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Confessions of a sugar lover

I know what you’re thinking…  this should be confessions of a sugar ADDICT. But no. I don’t consider myself an addict (denial much?) even though I love Skittles, Mike N Ikes and Hot Tamales. I also have developed a deep and crazy longing for chips of all sorts as long as they have salt salt salt and Celiac has sapped me of all my minerals. I can go weeks (weeks I tell you!) without sugar and there have been many times I am actually nauseous at the thought of…gasp…

….a cupcake.


I feel like I’m betraying my people.
Image result for betrayal gif

Years ago Oprah confessed on her show that in a moment of desperation (she is sugar addicted like many people are) she reached for anything…just anything…and that anything was frozen hot dog buns and syrup (yuck).

Not judging her just..yuck.
I remember an episode of Sex in the City when Miranda, in frustration, threw a cake in the trash and then covered it in dish soap so she wouldn’t take it back OUT of the trash and eat it.

Do guys do this? I never hear of guys doing this. What is UP with that?

I’ve confessed this before and the world didn’t fall apart so it’s not a real shock but just a heads up to let people know I eat unbelievably healthy 95% of the time and occasionally (like Sunday morning OMG) I snapped and was desperate for somethinganythingwhatdoIwant?? I didn’t know. So I ate powdered sugar. Yep. A few teaspoons of powdered sugar to see if that fixed it. It did.

My husband is always horrified when he sees me doing stuff like this. He doesn’t care for sweets.

Doesn’t care for sweets (muttered under my breath) Who doesn’t care for sweets??? (outrage)

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Ever eaten spoonfuls of pure sugar? Syrup on hot dog buns? Syrup on anything?
We all have our low points and it’s always hard to bounce back after we do something stupid but remembering it’s one moment of weakness and moving on is better than saying ~forget the whole thing~ and giving up. Be confident and do your best and remember life isn’t perfect. We are imperfect beings. Shake it off and move on.

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Since I didn’t get to work out Sunday because I spent the day trying to figure out the shoe thing and of course, just hanging with my sweet husband, yesterday I headed down to Castle Rock to run (because JOY) and of course…do the incline.

Can I just say, running is HARD.

Oh, you knew that? yeah…I keep forgetting until I do it again and then BAM I remember again.

But while I was down there I came upon previously undiscovered lands! I mean, they were all sidewalked and playgrounded and whatnot but hey…they were previously undiscovered by ME and it’s a whole maze of sidewalks and every time I turned around there was another playground. They have like…three zip lines. It’s the coolest park. And here I thought it was an incline and a park bench. Who knew?

I did three miles and the incline and that took me some time because it was mostly uphill and the wind was wicked mean so I was slow crawled up the incline. I crawled. Or I wanted to.
If leg day is part of your weekly workout schedule, these quotes will ring all too true.:

Mean though it was, the workout felt GREAT and I LOVE going to the incline. Nothing makes me feel stronger than those damn stairs. Also, nothing makes me feel weaker than those damn stairs.

Image result for confused gif

Today I am … well…I don’t know. I wanted to run, it’s on the schedule to run…but the winds are 25mph wind gusts and 16mph winds. I’m not feeling it. Maybe I’ll do a HIIT workout today and swap it with tomorrow.

Have I mentioned my intense dislike of wind?  Also the sun is shining so freaking bright it’s fooling me with it’s joy of Summer so I’ll definitely get outside and see the sun. One can’t be a vampire forever, after all.

The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

Run on…


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Losing my mind…gonna run to find it. #rainbedamned

The Handmaid’s Tale is so good. I can’t wait to read the book. The series on Hulu is amazing. I’ve been glued to it for days while I’m working. I remember watching Elisabeth Moss when she was on The West Wing as the president’s daughter and loving her then but she’s gone on to do so much more and prove her worth in so many beautiful pieces of work. And then to add Alexis Bledel, well that’s just a strange thing to see. I kept looking for Rory from Gilmore Girls but she wasn’t there. She is so compelling in this and she plays such a complex character I didn’t have any problems disassociating her from Rory. It would be easy for her to get typecast in the role of Rory and have a difficult time moving forward into a strong defining role like Ofglen but she did it beautifully, I saw no sign of Rory and actually had to look twice to ask myself if that was Alexis Bledel. 

In Celiac Corner this week we have sports bra fun. My sports bras haven’t been fitting. It’s odd, like…since I lost weight, they’ve gotten tighter and much more uncomfortable and I bought two new ones to try and find some that were more comfortable and they still don’t fit right. I was thinking I’d have to size up again. Today I had that lightbulb moment. I don’t think they’re too tight. I think my skin and muscles are hurting because of Celiac. Totally common symptoms.
Image result for dammit gif
At least I can stop buying new sports bras now.


I swear the president searches out the craziest, meanest criminals to take appointments to his offices in Washington. How the hell does he find these nutcases? Oh wait..

Related image


Trump tweeted he’s the target of the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”
Of all the responses…and there were some great ones. I mean…we do have to remember Nelson Mandela, JFK, Lincoln, Indira Ghandi, I mean, the list is long of politicians who were truly treated worse than Trump. But I did enjoy this tweet from Seth Moulton, ” As the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false.”

Friday. It’s rest day. But it’s not. I’m swapping because yesterday was #allthesnow and I had #allthework

We got a mere two inches but it POURED rain most of the day with giant fluffy flakes intermittently. Estes Park got like…two feet. What the hell?

So now I’m bundling up because the high is *39 but if I don’t get outside I’ll lose my #everlovingmind.
Also, all the squats, planks and so on.

I’m overdue for a HIIT workout I think but my schedule only gave me one this week. I think that’s weird. But I’m just following the rules.

Image result for rule follower gif

Perhaps I should break the rules….


run in the rain:

Run on…

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I was supposed to live in Boulder, I’m sure of it.

I drove to Boulder yesterday (that place is so beautiful, why can’t I live there??) for a meeting and I figured while I was there I could pick up some new Newton’s and have lunch with my beautiful daughter. She takes selfies but I get eye rolls if I ask. So I steal them. 😉

Traffic did not love me and I ended up truly stuck in the middle of the morning for far too long. Late to lunch and enjoying my kid’s time for a bit too long and before I knew it I had run out of time to stop and buy shoes. Sad, too, since I was just a block away from the store. I was so close! I waved to it as I walked by.
Image result for goodbye gif

We enjoyed our lunch at Shine, as usual, because it’s healthy, gluten free, amazing food and really great service. Okay, today the service was kind of iffy but hey, it was bound to happen,right? Also, I forgot to say plain burger so it came loaded with fried onions (yuck yuck doubleyuck) so I had to take those off. It was not a crisis. I spent my childhood scraping things off food.

Don’t let anyone tell you ketchup and mustard can just be “scraped off”.

Image result for they are so wrong gif

It cannot. I am totally on your side.


Then I used my new iphone to find the address of the meeting I was supposed to be at. Except my googlemaps said…address doesn’t exist. Now I’m ten minutes late, I’ve been working through this phone for twenty minutes and address doesn’t exist.

Image result for what the hell gif

Yes, that’s right. I was talking to the little man inside the iphone. No, I don’t talk to Siri. I talk to the little man I’m CERTAIN is inside the phone NOT ANSWERING ME.

I spent another few minutes playing with it until it finally randomly decided it did in fact know where the address was.

It was not stressful at all.

By the time I got home I seriously had to use the restroom, I had been lost more than I had been found and I did not feel good. I slept.

Image result for i need a nap gif

Today we are having a blizzard.
yes, you heard that right. A blizzard. So I’m not sure what I’m doing. I thought today would be a great day to start a plank challenge…

You know you want to. Doesn’t everyone start plank challenges on the 18th of the month?

I think a 5 minute plank sounds like a whole lot of ouch but hey…I’m willing to try. The longest I’ve ever gone is 2.5 minutes so I’d like to give it a try and at least get up to 3 minutes.

Wall sits.
Push ups.
All things that need a good amount of work. I think I’ll work on that today.

start where you are:

Dream big.
Image result for workout motivation
Run on…

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Not a bad way to spend the day…

READY FOR SPRING WORKOUT SERIES - WEEK 4 || Health and fitness are a way of life. This is a lifestyle that's not meant to be started and stopped with the beginning and the end of a workout challenge or series. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the more successful you will be and the better you will feel. Be on the lookout for more seasonal fitness series to help keep you motivated, healthy and feeling amazing! Click through to download the success tools for week 4. Pin it now, ...:
My stomach issues from my run yesterday continued in full force through today so you can imagine my strong, crazy desire to run was, um, curtailed, shall we say? Because that’s just not a comfortable feeling. My stomach hurts. 

It got worse as the day progressed, contrary to what I expected would happen, so I wanted nothing to do with being away from my house running and frankly I didn’t even want to move very much.

I did do some basic strength stuff today, squats and such. But other than that it was all resting all the time.
 sad parks and recreation death parks and rec sick GIF


Since my physical activities were severely hindered I spent the day working on business reports.

I have a meeting with someone today and it’s clear up in Boulder so I get to go have lunch with my kid who works in Boulder because she’s smart and beautiful and runs the world and goes on work trips and is amazing. Did I mention I want to be her when I grow up? She’s awesome.

Image result for best friends gif


According to my workout schedule I was supposed to run 3 miles on Monday (done)

Yesterday was yoga and recovery. I chose just recovery. Holy smokes did I feel yucky. I still feel a little off. Worst glutening ever? Food poisoning? Seriously…no clue. So I’m going to pick something up today and then I’ll try my mileage this afternoon which is supposed to be 5 miles but I’m going to make it 4 miles if I’m up to it.

I’m also going to do some squats, planks, pushups, etc.

tomorrow is a rest day, but I think I’ll switch it up and do yoga. Seems like a light week but I think it’s just stretched out weird.
Image result for so many workouts gif
This is what happens. I see a gif and then I want to watch that show again…she was so freakin’ cute.

We’re having a gorgeous 70* day here people…

Image result for snow gif

Tomorrow: snow.

Runners don't find excuses not to run. Runners find reasons to run.:

Run on…

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Well that’s new. Some surprises are just not that fun.

I did it. I just stayed home, hung around working on business and blog stuff and being lazy and doing nothing and eventually…

my headache subsided. ThankyouGodforbigfavors.

So tonight I headed out for a run and thought I’d do about 4-4.5 miles…well I got three miles done and started in on the fourth mile and for the first time ever in the history of this fun little disease…

I got Celiaced. (it’s a word).

My stomach rebelled SO FAST and SO BAD I came to a dead stop after mile three and grabbed my stomach and thought…oh no. Oh that’s not good. I do not feel well at all.

Image result for sick gif

I walked the last mile back to the car and came straight home only to be really really ill.

Image result for it was unfortunate gif

I mean, I got a good three miles in plus so that’s the saving grace here. This is just a sad little side effect of what I live with and hey, there’s a lot of runners that deal with this and they don’t have Celiac so I think I’m lucky I have made it this long without the issue rearing its ugly head.

Damn. I hope it goes away soon.
Today I’m calling a client back and hoping to get ahold of her because ~damntheiphone~ and also accepting the iphone as part of the family. Maybe a ceremony. I accept you. I welcome you in the family. Sigh. damn phone.

I guess it’s time for a phone case. And a cover.

it’s pretty…like a little piece of jewelry.

Can you hear me telling myself to like it?

Image result for I can't force you to love me gif


I’m reading Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?: And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work in the White Houseby Alyssa Mastromonaco and Lauren Oyler

I love it and so far highly recommend it. It’s not deep and intense, it’s just a great read about what it’s like when your girlfriend works at the White House.
Today I’m going to get my nails done, do some quick grocery shopping and then head to Castle Rock to do the incline…providing my stomach is agreeable. I have meds if it isn’t because it’s going to be a gorgeous day…74*!

Squats…and planks…

I think it’s time for the plank challenge. I just need to put a widget on my website and damn if I can figure out how to do it.
It just takes me sitting still for longer than 12 minutes…

Do it until you can't live with out it:
nd then a bonus one because I know it’s hard to keep moving and to keep up the motivation sometimes, but I have faith in you.

70% of people that start a fitness plan quit. Except you. Not this time. |

Run on…

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Well it finally happened.

You’ll all be happy to know I got a new phone yesterday. My kids especially since they were fed up with my “brick”.
We went in to the store and the young woman that helped me could not really contain her amusement at the age of my old phone even though I told her it was an older model when I bought it because I specifically asked for the small size phone. I think she just assumed I don’t know any better.

She told me she used to like the small screens too, then she graduated up and now she will never go back…

Chick. I’m not just anybody here. I refuse to conform.
Image result for you can't make me gif

You can imagine my non conforming joy that I now own an iphone.

I know, right? It was the only phone that was exactly the size of my old one. I had to at least try it.

Shut up, I told you we’re still adjusting. We both stopped multiple times yesterday and thought…huh…we have two weeks.

It’s a pretty big adjustment and Sean and I are already not loving it but I don’t love being told what to do and Android let’s you do what you want. They are SO from MT and Apple, well, they’re all~do it our way and there are no consequences it’s just do it our way~. They are clearly from  Congress.
The jury is out, we’ll see. Bright side…good photos! I’ll keep you posted. I know, you guys are all ~no one in the world is as stressed about a new phone as you are, what the hell?~

Sean and I did the Castle Rock Incline yesterday. I did MUCH better than the last time. The last time, if you recall, I nearly died every three steps…gasping for air as I climbed pretty much thinking..”this is it! This is the big one!” ~name that really really REALLY old television show ….

Ugh…Redd Foxx…such a comedic talent.

So I got up the stairs without too much trouble from the lack of oxygen but my leg was definitely tweaked so I stopped multiple times to do preventative stretching and that seemed mostly successful. We walked some to warm up and cool down to keep loose (I’m a loose woman) but otherwise I that was it. I didn’t want to incline twice. Still babystepping it.


Sean somehow found himself the sole purchaser of the probiotics and in the land of Celiac probiotics keep my stomach happy. Nearly the last week has been a little iffy because I haven’t had any. His stomach is happier on them, too, so I reminded him several times until last night I finally said…Dude…get the probiotics. Twenty seconds later he said it was done.

Amazon for the win. And what the hell, it took you twenty seconds?
Send me that link so I can do it next time. Geez Dude.
Probiotics are important for  maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria and non healthy bacteria in your gut.

  • boosting immune system.
  • preventing and treating urinary tract infections.
  • improving digestive function.
  • healing inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS (4)
  • managing and preventing eczema in children.
  • fighting food-borne illnesses


Today’s workout is mileage. I’m going to do some strength training and about 3 miles. I know, still 3 miles? yep. I really really don’t want to push it. If things go as planned I’ll start moving up next week. I’m not letting myself get too excited in case it all comes crashing down…

Shut up…I totally don’t see the world half empty. I’m a genuinely positive soul always filled with joy and delight.
Image result for sarcasm gif
Fine. But only when it comes to my workouts…it’s been a tough year, okay??
Image result for my life is stressful gif

If You Master Consistency:

Run on…

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My favorite things about Michelle.

This was just a lovely quiet weekend by myself for the most part. We had lunch with Shaughnessy and Adam on Saturday, we get to see them far more than we get to see Alex and Megan. Different parts of town  you know. On Sunday Sean went back to his planned event that took all of his day and I went hiking with Miss Michelle on what had to be the most beautiful hike we’ve ever been on.

The trailhead was Apex but the eventual trail was Enchanted Forest Trail and it was not kidding.
Image result for sleeping beauty gif
We felt like we were in a Disney movie it was so magical. At any moment little birds would fly out and sing to us as they put ribbons in our hair. It was so beautiful I lost count of how many times I stopped to say that and finally I just stopped so I could proclaim I felt like I was having a spiritual experience from this hike. It counts, so far, as my favorite and that’s saying something…I’ve hiked a lot. Michelle took a million photos and was generous enough to share one with me.

I know, right? She shared one.

I’ve got to get a new phone….I digress
Here is the photo…LOOK at this! 

I know, you’re thinking…huh…that does not look Disney magical. Well it’s a HEART.

This was on the trail in front of us…it’s hardly even real. A perfect heart in stone. The colors on the trail were the truest greens I’ve ever seen. It’s was covered and beautiful and magical.

Whatever just trust me.

So here are my favorite things about Michelle:

  1. She’s a real person with real issues. I know that I’m getting exactly what’s really happening and not the glossed over version you tell your mean neighbor. She puts it right out there and I can totally relate.  I can be totally and completely myself.
  2. She’s always willing to drive. I don’t mind driving (most people know this) though full disclosure I will totally map it even if I’m going around the block because I’m terrified of being lost. She also knows I’m afraid of spiders and being lost and continues to try to convince me to be afraid of snakes and lightening. Keep working on that, Michelle.
  3. She  gets the Celiac thing and is right on board with great places to eat and names them..which brings me to #4
  4. She makes decisions like a champ. Girl is a decision maker. ::swoon:: “Let’s meet at such and such on Tuesday at 11”. I love her. I would happily and cheerfully make at least two of those decisions or even HELP with those but she’s totally on it. Trails? She’s like…here are three trails…I’m like..yep. Let’s do that one…how’s 8? she says “see you then!” I love that. Decision maker. That is a girl after my own heart.
  5. She takes pictures! Now, I do harass her because she sends me ONE but if I asked her she’d send me all ten. And it is now on my list to go to the Verizon store to check out my phone options. ~MT has given me a virtually brand new phone that I can swap to but it’s a little bigger than I want so I’m resisting… I just really really need a good camera phone. This is killing me.~
  6. She is totally up for any and all adventures and if I ask her she’s all…yeah let’s go! At least once a week I can expect a message in my inbox to say “want to do THIS with me?” and it’ll include a link to a wild and crazy event that neither of us realistically should do but per our mantra...what the hell? 
  7. She loves the outdoors as much as I do and any chance to get outside she’ll do it.

When I came home I walked the puppy who by then had given up all hope of anyone ever spending time with him again so when I came in the door he didn’t even lift his little head the poor guy.
Image result for sad me gif

Miraculously, after that I still had energy so I went for a three mile run and that felt amazing in the cool evening air so by the time the evening was done I had put in about 12 miles. It felt really good and I didn’t feel like I had overdone it at all. It was like…21,000 steps or something crazy ass like that.
Image result for crazy gif
On that note, the crazy note, Ria from is on a streak of 128 days of step goals (since January 1st she has surpassed the previous days step goal, each day gets higher because that’s how Garmin works) and yesterday she ran a half marathon  and then walked across town eventually reaching 51,617 steps in a day. I wonder how many days she can keep this streak up?

Today I’m supposed to do yoga so I’ll probably do that but Sean took the day off so I may go to Castle Rock to do the incline.

Oh you caught that, too, huh? Sean took the day off.  Pretty sweet of him to take the day off to spend with me….
 show people good signs too GIF

Don’t get excited he did it for the game… LOL…he just finished early so it worked out. And right now? He’s at work..he got called in to do something. My life in a nutshell.

 quote winnie the pooh nyan cat melancholy too good GIF

Ah, it’s okay. I’m just pickin’ on him.

Buddha quote "What you think you become" painting
Run on…


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Day one done… hopefully I’ll get much better at this.

I spent three hours yesterday working on my bill spreadsheet. It’s an Excel spreadsheet I’ve had for several years and I just pop in periodically and update it. I change the colors…add more dates…tweak what bills need to be paid. This particular time I added an extra year because I always budget a year ahead so I took it out to January of 2019. Great time and energy was put into this before my computer ate it and spit out the original causing me to wonder…did I dream the last three hours of budgeting, typing and bill paying?  I want my morning back please.
Image result for sucks to be you gif
I went to King Sooper today (Kroger for those of you outside of the area) and came across this little item… from a local company called Rocky Mtn Provisions.  I wanted to pick them up for Sean, not me, to be clear…for those of you wondering why I was looking for chocolate. ha. It looked right up his alley. I flipped that sucker over right away to see if it had soy in it because my poor husband has an allergy (sad day) and what do you think I found??  How good ARE you guys?? Hmm? Let’s see if you can spot it…

First person to spot it wins the prize… !
Look what I found!

Does that look like the best running guide ever??  I’m pretty excited to dive in. From 5k’s to Marathons…I can just imagine the magic inside…

What a great story…Edna Kiplagat, women’s winner of the Boston Marathon, wife and mother of FIVE kids (two biological, and three adopted…I mean seriously) plus she owns a farm. This woman is amazing. Plus, did you see her killer time at the 20 mile mark? I die..5:02 (that’s crazy). I love her quote, “We do not run because we are poor,” she says. “We run because it’s our passion.”. Right? Side note: our awesome country wouldn’t let her husband and coach in. No visa for him. Nice huh? He’s been here many times but now that we have this administration..nope.

I completed day one of the ten week workout but really…once you get into a work out plan the goal is to not quit. The goal is to keep moving and keep working out for a healthier you forever. I’ve worked out my entire life with the exception of a few injuries I’ve had here and there and this last year which was miserable. My work today was lousy and hard and I very nearly just laid down and napped on the carpet rather than even finish a lunge. And I’m still working on the rhythm of it so I felt very out of sync with the whole thing. Nevertheless…I did it and I lived through it.

Last year when I tried doing the HIIT workout I couldn’t pop up at the end of the burpees at all. I just dragged myself off the floor exhausted and thought…damn. Now I have to do another one.
Image result for I was pathetic gif

Today I hopped right up and threw myself into another one. I may be hopelessly out of shape but I’m far ahead of where I was five months ago.
Image result for Im' amazing gif

Today I got my HIIT workout done and 10,000 steps which isn’t nearly enough but I wasted a considerable part of my day on the computer trying to get the budget thing done and then back. So tomorrow’s lesson…do it first.
Now I have to figure out a menu so I eat more than…a banana.

Tomorrow’s workout is running and strength training… I’ll give you the list tomorrow.
Not Every Day Is A Good day Show up anyway.
Run on…


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So I’m a banana. Who knew?

I have to start looking for a dress for Alex and Megan’s wedding (I may have found one but I’m not getting my hopes up just in case) and being as ADHD as possible my brain traveled and traveled and traveled (squirrel!). Eventually it started to travel back and on the way back it landed on this…


Image result for female body type ~source

The most accurate description of me from this graphic would be banana…I’m probably curved like a banana but I don’t want to think about it. I don’t even like bananas. I do eat them, however, because I’m chronically short on potassium. ThankyouCeliac. Also, I’m chronically lazy about eating and just don’t want to and bananas are the original happy meal. Meal in it’s own packaging.

Doesn’t help me shop for pants though…Everything has a waist and I will just never have a waist. It’s quite sad really. Banana.  
This is a thing. I’m sure you’ve all seen it already but just to recap…

 ~ source

buy yourself your very own pair of jeans that look like you’ve spent the day working in the mud…Only $425. Nordstrom is the worst. Who comes up with this stuff?

Janae over at Hungryrunnergirl posted this yesterday. Her mom found it on Facebook and shared it with her. I loved it and had to share. I’m hit and miss with HRG these days but this was pretty funny. Maybe her mom should write a blog. hehe. Sorry Janae… We all still love you.
13770386 1732330783651010 7436185857344825890 n


I’m starting my 10-week workout plan today. I woke up yesterday and I had a pretty terrible migraine so I drugged up completely and mostly rested except for walking the dog. Today I am feeling a million percent better. For those of you who know my history you should remember that most of my migraines, especially the severe ones, they are 3-day migraines every time. I could set my clock by them. So I can say the Botox definitely works in multiple ways, one of them being lessening the length I have them. It doesn’t always work but sometimes…and it’s so worth it when it does.
Back to the plan…

Today’s plan is this:

Run (I’m still in my “you call that running?” phase) and I’m going for a little over three miles. It’s just one of my regular routes

It’s also a HIIT day so running isn’t on the schedule but I want to.

Mountain Climbers
Jumping Jacks 

Walking Lunges
Push Ups
I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can still walk…
4fitnesssake:Daily fitness motivation :):
Run on…

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What was the march for? Saturday’s March for Science.

On Saturday we marched for Science. The pouring rain was killing my marching vibe.  I had a migraine that kept me up all night. I ached all over for some random reason (thankyouCeliac) and I just felt out of whack. It happens and it’s okay and truth be told it usually passes with in a few minutes but the pouring rain and cold was not encouraging me. But I really felt like we needed to show the hell up.
We need to show up and let the administration know that they cannot cut our climate and science budgets like this and we’re just going to sit still and take it.
Science is in everything we do. Everything we are. If we stop learning about science, we stop growing and we go backwards.

Some people may argue that we have to cut the budget SOMEWHERE. That we have to stop spending money SOMEWHERE> However, Trump would like that money that he’s so carefully and thoughtfully cutting to go to the military and to building his wall. So, if you think he’s a great savior you are clearly not doing your research.

Here’s a link to the Washington Post story that shows us who is losing all their funding. Here’s a link to an infographic from the same story that shows the proposed cuts. I’d love to show you the infographic thus putting myself at risk for copyright infringement but alas, the Washington Post has totally found a way to lock down their page so I can’t.

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I’m sure there’s a more talented person out there that could manage it but that person is not me.
If you love the mountains, the stars, learning, math, Bill Nye the Science Guy, cooking, coffee, beer, making beer!, being healthy, good health care, I could go on and on…then you love science. Think about that. Think about what we want our kids to love.
The Alt National Park Service is the biggest supporter of science and clean air.
These are some of my favorite signs from the weekend.
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(this one is my favorite)
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not a sign but in the comments of Alt National Park Service. Loved it.
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this one says, “Introvert in a crowd. It’s that bad (I wanna go home)”
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That was a pretty good one, too.
So there it is. Signs are great but the deal is thousands of people are trying to get outside to shout and demand that we be heard. We aren’t going to go away. Science is important to everyone. Get over yourself, quit being self involved, just imagine there is a  bigger picture that involves an entire planet of people.

I sprained my leg once several years ago, right before a marathon on a morning training run. It was a very bad sprain and I was out of running for two months. My doctor said I would have been better off breaking it. It would be a long time healing. He also said I’d be more prone to twisting it again and it would never be as strong. So it comes as no surprise that I twisted it while hiking.  It’s very stiff. It has zero flexibility

Last Tuesday when I went hiking with Michelle the swelling was a lot  more than either of us were expecting so I needed to back off. After last week’s complete and utter misbehavior on my ankle’s part I dealt with it with a week of little to no activity which pouring rain and gale force winds helped enforce.  This week I need to up my game so my ankle better behave.
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Last night I watched The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on HBO. Sean watched “The” but he fell asleep for the rest of it. Oprah’s performance was intense. I felt so involved in her whole emotional process. I read several reviews which said, among other things,  this story should have been a mini series and told with more details, that sort of thing. I really loved the story but I did want more. I felt like I needed more details on Henrietta and the medical history of her story..this was very much a story of Henrietta’s family and mostly her daughter Deborah. The movie was definitely lacking in that area. I was disappointed there. It was still really good and now I want to read the book because I imagine the book has all the details the movie is actually missing. I want Oprah to please produce a sequel or yes, go back in time and create a mini series.
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I’m going to run a really short run today and maybe (maybe) even bike a little just to give it a try. But MOST important…must start a good strength training routine. Let’s see what we can drum up. I have a great program but I might wait another week or two to get down and dirty with it.
I’m not sure I’m up to Pre quotes yet but I like the message. Move through the fatigue.
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Run on…




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