When your dog looks sad.

  • First of all…yep. My comments are still messed up. If you want to comment you have to be looking at the individual post and not the stream of all the posts. I hope that’s clear. We’re still working on that. Which means we just have so much going on we can’t put longer than 3 minutes into it and we can’t find it in 3 minutes. Instead I have this stupid “last five comments” thing actually TWICE at the end. So frustrating. My tech guy has a life beyond me. That’s just wrong.
  • I think my dog is depressed.  Is there anything as sad as when your dog looks sad? I don’t know if he doesn’t feel good or if the neighbor dogs are depressing him. I emailed the vet this morning and we’re looking at our options. Our walk this morning, which was taking a brisk 40 minutes took well over an hour this morning.
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  • I went to get my tattoo worked on this afternoon. I know some of you MAY remember a mere three years ago (can it be that long?) that I got the tattoo but it’s faded really bad and you’re apparently supposed to get a touch up.
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    So I went back around a month ago to make the appointment and learned SO MUCH that I really didn’t want to know.
    They had no idea who it was that did the work. Like…NO ONE had heard of her (the owner wasn’t there, I’m sure he heard of her). They looked at it and said WHOA did she screw that up. Did it hurt like a son of a reallybadword? And I said  ~why yes, Yes it did~. And they said that was because she did it really wrong. She went in way too deep and that’s why it’s faded and it has all this scar tissue and whatnot. The guy that helped me was super nice and said he’d do the work for free (yes, I’m tipping him generously).  He said, “fair warning, when you go over tattoos like this…it’s usually far more painful than the first time”.
    Great. huh. We can all expect throwing up and passing out.
    So I went back today and for 80% of it I handled it pretty well. I even told him the pain was nothing in comparison. It was so much better than the last time I can’t even tell you. They were shocked. I told him it was AWFUL last time. I will say by the end it was a little rough. I was pretty exhausted and getting woozy so he stopped. We made another appointment to finish up in about a month and a half.
    He’s really nice and I may have him do more work for me later. They looked at it again when I went in and just couldn’t believe how much she’d screwed it up. I told him I don’t know anything. I did a LOT of research, I read a LOT of reviews, and I talked to Dave, the owner.  I came in trusting the shop. He said it’s really hard to get good tattoo artists and you sometimes don’t know they’re not great until they screw somebody up because they have a portfolio and a license so you have to just trust them based on that. Not a shock, though, that they gave her to the suburban chick who wouldn’t know anything.
    He also said it’s surprising I came in trusting them, most people come in acting like they know so much more than the tattoo artist.  I told him I’m very knowledgeable in some things but that’s not one of them so I had to trust the owner to assign me someone he thought would do a good job. It’s disappointing this happened. Fortunately Van is fixing it and also, it’s not the end of the world. I’m not dying or anything.
    Here it is three years ago. I really liked it but it faded SO much it was a very very light gray. The guy that’s working on it is making some tweaks. Do I like it. I don’t know. Do I care? Eh. I really like how delicate it was so I may be a little disappointed.  I don’t know if I will like it as much but he’s very good so I’ll just let it go. I don’t see it so whatever.  #somanyfreckles #thanksdaddy  #thesunhelpedtoo
  • When you have an iphone AND an ipad and EVERYTHING RINGS. I never know where to go. You should see me run around the house when I’ve left my phone in my bag and it rings. Stupid Apple.
  • I got my run in last night and it was glorious. I totally walked a few times but I didn’t care because it was cool and beautiful. Today I was going to head out but I ended up messaging my friend for too long and it was HOT 🔥 so I opted to walk Malachi.  He was excited! and then he was not.
    The high for the day is 82* so you know I’m a wuss. I’m going to run later when it’s cooler. This morning it was 50*. It was COLD…. ❄ and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I love fall.
    I know, that’s a snowflake. But it was cold, didn’t you get that? It was seriously cold.
  • Today I am having lunch with Miss Andrea because she’s going to Peru this week and besides being super jealous I haven’t seen her in like  a month. I’m having Andrea withdrawal. Yes, I talk to her all the time but I need to see her cute face. And she’s leaving for THREE WEEKS.
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  • Yesterday’s workout was:
    3.5 mile run
    39 pushups (three sets of 13 …  😎 )
    30 little squats without weights because I was in a hurry and I was multi tasking making dinner
    2 minute plank
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    Run on…