesting. I was driving but I didn’t have great control of the car. Huh. That’s a low blow.
It goes on to say this about driving a car into a body of water (I know, can you believe that? I’m not the first person to dream THAT):

To dream that you drive your car into a body of water or that it rolls into water implies that you are in for an emotional journey. 


Yeah. I don’t want to be on an emotional journey. I just don’t want to. I want to just be. I’m not up to emotions today. Anyone else?

I’m just living.

In the moment.

I think I’ll just hit “deny” on the ~do you want this dream meaning or would you like another?~ and wait for the next one to cycle around.
Should be fun.


I rested my leg yesterday and went stir crazy so today I went for a walk and walked the dog. It’s not running. I need a run. It’s my own personal addiction and it’s FALL!
Image result for fall running Source

Come on universe! This is just wrong.

I continue forward however, not letting it get me down.

Okay, maybe a little.

But mostly not! Powering through …

I will be happy!

happy smile hehe so happy toddlers and tiaras



I have to get my eyes checked today to see if I still have two and then it’s off to spend a little time with Miss Andrea. We need this about once a week. That …hey..you still good?…checkup.

I am most certain we will eat somewhere delightful.

We will shop probably for Christmas (it’s around the corner, People, it’s tomorrow) and we will look at shoes because we can.

Lifetime Telly shoes rhonj real housewives of new jersey dina manzo

Also..when I get home I must strength again. In case I forget, my sore abs, arms and legs will remind me.

Sport quotes:

Run on…because it’s Fall and we all should be running in the fall.