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First of all…Happy March 13th. The 13th of the month is always the best day and I don’t recognize it enough for you guys but today…there you go.

This political nightmare is bringing so much chaos to the forefront of everybody’s life that the influx of information is like nothing we’ve ever seen before and more people than ever are learning about how policies and government works. The downside to this, however, is the lack of research. Sometimes when we’re gasping about some tragic thing the new administration has done, it’s actually something every new administration does. We’re just on the train of looking for evil and nothing they can do is right. We need to save our energy for real and critical issues.
Like Sean Spicer wearing his flag pin upside down…

It takes so little.


Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace takes flight, with stores open and busy; here’s a look (photos)
We’ve been watching this building project from the whispers and we are SO PROUD of AURORA for the development of small business and quality business. I can’t wait to check it out and shop there. What an amazing endeavor and a beautiful example of what can be done with big empty space that is usually discarded, closed and left abandoned.

Michelle and I headed over to Bear Creek Trail Park in Lakewood  on Saturday to try the route that is a possible upcoming what-the- hell-are-we-thinking ultra run for the fall. We walked and we walked and we walked. It was a lot of walking. Because I can’t run yet until this Wednesday when my doctor clears me! As you can see I’m not at all excited. Also, I am seriously out of shape. But look how pretty it is!!

We walked A LOT (eight miles!) and I was pretty certain we were hopelessly lost and would never ever EVER find our way out of the mass of trails that reminded me of suburbia but in fact, it is a large circle (of sorts) and it turns out to eventually take you back home to your vehicle. I had serious doubts and it took us a ridiculous amount of time but really it was only a few hours. I gave up hope and Michelle said “we just have to go into these woods and we’ll come out by the cars” and finally I said, “um, I think that’s what happened to Little Red Riding Hood so…no. Nothing good happens in the woods”.

She got a new name. I call her Red now. By the way, we NEVER magically came out of the woods and found the car. ::shakeshead::

Michelle recently started the Get Outside Colorado Kids blog because it’s beautiful in Colorado and we have so much hiking available to us it’s just a shame to not take advantage of it and also, kids don’t spend nearly enough time outside.  So she grabbed her kids and took off. Either that, or she’s trying to make her husband crazy by driving across town every day. One of those things.

You can find her blog here…: Get outside colorado kids
he’s also on Facebook here: Get Outside Colorado Kids

You don’t have to have little kids to enjoy the blog because she reviews the trails on there and I like that for sure. Plus I went hiking with her and rumor has it I’m a grown up. Don’t tell.

I missed this last week and it’s so good I feel I would be remiss in not sharing it and giving it the love it so deserves.

But I found it while watching this one:


Sean and I went to Boulder yesterday so we could hike to our hearts content but the 22 mph winds that Michelle predicted with her magical weather app powers actually did, in fact, come true. She is magic. So we went to lunch at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. They are 100% gluten free and 99.999 percent soy free and they have a relaxed ~hang out and have a beer~ kind of atmosphere. Totally zen. I loved it. We’ve actually been there once before (you’d think we’d remember where it was…duh…13th street) and left with funky ~maybe it’s pretentious? vibes) but since then we’ve totally revisited our idea of that and decided no…this place is absolutely not that. Ha. No. And we love it. Live and learn and visit Shine.

And now I leave you with this last moment…

John Muir More:
See this Instagram photo by @wearewildness • 826 likes:
Run on…and be wild…

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  1. Thanks for the plug
    Also, we did come out of the woods to the car….there was just some space between the woods and the car, but it was there. We never got lost! It just felt lost because it was so long. My calves are seriously sore. Which is pathetic since it wasn’t a hilly hike. I’ve got a ways to go to be ultra ready….

    1. I love your blog!
      I don’t believe you. I think I blacked out at the end. I felt lost after the first hour and the 32nd trail turn. My calves aren’t sore! There’s a miracle. I wasn’t really sore at all beyond…hey I walked 8 miles but that wasn’t much. Not ultra ready though…I have to start that running thing. 🙂

      1. I blame the compression socks I wore to keep myself warm. They always leave me sore. I shouldn’t have worn them but it was cold out and I didn’t want to wear leggings.

        1. ohh. I love those. They usually make my legs feel great. I should wear mine. I bet they’d help my right leg feel happier…

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