White Chili, Cornbread and Carrot Cake… It is Fall and it is Perfection.

I am not ashamed to say I ate all of it.

I am saddened to say I ate too much. Although it’s not my fault. I’ve recently discovered I have a stomach the size of a walnut. There should be a law against that.

Also, Carrot Cake is my all time favorite cake in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I just this second realized why.
Besides that it is so unbelievably delicious. Oh my gosh.

It’s my own person Thursday epiphany.

Because that’s a thing.

I really like cake but generally…I’m just looking for the frosting. It’s all about the frosting.

But with Carrot Cake…I would be happy with the cake, too. Because I love Carrot Cake. I want it all.

That’s my epiphany.

Pretty earth moving.

Pretty life changing.

I hope you feel smarter for now knowing that information because I do.
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I woke up this morning and had some pretty basic body aches. Some early on…something is up…body aches. I took my morning meds and headed out to meet Miss G. We always walk once around and as we walked I could tell it was going to hit pretty fast. I told G it would hit in about a half an hour. My voice, strangely, disappeared. That’s a weird glutened symptom. Like I ate something off this morning but I didn’t eat anything. During the second time around I had to stop and dry heave (empty stomach…thank heaven). We ended the walk there. I needed drugs pretty quick.

I came right home, took drugs, talked to Sean for a few minutes and slept for two hours.

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I was talking to someone recently about a problem I’m having. I get this pain and I didn’t know if it was PMS or if it was related to Celiac. I don’t normally PMS but there are extenuating circumstances so I may be now. So I mentioned this and my friend kind of laughed in that “you suck” way.

I am pretty honest about my luck in spending a life with little to no PMS symptoms. But I’m quick to point out that I’ve had a lifetime…a lifetime… of migraines.

My friend commented that she gets migraines, too!  ~In other words, I have both so my life is worse than yours.~

I was struck so speechless I didn’t know the next thing to say. Do I tackle this? Or do I move on to what my question was? Because I do kind of want to address it. I stumbled for at least a full minute and then skipped it and went on to my original question but it clearly bothered me as I’m addressing it now.

PMS symptoms are awful. I have family members and close friends that have such debilitating symptoms they cheerfully take birth control pills just for a little bit of pain relief. And they are still on prescription meds for the leftover symptoms.

I never  discount anyone’s pain.

I would never discount her migraine pain in anyway. Or the fact that she has struggles with both. But I do think respect needs to be given to both situations and as I give respect to someone who suffers from PMS symptoms that include migraines I think respect needs to be given back to someone to suffers from daily migraines and a lifetime of them.

It was a strange conversation. I have them every once in a while and I’m always bewildered by them.

We all get to own our own pain I guess. I sure own mine.



I took my car in to get it worked on for the fourth time in a year. We’ve decided it’s the last time we’ll do it. Next time, we trade it in. I really wanted it to last another year and a half but it’s just getting too much.We caved this time mostly because neither of us could really think or take the time to look for another car but it cost $1000.

My ADHD has been working full time today so I’ve spent four hours writing this post because I can’t seem to sit still to write it!
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I’ve done laundry, cleaned my room, the kitchen, the garage, myself, searched Craigslist multiple times, and gone back to the post like…fourteen times in between. Ugh. Brain doesn’t work today. I wonder if I was glutened. Brain fog is a big symptom. Who knew?

Oh, so the point of the car was this. We dropped it off on Tuesday morning and they are just now getting it to us today”and we’re open until 6 tonight for your convenience!!”.

Dude. If you were doing this at my convenience, you would have finished this three days ago.

So now I have to wait patiently for my husband ~who works in a vault~ to get my telepathic message that the car is done so I can be released from my stay at home prison hell and go to a very far away town and pick up the cutest cabinet EVER. I bought a really cute cabinet. I’m pretty excited. I know, I shouldn’t have. I just had to pay for a car. But it’s on Craigslist so it’s super cheap. I’ll show you tomorrow!!!!

You’ll die it’s so cute.

Well I hope not.

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RUN ON!!!! HAVE ENERGY!!  (I gotta run later)