alarm bells

I was talking to Catherine yesterday morning (Sister Catherine) to find out where my niece was. I am trying to plan her wedding (B’s wedding) but you know, we don’t have 47 other things to do every single day or anything. I got something in the mail that I ordered for her and I had messaged her which usually results in instantaneous “that’s so CUTE!”.

I got nothin’

So I called Catherine and she said, “B went hunting. For four days.  With no water and no cell service.’



That’s always my first question because I don’t see any reason why anyone would do that, right?

She said, “oh yeah. And it’s zero degrees outside”.

I’m like…”seriously? Why would anyone go out for four days. In Zero degree weather. Just to shoot a sweet little deer, cut it into pieces and drag it’s bloody carcass back out?”

You lost me at zero degree weather.

“It gets better”, she says, “she’s not just with the boy, she’s with the in-laws, too!”

Sweet Lord.

Catherine says, “I know, it’s like the movies The  Family Stone mashed up with Deliverance…”.

LOL…I died.

I grew up with my dad hunting and living on deer and elk meat so I know both lifestyles. Done responsibly and safely I don’t think anything is wrong with hunting. I just don’t wanna.


So I’m ON the phone with Catherine and I put the key in the door to the church and as I walk in the door I hear an ominous beeping. 

Now you should know that I’ve asked them a million times (really about 10) about the alarm and each time I’ve been reassured I “don’t have to worry about that” as someone turns it off each morning at a specific time and back on each night at a specific time so I’m golden as my times are within those hours. I was given the code, to be clear, but I put it in the middle of 47 pages of notes of things they gave me that week of emergent information so…you can imagine as I walk in the door and the ominous beeping starts and I realize the alarm is going to go off ANY SECOND NOW I’m thinking…

holy freaking crap. 

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Well this isn’t good. 

So I rapidly hung up on my sister and scrambled to get the keys out to the inner office because yes, the alarms were now SCREAMING and I’m not kidding and the alarm pad is inside the office door which requires another key. I worked at a bank and these alarms were the loudest things I’ve ever heard.

I couldn’t think. I have five keys and they are all identical. I’m trying them all to figure out which is which and I can’t get the door open. When they aren’t screaming I can usually think but the noise is totally scrambling my brain.

By the time I got the door open the alarm company was calling so I rushed to answer it but the answering machine was still on so I was trying to answer it through the answering machine and I had to battle THAT.

They could tell that was happening so they called me again and verified I wasn’t being murdered somehow through the noise because I had to yell into the phone to be heard.

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I knew the fastest way to get the code would be a quick call so I called the Deacon.
She didn’t answer.
I called the priest.
He answered and didn’t remember it. He suggested our jr warden
He answered and said, “I think it’s this….
Now…time is passing and the alarm has been SCREAMING this entire time.

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I reached over and hit the buttons and it goes off. Later I look at the emails (we get emails that verify it’s been turned off and what times)  and it had been going off for ten minutes. TEN MINUTES!

No wonder my head hurt

In case anyone is wondering…

I will never forget the code. Never.

thinkin’ of having it tattooed on my arm. #justincases

I’m thinking hazard pay at this point. #feelingstressed


Today has a high of 55* and that’s a gorgeous day! I’m going to try and skip out of work early (i.e. ontime) so I can get a few errands done and get my run done in the afternoon so I’m not running on the treadmill.


3.5 miles with hills

20 pushups
40 squats
2 minute planks
balance ball ab work

It’s damn cold in the morning at 29*

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the only time I actually like the cold. Mostly. 😉

Run on…