The holiday chaos.

  • My kids laughed at me because I called them to ask what kind of cereal they like since I went shopping and bought four boxes of Kellogg’s and I obviously can’t eat it. #allthecereal
  • Alex Michael came over and finished my deck. Nope. Not kidding. My deck is finished and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ll show you pictures but I need to keep typing and ADHD. Just be patient. Oh man it’s pretty. #worththewait
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  • The weather is turning.  It’s 70* one day…17* the next and between standing outside in the cold with Alex and the weather turning I do have a smidge of a headache. Nothing truly tragic yet, just enough to demand my attention like a toddler wanting Goldfish.
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  • I swear the news JUST posted an article titled “Do you have a headache? You’re not alone. Temperature changes can impact Health”. Welcome to my life.
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  • I’m incredibly behind on all Christmas present shopping and birthday shopping. Anyone else? Its like I can’t think. I need a booster shot of something. Brain power.
  • I managed to pick up a few things between Amazon and Target but items needed in relation to items picked up…not even close.
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  • I wrote a whole post and deleted it. That’s how on the ball I am. Yes, I’m a whole day behind on posting. I know.
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  • It’s snowing and it’s 17*. I normally look forward to this but in this case my kid is outside in this and I am a typical protective mom and can’t stand to think of him cold. I want to think of him warm and snuggly watching Netflix.
  • I’ll leave you with this. Take this moment. Be grateful for the family you have.The family that loves you. That respects you. That listens and hears you. That honors you. That spends time with you and gives back to you. Do the same for them. Here is a picture of Theboy I forgot I had…

    Come on. Look at that little face! That’s a great picture.
    And here’s some pictures of the deck I promised because it’s beautiful and I’m SO grateful to my amazing family.
    img_0004 img_0007

    Picture of dog included. He doesn’t know why he’s in dog jail now.
    Isn’t it freakin’ beautiful??  Alexander did a beautiful job and he’s for hire so if anyone wants a kick ass deck just call me.
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    …And sometimes it’s ten o’clock at night. Hopefully not. Either way, get it done. You’ll feel better!!

  • Run on…