Clearly deliciousness is on my mind today.

  • Reader Amy googled my blog today and  Google asked her, “did you mean “run less run?” LOL…Google…NO. That is NOT what we want. We want more running. #alltherunning  #runallovertheplace #getyourrunon
  • I popped onto my earlier post that included a link for donating to victims and apparently my link wasn’t there. Three tries later I did finally get it to work too little too late. Clearly I’m an expert at this. I know you guys have already figured that out, that’s why you come here.  I’m including it below. This is a great Slate article that includes a list of places that desperately need your help. Animal shelters, food banks and yes, The Texas Diaper Bank. Choose an organization and donate even $10. They’ll take anything and remember the country is counting on us because the president is in charge and what the hell is he going to do?

How to help hurricane victims

  • I went to Canada with my mom and I don’t know if I ever told you why but Amy was asking so I thought I’d type a quick reminder for anyone who might not know.  >feel free to skip this section if you already know this< My mom and I went to Vancouver, British Columbia because my grandfather was raised there by his grandparents after his mother died. My mom wanted to see if we could find the house he was raised in. Our chances were slim because it was a hundred years ago, literally. But we have a photograph from 30 years ago so we thought that was hope that we could maybe see something. Or find some hint of something. It was a very short trip (47 hours all total!) but fairly productive. We found the road the house was on which is more than we had before. And we found ideas of where it could have been. But it’s very built up with businesses so I just don’t know. We went to the cemetery and found where her great grandparents were buried. That was incredible. And then home. I do feel like I’ve told you this before. Where is my HEAD this week? Anyway, I’m going to see if I can contact the Vancouver Historical Society and also maybe look up land titles so I can try and get a better idea of where the house would have stood and then I’ll feel a little more accomplished.
  • I had a HUGE paragraph typed about Trump and the hurricane and the news and sadness and I just couldn’t keep it there. Just know I don’t live in the dark. I read. I watch. But sometimes talking about it sucks the joy right out of me.
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  • Did I tell you already that I found these awesome Gummy Bears? If I did, just chalk it up to fog brain from the last week.
    Gummy Bears. They’re organic…they’re gluten free and they’re delicious. They have two things wrong with them. Just two. It’s a short and virtually unimportant list I’m totally ignoring.
    1. There isn’t a lot of “gummy” to them so really you just eat them. Real gummies require a little work…that’s part of the fun. Not much chewing with these…the downside? I eat them a little faster than I need to. sigh. They’re really yummy.
    2. They’re a little pricey. I KNOW YOU”RE SHOCKED>Image result for i'm shocked gif

    This little pkg cost $1.99 at Target. I bought three. hahahah. Note to Black Forest– if you guys wanna team up you just give me a call, Baby..::wink:: I gotta tell you that’s not even that bad considering how desperately I love Gummy Bears and how much I have missed them. (How I’ve missed you!!) Money well spent!!
    And now you all know where my  standards are.

         I just looked on the website and besides being able to buy in bulk (they obviously know they’re audience) they have WHOLE BAGS OF JUST CHERRY!  
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t’s safe to say I’ve said enough on this subject. Go buy your gummies now and enjoy. You’re welcome. Also, remember they’re organic gummies so that’s like you’re totally eating real fruit. For real. 😉

  • Not that I haven’t had enough to say on the subject of food today but I had this for breakfast…

    Now I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before but I really feel like I have to mention it again even if I have. I’m not a fan of yogurt. Like NOPE> Ask my poor husband. I eat it when I need something in a hurry in my empty stomach but I don’t like it and I complain with a loud “yuck” as he’s saying “yum”. He loves it SO MUCH. But I have always been a fan of pumpkin LONG before it was popular. I’ve loved pumpkin my whole life. It’s the most delicious thing ever. So when someone said Noosa yogurt was amazing I kind of gave it a half glance at the grocery store…then I saw Pumpkin Noosa and I had to try it.I almost died with the deliciousness. I’m flashing that I have actually told you guys about this before. Well, I’m in it now. Noosa Aussie Yogurt is so delicious and creamy it’s like freakin’ dessert. I have never tasted yogurt like this and I love it. I will eat any flavor. When you add the pumpkin it’s unbelievable. The pumpkin looks like that pumpkin puree stuff from the can? With the spices and stuff that you make pie out of. Pumpkin pie is my favorite Thanksgiving pie so I’m all in. I give it a little stir and die from the creaminess. It has a little creamy. It has a little sweet and tangy. It has that pumpkin pie spice…and I could eat the entire container. I have learned to buy the smaller containers or I will totally eat the whole thing. It’s like eating pie. These people know what they’re doing
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  • I ran 3.5 miles last night and it was the best 40 minutes of my day for sure. Possibly of my week. I do not care how long it took me it felt delicious. Hopefully tonight I will repeat that …it’s supposed to rain and I don’t care.
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    run on..

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  1. Wow, I’ve never been to Vancouver. How was it? Based on the small amount of time you were there… I just travelled out west for the first time, to Calgary in June. The mountains are AMAZING!

    I’m 20 minutes outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario in little Port Colborne 🙂 Other than that waterfall, it’s pretty darn flat.

    Now another follow up question to your Vancouver trip – if your family has Canadian roots, how did you end up in Colorado?

    1. I loved it! I want to go back and check it out more! It was gorgeous. And I heard Calgary is incredible. Port Colborne sounds fabulous…I googled it and it looks so charming and hey…I’m all for darn flat.

      I’m going to send you an email, though, for the next part, because it’s a little longer and slightly more involved!

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