Sweet List!

1.   It’s February. and do you know what that means? That’s right. ❣
Valentine’s Day!! The perfect way to begin the month is with a Sweet List.

2.       Snow. We love it. Please send just a little more, please God, thanks! Yeah, I said that and then my dog and cat would not come back in. so right now my door is cracked open and my heat is on. You’re welcome, fellow Coloradon’s, I’m helping to heat the state. #ashamed #mycatwillstraightupfreeze #truestorymydogmighttoo #heskindofold 

3.       Watching ER after so many years, no surprise- it holds up.

4.       Walking Barr Lake with Michelle

5.       Thrift store shopping. I love it. I found the greatest pair of shoes (Franco Sarto for $6) and a beautiful handbag (Minchi ::swoon:: for $6) Best deal ever.

6. The Superb Owl- This story is hilarious because it is me. I type too fast. I would totally google the Superb Owl. And then be delighted with the results.
Also reddit can be counted on to have an awesome say on the matter.

Image result for the superb owl

7. Firecracker Chicken. It is really as good as everyone says it is. MT ate it. MT loved it. It was amazing. I thank my friend Vanessa for this amazing dish that is gluten and soy free and is spicy but not too hot.

8.  pretzel yogurt crisps– these suckers are incredible. tiny and crispy and not too sweet. I LOVED them. So good.

9. When things work. #havefaith 

10. I’m getting my hair done today.  The last time totally made me cry because I have stupid Celiac hair which is thin and mouse brown and boring and I can’t do anything with it but I’m going to be happy about it this time. That’s me trying to cheerleader my way through this. Can’t you tell???

Image result for I can do this gif

I’m off on a run and also to run the dog because it’s not 12*.

Have a beautiful day!

Stay tuned..we’ve figured out what we’re going to do …now we have to make a plan. This was much harder than it’s ever been. I have theories about that but for now…

Makin’ a plan….

Always make time to run. Get outside, feel alive.

Run on…