Suppose he still loves me after I did that?

  • Yesterday I posted I quote from GlutenDude where he said, “I think having an autoimmune disease means your body is in fighting mode much of the time.”  A follow up comment from one of his readers to that said, “Basically having an autoimmune disease means your body will spontaneously attack itself, sometimes for no apparent reason.”   As someone who doesn’t like puzzles, you would think I would hate the very idea of this. But I totally get it. In fact it explains it so well to know I’m always in fighting mode explains so much~ I feel better when I’ve done everything right and I still feel bad because it tells me it isn’t something I did.  I am reassured that time will pass and I’ll feel better soon. Maybe even later that day but sometimes just in a few days. #alwayslearning

  • In the land of  Tess is a little off this week…my brain is foggy, my stomach is BAD…my head hurts and I just ache all over.  I can already feel it passing though. Lots of water with lemon. Meanwhile I went to bed last night about midnight, closed up the house and went to bed. About 3:45 we heard crazy barking and Sean got up and headed downstairs all calm like. HE woke up to it. I DIDN’T. That’s pretty key. I wake up if the cat sneezes downstairs. I realize as he’s opening the sliding glass door that I left my poor dog outside. That’s right, I went to bed and left the dog outside. What do you suppose he thought as he saw the curtain close, the lights go out…?? What the hell? I’m still out here! I’M THAT PERSON> I suck. I’m terrible. I met Sean on the stairs and I said, “I left the dog OUT??” and he said very casually, “yeah”, as he passed me and headed back to bed. LOL. huh. okay then. The dog meanwhile was having a BLAST. He’s so freakin’ cheerful. It’s hilarious. He didn’t seem upset at all. I’m still wearin’ the guilt though. Pretty sure he still loves me. I do a lot of the puppy walks…
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  • Mid-Life Exercise Could Jog Your Memory

    Can a new exercise regimen boost your brain health if you’re over 50?  Possibly, suggests a new research review that found middle-age folks can improve their thinking and memory skills by adopting regular moderate-to-vigorous routines involving aerobic and resistance exercise. ~source

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    Image result for amy poehler just do it gif

  • I have this guy all week and this is how we started his morning…what a lovely little guy he is to just want to hang out and enjoy the morning…

    On another note..I read this on someone else’s blog a while back and laughed pretty hard. It does remind me of a few people…who shall remain nameless. But it’s pretty hilarious.
  • In case you’re wondering..nopeI didn’t run. I could barely function by the end of yesterday and theboy and I were super busy running errands and visiting Miss Norma and baby Margaux. I did get that cake made though. #priorities
    I’m hoping for tonight because I MISS RUNNING. I ran in MT but not a lot because the road my hotel was on was like…if you run here you’ll take your life in your hands with traffic. Good luck. They were short runs and I mixed them up with yoga. I’m feeling mushy. Oh! I bet that’s contributing to my not feeling good! I better run tonight for sure. #lightbulb
    too often - we forget to take care of ourselves first. Then we wonder why we run out of gas.
    Run on…

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  1. LOL the poor dog. Glad he was still happy though!

    This reminded me of a story from when I was younger…my mom did the same as you, left the dog out overnight. Except it was a stormy night. My dad went down into the kitchen at like 3am and says a bolt of lightning struck, illuminating the back door. All he saw was a sopping wet, pitiful dog staring through the glass. lol. No wonder the poor thing hid under beds and wet himself every time there was a storm. Psychological trauma!

    Btw I have a raging headache today, which is not normal for me. It’s awful. Bless you for continuing to get up day after day because it’s awful. I spilled a smoothie all over my keyboard at work, spent 10 minutes looking for a file that was literally on the desk in front of me, knocked over a huge display of business cards and pamphlets and got caught in the rain. It’s NOT MY DAY.

    1. Poor dog! Mine was lucky…beautiful night and he can always go under the deck if the weather is bad. I just have never EVER done that and he’s nearly 12 years old. We still wear the guilt. I have Theboy this week. I should tether him to my wrist lest I leave him somewhere. Sheesh.

      I just keep hearing it’s the planets/eclipse thing and I’m pretty sure that is definitely contributing. I’m so sorry for your headache! Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. Those days are the WORST. I hope you feel better and I’m truly sorry for the death of your keyboard. yikes.

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