Guess what today is?

It’s my blog anniversary. Yep. I’ve been writing this blog for five years.

Five years. Some of those years have had a LOT of posts and some haven’t had quite as much…::cough cough thelastthreemonths::

But I’m still here and I’m just as interesting as I’ve always been!

I’m very sorry.

I love to write. I’m not particularly gifted at it but  I find  my fingers are constantly looking to be typing something. Inspiration comes at me the most when when I’m running and when I’m sitting in church which is totally okay. I checked with God and he cleared it. My priest rolls his eyes and everyone in the back row with me nods in appreciation.

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Writing. Sometimes it’s profound, sometimes it’s about those really cute shoes you saw and how you want to justify buying them or maybe…oh hell just buy them. Life is short. Also, eat cake. Sometimes insight  is given and sometimes you just shake your head and close the post because nothing on the page was interesting. We’ve all been there as readers and as writers. Writing is so personal. Whatever words you choose to use, they’re yours and I know that mine are mine. When I go back and read past posts I smile, I laugh, I cringe, I cry. It’s my history of the last five years.

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In the last five years my son finished his deployment and his duty in the Marines and came home. My other son joined the Marines and left. I lost Holly, the friend I made through tragedy. Her son joined the Marines with mine and hers didn’t come back. My grief for her loss was so heavy I contacted her and we began a close friendship of messages. Two years later I lost her from cancer which most certainly took over her body due to the weakened state of profound grief.
I watched my daughter and her husband become even more amazing, though I always knew this was possible.  She’s just that great.  My daughter worked in the governor’s office (I loved to tell people that) and then she went bigger and better and I asked if I could still say she worked in the governor’s office. She said no.

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Theboy is no longer a little toddler, he’s SEVEN.  I know, how crazy is that? He’s practically driving and has mastered the art of the sass and the eye roll. My first Marine son is married and going to college.  My last kid is thisclose to turning 21.
When I started this blog I ran 13 half marathons in 2013. I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac which answered many years of questions and I’ve had surgery. I’ve had a job I loved and I quit a job I loved. I started my own business and I closed my own business. I have another job I love and now…I am finally ready to run another race.

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Running has and always will be my favorite thing. I don’t have option B. I just want to be running. When I’m out of shape I just trudge through it looking for the brilliant light that says you’re there…you’re finally in the sweet spot. There are times it comes along slower than others but it always shows up like the most faithful of friends and it is just for me.
My mom always says in her next life she’ll be…-insert whatever she’s thinking of at the moment~. It usually has to do with being taller and skinnier.  I joke about that often, in my next life I’m going to be brilliant, a rocket scientist. A size 2 rocket scientist. Hey, it’s my fantasy.  I’m always grateful God gave me running. No matter how fast or slow I’m moving… in my next life I am for sure…a runner

A rocket scientist size 2 runner.

consider this. • f. scott fitzgerald

Run on…