A bonus mini post. Because this is my day.

I am generally a very positive person with a twist of realist. I’m not hearts and flowers although I do really LIKE flowers I just don’t think everything is all kitten and rainbows.

I switched cliché’s on you but you get the gist.

I wanted to run this morning but I have something on my mind so I just stared at the ceiling a lot.

Eventually I got out of bed.  I have to, right, as I tell my husband (who makes far more money than I do) someone has to bring home the paycheck.

He is mildly amused by the overused joke but mostly it probably reminds him that he has to continue to go to work and could I please get a real job and actually bring home a real paycheck so he can retire?

My point from way way earlier in the post being…I will try and see the positive here but this has been a rough morning and it’s 9:30.

I’m standing in the bathroom with a towel on my head and I reach for the comb and the comb slips and falls behind the toilet.

Now I have to burn the comb.

Then the towel fell off my head onto the toilet. Not really loving the towel right now either. I guess my hair is dry enough….

Through circumstances that aren’t important even to this post, I left a half hour later than I wanted to and finally got to work. I’m still early but I wanted to be earlier. I got here and opened my bags to unload files, keys, pens and such to find I had left my iPad at home. No music today I guess. My computer doesn’t have a speaker so I put on my iPad and listen.

I know what you are all thinking…that much quiet sounds divine. But in fact it can be a little too quiet sometimes and just a little music helps.

Then I opened my other bag. Last night I asked Sean to bring me a soda and I usually drink just a little at a time so I brought it in to work.

Spilled in my purse.

I now have the cleanest money ever. My list of the day…pretty wet and irreparable. Starting again.

I cleaned it up and opened my little mini bottle of water but it was SUPERFULL and it spilled all over my jeans and I am now wearing wet jeans from thigh to knee.

wet. jeans.

9:30 People. 9:30.

I’m  a little afraid.

Image result for be safe gif

Maybe I shouldn’t drive today.

I definitely shouldn’t operate large machinery….

maybe that’s just under the influence. hm.

Image result for be safe gif

Run on…

but really…be careful.

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