Warning…blood ahead.

So this was our weekend...
Friday MT, Allie and I went to Shaughnessy and Adam’s house for an impromptu dinner because MT’s days home were numbered. We thought we would make the most of our last couple of days together. I managed to get this:

So fabulous.
Saturday we had a barbecue with everybody to celebrate Megan’s birthday party and mourn MT leaving. I’m pretty tired of him leaving to VA but I’m REALLY glad he pops in to visit. I joked with him about the $600 plane ticket but he knows I was only kidding because I would pay twice that to see him. I love Cheeseburgers. Have I mentioned I love cheeseburgers? Yeah. Also…cheesecake. SO GOOD>

No photos from that day. If there were no photos…did it happen?

Sunday, no fun day. We all got up and took MT to the airport. Insert sadness here.

So…love to MT and we miss his cute face. (Shout out to Miss Allie, too…it’s hard to say goodbye. Sean and I have done it too many times)
We took Theboy home and headed to Golden to visit The Runner’s High which has to be the greatest running store. Total five stars…
They have a ton of great Colorado stuff (and let me tell you that’s hard to find) and they were incredibly nice. I went in search of some gifts for a friend and they did not disappoint. We left there and figured as long as we were in Golden….let’s go hiking! Sean had looked before and found a trail about 30 minutes away called Beaver Brook/Chavez Trail Loop.  I asked Sean four times and he kept getting it just one word off on the name. Five times a charm…Sorry Michelle…there’s your link.

It was really REALLY pretty. There were some drop offs. It had some kind of steep downhills and we only made it a little less than halfway before….
This happened…

I slipped on a down hill and when I fell my shin hit a rock that was basically sticking straight up and asking for me to fall on it and my leg twisted backward in a fun new way I am positive I will feel in the morning.  I know you’re thinking, “what is WRONG with her?”

I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW

Sean managed to stop the bleeding with pressure.   I sat for a minute to process what happened and then I stood up, announced that it hurt like hell  and we immediately turned back as we figured that was the shorter way out. Yep.

When we got home I got in the shower thinking…I should clean this cut…and instead I found half the skin off my leg and I discovered a small cavern on my shin.  By some fluke we found the greatest urgent care in the world called On point Urgent Care and they took care of us remarkably fast and totally appreciated my sarcasm and amazing sense of humor. That is, as you know, a prerequesite. Four stitches later, it’s amazing I can even walk really, and instructions to come back in five days to have them taken out I stood up and the whole bandage soaked itself in blood.  Back to the beginning… she re-bandaged it and then said no running…no exercise, ice your leg, elevate!! and all of this for ten days…

She got very mean. Stern. Bossy.



Stupid leg.

Pause here to send love to Sean because he is so great at taking care of me. Seriously…he stepped right up and was awesome when I was bleeding on the trail (that sucker was crazy bleeding) and he was totally on it.  He put his hand on the wound to stop the bleeding and then he wisely thought to remind me to be careful heading back as I may fall again and something worse could happen and now he has blood on himself, evidence…that is never good. He was constantly thinking like that. Totally on with the whole situation. He was really calm when he realized I was perhaps going to bleed out on his kitchen floor if he didn’t drag my pathetic ass to the urgent care for stitches and afterwards he controlled himself and did not roll his eyes and say no when I begged and pleaded for him to make me a cheeseburger. That is true love. And…at no point did he say, “my GOD woman…is there no way for you to stay UPRIGHT?” (psst…I fell last week in the kitchen and have two giant bruises on my legs…even the urgent care people noticed and laughed).

Worst running/hiking injury?? 

Have you ever had stitches?  I’ve had stitches twice now. Once was in my finger. So random. But it’s true. A nail ripped my finger open. 

So…sending running and hiking love to everyone. And maybe some grace, too.

545947528841c9cb610e150c (450×675):

Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees:
Run on…

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  1. Sending you healing vibes! Hope next time you last a bit longer between recovery and the next injury, lol.

    1. Thank you!! Did I mention I have two GIANT bruises on my legs from last week when I sprayed oil on a pan over the FLOOR and then slipped on my own stupidity? Yeah…no grace here.

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