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Late but still here. I’m knocking things off my list.

  • The Survivors –  This is a  powerful article about the survivors left behind when adventurers and climbers head out to tackle the world or the nearest giant mountain like Mt Everest. When they don’t come back because they’ve simply disappeared never to be found or they’ve had an accident and died, the people left behind have to live with the consequences and the climbers, though they care, they seem to be pulled to the mountain by a force so strong it overpowers the love of family, the love of father and mother even.  It’s really emotional and powerful to think about the call of the mountain and specifically Everest. It seems to have such a pull to these climbers they put it above everyone and everything in their lives. 
  • Just a quick note about B12, we talked about it yesterday. If you’re thyroid gland is not working properly it can cause hypothyroidism and this could lead to a B12 deficiency. As we’ve discussed before, if you have any kind of thyroid disorders you are at a much higher risk of having Celiac disease and should absolutely be tested. It’s an easy blood test and fairly inexpensive (hopefully your insurance covers it but these days…who knows but it really doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor…just remember to give a very strong case). The following are some symptoms of B12 deficiency however…as with anything these are only the most common symptoms. I did my own searching to find other symptoms and found eye problems among other issues. As you can see these symptoms could easily be symptoms of Celiac or even just hypothyroidism. You can get a blood test to see if you’re B12 is okay. I just know I’m Celiac and I’m always deficient in everything so I boosted my B12. Hopefully it works for the eye.

    The most common include fatigue, constipation, decreased appetite, tingling in the hands and feet, impaired memory, depression, and soreness of the tongue.

    Sean says he’s been short on B12 for twenty years apparently… LOL (fatigue…impaired memory…)
    Image result for you're hilarious gif

  • Up and Humming just commented on yesterday’s blog to tell me Topiramate has a side effect that causes eye twitching and sure enough it does. I’ve been on it for probably ten years and never get any side effects from it but it’s high time I did. I’ve asked my doctor if I can go off of it multiple times but he wants me to stay on it for now. I just asked him again because I don’t want to be on eight million drugs. Hopefully he gets back to me today.
    Image result for I'm waiting gif
    Actually I’m pretty patient but who doesn’t love a HP gif?
  • I am…as I am typing this…on the phone one more time with the menu system people from hell. I got a different person this time and she said “we are going to figure this out”. I like her. I told her my next step is to drive down there and possibly chain myself to a tree to be heard. OH MY GOSH> three minutes later and they found it.  I love her. ❤ I ended up calling the benefits people, too, and I feel confident we have this thing licked.
    #Iamgratefulforhealthcare #Iamgratefulforhealthcare #dailyreminders
    Image result for health insurance gif
    I have the wrong kind of health insurance…
  • The high today is 94*. It’s currently 96.5*. Doesn’t appear to be slowing down…it’s only 2:30
    IFC hot ifc fred armisen portlandia GIF
    I got a wicked migraine last night, I blame the wind. So I ended up just walking Malachi because it was too much to think of running but I’ll run tonight and I plan a quick HIIT workout or some strength this afternoon since I haven’t done anything since Friday.
  • New week. Bring it on. - Oh yes. Time to bring it on!
    Run on…

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A Sunday post because you missed me. I know you did.

  • My friend lost her brother last week and I am incredibly sad for her. While out of town for her brother’s funeral she found out her dog was hit by a car. I don’t know the circumstances but the love they had for that tiny little puppy, seriously…he was the cutest thing ever. My heart is just broken. She’s a kind loving sweet friend who cares for people so much. There’s no answer for why but this is a tough one to power through. I hurt for her. I wish I could help her and her family right now.  ❤
  • I have a friend who is diagnosed ADHD. Let me restate that. I have several friends who are actually diagnosed ADHD. I know I am ADHD and I know for SURE Sean is ADD. Apparently birds of a feather and all that…. but my friend swears by the meds she takes and says she feels like a normal person for the first time. She can think straight. She doesn’t feel stupid. She can make conscious thoughts and process them properly. I’m hoping I can straighten out my brain out so I can do the same thing. I’m making progress I think.
    Image result for squirrel gif
  • Did I mention I’ve had a twitching eye? It did that years ago and we couldn’t figure out why, finally narrowing it down to the wrong thyroid medication. This time I thought I was overmedicated again but I think I figured it out by accident. I woke up this morning after having a fairly good nights sleep. I normally sleep about four to five hours and last night I got like…six hours. Great, right? Got dressed, hopped in the car and started driving to go for a run and started yawning. At this point I thought…I have got to be low on B12. What the hell? So I stopped to get B12 supplements. When you’re Celiac you’re always short on freaking everything. FunFact: you need your ID to buy B12 supplements. Anyway, I bought a spray so it would go straight to me and I also bought a pill. I immediately sprayed and checked it out…my eye stopped twitching. So I googled it and yep….it’s a thing. The things you learn. The sad thing is if I take too much I can get itchy. Just.what.I.need. The brain fog is also a symptom of B12 deficiency so let’s hope all this is helped soon from the b12 boost.
    Image result for I'm a mess gif
  • I officially have a dress for the wedding thanksbetoGod. What’s it like to be normal sized? Yes, I need to have it tailored. That’s my next step. And for people who think I can relax now, I still need jewelry, a jacket, shoes, find a hair person…you get the gist. Are we having fun yet? LOL
    Image result for so much to do gif
  • In May I took my measurements so I could have a baseline. I don’t weigh myself so I wanted to make sure I knew where I was starting. I felt very frustrated with my own progress so even though I exercised regularly I didn’t check my measurements every week to see how I was doing. Yesterday though I did check because I figured two months had passed and please tell me I’d made SOME progress. Also, my clothes were fitting better. ha. Odds were in my favor. Turns out yes, I’ve lost about two inches in my waste and ribcage which is about where I figured I had. My arms are the same (not friendly thanks but no thanks to the strength training) and my hips are the same) curse you children…(not really, I totally love you but damn you hips). And when I took my measurements I put them on a sticky note and I put them in code. Not purposely, I just wrote them down using the first letter. Seriously, it was pure laziness because (and this is not a lie, it’s my personality) I always believe I’ll totally remember what I was thinking when I did it so I wrote a “th”  down as 36″. Now…I have to tell you, I have no idea what “th” is except maybe I was measuring my thigh and if I was please don’t tell me it’s 36″. So….yeah. No clues where my brain was there. I got a good giggle out of it though.  And I went over all the rest and it all is accounted for. It’ll come to me at 3am probably. I’m relishing in the fact that at least I’ve lost the two inches.
    Related image
  • Friday I ran a quick 3.5 miles and it was pouring rain…this was the best run and I loved every minute of it. I came home dripping wet and excited to get up and run again. Saturday I got up ready to go run and do the incline but it failed miserably. Sean and I headed downtown to attempt and outing and IT failed miserably but we walked and walked and walked so I ended up calling that my workout. I’m aiming to Sunday. Today I’m hoping to get up early and try the incline again and then we’re attempting our outing again. I really need a run. It’s addictive. 
    Run your feelings.
    Run on…


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even celebrities get it.

  • So…Mandy Moore from This is Us has Celiac disease. This could be big. OR…it could totally screw us. Depends on how she handles it. Either way it definitely draws attention to the disease. Jennifer Esposito is nothing to sneeze at but This is Us is currently one of the biggest shows out there so Mandy Moore is a big name to have.
    Image result for name dropper gif
  • My friend, Amy, and her husband and son are coming to town today. They’ve been touring Colorado on vacation and I’m super excited to get to hang with her while she’s here. We’re supposed to run together on Wednesday and I hope she likes running at ridiculously early hours of the morning or late at night because Girl it’s supposed to be 96* and I don’t run in that heat so it’s either in the morning dark or in the evening dark. Meanwhile, we’re going to dinner tonight at Beau Jo’s because Beau Jo’s is TOTALLY Colorado and also I can eat gluten free there. It’ll be fun to meet her.
    Image result for my friends gif
  • I sit at the counter next to the sliding glass door to type on the computer. The door is open most of the day leaving the possibility for anyone to come in. Including 8 legged creatures. And they do come in. Every few weeks I’ll find a visitor on the counter or on the wall next to me. You’d think I’d move. Sometimes I sit at my desk, it depends on my mood. Tonight, it was midnight and I was sitting at the counter and there on the wall next to me was a spider just climbing up the wall. I decided I would be a grown up. I would take care of it. I  get my notebook and I stand up so I can get a better angle and it FALLS OFF THE WALL AND IS NOW ANYWHERE IT’S ANYONE’S GUESS WHERE IT IS PANIC PANIC AND I SCREAM BECAUSE….
    well, because that’s what I do when I am startled by a spider. It’s super helpful. Sean slowly comes downstairs. I describe the offender. He finds it on the floor and takes care of it with my notebook and heads back to bed. I ask him if he laughs when he hears the scream or rolls his eyes. He said he just sighs.
    Life  with me. Poor guy.
    Image result for heavy sigh gif
  • I think I’m overmedicated for my thyroid. It’s just a guess but my eye is twitching and the last time that happened it was my thyroid. I’m pretty over it. Between that and the Celiac exhaustion I just want to close my eyes and sleep for three days. I’m self adjusting to see if it helps.
    Image result for so tired gif
  • We Put 6 Top Leggings Brands To The Test—Here’s The Verdict
    I really appreciate someone else doing the work on this. I’m not a fan of leggings (I know!) but occasionally they make a really cute outfit. I 99.9% of the time would never wear them to Target as part of my ~just finished my workout and needed to make a quick stop~ outfit. It’s happened but it’s not my favorite. I agree with her entire assessment so I’ll be scoping out Athleta for a nice pair, to include shorts. Athleta sells my favorite shorts I bought earlier this year and sticker shock sent me returning them. I’m totally sorry I did because the shorts I bought instead at Ann Taylor (usually a favorite store) are truly terrible. Less than half the cost, I hate them completely and never ever wear them. I should have paid the gasp price and bought the pair I would wear every day.

Things I have to have in a pair of leggings:
1. no shine
2. enough thickness to not see through but not too thick
3. enough spandex to grip and hold so the leggings feel like they are actually doing something.

  • This Map Shows How Much People Spend On Wedding Gifts In Each State
    Obviously this is an average, the article makes it clear you can start at a much lower amount and there are many factors to be considered in the gift giving. And of course the real point is your presence at the day of. That’s the most important thing. 
  • It’s 94* today and I don’t want to play anymore.  I want fall. I’m going to HIIT>
    There's no better feeling than finishing a really brutal workout. That feeling when you've gone through a truly hard and brutal workout. That's probably the BEST feeling in the world!
    Run on…

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Losing my mind…gonna run to find it. #rainbedamned

The Handmaid’s Tale is so good. I can’t wait to read the book. The series on Hulu is amazing. I’ve been glued to it for days while I’m working. I remember watching Elisabeth Moss when she was on The West Wing as the president’s daughter and loving her then but she’s gone on to do so much more and prove her worth in so many beautiful pieces of work. And then to add Alexis Bledel, well that’s just a strange thing to see. I kept looking for Rory from Gilmore Girls but she wasn’t there. She is so compelling in this and she plays such a complex character I didn’t have any problems disassociating her from Rory. It would be easy for her to get typecast in the role of Rory and have a difficult time moving forward into a strong defining role like Ofglen but she did it beautifully, I saw no sign of Rory and actually had to look twice to ask myself if that was Alexis Bledel. 

In Celiac Corner this week we have sports bra fun. My sports bras haven’t been fitting. It’s odd, like…since I lost weight, they’ve gotten tighter and much more uncomfortable and I bought two new ones to try and find some that were more comfortable and they still don’t fit right. I was thinking I’d have to size up again. Today I had that lightbulb moment. I don’t think they’re too tight. I think my skin and muscles are hurting because of Celiac. Totally common symptoms.
Image result for dammit gif
At least I can stop buying new sports bras now.


I swear the president searches out the craziest, meanest criminals to take appointments to his offices in Washington. How the hell does he find these nutcases? Oh wait..

Related image


Trump tweeted he’s the target of the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”
Of all the responses…and there were some great ones. I mean…we do have to remember Nelson Mandela, JFK, Lincoln, Indira Ghandi, I mean, the list is long of politicians who were truly treated worse than Trump. But I did enjoy this tweet from Seth Moulton, ” As the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false.”

Friday. It’s rest day. But it’s not. I’m swapping because yesterday was #allthesnow and I had #allthework

We got a mere two inches but it POURED rain most of the day with giant fluffy flakes intermittently. Estes Park got like…two feet. What the hell?

So now I’m bundling up because the high is *39 but if I don’t get outside I’ll lose my #everlovingmind.
Also, all the squats, planks and so on.

I’m overdue for a HIIT workout I think but my schedule only gave me one this week. I think that’s weird. But I’m just following the rules.

Image result for rule follower gif

Perhaps I should break the rules….


run in the rain:

Run on…

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Where’s my internet? I’m lost without it

  • My internet has been screwy all day. In and out I can’t count on it to be reliable. It disappears and I have to tell you I rely on it completely. I use it to read like..everything. To watch television and to watch my classes and the result of no internet is I have nothing to do but stare at the wall. I am feeling bereft.
    Image result for be there gif
  • I love carbonation. Fizzy stuff for the win. But I have my standards and my limitations are Root Beer and Dr Pepper (oh my gosh NO), orange and grape flavors they’re just syrup. Well I got desperate and yesterday I started drinking the Root Beer. Bleah. With enough ice and it gets watered down it’s almost … maybe… drinkable. Really…barely but I needed carbonation. Fizzy water. Just anything. First chance I got I went to the store and bought some La Croix  and yes, I get it, it’s supposed to be trendy and pretentious and fancy but really it’s just water  and in my gluten free world there’s not a lot of stuff I can have issue free and I like it so yeah. There you go.
    Image result for I can't eat anything gif
  •  La Croix is pronounced  La-Croy~rhymes with enjoy~ for those of you who don’t know and I was one of them but now we do.  It’s named after the original area (in Wisconsin) where it was bottled. “La” comes from the city of La Crosse, and “Croix” refers to the St. Croix River that flows between Wisconsin and Minnesota.~source          #fancy
    ****Don’t say I never taught you anything.***
    Amy Poehler's Smart Girls funny lol parks and recreation parks and rec GIF
  • Random note that won’t matter to you if you don’t live in Denver but how do you pronounce Buena Vista? Here you go.  Stop pronouncing it wrong, that’s an order. I had issues with this but Andrea is from Leadville which is basically Buena Vista and what she says rules so now I don’t have issues anymore.  If you don’t want to watch the video…it’s Byoona Vista…NOT Bwayna Vista. This is like when I moved to Florida and they don’t have bedroom Suites there they have bedroom “suits” but they still spell it “suites” so it totally messes with me because…duh…that’s pronounced “sweet”. #therapy
  • I am pretty nervous about trumpcare and I am praying about it.  Anyone else?
    Image result for nervous gif
  • day four of not being able to exercise in any way shape or form. It’s really a miracle I’m still functioning as a human being.
    Image result for I'm melting gif
    For those of you able to actually exercise by running or hiking or what have you…please enjoy this public service announcement and know that in my head, my imagination and my dreams I am on the trails and the streets.
  • "Come to the woods for here is rest." John Muir Quote:
    Run on…


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It’s that time of year again…

We’re registering for the Bolder Boulder. 

I’ll be honest, it’s the first year I’ve hesitated. Last year I didn’t love it as much. They’ve corporatized it too  much (it’s a word).

In April..they are running the Cherry Creek Sneak and I’ve never run it. I may think about that little race. Little being the operative word…

It’s April 23rd, it’s expensive ($40 for the 5k, $50 for the 5 mile and $65 for the 10 mile) and really big. It’s a huge race. I just am not sure I’m up to it. But I feel the need to get on the road and run.

I suppose I could search for a different race that is smaller and more of a pull…maybe more trail oriented but not.

Most 5k’s are in Wash Park or City Park and those are my least favorite.

I don’t know…I typed that last night and I’m already over it.

Michelle is thinking maybe she wants an ultra this year.

She knows I’ve always wanted to do an ultra so this is a big tease. SO mean.

Also, my son is getting married in October. Like…two weeks after the scheduled ultra and everyone knows you gain weight when you train for marathons and ultras so there’s THAT. But the joy is how awesome is it to not care and just run my ass off. Oh yeah…I just ran 30+ miles. Thanks… 😉

Yeah, I’d rather do that. Pretty sure.

Hey, Michelle, we get to walk a LITTLE, right? 😉

Damn…it’s crazy far.

The other downside, and it’s a big one for me, is that ultras tend to be trail runs and I’m a city girl through and through. So that’s part of the challenge. Running 30 miles on a trail. The upside is having someone to run it with. Having a partner would be so much less painful.

Note, I did not say easier.

I think we’re going to do some research on this and we’ll keep you updated. I’d like to point out I’m still not cleared to run, I haven’t run ANY kind of distance in months and months and MONTHS because…giant fibroid eating me from the inside out and cutting off my blood supply. I’m totally and completely freaked out about the possibility of not being able to ever run again even though I know that’s not even realistic. It’s just…out there in my peripheral.

If we attempt this giant feat there needs to be some serious yoga cross training to take care of my leg. My poor little right leg is definitely feeling some IT band issues. I don’t want to get half way there and have to stop.

I just messaged her and told her I’m in.

Image result for this could be a really bad decision gif
We’ll see. Probably next week I’ll break my leg since I publicly announced something.

Anybody out there have some great little races they want to share with me???


Power outages freak me out and makes me think of end times. I would not do well without power. I know that’s random but the other night all the neighbors houses were so completely black we were pretty sure they had a power outage. It was totally freaky.

Image result for I'm afraid of the dark gif


I had a doctor appointment yesterday (my Celiac doctor) and you know, I love her. She was the person who initially said, “we can’t figure this out and since you no longer have a primary physician let’s run a blood panel and see if that’ll give us an idea” and it did. It started the direction that led to surgery and me feeling SO much better so yay her! Unfortunately her nurse accidentally ran the wrong blood tests this time so it was a fruitless appointment. Thank the Lord for insurance? Hm. Not sure how that works. As we talked she said…wow…I’ve been seeing you for so long it’s been quite a journey!  She’s not kidding.

Yes…it has. I started seeing her like…six years ago maybe? For Hypothyroidism that couldn’t get regulated. I am quite the story. She told me again today…I am not normal. I’m not sick…just not normal. None of my tests ever come up normal. I’m a medical mystery.
Image result for house gif


It’s been too windy to do anything so today I am finally getting out of the house. I’m supposed to spend the day with Andrea but she’s been suspiciously silent so I may not be. I also get to have dinner with my friend Solongo (she’s not on social media…gasp) and I haven’t seen her in forEVER. I’m excited. Okay, she’s on Instagram but barely. She posts once every month or so.

But she’s my FAVORITE…I’ll keep you posted. We’re going to 730 South and it’s delicious.


"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis:

Run on…


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Even now, I make bad choices.

I realized, after re-reading my blog (something I occasionally do when I want to torture myself because I forget to proofread thus all the editing issues), that I never actually explained what Ash Wednesday was for those of you who don’t know. Like…I’m an expert now, you know?
Image result for I"m so smart gif
(this might be my favorite gif, it’s pretty close between this and any of them with Robert Downey Jr because, duh)

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Its official name is “Day of Ashes,” so called because of the practice of rubbing ashes on one’s forehead in the sign of a cross. Since it is exactly 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter Sunday, it will always fall on a Wednesday—there cannot be an “Ash Thursday” or “Ash Monday.” The Bible never mentions Ash Wednesday—for that matter, it never mentions Lent.
Lent is intended to be a time of self-denial, moderation, fasting, and the forsaking of sinful activities and habits. Ash Wednesday commences this period of spiritual discipline.~source

So I went, I got ashed and I headed back out again. Interesting to note, while I was in there I saw that the parishioners of the afternoon were all pretty elderly. This has to be for a couple different reasons. One: they are retirees. Two, they are old. Thus…retirees. My conclusion…I’m..old? was a tad depressing.  It was a lovely Wednesday break, and then I was off to get things done and stop thinking about Wednesday afternoon church.

My first stop was Atlanta Bread Company (throwback to good times) to pick up a bottle of water.  As I stood there watching her ring me up I looked at the rows upon rows of fluffy fresh delicious baked loaves of bread and the whole time I had one thought…
I need to get the hell out of here…

I know! Not at any point did I miss it or think…mmm that looks so good. Ohhh it smells delicious. None of the above. All I could think about was…seriously I have no business being in this place.

Late Night with Seth Meyers bye seth meyers leave gtfo


We went to dinner at Shaughnessy’s on Sunday (we needed to do some ThinkClear business) and Theboy was teaching me all about sharks. He is a genius, in case you didn’t know.

I was driving down the street thinkin’ about how smart he is and how handsome and sweet he is and I thought…gosh he’s just the greatest little kid. Just so perfect…and it dawned on me.

I’ve become my mother. 

thomas sadoski

Image result for it was bound to happen gif

I cannot tell you the number of times in my life I’ve heard my children referred to as “perfect little darlings”.

She’s so deluded.

Of course, my little grandson actually IS perfect but whatever.

I was looking for a quote this morning and died laughing when I saw this….
Ahahahaha, but seriously I have a family member who has been so good at screwing…:

Um…that would be great. Thanks~

Just briefly I want to touch on the president’s speech. I don’t think he’s a new and changed man because he prepared. I think his policies are still just a skewed as they were before. I read in the news today the DOW reached an all time high which I’m certain he’s claiming all credit for but again..I don’t care. It’s great the economy is looking good. But our clean air is in danger, our national parks are threatened, immigration reform is now a nightmare reality for thousands upon thousands of people and no one wants anything to do with us. We’ve become THAT country. DeVos is working hard on our education system. That’s pretty damn scary. The list is SO LONG> They’re investigating the Russian connection and it’ll be a miracle if that sucker gets handled with any level of decency and truth.
Image result for truth gif
The country is being run by racists and corruption flowing.
The fight goes on.

Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, take a look at Dobby. He’s the newest surprise addition at the Denver Zoo. How lucky are we??  I love him already…he’s got attitude and spunk. My kind of guy.
Image result for exercise motivation quotes
Run on…


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The day after Valentine’s day- Redemption…did you forget?

  • Because I have had many many day when things don’t go like the movies (and why the hell not, I ask sarcastically), I offer you redemption days. Like birthdays… you have the whole rest of the week to redeem yourself because I’m certain some of you have not done well this week. And really, yes, you have all year to step up and tell your significant others how much you love them (the main argument against Valentine’s Day ::eyeroll:: Becuase you’re all so awesome about THAT) but who really does that? I mean..really?  So don’t be a schmuck and do it. Step up and take ONE DAY and spend a little extra time or money or both and make sure your “other” knows you think he or she is spectacular. If you screwed this up…the rest of the week is your make up work. It’s for those people who didn’t do well on the test. 
  •  Sean struggles with this day. Who knew? Did I mention he’s cute?

    I mean…it’s MY FAVORITE DAY. I freaking decorate for this day. Tastefully..don’t worry. I write about it. I talk about it. And still come Valentine’s Day…he’s surprised. “Um…you got me a card?”  Um…yes. I always get you a card. I always do something. It’s that day. Geez Dude. I had to go run some errands and while I was gone…THEN he went to the store breaking every rule I’ve ever told him (okay, not every rule). NEVER go to the grocery store the evening of Valentine’s Day and get me grocery store flowers and a lame card because by then nothing is left and it’s clearly last minute and duh…you know I know you forgot me. I’d WAY rather you give me a sticky note that says something really nice on it. Well he felt bad and while I was gone he went to the store and got me grocery store flowers and a lame card. And I mean…I harassed him. The card says “you’re the best!”. thank you? He also got me Starburst jelly beans which may or may not have been produced in a factory that cross contaminates with wheat. Juries across the board on the internet are out on that one but mostly seem good so I’m eating them. It’s a very low risk but I wanted them. He said he weighed his options and figured he’d be in less trouble if he went to the store on Valentine’s evening than if he did nothing. I’ll be honest and say that was a bigger risk than the jelly beans. But it was cute and I forgive. Mostly because I liked him anyway.
  • On a side note…I told him WEEKS ago he was buying me something and he was off the hook…

    Her name is “Heavy Heart” and the sculptor is Lorri Acott. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. It totally sums up what I’m feeling right now in the midst of this political crisis. Just heavy hearted. I have her on a shelf sitting next to my dad’s picture though…so that’s appropriate, too. She fills lots of spaces in my life. But she’s pretty so that’s okay. She needs a name. Another buyer referred to  their sculpture as a “him” and I thought…oh yeah. theirs does look kind of like a him but mine…she’s definitely a girl. Lorri included the following information…“The long legs and the big feet symbolize one’s ability to rise above life’s challenges. The cracks seen on the surface refer to the fragility within each one of us. The experience of being human sometimes includes carrying around a heavy heart.” Lorri donated part of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood and that’s when I figured there is seriously no good reason to deprive myself.
    It was kind of expensive and he was off the hook (in other words…just a card was fine, acknowledge me… and he’d be good. Dollars to donuts he forgot. I haven’t reminded him. LOL. If he read my blog he’d know this. hahahaa.
    evil laugh
  • I do not like the flavor “watermelon”. I do enjoy the fruit…watermelon. But the flavor…not my favorite. Problem of the day…when all of your jelly beans are red but one flavor isn’t your favorite…how to pick that flavor out so you don’t eat it…it’s a struggle for sure.
    Image result for my life is hard for sure. gif
    I really don’t. Just the watermelon jelly beans
  • You know when you’re driving down the road and your water bottle hits the floor just out of reach and rolls all over the car whacking itself against the different sides slowly driving you insane and each time it wacks you think…I have GOT to remember to get that water bottle and then when you stop you forget to get the water bottle until the next time you are driving and you turn a corner and WHACK the damn water bottle goes again…
    Image result for it's driving me crazy gif
  • Valentine for my knitting friends out there…
  • I had lunch with Miss Andrea yesterday and four hours later she tipped the waiter a little extra for refilling our drinks so many times and for being so nice as we sat there for so long. At least this time we were in the restaurant. One time we had lunch and then sat in her car for six hours. Nope…not kidding. We are ridiculous. We talk about husbands, Valentine’s Day (she makes meatloaf with a heart in ketchup on it…bleah, I legitimately have never had this … unless my mom made it and I blocked it out), kids, politics, books, traveling, running, your hair is so cute, you get the gist. What we all talk about.
    Image result for girl talk gif
    our version of this is…how many pair of black loafers do you OWN, Andrea?
  • It’s a gorgeous day today so I’m going to walk the dog and then walk myself and then run my really REALLY exciting errands. You know you’re jealous. YOU KNOW you are.
    Image result for walking workout quote
    Run on…


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happy day before Valentine’s Day…

  • I think when they removed all that other stuff they removed my love of cheeseburgers. I tried to eat one Thursday and it was awful. I couldn’t finish it. It was depressing. My love of cheeseburgers goes way back. Such a loss. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up that easy. I firmly believe it’s well worth the effort to try more than once.
    Image result for I need my cheeseburger gif
    UPDATE: I made one for myself Friday and it was much better. I’ll keep trying… it’s my duty.
  • I ordered a Magic Bullet for MT. He lives in a dorm in VA on an Army base. The cafeteria is in the midst of a major renovation so they have nowhere to eat. They won’t have it finished the whole time he will live there (the next 10 months). How irresponsible is that? Ridiculous. So he eats really poorly for lack of…well space, frankly. Small kitchen. Ninety Marines trying to use it. Can’t cook in his room. That sort of thing. Anyway, Amazon sent me an email that said…nope. Can’t deliver. There’s bad weather OR a natural disaster in Connecticut. Damn. That has to be bad for Connecticut because nothing holds Amazon back…
  • Celebrities who have thyroid conditions…this was a quick two minute google. I didn’t even work at it. Can you imagine if I did? The list would most certainly grow. It’s crazy how many people are affected by a thyroid condition.
    Hillary Clinton
    Bernie Sanders
    George H.W.Bush and Barbara Bush
    Sophia Vergara
    Oprah Winfrey
    Catherine Bell
    Missy Elliott
    Jillian Michaels
    Kim Cattrall

  • I got my hair done on Friday and it’s SO CUTE. It’s colored very hombré (sad day on the color name) and I love it. Granted…we were a little afraid it would totally fall out of my head. That is a genuine concern with my hair as it breaks off as she’s combing it frequently. But she babied it and she gave it a deep conditioning and then she rinsed it in ice cold water. Then I cried. Okay, I didn’t really but DAMN.  It was cold. I wanted to cry, does that count? It was cold. It turned out okay! We were prepared for the super short Audrey Hepburn hair event to have to happen and instead…it’s pretty cute.
  • It took a lot to get that picture and even still it’s not that great. Sean’s camera is all fancy and expensive and fantastic and what the hell?  I gave up and said I’ll just take it. I’ll crop it. The color is bad. Nothing wants to cooperate. I’m just sitting at the computer at the counter, anyway. Sigh.
    Image result for I need an expert gif
    Image result for I need an expert gif
    Image result for I need an expert gif
  • This is my boy…otherwise known as Theboy. Is he not THE most handsomest???  I’m totally in love with him.
  • Check this out…I just took a picture of Sean and I and Sean is so pretty (ugh. Those eyes. They get me every time) I edited myself out and zoomed in. Then I flashed to this picture of MT from 15 years ago probably. So I’m putting them side by side because I want to see if they are as crazy alike as my memory serves.

    Look how pretty they are! They clearly aren’t related at all. 

  • on the phone with MT…he’s giving me attitude. As usual.
  • We had the kids over today for Valentine’s brunch which really was just brunch but I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day so we called it that. OH…I DID make everything sweet so I guess I can totally call it Valentine’s brunch. Nothing was pink though. But next time I am totally making it pink. With me being Celiac and Sean allergic to Soy we are now ultra careful what we serve so I made crepes with different fillings. I also have zero photos because I was cooking while they were eating. I’ll do better. Here’s the recipes I used and the links to the blogs. All the blogs were great and helpful and seriously nearly exactly like they were on Pinterest. Who knew? Also…VERY EASY. 
    Give Recipe-very thin gluten free crepes (These were a success. Very easy. Tasted great. I did add a small bit of sugar for sweetness but otherwise followed it exactly)
    Like Mother Like DaughterBerries and Cream Crepes (I used this recipe just for the berry sauce. The crepes I used the above recipe)…this one was the overall favorite for sure.
    Chef in Training- Easy Bavarian Cream (okay,I totally thought this one would be a favorite but it thickened a bit too much overnight. I recommend NOT making it overnight and just throwing it together about a half hour before serving. It thickens pretty quick because…pudding. It was still delicious. NOT soy free. Sean couldn’t have it.
    Julia’s Album-Apple Cinnamon Crepes (these were yummy, I should have warmed them up and then they would have been totally perfect. Next time for sure. I just had too much to do at once).
    All of this was gluten free and sweet but not too sweet. VERY easy. I was able to make 90% of it ahead of time and the rest of it I could have made a little bit ahead. I learned for next time. 
  • I should call this the blog that never ends. I’ve been writing this for four days. I just keep writing it. So I’m going to stop now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I promise to TRY and be less flaky. I guarantee nothing. POP QUIZ what’s tomorrow?? Only my favorite holiday ever. EVER. I love Valentine’s Day. I’m the only person in the world that loves it. And I do.

Some run for fitness. Some run for clarity. Some for the feeling.  Running is about more than miles. What do you run for?:

Run on… and have a great day!!

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Surgery update and Christmas is over. Did you know that?

So. Here’s the first of a couple of scoops.

No, not of ice cream but damn does that sound good.

I woke up at like…four something and it was 55* and I thought…huh…did my Weatherunderground get all whacked out with Florida or something? I refreshed it and re-programmed it and re-everythinged it and surprise. It’s freaking 55* here. At 4am. Weird anyone?

Global warming wins again.

It’s okay. Don’t get too excited. The wind is gusting up to 26mph so we’re not actually having a great time in case you thought we were.
Image result for we are not having fun gif


I had my doctor appt ~finally after six months~ and I still love my doctor even though she’s seriously got to be in high school what is THAT about geez she’s young? She’s adorable and incredibly nice. I told her none of my clothes fit and that is not an exaggeration. None of them fit. I am now living in yoga pants. She said it has to be the fibroid because I haven’t gained any weight. That is shocking because in my head I am like…twenty or thirty pounds heavier. My imagination had totally built that up so much I put the scale away. Fear struck my heart at just the thought of getting on the scale.

She ordered another ultrasound so she could see what it was doing before we order surgery. Just in case it has grown and it is too big for laparscopy or something else is going on. That’s in about a week and a half. We’ll go from there. I’ll keep you guys updated. Meanwhile I’m still running.

I did tell her she could go in the old fashioned way and feel free to give me a tummy tuck while she was in there and she told me I looked great for my age and I totally didn’t need that.  I decided to keep her. Then I paid her the previously agreed upon bribe money.

Image result for Bribe gif


Do you know what today is??? It’s time to take the Christmas stuff down.


Time to take the Christmas stuff down. Christmas is over, Folks. And in my house, that’s a sad day. My husband loves the Christmas stuff. sigh. And first weeks after Christmas he has to go back to work and that’s doubly hard for him. I wish I had cake or something. But he’s on an elimination diet to figure out if he has food sensitivities so frankly, this January has been rough. Poor guy.

I need shower twinkly lights for inside the house. The Christmas lights need to come down but we love them so much.

We had everyone over for Sean’s birthday and I bought the most amazing delicious stop the presses unbelievable chocolate cake you’ve ever seen in your life. It was incredible. Sean and I couldn’t eat it. hhahahhaa. Ridiculous.
Image result for sad day gif

But everyone else thought it was one of the best ever. I don’t usually care but man, that cake looked good. Even Sean was like..damn. It looks good. 

Image result for sad day gif

this is life.

Sadly…cakeless. LOL


It’s super unbelievably windy today. Colorado Springs reported a wind gust of 101 mph. I may try and walk the dog. Maybe. It’s…crazy windy. But I’m not going to run. I’ll do the treadmill and some yoga because…yeesh. Wind is my nemesis.

Many things on the agenda. Business. Cleaning. Organizing. etc. It’s all on the agenda.

What’s on your agenda today??

How are the resolutions coming along? It’s been a whole week….


I AM GROUNDED. My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful. I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am eternally safe. I am worthy of all things BEAUTIFUL. Such a beautiful affirmation by Carly Marie:

Run on…


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