being overwhelmed.

This post really is about being overwhelmed in every sense of the word, with generosity and with self tasking.

My big plan yesterday was to head to the office and finish my blog and hit publish! so it would go on out to you guys and all would be well. Wednesday blog DONE.

But then I got to work and within two minutes I had 12 people  in my office and that’s not an exaggeration. I was swamped for five hours. It was crazy here. And, you know, no offense because I love you guys but I totally forgot! Right out of my head.

We needed to do an outreach program for December and we chose the simple idea of the giving tree. So you take a tag and get a gift AND a sweater or sweatshirt for the person the tag and return it to the church by a certain date. I threw this sucker together pretty quick so there are some holes in the program but the gist is there. Several people commented they didn’t think we had  real local need for it. Well within two hours I had 42 names on the list.


So we had to have a quick meeting about ~do we cap it or don’t we cap it and if we don’t do we then steal the items because holy cow that’s a lot and we don’t have that many people at our church~.

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Our priest stepped up and said he just hates to turn away kids so we’ll try and cap it at 100.  That’s a lot of kids. *gasp* That’s awesome. He said, “we’ll find it somewhere. This is a very giving and generous congregation. I’ve always been impressed by that. They’ll step up”.  So my worries flew away and I started making more tags.

I made a lot of tags yesterday.


I finally started to decorate my tree last night. This tree is like an old lady that no longer stands quite upright due to her age and things just…aren’t where they used to be.  She’s got branches that stand out in awkward places and holes  where there used to be branches. She’s… unfortunate. I used to be sentimental about her,  now I just want a new tree. Smaller, simpler, cleaner.

I carefully checked all my lights (which were brand new last year and packed with baby tenderness to aid in their survival) and they all worked. I began the process of stringing them on the tree- which is similar to  me trying to untangle my headphones-and plugged them in again only to find two of them didn’t work. That also frequently happens with my headphones. It could be because I’m cheap but it’s probably because I’m horribly abusive to my headphones and shove them into my bag with little care to what happens to them.  The lights, though, were given such love I took it as a personal affront and was offended.

I nearly cried. It was 10:30 pm, Sean was sleeping. MT was kissing me goodnight and I had worked a full day, run to the vet with the dog, arranged in 17 text messages to pick something up via Craigslist, made dinner, done the dishes for the 47,682nd time of my life, done more work, and they are in bed and here I am fighting with this tree and these lights.

The whole world seems to be able to do this as a family event. Togetherness, bonding time, hot cocoa, sparkling lights, candles and cinnamon. I’m pretty sure SOMETHING that isn’t gluten free and soy free and is totally not good for you must be baking in the oven, too, right? And I’m doing it at ten o’clock at night by myself and the damn things DON’T WORK.

I straightened them a little, threw some beads on and went to bed. It was midnight and I had to be at work an hour early to be here in case the phone guy shows up within his window of opportunity.

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My office was 61* when I got here today. I immediately bumped it up to 70* and as of now it’s 65*. That was three hours ago. I bumped it twice more in that time so now it’s set at 72* but it’s not exactly warming fast. I may die here. If I die here please come find my cold frozen body.

I’m currently wearing two sweaters, and I have one on my lap and I’m wearing my hair back with a binder clip…

Sometimes you have to get creative…


Yesterday, my day of getting all things done, also known as every day   #myworkoutwas

I ran a quick two miles (it’s not much in mileage but it’s sometimes all I need to fuel my soul) and did a half hour of desperately needed yoga.  I also did some pushups because I NEED my muscles back. My poor sad arms. I mean, I’ve never really had MUSCLES per se

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#goals #morelikedreams 

But I know I’ve seen a muscle there before. Once or twice occasionally. Lately though…nothin’. So I have to step it up.

It’s a bad habit I have of concentrating on one thing and losing focus on the other. I tend to have very strong legs and I can’t lift the milk.

I know I need to do more than that but I just haven’t had loads of time. After speaking to other parish administrators it’s a common problem during Advent.
Also, women, because we do it all. I don’t think this  issue is as prevalent in our culture as it was when I was younger and just getting married or even my mom when she was younger since I know my kids share the routine work with their spouses.  I also know I prefer certain tasks to be mine-not because I don’t trust they’ll do it right but because I just enjoy doing them-  and they step back to let me handle those responsibilities the way I like to.  it’s really nice to be able to have someone else take care of a few tasks rather than wait until I reach my maximum stress level and then step in to vacuum. Yet if Sean does laundry or cleans a bathroom, why do I feel suddenly guilty that I didn’t get to it?  What will they eat if I die? Seems like #goals is the theme of my post.

In my next life I’ll have a chef. Or I’ll be a chef. Or I’ll marry a chef.

i don’t know, having an IT guy is pretty handy. Maybe I’ll just have an affair with a chef. It might be more beneficial to marry the chef and sleep with the IT guy. Tough call.

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There’s the answer.


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Run on…

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