so we had a blizzard

I started Friday with 30 minutes of yoga and then a two mile run.

I met Miss Andrea and we spent the day together just getting in trouble. We went to lunch at Etai’s where I missed Miss Michelle because that’s our place to meet (::swoon::) and I’m pretty sure they glutened the hell out of me. Note to self, stop ordering what I order when I’m there. Stick with simple. They have amazing reviews so I’m clearly doing something wrong.

We went to Goodwill looking for a simple piece of art for my church and I left with a great chair…

My dad had a desk chair similar to this and I just loved it. This one spins like a top and rolls beautifully. I love it. Best find ever. The guy gave me $5 off of it so I got it for $15. Such a deal.

No art though.

Saturday I was supposed to march with Andrea (last minute plans because I really wanted to march but I didn’t want to go alone) but she is leaving town again and has a million things to do so she bailed at the last minute. And by the last minute- I mean an hour and a half after we should have been there- she said, “sorry!”

I still love her.

I  imposed on Shaughnessy for a computer problem I’ve been working on for my job and she was going to do it after the march but theboy got sick so we did it Saturday instead. I have been purposely not asking her for help  but I found myself truly stuck with this and after reading many pages of code I just drew a blank. I asked Sean and he is so busy at work he looked at it and couldn’t get his brain to transition over to what I was doing from what he was looking at so he said he’d have to work on it later…translation “when he gets time” and I really have a deadline on this. So I went to Shaughnessy. It took her five minutes and of course once she showed me the sentence that walked her through it I realized I had missed the three easy steps and gone straight to hey…do it the hard way.  After days of reading instructions it’s possible I just blanked because there was no excuse. The first part had been so easy. I was disappointed.  I really didn’t want to ask for help. Doing it myself is much more satisfying and you don’t put anyone else out and you don’t feel like an idiot.

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I really do read.

I am of an era where neighbors ask for a cup of sugar and friends come over and share too much. I welcomed this life, mostly, and felt like the world was my friend. I have never been afraid or ashamed to ask for help and once watched my husband bring a pressed wood desk the size of a closet up three flights of stairs by himself because God forbid asking for help (I was very pregnant). This seemed very asinine to me. He could have seriously hurt  himself but his feelings were more important than the physical pain he would incur from pulling and pushing this box. I don’t get it. Because of this mentality, I am more than happy to help other people and offer my assistance whether they want it or not.

I once watched a young mom struggle to carry two very unhappy, wiggling and cumbersome children into a school program. It was dark and cold and a very long walk into the school. They insisted on being carried. She was alone. I offered to help her and she said no but she was definitely struggling, having so much trouble. I offered again…and felt bad so I offered a third time. One of my family members made the joke that I was the boy scout helping the little old lady cross the street only she didn’t want to be across the street. I’m just that helpful. It was so embarrassing, my cheeks flooded and I still remember it and think of it often. I’m generous to a fault and it’s embarrassing. People don’t find it kind, they find it annoying.

I don’t think I can undo this person. But I can tweak it a little. I am always a work in progress.

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Sunday I worked on the computer in my own little house. We had a blizzard so church was cancelled.   I put some new curtains up  and as I was hanging the middle section I popped up on the stool between the wall and the table (about a 3 ft space) and felt my leg give out beneath me. It was tired from  the day before and it was tired from climbing the stool. Also, I was wearing slippers. Yeah, that might have been the root cause.

Well…it all gave out.

Stool went flying.

I went flying.

phone went flying (I was talking to Catherine)

I hit stool, table, wall, floor (porcelain tile floor)…you name it. I have the bruises to prove it. It was bad.

I actually thought as I went flying…”legs!”

Ya’ll know what I mean by that.

Sean came tearing downstairs probably expecting blood and unconscious wife…it sounded that bad. It was a small little space for that much activity. Fortunately I make a lot of noise but I’m a survivor.

I have bruises on my legs, my back, my hip…I’m walking carefully today.

I skipped yoga this morning but I’ll do it later. SO MUCH SNOW

I’m whining….there really wasn’t that much. Like 7″..

The gist is my garage door moved extra slow this morning…that should tell you how I’m moving. It was so cold even my garage didn’t want to open.

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  1. Oh good grief, glad you didn’t hit your head! Well, I know where you get that, I always think I can do anything and I just fell off something a few days ago, also in the kitchen. I think it was a chair. Be careful.

    1. Yeah….I totally get it from you. I had that thought… LOL Glad you’re okay, too! I just have a lot of bruises.

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