extreme decorating.

I had a terrible computer unfriendly day and in  absolute frustration I broke down in tears, closed my computer with force (just a little force) and walked it off.

Except it’s like 20* outside and I was still in my work clothes so I walked it off by pacing back and forth from my kitchen to my living room in my heels. I really didn’t get that much exercise today since I have a ton of work to do so this was it and somehow I got 5000 steps in. Sean closed his office door and put his headphones in. It was either steps in the living room or throw the computer against the wall. I was pretty done with it.

It occurred to me I should write a blog (I know you guys are thinking…wait….you already write a blog. And it’s pretty iffy. Don’t quit your day job). Welll but THIS one would be  like…Hey. “I’m middle age- I use a computer and in my next life I want to be Sheryl Sandberg. Is the num lock on?”

I would rock this blog.

Someone was just asking on a Facebook for-sale post today if anyone had an old T-Mobile phone, flip or otherwise because they really just need a phone. I thought…oh yeah! I have my little red bar phone that I love so much! I should purge and get rid of it. I don’t need it. I should give it to someone who could really….

but wait… what if they bring those back and man I really love it. It’s a great little phone. I think mayyybe I’ll  keep it a little while longer. That’s coming from me…the organizing nut.

And there you have a perfect example of me and computers. I’m pretty forward thinking…totally willing to embrace technology but I love my old computer, too. It works just how I like it, it knows all my tricks and habits…

And does it come in red?

Image result for does that come in red gif

That would be good, too…

I just sneezed eight times. EIGHT TIMES> What the hell, People?

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I’m pretty battered from my fall and I’m not up to doing anything. I’m not even up to yoga. I am hoping tomorrow the pain will finally be less. My bruises are many. They are very light in color  but swollen and painful. None of them seems worse than the other except the one on my hip which hurts if I stand up. or if I sit down. or if I switch positions. or maybe if I bend over to pick something up…or if I stretch to reach for something. sometimes I put my jacket on…

you get the drift. Everything hurts.

It works out well because I have five projects due and three days to do them so I don’t really have time anyway.

I really am hoping for time tomorrow. It’s been kind of nice out and tomorrow has a high of 58*! If I can sneak out of work early (i.e. the time I’m supposed to leave) I could totally get a good run in. That is the goal, People. That is the goal.

Start in the morning with a good yoga session and run the pup in the afternoon and then myself. This CAN be done. I have faith. Let’s hope my hip holds out.

I sound old.

I am not. I just fell off a stool and hit fourteen things on the way down.

Extreme decorating.

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I’m off to bed. Lots going on here…anyone else?

Hey Michelle…are we running a race or what?

You don't miss it until your body wont let you do it... run while you can!

Run on…

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    1. Hey. Now that was just totally true right there. Also, I might have spammed you because I didn’t even get this comment…::checkingmyemail::
      I’m gonna right TODAY! (it’s a bitter 38*)

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