I need to make a direct link from my bank to my veterinarian. #somuchmoney

  • Apparently if you’re just looking at a running stream of my blog posts, you can’t see a place to comment. If you are looking at a particular blog post, you actually have a place to comment. I was reassured about this when Michelle commented but confused as to how the heck she did it. Sean disappeared into his office to hibernate and figure it out. He doesn’t have all the answers but he did figure that out.
    I want him to have all the answers. Why doesn’t he have all the answers?
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  • Malachi has gotten sick 47 times around the house in the last two days. More realistically…7 or 8 times. Sean has been shampooing the carpets like a maniac. He likes to do it and I don’t so I let him. Plus he does more than spot clean. He says as long as he has it out he’ll do the whole house…
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    Tonight he threw up something quite…unfriendly… and Sean was like…what IS THAT??
    I said…probably one of the socks he’s been eating.
    And that is exactly what it was.
    For some random reason, we don’t know why, he’s gone straight back to puppy behavior. Eating socks. So.damn.frustrating.
    I think I’ll have to email the doctor. And possibly pay her $8000.
    I long to have money again. What is that like?
  • Last year for Adam’s birthday Shaughnessy got him a Little Free Library. I love it so much. It took a while to get it installed because it comes as bare wood, not put together or anything. They built it, Adam’s mom, Joni,  painted it (isn’t it beautiful?)  and then Sean, Adam and Shaughnessy installed it. I came in at the end to be the annoying backseat driver. They were super thrilled with my participation. I want one so much but of course…I also don’t want one if we are moving so I’m going to wait. Shaughnessy says she’ll “believe it when she sees it” about us moving.
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    I digress…here’s the #littlefreelibrary

    Isn’t it great? I’m so jealous. Also, I love books. #littlefreelibrary #littlelibrary 
  • Here’s a friendly reminder...how are your running shoes doing? Are you feeling pretty good while you’re running?  What’s your mileage? Do you keep track of that? Remember you want to replace your running shoes typically between 300 and 400 miles per pair but flip it over and look at it. Is it particularly worn down on one spot or another? It could be causing your gait to be slightly off.  Are you having any aches and pains? Some running shoes will last a little longer and some give out sooner. There’s no hard and fast rule. It’s just important to remember your shoes. Most of the time people just forget until they feel pain and wonder what’s wrong.
  • The fires in MT (#thestatenotthekid)are killing the air here (not that I’m complaining because can you imagine the air in MT?) so running was pretty much off the table Monday. I have an appointment today with the tattoo guy so I’m going to try and get my workout done early. They say you can’t workout after you get your tattoo done. Do you think that’s a hard and fast rule? I’m going to google that. Anyone have a running tattoo? Pfft. I googled, they say I can run. I’m listening to the very VERY wise websites that say I can. Don’t panic, I’m not just grabbing ANY website. I’m doing proper research.
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    I am always a work in progress.

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Run on…