I lived.

First let me say, true love is someone taking care of you when you’re sick or when you have surgery. I mean seriously. Sean spent the weekend getting me things, helping me if I needed it, running to the store for the meds and just basically being there just in case. And it’s not pretty when surgery is involved. It’s.not.pretty.

Today he watched me put laundry in, sweep the floor (the dog is shedding insanely right now, it’s making me nuts), do the dishes and clean off the counter and he said, “go rest. I’ll vacuum.”. I watched him get the vacuum and I told him he didn’t have to vacuum just because I’m neurotic. ~Yes, he said. That’s exactly why I have to.~

smart ass.

This is his cute face back when Alex was little, 25 years ago? He’s so cute.

Here’s some quick background. If you’re squeamish or you don’t want to talk girl info, you don’t have to read this one. Just a little background… A little over a year ago I started feeling kind of crummy, really tired and I could barely run. After much guessing my Celiac doctor did a full blood panel. Her guess was menopause but I literally had zero symptoms. Blood results came up the opposite of menopause. Pretty quickly after, an emergency room visit gets me a referral to the overbooked Ob/Gyn and I luck out and get the brand new doctor who just started there. She looks like she just graduated high school. She’s adorable, smart, nice…geez. I think God took pity on me at this point because I feel seriously lucky. By now it’s August and she tells me there is a very large fibroid (a noncancerous growth) in there and it should come out by way of a hysterectomy. These are pretty common, genetic and treatment depends on what kind you have. She was right that mine needed to come out that way. Much research was done and this did seem smart. My insurance was the reason we waited until the new year. By then it had grown bigger and I had another one growing. This was never a surgery I would jump for joy to have but let me tell you it’s been a long painful rough year and I am ready to feel good again.

  • I got a pedicure before going in, I figured it was the one thing I could control. When I got there, the nurses exclaimed about my pretty toes and thanked me saying they never get to see pretty toes. It seemed silly and girly but now I’m glad. It was a very light moment for what could be a rough day. We had a good laugh about toes.
  • I wore my Girl Power t shirt. Figured it was appropriate.
  • Sean said he knew my doctor right away when she walked up because she looked so young. She’s ridiculously nice.
  • The surgery took about five hours instead of an hour and a half because it was a little tricky getting it out of me without causing unnecessary bleeding.
  • My doctor came into my room and said, “holy cow, it was HUGE”. It was hilarious. Apparently the fibroid was bigger than my uterus. I asked her if it was weird that I actually felt lighter and she said no way. She can’t wait to hear back from pathology about how much it weighed. She said she really didn’t realize how big it was. Crazy.
  • Back in my room as I slowly came out of my drug induced stupor I kept hearing the same thing, “they’re hearts! How cute is THAT. Have you ever SEEN that before?”. My doctor had cut four little gauze hearts to cover my incisions. Told you she was nice. She won everybody over with that move.
  • I ended up getting a migraine, probably because my body gets a migraine if any part of it is disrupted. Get a cold? Get a migraine. Hungry? Migraine. Run too far? Migraine. Everything has to be regulated. So…surgery? uh..yeah. Migraine. It was rough. It was kickmyass bad. Surgery was Thursday, it’s now Sunday…migraine was mostly gone by today. Long long weekend.
  • I got home Friday and have basically done nothing but try and get past that damn migraine. Oh and even though my fabulous doctor made sure and put in the notes that I was Celiac and ALL meds and ALL food had to be gluten free I so got glutened. I’ve been sick all day. Pretty uncomfortably sick, I might add. They even put an allergy bracelet on me and I had to tell every single person that came in that I was Celiac. People…what the hell?
  • It really was a great experience as far as surgery goes. Nurses were awesome, doctor was great. The whole thing was really what I expected. Even the migraine. If they could get the great glutening fixed I’d be happy. But my stomach incisions don’t even hurt that bad. They kept asking and all I could think about was my head.

I can’t run for six weeks, she’s going to consider letting me in four weeks because she likes me. ::smiley::
Shaughnessy, Adam and theboy sent me flowers and the next day my mom and Bill and my sister and her husband sent me another bouquet. My house looks like a flower garden. It’s so delicious. This is Skosh enjoying the flowers.


Recovering from a running injury is the ABSOLUTE WORST!:
un on…then tell me about it so I can live vicariously.

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