It’s Pi Day…

Are you having pie? I need to bake a pie but I don’t know what kind. Maybe I’ll just buy one…damn that’s tempting. Either way…it’s Pi day and celebrations must be had.

On that note, I have my final follow up appointment today and  that means I’ll be cleared to run.  Could this BE a better day? (I’m channeling Chandler there)
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Seattle Jogger Attacked in Public Bathroom Fights Back
This is a terrifying prospect. It happens in the middle of the day when you just stop to use a public restroom. We’re doing the best we can to be safe but sometimes the worst happens anyway. This amazing woman fought back and kicked ass. I’m so incredibly proud and impressed by her. They set the bar. So glad she’s ok and big thanks to the person who came and helped. Note: check out her Garmin activity. Ridiculous crazy.

Boaty McBoatface is Preparing for it’s First Mission and as much as I’m happy they chose to actually name this little guy Boaty McBoatface (the consolation vessel) they could at least have painted a face on it. Just sayin’. He has big important work to do and I love him. He is sweet and wonderful and has personality!

source: An artist’s impression of Boaty McBoatface in the Antarctic. Photograph: NERC/PA

Do you guys remember the Grout Doctor saga from last week? The whole “my calendar is off and I don’t know who I called” thing? I did get in touch with this gentleman and he came today to work on my bathroom and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I SO wish I had done it years ago. I am so happy now! I have an older house (1982) and it’s had grout and caulking issues since we moved in twenty years ago. It felt so good to have it all cleaned up beautifully.

Isn’t that incredible and white and shiny and pretty? Not bad for an older bathroom. Someday in the next few years we’ll rip it out and make it all shiny and pretty and updated but for now it’s pretty great and really reasonable! Nicest guy ever. If you’re local…Dean from the Grout Doctor…I highly recommend.


When your computer battery dies and all your windows don’t “restore”. Back to day one. What was I reading three days ago?  Dammit.

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I didn’t get out today, I had Dean in my house working and I was working the rest of the day but tomorrow we’ll see…my need to go hiking/running is FIERCE!!
At the end of the day….. twinkle eyes:

 Run on…