It’s a new year! And we’re diving right in whether we’re ready or not.

Don’t worry, we’re ready!

  • Do you have a resolution list? I ask every year but I think resolutions (or goals, either works) are incredibly interesting. They encourage us to be the best we can be as long as we aren’t stressing ourselves out over them. That’s pretty counterproductive. Do I make resolutions myself? I go back and forth on resolutions. I have high hopes but I’m not great at them. I’m busy being focused on all that other crazy stuff. Life and kids and my sweet
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  • Last night I dreamed my husband traipsed a real estate agent around my house (nope, not selling. Random dream) and I was in my underwear. I was changing my pants and he just walks in..shows the guy around…I’m in my underwear. Just one of many strange dreams.
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  • Yesterday we started ThinkClear Consulting! It’s a fabulous new organizing business and we’re pretty excited to be diving in. Starting anything is scary so brave is the word of the year. Although in my world, it’s always the word of the day. We spent days (feels like months) creating the website and the business. There is so much to think about and lists are my life right now.
  • I have to say I have a great family. Sean worked tirelessly yesterday for hours and hours fixing the glitches of the website that I couldn’t or didn’t want to because it would take me four times longer and he’s just so good at it. He just steps right up without my even asking. Shaughnessy totally whipped up the front page for us. We had a basic idea and she took it and ran with it. She can do it in a third of the time it takes me. See a pattern? It all comes very naturally to her. Shaughnessy and Adam were instrumental in the creation of ThinkClear. They are the ones who jumped in and encouraged me and still do. Adam has tons of ideas and his mind goes nonstop. I kind of love it. Mine goes nonstop but it’s usually taking care of ten people. Adam gets focused on that project and runs with it. Alex Michael is my carpenter and I have a beautiful desk now! I’m excited for all the possibilities this year holds that are not in any way political. This will be the good stuff for the year!
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  • I’ve been a little busy (you know, starting a business) so I haven’t done my resolution list. But I’ll work on it today and post it tomorrow! Meanwhile…tell me your wildest resolution you are hoping and working towards keeping!
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I’ve been working all  morning and I haven’t had the chance to work out or anything but I’m doing it right now. First thing…walk the dog. Then I’m going to do a bit of yoga since my leg is sore. And then…run. I really want a run. It is not on my workout list from Ria but I need it so I’m doing it. Sean and I ran on New Years Eve and it was such a great day. I mean, he really doesn’t love the running in the cold idea but he loves me so he does it. True love.

Workout and running resolutions?
personal life or work resolutions? 

Be brave…

Those times you’ve had to look at fear and say, “Move aside, you are in the way!!!!!” #BeenThere #DoneThat:

Run on…

7 Replies to “It’s a new year! And we’re diving right in whether we’re ready or not.”

  1. I’m trying to talk my husband into taking us to the Caribbean next year for the holidays. Santa will bring swimsuits and sunscreen and that’s it. So, my goal is bikini ready by December……and maybe another foray into trail running.

    1. Ha. Your husband? The Caribbean? And for the holidays, huh? That’s a big deal! I always wanted to go to the mountains for the holidays but family is so spread out and they have their own family…we wouldn’t get to see them.

      You’re pretty bikini ready. You’re little and cute! And that trail run…are you tackling the 50k?

        1. Oh yeah. That’s good. I like that. I can’t know if I can do a 50k until I recover and build up again. One an only hope. I miss running my longer distances.

  2. My resolution is to be kind and patient (how Canadian eh? lol).

    Also, some goals: take a regular yoga class, start a meditation practice, make my own cleaning supplies, change over all my personal care products and makeup to vegan and all natural, read 2 books per month and take more pictures!

    Good luck with your business! If you lived closer, I would definitely hire you!

    1. Ha! I totally laughed at the Canadian…that’s awesome.
      You are crazy good if you’re making your own cleaning supplies! I buy cruelty free and that’s as good as it gets. Two books a month! I’ll cheer you on. And I tried the take more pictures. My family gave me the thumbs down. I’m bitter. 😉

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