Here’s how I know I’m a runner…

So it’s Christmas. And we’re getting those ads on Facebook to buy the new gadgets. The blinking lights, the running belts, the t shirts. So many things to entice us and tell us we need (please say in a pleading voice) to have this running item and our running lives will be better.

I get running magazines in the mail. I get running magazines online. I have bookshelves full of running stories and advice.

The stores are lined with outdoor running gear, tights and jackets, hats and gloves. Everything to make your winter run the most epic run ever. 

These things don’t phase me. They don’t tug at me. they don’t pull at me and they don’t remind me every time I turn around that I’m a runner. Nor does the pile of running clothes I constantly have waiting for me just outside my bedroom door ~so if I get up early I don’t wake up Sean.

These are in your face ~hey, you’re a runner!~ but they don’t move me.

The guy running down the street in the middle of the day while I’m running errands, that moves me. And every time I say…that could be me.

I was watching television and a girl turned away from talking and jogged down the hall and I thought…huh, I need a run.

When I see someone on a treadmill I think…I need to be doing that. I need to be doing that and when I’m done I will feel good and strong and clean and brave.

When I wake up every day and think…I need to run today. Will I get to run today? I can’t wait to run today!

My love of running goes far deeper than just a cute running jacket. It’s inside me and it pulls me. It doesn’t matter if the run is bad or if it’s great. It only matters that I’m moving.

And because every day I check the weather.

That’s how I know.
weird thing is when your body gets used to sprinting, you kind of do feel like your about to fly:

The kids came and hung out yesterday for breakfast which mostly turned out okay except for the completely burnt bacon. I don’t actually want to take credit for that (it’s starting to look like I can’t cook) because I pulled out the French Toast Casserole and the bacon definitely needed more time and like two minutes later it was burnt beyond recognition. Even Alex was like…what the hell?? We just looked at it.

So weird. And disappointing.  Also, Adam doesn’t like French Toast so I feel bad. But I did buy appetizer donuts so he had that for a backup.

it’s the little things

Alex and Megan’s Christmas photo…pretty cute. And check out my deck! Yeah. I still like it. I’ll be making you look at it a lot. I love it. 

Theboy quietly played his video game the whole time and he looked totally engrossed but he laughed every time we did and when we quizzed him he would tell us exactly what he was laughing at. Yep…he was keeping up. Smarty pants. 

I have no photos of Shaughnessy and Adam or Sean and I. Maybe next week. Stay tuned…

I was feeling pretty good about shopping for Christmas and then I updated my list and now I’m depressed.

So much to do.

I did decide that next year I’m definitely not buying anything early. Just saving the money and buying during the season. I ended up stuck with way too much and we all kind of feel overwhelmed. Weird.


Sean is taking a class this week and after this many years together I’ve finally rubbed off on him. It used to be that he’d leave and I’d be sad.  But the tables have turned and now when I drop him off he says it’s really quiet. Ha. Sorry Baby. Welcome to my world.

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Run on…