Day one done… hopefully I’ll get much better at this.

I spent three hours yesterday working on my bill spreadsheet. It’s an Excel spreadsheet I’ve had for several years and I just pop in periodically and update it. I change the colors…add more dates…tweak what bills need to be paid. This particular time I added an extra year because I always budget a year ahead so I took it out to January of 2019. Great time and energy was put into this before my computer ate it and spit out the original causing me to wonder…did I dream the last three hours of budgeting, typing and bill paying?  I want my morning back please.
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I went to King Sooper today (Kroger for those of you outside of the area) and came across this little item… from a local company called Rocky Mtn Provisions.  I wanted to pick them up for Sean, not me, to be clear…for those of you wondering why I was looking for chocolate. ha. It looked right up his alley. I flipped that sucker over right away to see if it had soy in it because my poor husband has an allergy (sad day) and what do you think I found??  How good ARE you guys?? Hmm? Let’s see if you can spot it…

First person to spot it wins the prize… !
Look what I found!

Does that look like the best running guide ever??  I’m pretty excited to dive in. From 5k’s to Marathons…I can just imagine the magic inside…

What a great story…Edna Kiplagat, women’s winner of the Boston Marathon, wife and mother of FIVE kids (two biological, and three adopted…I mean seriously) plus she owns a farm. This woman is amazing. Plus, did you see her killer time at the 20 mile mark? I die..5:02 (that’s crazy). I love her quote, “We do not run because we are poor,” she says. “We run because it’s our passion.”. Right? Side note: our awesome country wouldn’t let her husband and coach in. No visa for him. Nice huh? He’s been here many times but now that we have this administration..nope.

I completed day one of the ten week workout but really…once you get into a work out plan the goal is to not quit. The goal is to keep moving and keep working out for a healthier you forever. I’ve worked out my entire life with the exception of a few injuries I’ve had here and there and this last year which was miserable. My work today was lousy and hard and I very nearly just laid down and napped on the carpet rather than even finish a lunge. And I’m still working on the rhythm of it so I felt very out of sync with the whole thing. Nevertheless…I did it and I lived through it.

Last year when I tried doing the HIIT workout I couldn’t pop up at the end of the burpees at all. I just dragged myself off the floor exhausted and thought…damn. Now I have to do another one.
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Today I hopped right up and threw myself into another one. I may be hopelessly out of shape but I’m far ahead of where I was five months ago.
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Today I got my HIIT workout done and 10,000 steps which isn’t nearly enough but I wasted a considerable part of my day on the computer trying to get the budget thing done and then back. So tomorrow’s lesson…do it first.
Now I have to figure out a menu so I eat more than…a banana.

Tomorrow’s workout is running and strength training… I’ll give you the list tomorrow.
Not Every Day Is A Good day Show up anyway.
Run on…

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    1. Yes! I was so taken aback….I looked and then looked again. Huh…there it is. I told the manager and he said he’d call the company (he did actually take it seriously) and I messaged the company. I did look on their website, though, and the flavor that I looked at does not carry that certification on it so I think they misprinted that batch.

      I’ll just hand you your prize the next time I see you. Ha.

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