happy day before Valentine’s Day…

  • I think when they removed all that other stuff they removed my love of cheeseburgers. I tried to eat one Thursday and it was awful. I couldn’t finish it. It was depressing. My love of cheeseburgers goes way back. Such a loss. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up that easy. I firmly believe it’s well worth the effort to try more than once.
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    UPDATE: I made one for myself Friday and it was much better. I’ll keep trying… it’s my duty.
  • I ordered a Magic Bullet for MT. He lives in a dorm in VA on an Army base. The cafeteria is in the midst of a major renovation so they have nowhere to eat. They won’t have it finished the whole time he will live there (the next 10 months). How irresponsible is that? Ridiculous. So he eats really poorly for lack of…well space, frankly. Small kitchen. Ninety Marines trying to use it. Can’t cook in his room. That sort of thing. Anyway, Amazon sent me an email that said…nope. Can’t deliver. There’s bad weather OR a natural disaster in Connecticut. Damn. That has to be bad for Connecticut because nothing holds Amazon back…
  • Celebrities who have thyroid conditions…this was a quick two minute google. I didn’t even work at it. Can you imagine if I did? The list would most certainly grow. It’s crazy how many people are affected by a thyroid condition.
    Hillary Clinton
    Bernie Sanders
    George H.W.Bush and Barbara Bush
    Sophia Vergara
    Oprah Winfrey
    Catherine Bell
    Missy Elliott
    Jillian Michaels
    Kim Cattrall

  • I got my hair done on Friday and it’s SO CUTE. It’s colored very hombré (sad day on the color name) and I love it. Granted…we were a little afraid it would totally fall out of my head. That is a genuine concern with my hair as it breaks off as she’s combing it frequently. But she babied it and she gave it a deep conditioning and then she rinsed it in ice cold water. Then I cried. Okay, I didn’t really but DAMN.  It was cold. I wanted to cry, does that count? It was cold. It turned out okay! We were prepared for the super short Audrey Hepburn hair event to have to happen and instead…it’s pretty cute.
  • It took a lot to get that picture and even still it’s not that great. Sean’s camera is all fancy and expensive and fantastic and what the hell?  I gave up and said I’ll just take it. I’ll crop it. The color is bad. Nothing wants to cooperate. I’m just sitting at the computer at the counter, anyway. Sigh.
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    Image result for I need an expert gif
    Image result for I need an expert gif
  • This is my boy…otherwise known as Theboy. Is he not THE most handsomest???  I’m totally in love with him.
  • Check this out…I just took a picture of Sean and I and Sean is so pretty (ugh. Those eyes. They get me every time) I edited myself out and zoomed in. Then I flashed to this picture of MT from 15 years ago probably. So I’m putting them side by side because I want to see if they are as crazy alike as my memory serves.

    Look how pretty they are! They clearly aren’t related at all. 

  • on the phone with MT…he’s giving me attitude. As usual.
  • We had the kids over today for Valentine’s brunch which really was just brunch but I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day so we called it that. OH…I DID make everything sweet so I guess I can totally call it Valentine’s brunch. Nothing was pink though. But next time I am totally making it pink. With me being Celiac and Sean allergic to Soy we are now ultra careful what we serve so I made crepes with different fillings. I also have zero photos because I was cooking while they were eating. I’ll do better. Here’s the recipes I used and the links to the blogs. All the blogs were great and helpful and seriously nearly exactly like they were on Pinterest. Who knew? Also…VERY EASY. 
    Give Recipe-very thin gluten free crepes (These were a success. Very easy. Tasted great. I did add a small bit of sugar for sweetness but otherwise followed it exactly)
    Like Mother Like DaughterBerries and Cream Crepes (I used this recipe just for the berry sauce. The crepes I used the above recipe)…this one was the overall favorite for sure.
    Chef in Training- Easy Bavarian Cream (okay,I totally thought this one would be a favorite but it thickened a bit too much overnight. I recommend NOT making it overnight and just throwing it together about a half hour before serving. It thickens pretty quick because…pudding. It was still delicious. NOT soy free. Sean couldn’t have it.
    Julia’s Album-Apple Cinnamon Crepes (these were yummy, I should have warmed them up and then they would have been totally perfect. Next time for sure. I just had too much to do at once).
    All of this was gluten free and sweet but not too sweet. VERY easy. I was able to make 90% of it ahead of time and the rest of it I could have made a little bit ahead. I learned for next time. 
  • I should call this the blog that never ends. I’ve been writing this for four days. I just keep writing it. So I’m going to stop now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I promise to TRY and be less flaky. I guarantee nothing. POP QUIZ what’s tomorrow?? Only my favorite holiday ever. EVER. I love Valentine’s Day. I’m the only person in the world that loves it. And I do.

Some run for fitness. Some run for clarity. Some for the feeling.  Running is about more than miles. What do you run for?:

Run on… and have a great day!!