This week with MT.

Not the state.
I’m late with this but it’s been a very busy week.

Twenty Things I Know to be True about MT. Not the State.

  1. Monday was his birthday. He turned twenty years old. I no longer have any teenagers. Crazy, right?
  2. He loves discipline and order.
  3. He also secretly has a little rebellious streak. He is totally our child.
  4. He loves to sing. Since he was little and would walk up and down the street singing and would walk around the house singing his day. He narrated his life singing. It was awesome.
  5. He loves to clean and does his laundry obsessively to include sheets, mattress pad, comforter, blankets…it’s a problem. He has a problem but he hasn’t really accepted the first step yet. Guess he’s still ok with it.
  6. sour gummi worms are his favorite and he never seems to tire of them.
  7. He does not like mashed potatoes…not even a little.
  8. For his graduation present he asked for a suit.
  9. When he cleans his room the squares on the comforter line up on the mattress.
  10. He curses like a sailor and never around me. sounds weird when he does because he’s MT.
  11. He’s smart…he got his Associate’s Degree at 19.
  12. He’s a Marine and  always on his way to  bigger and better things.
  13. He is bonded by a deep and loving connection to his brother.
  14. He is bonded by a deep and loving connection to his dad.
  15. He loves me best (don’t tell his dad).
  16. His sister drives him batty. He loves her pretty much a lot, too.
  17. Being an uncle is one of his favorite things.
  18. His girlfriend might be his second favorite person.. I know I know…he’ll say she’s his first but what.ever. I’m always his first favorite. Until I’m not.
  19. He is a complicated mix of self doubt and full on self confidence.
  20. He loves Harry Potter as much as I do. Like me he will stop and watch every Harry Potter movie that he comes across. And he’s the one that will sit and watch a Harry Potter marathon because HP represents good.
  21. I had to add 21. Because it’s so important. As a military man, it’s his job to always support his “boss” the president and he does. He’s respectful and he’s appropriate. But only as much as he needs to be. He is  on the side of all that is good and right in this our great fight and I love that so much about him.

    Honest to God I have now edited this post three freaking times. What is WRONG with me.
    The older I get the less I know for sure. But there are still a few things. Here are five things I know for sure. Right now.:
    Run on…

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