the day is here. it came faster than I expected…

Today is surgery day so I’ll be out today and tomorrow. I have to stay overnight. I’ll be home Friday and probably feeling more human on Saturday. Maybe I”ll be back with great stories for you!

100% of people that talked to me wanted to know if I was nervous. No. I’m completely unafraid. Remember, I have an abnormal lack of fear. I don’t know what that’s about. Trust in God? Faith? Blind stupidity? Whatever it seems to be workin’ for me.

I got everything done I needed to and…wait for it…

Taps is playing. Best part of my night.

I do love living across from a military base.

Back to what I was saying I got everything done that I needed to. I’m throwing one more load of laundry in tonight, just a small one. Showering, making the bed, and sleeping. We have to be at the hospital at a ridiculous hour of the morning.

Talk to you guys on the flip side.


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Always make time to run. Get outside, feel alive.:

Run on…

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    1. Thanks Amy! I’m a little slow on the recovery apparently. I didn’t see any comments, I barely got a blog out last night. Nice to know Canada is reading! We love Canada. Geez…don’t give up on us.

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