Just a list. Of my day.

  1. Yesterday was #adaywithoutawoman and even as I was typing this I was planning on not working but this client is ridiculously difficult to connect with so I opted to do it. I decided to just wear read.  Then I pondered if I own any red.
  2. On #adaywithoutawoman my friend posted a controversial post. She meant it to be a loving post about how supportive, as a woman, she is going to be by continuing to work rather than taking the day off. She did not recognize, really, the real meaning and importance of the day and how vital it is to at least recognize the day.  If she couldn’t take the day off she could have at least chosen to wear red to say hey…we have a long way to go and I’m going to wear this because even though I may be privileged I recognize how far we have to go for equality everywhere, we have the right to walk the streets without fear, we have the right to not be disrespected in our job,  we have rights to be treated as people, with kindness and dignity.  Another friend reasonably responded to her merely to explain and help her better understand the day and over seventy posts later and much heat by neither of these women…the two of them are no longer friends. There was not a lot of love there on #adaywithoutawoman. It was a tragic circumstance, they are both kind and loving people.
  3. My daughter wrote a thought-provoking essay about her experience in LA yesterday. It’s beautifully written.
  4. I woke up yesterday with perfect hair. Perfect. 5am perfect hair. What is THAT about? Five o’clock in the morning and no one to witness it? If you wake up with perfect hair and there’s no one to witness it did it really happen?
  5. I have discovered that now that I don’t have kids at home I have finally mastered the art of the backup supply. I have a full on backup supply of toilet paper, kleenex, hand soap. Need handsoap? It’s in the cabinet. So is it the kids being gone? Or is it the backup supply of cash is maybe bigger? They should do a study. The government probably has.
  6. I’ve been writing this blog for four years and two months – I haven’t really improved much. You’d think I would after all this time, wouldn’t you? Every year I forget the anniversary until like..March. It dawned on me last night at about one am. Bright side it lets me go back and re-read the beginning. I get to read about Michelle’s little kids. I like that part.
  7. I had dinner with Solongo! I missed her SO much. She is ridiculously fun and I love her. I was going to get a picture but completely forgot so I will take one next time because we are overdue. We talked for 3.5 hours.  We went to 730 South for dinner and as usual…dinner was great and they do Celiac perfectly.  Not sure what it says that the waiter remembers  me that well but he does. So nice! We talked politics, running, hair, work, kids, food, surgery, and politics again. Deep sigh of relief to find a friend you love and respect thinks the same as you. These days it’s hit or miss.
  8. My kid is home tonight. Don’t get too excited. It’s only for ten days. He took a break because he’s just sitting there waiting for school to start and there’s nothing else to do. SO BORING.
  9. I am in a complete fog today. Total fog.
  10. A $2.5 trillion asset manager just put a statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull

    Image may contain: text
    Ahem... For all those women who say they aren't feminists. Why not? Feminism is about equality. That's it.:
    Run on…

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  1. Hope you are not talking about me…had to work, if you miss a day it puts clients out too far, it is a small town and not a lot of services. I am sorry I didn’t keep up with what was going on.

    1. Well of course not. As I said, the post was highly controversial and ended up with them unfriending each other…seventy comments later. I had to work yesterday, too. A lot of people did. Sometimes you just have to.

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