It might have been. Maybe.

I’m not sure there is anything as perfect as running in the rain in the quietest part of the day.

What day is this? Thursday? I lose track of what day you guys are reading. So Tuesday night apparently I did not sleep well. I was restless. I didn’t really realize this but Sean told me I was restless and when I woke up I didn’t feel like I slept much. My usual routine is to go straight downstairs and take meds, drink my lemon water, start my emails, etc.

On this particular morning I headed to the linen closet and started cleaning it. About halfway through I moved to the spare room. Sean finally mentioned that I didn’t sleep well and he wondered, joking, if I dreamed about needing to clean the linen closet but actually what probably happened was my crazy ass feeling of total chaos right now with rehearsal dinner things that need to be finished off, church website updates I need to follow up on, my nieces wedding on my mind, so many upcoming birthdays, Christmas is around the corner, my husband so needs a vacation, my poor dog is allergic to something, and apparently I’m feeling out of control because whenever I start to feel like this I need to clean and organize.

That’s just what I do.

I’ve had a pretty significant list of errands to get done for the last two days and on day one I pretty much blew it off getting only the mandatory two or three things done and then coming home. Yesterday, though, I thought…I need to clean so man I cleaned. The linen closet, the spare bedroom, my master closet, the main livingroom, the cupboard in the kitchen that’s been bothering me, and the garage. I did it all. Then I took a load to Goodwill. When I was done I ran all my errands.

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Sean came home to one of his favorite dinners and freaked out. He thought he was in the Twilight Zone.

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But no. It was real life. Me feeding him dinner at a reasonable hour and having it ready when he actually got home.
For the record that’s not really my fault. He comes in the door at all hours so I usually don’t start supper until he gets  home. It’s very usual for him to come home at 7pm.
I topped it off with the most perfect run and I think it might have been a perfect day. I think it might have been.
Remember last week I wrote 730 South was closing? Sean and I really struggle to find restaurants that are safe for me to eat at and this was such a wonderful place we feel the loss pretty significantly.
Yesterday I read online that Beau Jo’s, a local  pizza place, has closed. They offer gluten free and their servers are always well informed. We always feel welcome there and it’s always a great experience.
I actually started to cry. It’s getting harder and harder.
We had this great breakfast place called LePeep. It was family owned and it was our favorite. They closed but they are a franchise so we chose another one and we started going there. The beauty of LePeep is the vice president or the HR person or someone up in an executive position is Celiac so they take it very seriously.
Or so we thought.
Here we are at the new restaurant and I order an omelet and I tell the server I’m Celiac and he doesn’t understand what I’m saying. So I repeat it and he asks what that is. When I explain what it is he’s so happy to know the actual name of the disease and understand, it was great to educate someone but what the hell? I immediately wanted to leave because if they don’t know what it is how the hell are they going to serve me a gluten free meal?
So. yeah.
That’s restaurant #3.
I’m stepping up my cooking game.

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Netflix is dropping Friday Night Lights after October 1st so if you need a fix better get it now…
I’ve watched the series twice (was it three times? I can’t remember) and I could pretty easily watch it again because it’s that good. Do they ever bring things back? I miss it already. I do not appreciate it when things are not available at the touch of a button.

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On another note, can I ask what the hell is up with rude drivers? We have a crosswalk that has a light smack in the middle of this crazy busy street and I don’t like to push the light because it’s really REALLY long. I don’t want to hold people up so I don’t push the light. I just wait for traffic to slow and I run across at my leisure. It works well. But once in a while when I do it the cars that are coming up on the crosswalk will speed up just to be asses.

This makes me want to push the light every.damn.time.

But I don’t. Because I’m not going to punish everyone for a few jerks.
Hey…did I tell you guys my kid is getting married in like…10 days?
Did I tell you guys I get to see MT in like 9 days? He’s my favorite. At least that’s what he tells me every time I talk to him.

3.5 miles in the rain which was awesome and I wanna do it again right now but duh it’s late and dark so no.
65 pushups
60 squats without weights because the weights were upstairs. I really have to remember to go get the weights. 

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Run on…