Someone else was in charge yesterday.

  • I had Theboy yesterday from very early on so I didn’t get a chance to write.  So you guys had boringness again. I’m so sorry. Also… I do apologize for making up words and for my many many typos. I discover them sometimes days or weeks later when I’m rereading and always fix them but of course, time has moved on and no one cares but me. Doesn’t matter, it must be fixed.
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  • You absolutely must watch this video of this guy giving his cat a bath and rapping to him. He’s giving his cat a bath!
  • Yesterday MT was playing with a kitchen knife at the counter. He was kind of scraping (I seriously can’t even say it) the tip along a piece of paper and I put up with it as long as I could before I finally couldn’t take it anymore and politely asked him to stop. Then I had to apologize for my next actions. I took the knife and “washed” the blade with my fingers to like…try and erase the “feeling” of the blade on the counter (I’m shuddering as I remember it). I did that for a few minutes but then I went to the paper and ran my hand over the paper to erase the knife “feeling” (kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard~I’m sorry). I run my hand back and forth over the paper a few times. I did that and then forced myself to stop but I could have continued.
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    MT stared at me. He said…yeah…you’re legit OCD. I always knew you did that but not like THAT. You definitely are OCD.
    Sorry Dude. Mom’s nuts.
  • Theboy and I made a gingerbread house from scratch because I was born awesome and can do anything at all and really aren’t you all just totally Pinterest jealous?

    That was a total lie. ha. From scratch. I absolutely bought that from Target and yay for me! Shaughnessy and I once made one from graham crackers because it’s a helluva lot easier. I mean, gingerbread is so hard to work with. This guy, though, came ready made. All we had to do was frost him and put candy on and that’s all the joy right there. Total fun.

  • Then he insisted ~INSISTED~ I help him build him a snowman and after raising three kids I was suspicious. Also, my own children know I don’t play in the snow. I have no tolerance for cold. Really. I have Raynaud’s (when you have Celiac you have a much higher chance of having another auto least one. I have Raynaud’s) so my toes go numb pretty much immediately and that’s no fun. But I headed out there because that’s all he wanted to do. We bought a hat and scarf and mittens and a “long skinny carrot”. Just one. We bought one carrot. No, that’s a lie, too. I bought the whole package. But he just wanted one. And outside we go so he can sit on the stairs as the supervising committee and critique my work while I build the damn thing. Didn’t I tell you? Little manager in the making. He said he’s in charge of the clothes.

    pretty sure “Snowy” is wearing my sunglasses. 
  • We’re on the homestretch, People. It’s December 23rd! Did you make it? Are you done? Are you ready for all the events? I’m going to the grocery store today. I’m going to bake cookies because…well…I can. I’m going to make a bug pinata (that’s another story) and I’m going to walk the dog and do yoga. My whole body hurts. I’m giving it a serious break today. And enchiladas for dinner because YUM.
  • When you have THIS MUCH going on…you have to take care of you first. Get up. Stretch. Do some basic yoga stretches to remind your body you are there. There is only one you and you have to take care of it. Stretch tall…bend over….hang down…lengthen those muscles that got all bunched up and sore during the night. Roll your shoulders. Reach for the stars with your arms.  Lean to the left and to the right…Stretch stretch stretch. And get up and walk around. Now do it again. Now have a 3 minute dance party with your FAVORITE SONG> because dancing is joy.

    Run on…