Sweet List!!

1. We are having a true and real -right down to my soul- autumn and it’s exactly what we all ordered. We are definitely dealing with cooler days but the leaves, the mostly warm weather and the occasional cool weather, the sunshine…we could not have asked for a better season.
2. I love my new job. It’s challenging and I don’t have a freaking clue what I’m doing but I’m figuring it out. Most important, I’ve been given the space to do it. My   biggest issue is I only have 20 hours and it’s a full time job. I think after I figure it out it’ll be closer to the 20 hours. For now, I’m there a LOT. 
. You know how I brag about my husband a ridiculous amount of the time? I mean, he’s such a slacker. The computer has needed way more than my capabilities.  I’d like to add I know husbands and wives are there for each other but this guy gets a hangout message that says, “I need help” and one sentence later he says, “I’m on my way”.  He knows I don’t ask him to leave his job and come help me if I’m not in trouble but my head was very bad and I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see very well and I was having trouble just focusing on the task that had to be done. I know very well how lucky I am and I don’t ever forget it. And yes, every Sweet List will have Sean on it so you’ll have to get over that. ❤
4. Winter boots!! Pretty shoes! Ugh. So many wonderful footwear opportunities I avoid going onto the websites or I would be totally poor. Okay, not really but I would want to be. I would want #alltheshoes
5. I love being back at work because I love wearing grown up clothes. I don’t have to dress up. People wear jeans to work. But I like dressing up. My friend mentioned to me that, like her, I probably preferred dressing up because it just felt right since it’s church. But after thinking about it…no I don’t think that’s it at all.  I don’t think God requires us to dress up. God accepts us the way we are…jeans and all.  The people at church are actual people. They laugh, they cry, they curse and they wear sweats and jeans. The downside to dressing up is that Sean doesn’t even flinch when I show up in a cute skirt and gorgeous heels. It’s just Tuesday for him. Dude…good legs. Come on! Nothin’. Good thing he’s cute.

“No one is young after forty, but one can be irresistible at any age”
― Coco Chanel

6. I have a brand new daughter in law! I know, it’s been three weeks but hey…it’s been a Sweet List hiatus. I’ve been busy.

7. This is what happens when you reply to spam email
A really great short and quick Ted Talk by James Veitch (who I am probably randomly related to in a really really far off way).
8. Seeing all of my kids happy. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

9.  The Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. Candy and treats, costumes and scary things…and magic! All with the cutest little kids ever. We didn’t get many trick-or-treaters tonight so I’m glad we had the party so we could see the all the kids. That was totally the best part.  #Halloweencuteness #tinyscarycuteness


10.  I woke up today and I’m not going to die. You think I’m making light but when these migraines are this bad you definitely just hate everything about life. This was just the worst I’ve had in a very long time. I considered urgent care for a “migraine cocktail” as my neurologist calls it but I thought the bill might make my headache worse so I took a drug I’d been holding off of and went to bed. I do still have it this morning but my Botox is today (the reason my migraine got this bad probably….it wears off as I get closer to my appointment) so we’ll decide at my appointment if I should reschedule and get treated for the migraine or power through the 30+ shots. Either way, it went from a “12” yesterday to an 8 today and that’s workable. #Icandothat #poweringthrough


I’m ending at ten because it’s late and I want to get this posted! But if I quick come up with three more I’ll add those.

Oh wait!

11. Vanilla Midgees. 

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