Who gets to call the cable company? Rock paper scissors…

In a fun twist to my week, Yesterday I had no internet. Zero. Gone. None.  I couldn’t even use my PHONE. I am technology challenged apparently.

I was…in the understatement of the year…frustrated.
Thus…no updates. I know how upset you guys must have been about this but I’m back so you can stop stressing and worrying. We’re all good here.

I took theboy to the museum (evidence below)…

…and while we were there Sean texted to say  maybe it was a Comcast outage…he’ll look and see. So he pops on to our account and he says…there’s a past due balance and they may disconnect. Maybe it got disconnected?
Great. Before you judge my bill paying skills…there’s a story here.

Sigh. and no that’s not it…that’s not why we don’t have internet. That’s just a fun little whatever.
Comcast and I have a love hate relationship. Less love though, really.

I pay them a lot of money every month and then I immediately get a bill for twice as much the next week saying I owe two months worth. I cannot for the life of me figure out the cycle. I’ve been handling the finances for twenty years, I’ve dealt with cable companies, phone companies, water and electric. Mortgage (those are fun), car payment people and credit card companies (God help me). But this one is confounding. I’ve only had this trouble once before with a trash company…they were constantly charging me and when I called them they made snide comments about me not paying on time. Good Lord. I feel like I’m ALWAYS paying you. I ended up closing my account with them out of frustration. I can’t stand not having control over something as serious as my finances. So you can imagine…this one is throwing me. Sean generously offered to help track it for me which I know was just his way of helping but it made me feel about ::thisbig:: (you have to imagine my fingers squished together to show a small person).  I will figure it out. I obviously have to call them. But come on…

Anyone else lining up to call the cable company?


Me, either.
I told him to pay the bill while he was there so he did. Meanwhile apparently my internet came back. And my phone, too. So crazy.
It was a fun bonus for me that Sean got to see the bill that said past due notice because then he just thinks I don’t know what I’m doing. Pretty awesome.
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I have a really dear friend who gets a pass for this comment because she’s currently going through a personal crisis and her mind is admittedly on well, frankly, just getting out of bed in the morning and taking care of her kids. Life is hard. Tragedy breaks us. But we were having a conversation about something and Trump came up and she said, “Oh Tess…you’re still on the Trump thing?”
Oh Friend…is he still the president? Is this man who seems intent on destroying all that is good and beautiful about my country and representing us while he’s doing it and insulting world leaders across the globe~ is he still the president? Is the man who doesn’t care about hungry people, people having a living wage, our air being fit to breathe, the country having good affordable medical care available to everyone, an education that is strong and can lead the world…the man who doesn’t care about the average person but only his rich self…is he still president?
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yep. I’m still on the Trump thing.
Expect to hear about it as long as he’s there. We MUST be a force more powerful.
Evidence of why this is so important is in the following article.

Kids Are Quoting Trump To Bully Their Classmates And Teachers Don’t Know What To Do About It

And now…drugs.
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Check it out…I think this is big. A great first step:

FDA Pushes to Get Endo’s Opana ER Painkiller Off the Market

I’m sure there are some people who will cringe at this coming off the market, it’s supposed to be a very good chemotherapy pain drug but we have to take a stand at some point and this drug is killing people with it’s high rate of addiction and AIDS/HIV due to needle sharing. It’s truly tragic and I think this is important that we are finally looking at this. Doctors need to take responsibility and stop prescribing these drugs so haphazardly.
I haven’t had a lot of time to do a workout (or energy frankly, thank you gluten) but I did get a HIIT workout done yesterday morning and I plan to do another one today. In my dreams I’ll run tonight but Sean really needs a good bike ride and I think he feels bad because I’m like…feeling bad. So he’s hanging around me a lot. I’m going to let him escape the madness. Worst case, tomorrow I run.
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surely you knew that was coming…
I am drinking a LOT of water to get this stuff out of my system. Running would totally help but I haven’t even been to the grocery store so we’re pretty desperate over here on this end. Theboy has had about half the sleep he needs and lives on the ipad  and his Magic School Bus game…poor thing  (he’s traumatized I’m sure).

Today we’re off to Dinosaur Ridge. He isn’t feeling well (hence the not sleeping, and me the not running etc). Upset tummy and the world’s runniest nose (allergies?) so we are keeping activities to a minimum.

Sorry for the internet glitch yesterday. I can’t imagine people that work from home and require actual consistent internet for their job. So stressful.
Because he’s cute…

selfie master…

his energy level pretty much the entire day.
In the spirit of dinosaur hunting…(I know you’re jealous)
Run on…