We’re all just a little busy on this end.

This has been a crazy busy week.

As opposed to every other week…
I mean, I flat out ignored you guys yesterday.

They’re all crazy busy weeks now. But I suspect things will quiet down just a little bit like…next week

Friday is rehearsal.
Saturday is the wedding.
Sunday people begin to leave.
Monday more people leave.

Tuesday we take a deep breath.

So bear with me…
We might be taking a little break for a few days. You know because my kid is getting married.

I’m ironing.
(a very VERY little bit)
doing some laundry.
running (every day that I possibly can no matter what time of the day or night because it is mandatory)
cleaning (no matter what)
drinking LOTS of water to feel as good as possible (my stomach is unhappy this week for some random reason (does it need a reason?)

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working a lot

and I got to see Miss Andrea.

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We made Oreo bon bons.

She got a little too free with the chocolate and the cookie dough and those little balls were lookin’ a little rough. I had to straighten her out.

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She then proclaimed she knew I would totally go out and buy all new supplies to make them all over again after she left if I didn’t like how they turned out.

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Ha. No, she’s totally right.

She knows me really really well.

But they turned out great so I do not have to go buy new supplies thanktheLord because I have other things to do.

Remember to run, People. In the midst of all of this insanity, take care of yourselves. Not just family stuff like weddings and things, anything. Take care of yourselves.
And turn off the news. What else is there to hear? There was a tragedy. We heard. Now step away from it and watch something happy. Or listen to music you can’t go wrong with that.
Turn it off and make yourself happy for a minute. It’s okay. It will all still be there tomorrow.

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Run on..