Anyone remember Honey Buns? Talk about food and the mind does wander…

  • I went with my mom to San Francisco years ago when I was  a young teenager. We got Honey Buns at the grocery store on the corner and thought we’d died and gone to heaven. I could have eaten the whole box. I can’t see a Honey Bun in the store now without thinking of that time with my mom, hangin’ in San Francisco at my grandparents house just eatin’ Honey Buns. #memories #mommemories
  • I’m going to skip right over where I’ve been this busy weekend and say I’ve slowed down from going 159 mph to going probably 90 or so which to me is better. The weather gave me a killer migraine Saturday but on the bright side…THE WEATHER! I think it was building for a few days. It happens and I recovered.
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    it’s just around the corner, Baby, I can feel it. 
    It was 50* this morning. So beautiful. 
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer did an amazing spread on the current epidemic of heroin use that has taken over the country. It’s called Seven days of Heroin. I highly recommend this  impressive piece of reporting. Calling it “in depth” would be an understatement.

    The Enquirer sent more than 60 reporters, photographers and videographers into their communities to chronicle an ordinary week in this extraordinary time~source

  • Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar  are my newest delicious snack find. Has anyone ever had a Salted Nut Roll?  I don’t know what they did but these Honey Bunchies seriously taste just like  a Salted Nut Roll. They are so amazing I could eat ten of them. Okay, I’ll be honest, I really couldn’t. Truth be told I ate the whole thing but I should have parceled it out and eaten just half at a time. They have 8 all natural ingredients, 230 calories  a bar, gluten free, soy free, grain free and It’s like a giant caramel roll. Serious delicious. I loved it immediately. I paid $1.99 at Safeway.
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  • Who is the Enemy Here?
    A beautiful and haunting article of photographs Time magazine has gathered from various photographers who covered the Vietnam war and the photographs that moved them most. They are really quite moving. My best suggestion is to actually read about the photograph and not just skim the pictures. The photos are obviously stand alone worthy but the personal stories attached bring a light to them we haven’t seen before.
  • “mini cupcakes? As in the  mini version of regular cupcakes? Which is already a mini version of CAKE? Honestly, where does it end with you people??” ~Kevin from The Office making a really really great point. We feel your pain, Kevin.
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  • The Vietnam War– A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick  on PBS
    You just have to watch it. You should be able to stream it online.
  • These 2 London museums viciously battled for supremacy on Twitter
    Twitter user asks a question…who reigns supreme? And the battle begins. It’s pretty great.
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  • I did HIIT over the weekend and as much as I love it my legs surely do feel it. The day feels so good (high of 82* so I’ll take it) but I’m going to go down to the incline this evening I think so I can climb and run at the same time. I’m definitely feeling a little off from several weeks of being too busy to incline.
    I did walk the dog, though, and he’s pretty happy now and sleepin’ away. Must be rough.
  • We lost our internet for a ridiculous amount of time so I’m hotspotting it now so I can finish this. Then I’m going to run my errands and make progress on life and if it’s not back by tonight we’ll have to burn the house down. Or go to a motel or something. Yes, I could read a book but Netflix. 
    Who knew I could make progress on life so easily?
    I’m thisclose People. Thisclose.
  • There’s a lot of information in this post. It was a reading/watching weekend while I worked. Good stuff though.
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    Keep working hard…
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    Run on…

all the stairs would be better without this terrible air…

  • Thursday I finished my crazy errands and then I told myself…I must nap.  I set my phone for an hour and totally crashed. I slept until I wasn’t nauseous anymore. That ended up being an hour and a half.
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    By the time I woke up I had to be a grown up and figure out dinner.
    If I were rich I’d so have a chef.  That would be my splurge.
  • I have a friend in Florida and a friend in St Thomas. It took awhile to hear from her but we finally did get the okay from my friend in St Thomas. The island was hit so hard the news was reporting concern for life was their highest priority. I’m over this whole hurricane thing. Climate change. Could we wrap our head around that please? She reported the hurricane was “terrifying”. She lost her entire roof. When they came out after (she has two kids…a teenager and a six year old) the power lines were in the street, the trees were down and there were refrigerators in the street. It was crazy. We’re really grateful she’s okay but there’s another one thinking about a follow up so we’re watching close.
  • I have an acquaintance who decided to have a conversation on her page asking for education about Dreamers. She’s incredibly conservative. Her and her friends were quite judgmental and seemed to have one thing on their mind throughout the conversation. They seemed more upset about the legality of everything than whether or not these people were put in a situation they have no control over and are just trying to stay in the only life they’ve ever known. One of her friends seemed offended at the term “dreamers” like who are they to dream? We all have dreams for our kids…and so on… My reasonable darling friend popped on to say…no. dream. It’s an acronym.  I don’t think they read. I think they just hear Fox news and get mad. #dreamers #DACA #bekind 
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  • When you have a good hair day and you don’t want to run… #goodhairday
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  • Yesterday I went  to Shrine of Cabrini with my friend and climbed the stairs~twice~in the terrible awful very bad smokey air. It was bad. I have good strong lungs, I can’t imagine how people are breathing in this with damaged lungs or asthma. My head started to really hurt by this evening and I totally blame the smoke. It’s feeling better but I credit the really expensive drugs. #allthestairs #prayerandexercise 
    We went to Morrison for Mexican food where she spent the lunch hour harassing me and laughing at me because I have a ridiculous amount of energy and she said she was laughing at my facial expressions. I don’t know what that meant but I’m going with good because that’s all I’ve got.  Lunch was awesome except our server forgot we existed~twice~.  TWICE. I’m usually fairly memorable so…that was bad.  I ate my weight in chips and salsa. The whole meal. Just kept eating. It’s okay. You can judge me. I totally don’t mind. #dontjudgeme #Ineedmorechips
    Related image
  • Thursday’s workout:
    I walked the dog for 2.5 miles
    I did my yoga
    30 pushups
    30 squats
    Friday’s workout:
    2.5 miles
    climbed Shrine of Cabrini twice
  • I am meeting another friend today and after that Sean and I are going to try and spend an hour or two together. He has some studying to do. I have work to do. I think we’re just looking for some down time. So much stress, he’s pretty worn out. Also…my yard needs to be mowed SO MUCH. That’s getting done for sure.
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Fern Gully, Fern Canyon, Teresa Fern. There’s really only a few of us. That makes us special.

I worked on the church website until well into the night. the left hand doesn’t seem to have any of the passwords. So the right hand is at a loss.

This morning I am very tired.  For reasons that are not important I am feeling a migraine coming on today so I am going to shower, drink lots of water with lemon, exercise (hopefully yoga) and run later (#getmysweaton) and hopefully I can kick out this yuck that has taken over me.
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I have to go to the tailor, run to Goodwill because…who doesn’t love a second hand store???, and search Craigslist because…who doesn’t love an online second hand store???? #iloveabargain
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Huh. I have high hopes for this day, don’t I?
Especially since it’s 11am and all I’ve done is work on the church website again.
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I have multiple other projects I’m working on to include desperately needing a nap. 
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I love this little gif so much…that’s how I feel! Just like that! Poor sweet thing. let her sleep.

This morning I showed Sean Running off the Reese’s.  Cely did some traveling and went to a place called “Fern Canyon” which is my new favorite place and now I MUST go there. Well, first, my name is Fern. HELLO. And it took me most of my life to accept my name. um…it’s kind of old fashioned and when you’re 10 years old it’s NOT cool to have a name like Fern. Trust me.
Side note: I loved when George Clooney said they chose Alexander and Ella for names because they “didn’t want ‘really dumb names’ for their kids. ”
Tell it like it is George.
Anyway, I sidetracked. So the photos of Fern Canyon are incredible and I so want to go RIGHT NOW. I showed it to Sean who now has a running list fourteen pages long the world over of places I want to go and things I want to see. He was not exactly amused. He said, “yeah. ME TOO”> but not all happy like that. 
This translated to “when I have more MONEY and I have more TIME”.
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I just thought it was pretty. Geez…
So I added it to the list. Very quietly.
It’s a long list.
The Denver Post re-published a Washington Post article called, ”

“These are all fake news,” said the honor student; he was wrong”
The article takes a classroom of the best and brightest our young adults in high school have to offer and puts them to the test. Can they tell what’s real and what’s not? These are students in the highest levels of high school education enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. These students are more than smart, they’re the next level up.
The instructor gives the groups of kids ~politics aside~a pile of different news stories and tells them to figure out what’s real and what’s “fake news”.  The results show us education does not necessarily dictate whether or not we can differentiate what’s real and that some people will just simple be obdurate and allow that to determine their opinion.
Yesterday’s workout:
I walked 2 miles and I got my 10,000 steps in.
30 push ups
I know.  it wasn’t much. I was tired.
I am incredibly late so I have to go…but for sure…this tonight.
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Run on…

Ten (mostly) quick and dirty facts about Migraines

Whether you know anyone in Texas or not, it’s difficult to not be moved by the tragic events taking place there with Hurricane Harvey tearing the state to bits and flooding everything it hits.
If you want to help:

 The American Red Cross, which has shelters open and is getting supplies to victims, is accepting donations on its website via a dedicated link. Donors also can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “Harvey” to 90999 to make contributions. Alternatively, some companies are collecting donations for the Red Cross relief effort on their websites. Among them are Amazon and Whole Foods, which will match cash donations (up to $1 million total).

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I want to speak about the egregious display of racism the president made when he pardoned Joe Arpaio but I seem to be at a loss for words. Every day is a new gross example of his failing as a leader to anyone except racists.
The result is that I feel like this all the time. Just…all the time.
 disney sad crying cry pixar GIF
Migraine Facts

  1. Food is a common trigger of migraines. Some are well known, red wine, chocolate, etc. Tyramine and tannins are probably the reason for this. Hard or aged cheese, soy, MSG and artificial sweeteners and randomly…citrus.  These don’t all cause triggers for everyone but you should track your own diet with a journal to see what causes yours.
  2. caffeine. This one is tricky. If it’s the right dose and it’s the beginning of a migraine you might just stop it in its tracks. But there’s always the chance you can send it the other way. I avoid caffeine pretty heartily however I do have it in some of my medication. And when I need carbonation I’ll crave a Diet Pepsi and finding the caffeine free one is next to impossible. Since I don’t crave a lot of it, I’ll just have one or two small drinks of it and then drink water. I’m only in it for the carbonation.
  3. I’m going to break it down a little and say tannins are in red wine and also apple juice. I always wondered why I’d get a migraine from apple juice. I love Red Delicious apples but I rarely eat them…they give me headaches.  (duh)
  4. There’s a genetic link to migraines, if you have family that has them you are more likely to get them. So far both of my boys are prone to them. I’m hoping Shaughnessy avoids it completely. (pfft..the only thing Sean has passed on is his amazing ability at math…I’m feeling pretty non helpful right now)
  5. Stress is one of the most common triggers.   Work, family, emotions, relationships, any or all of that can create the stress to give you a migraine.
  6. Triggers we don’t think about:  lack of sleep,  dehydration.
  7. Weather can hit you with a migraine when you aren’t expecting it. The barometric pressure changes, extreme heat, extreme cold…all of it can affect you. Accuweather has a great feature that will tell you if it’s a migraine kind of day.
  8. Overuse of pain medication.  You obviously want to take it as soon as you feel your migraine coming on but if you continue taking it you can create a rebound migraine that will cause daily migraines you will find very difficult to manage. I usually walk around for a few minutes, drink some water, do some yoga and if that still doesn’t help then I medicate. Medicating is my last resort. Rebound migraines are the worst.
  9. There are criteria that makes migraines. You don’t have to have all of these but these are the main symptoms.
     moderate to severe pain
    one sided in the head
    pulsing/throbbing headache made worse by movement
    nausea or vomiting
    sensitivity to light and sound ~source
  10. Some migraines come with a fun side effect called an aura. Many people have a warning system with their migraines alerting them it’s coming. These are common aura situations.
    Confusing thoughts or experiences.
    The perception of strange, sparkling or flashing lights.
    Zig-zag lines in the visual field.
    Blind spots or blank patches in the vision.
    Pins and needles in an arm or leg.
    Difficulty speaking.
    Stiffness in the shoulders, neck, or limbs.
    Unpleasant smells.
    I get flashing lights like laser lights when I get a bad migraine but not at the beginning, more like I’m well into it. When I’m getting a migraine my skin hurts…just to barely touch it…like the worst kind of bruise…just skimming it. Especially right around my jaw, my neck, my face, all along around my head.
    *As always…consult your doctor about any pain you may be experiencing. They can help you with your diagnosis and assist you with a treatment plan.

I have a hot dat with my running shoes.
Run on…

How biased are you?

  • Who? Me? Biased?  A short video on bias in our everyday lives
  • Take the test: the Harvard Race Implicit Bias Test, a race test to indicate bias. It is clearly just a test and of course there are factors to consider, but still…interesting to take and consider the results. Take the test here…
  • We stayed near the airport in Canada and even though I couldn’t run there (my gosh, the traffic. So much traffic. and no time to drive to a fun place…next time) it wasn’t unusual to me.  It was a predominantly Asian neighborhood … more like suburb… and after working in the bank I worked in that was mostly an Asian bank it was very familiar. I was fortunate to grow up with parents that were very accepting of all ethnicities, cultures and lifestyles and religions. My mom grew up in San Francisco. Even though that was many years ago, she came from that city life to a city in Montana where there was an even new and different kind of culture and she just adapted.  I can’t imagine the awkwardness and difficulties tied with traveling with a parent or grandparent who might have a prejudice or bias. I’ve always been very grateful to my parents for making sure I knew everyone to be equal and to treat them as such. It was a real gift.
  • Turns out my keyboard on my iPad works fine, I’m just a distracted idiot. ::squirrel::  What was wrong with it? somehow the bluetooth got turned off… told you I’m an idiot. Why wouldn’t I check THAT?
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  • note to self: don’t tell your husband an interesting story while he’s trying to fix anything computer related. Or really anything. I mean, he’s pretty ADHD anyway so keeping his attention is pretty difficult. Short sentences, lots of interesting facts…big ending. It doesn’t help if the big ending comes when he’s trying to work on your computer because then he doesn’t even look at you, realize your talking or frankly remember he’s married.
  • Think this is amusing? The whole thing from start to finish was over in less than five minutes and he didn’t remember I was talking. Yes. I still love him. He’s pretty damn nice. And really really funny.
    Image result for ten second tom gif
    And after all of the computer stuff he had a yogurt and said, “yogurt…is awesome.” (no, yuck. But he LOVES it. so funny…)
  • I went through security in Canada and got pulled aside because I had the iPad. They checked the bag and I told the girl not to mind my offensively green running shoes. She said she liked them and we spent five minutes talking about running and why she can’t. I told her to go to a good sports doctor and not her regular doctor because he’ll just tell her not to run. Then I told her to go to a running store and get fitted for new shoes because that’s probably the reason her one knee hurts. She needs to strengthen some weakness somewhere on that side. I said there was always a slim possibility there’s something more serious going on but I’ve been running for 40 years, I’m 50 years old and she said, “no WAY!!” It was pretty hilarious. She thought that was crazy and exclaimed several times. I didn’t tell her that for a compliment because I always think I look my age at least but I told her that because I’ve been running a LONG TIME. If you take care of yourself you can keep going and we all know that’s my goal…I hope she does it. She seemed excited. I love to get people excited about running.
     reaction taylor swift yeah queue reaction s GIF
  • I didn’t really mention it before but I had a low to mid grade migraine the whole time I was in Canada and it escalated when I got home. Traveling does that. Traveling, no sleep, etc. Last night I continued on the no sleep train and this morning I thought I’d just power through. I ran a ton of errands and when I got home I decided to go lie down before I start dinner. FOUR HOURS LATER… I woke up at 8pm. My sweet husband came home from work and let me sleep until I woke up by myself. Crazy I slept so long. I’m a pretty light sleeper and usually will nap for about twenty minutes. If I nap for a long time, it’s an hour. For me to sleep for four hours, I think my body had just had enough.
    Image result for so done gif
    because of that…I didn’t run. But my headache is nearly gone and I feel more human than I have in days. So count this as my recovery day. I guess everyone gets one of those. Am I wide awake? Nope…I could easily sleep more.
  • I typed all of that last night and now it’s this morning and I slept in REALLY LATE. In all fairness I went to bed at 3am so sleeping in was mostly just getting sleep. Today I’m going to finish up some quick errands…go grocery shopping and for sure do a HIIT and run.
    I know you’re skeptical but man I want to run so much. I need a good stretch. The key is getting dinner done early so I can get out the door…
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    Run on…

What kind of a driver are you? I’m pretty patient but there are these three things…

  • Starting my day with hot water with a lemon slice is my favorite thing to do. It makes me feel amazing and I swear I feel so much better when I do this.
    11 benefits of lemon water you didn’t know about
  • Are you a road rager? I am not. However…these are three things that bug me about driving. First you should know…I’m a really patient driver. So it’s not like I thought…I’ve got a LIST of things that bug me about driving (RAGE)…no. That’s totally not true.  I just kind of encountered two of them on the same day and thought…yeah. these three things would probably be irritating.
          1. When you’re driving and someone drives just UNDER the speed limit. What is that about? Why? You’re allowed the speed limit and truth be told even a few more. Go the few more! Be wild! If it’s 40…do 42! Maybe 43! Do not drive 35 or 36 in a 40, it just makes us all nuts.
         2. When someone waves you to go first but they’re annoyed with you. ?? What? Why? thanks? I kind of don’t WANT your favor now. How exactly did I annoy you by just SITTING here waiting for you to go first when it was your right of way and then you get irritated because you let me go first. I got nothin’.  That really bothers me and the irritation totally negates the kind gesture. Sorry People!
         3. When you’re in the far left straight lane (now try and follow me here…) and there’s a turn lane next to you with an island next to them. The person in FRONT of you for some reason leaves like…two car spaces open without pulling forward (to what…save it for a friend?) and because they don’t pull forward, YOU can’t pull forward so all the people that need to pull into the turn lane can’t get into it. So the turn lane light turns green and then red and they all watch it and miss it…all because weird guy won’t freakin’ pull forward. You honk…you pull really close to him and stalk his bumper but nothing. Seriously Dude. What the hell?
    Do any of these things make me yell at people? No but I will occasionally talk to them and say, “why? why do you do this? I don’t understand you.”  So far, no one has answered.
    Image result for I don't understand you gif
  • Taylor Swift!  Taylor Swift gets a giant ~hell yes~ from all of us for how she handled this whole situation with the groping DJ. She had absolute grace from the beginning to the end and what a great outcome that the jury came back in her favor. Although I don’t see how they could have done anything different. The evidence was so terribly against him, the pervert.
  • So I’m leaving the country next week for approximately… 47 hours (how crazy is that?) to do some family history investigating with my mom. I did a little ~do I take my running gear or don’t I~ with myself today. I ALWAYS take my running stuff. I never ever EVER don’t take it. And the chance to run in another country is pretty awesome. I love running in new places and a new country would be so cool. We lived in Germany for six years so I’m not new to the international scene but I’ve always liked the idea of adding places to the list. If I thought I could get a run in that morning before I left I’d leave it at home but not being able to is a true let down. So both days with nothing…I’m leaning towards taking the running stuff. Just so you know, as I wrote this paragraph I changed my mind twice.
    Image result for changed my mind gif
  • It poured rain with wild wind so I did not get to run. Even Sean was bummed for me. Every day…hope for tomorrow.  I always say a little rain is good, pouring rain is just inconvenient.  It’s a nice way to end the day though.  Theboy and I hung out at home except for a few small things. We’ll talk about what we did tomorrow.

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Run on…

It’s me against the insurance people and I think I finally won.

I DID IT! Yeah BABY…I got the job DONE.
I know Ya’ll are thinking…did she win the lottery? Did something AMAZING happen? Did Oprah give her a new CAR???
Image result for you get a car gif
After seven hours on the phone, one really rude customer service specialist, at least five days of dealing with this directly on the phone and countless days off the phone but on the computer (seriously I have no idea how many days on the computer I tried fixing this) I have fixed the insurance issue AT LAST. And I think for REAL this time.
For those of you that need a super brief recap:
They charged me a large  amount of money ($950) right before my surgery in anticipation of what my deductible would be back in February. But I had like…$85 left from a doctor bill a week before so they mixed two charges (the death sentence of insurance issues). We figured out the $85 no problem. But the rest was refunded by the hospital to my HRA in April, they just didn’t see it because it wasn’t $950 and they are a machine. So they have been harassing me for a receipt RIGHT NOW or they are denying my claim and demanding I pay back the money. Um..Dude. YOU have the money. They gave it back to you in April. Look at the page. It’s right there! I kept saying that to people and they would send me to someone else for another piece of paper.
Today I got Abigail. I love Abigail. Abigail said, “I see it. I’m going to screen shot it and send it to the claims dept it. If they still don’t get it, they’ll call me and I”ll call you directly but it should be fine from here. I think you’re good. Have  a great day!”
I wanted to send Abigail flowers.
Image result for when it all comes together gif
MT’s friend came over to visit yesterday. He hung out and chatted with me and ate pie. That took a big chunk of my afternoon. Between that and sleeping a ridiculous part of my day I didn’t get a lot done.
I did a little bit of yoga to see if I could loosen up whatever is screwing with my head and I did some squats and planks and called it good so I wouldn’t push my luck.  It did just dawn on me that the wind was pretty wicked today and since I’m pretty sure that’s what caused this migraine to begin with I’m not too surprised I still had issues today. It’s too bad, too, because it’s such a pretty day for a run but my body said no no no.
Image result for no no no gif
So I opted for this:
I'm just going to put an "out of order" sticker on my forehead and call it a day.
It felt really good to get the squats and yoga stretches done though. I won’t deny that but that’s about as much as I wanted to do.
Those days when you reach down deep for the well of power when your feeling rough and there is a sign that says, "out to lunch." Yep.
so…there’s a lot of posters today. I was on a roll.
Hopefully today I’ll be able to get it done. The weather today is back to 90*. So mean. On the bright side the whole rest of the week starting Sunday is 70’s and rainy!
….aaand it just dawned on me I’ll be out of town. Dammit.

well that joy was shortlived.
Image result for what a let down gif
Inspirational Quotes For Runners | POPSUGAR Fitness
run on…

strawberry rhubarb pie and you know you want some, too.

I was feeling mildly better by last night and thought I might be able to run but I ended up messaging with several people right through my running time. Probably for the best to rest one more day considering I was just down most of the day. I made a rhubarb/strawberry pie and had a small piece of it with some vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t finish it and five minutes later I was losing it. One more rest day is definitely in order.

Image result for that was not good gif
When you’re shopping online for shoes (endlessly wedding shopping) and you come across the CUTEST pair of shoes and you think DAMN those are so…oh. I own those already.
Believe it or not…I don’t own that many shoes so clearly …
Image result for I have a type gif
My husband is a giver. He donates of his time and attention and as is true of most introverts (a most tired and overused word I’m afraid but it must be used. My apologies) he is quiet about it. This means the people on the receiving end are quiet about receiving said gifts and Sean usually ends up unappreciated. I know and understand this phenomena so well as I always put far too much time into work and they would have to make me leave because I was on the clock way too long. But I would get sucked into a project and I really liked my work so I didn’t want to leave. Or I was doing something for someone that I could finish if I just had a few more minutes.
Notice people around you. The people that give the extra, the really hard workers, the people that are taking on the jobs nobody wants…are you recognizing them for their dedication and time?
Inspirational Quote about Life and Relationships - Visit us at for the best inspirational quotes!
I went to the store the other day and when I passed the produce section I saw rhubarb ~ immediately invoking childhood moments of grabbing the wild rhubarb that grew in our alleyway and bringing it indoors to wash it and dip it in sugar. Wild child I was. We didn’t live in the country, we lived on the Southside… the bad side of town… so I was a city girl but I could find country anywhere. I immediately had to have it. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. I’ve never made one before, I’ve never even tasted one before but knew I could do it. Grabbed the strawberries and the gluten free crust and headed home.
I didn’t get the chance until last night and it was ridiculously easy. Pinterest didn’t fail me…I found this recipe quickly.
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

I had to change the crust because my store bought crust didn’t want to be a top crust very cheerfully so I made a crumble topping out of this:
strawberry/rhubarb crumb pie recipe

from Taste of Home

Shutthefrontdoor it was so good. My husband LOVES apple pie. When I couldn’t get the top crust to cooperate he said…”no problem. It’ll be good for an apple pie later”. He’s already planning my next pie, that’s how unimpressed he was at the thought of this one. No really.
But tonight he tasted the pie and said it was so good it could win awards. Wow. That’s like…the nicest thing he’s ever said about my cooking. I mean, I’m not a terrible cook but still, that’s impressive. I asked if it was almost as good as apple and he said it was maybe better.

Well there you go, Folks. The world actually stopped turning.
Image result for stop the world gif
It’s a cool day today and feels gorgeous outside. For those keeping track, I do still have the migraine. I don’t know why but I’m up and dealing with it.  Yesterday was the anomaly day where I spent a few hours sleeping and moping around the house but today I have a million things to do.
I have enough to do that I got this post out incredibly late.
I’m going to run as soon as I get the chance…which will be early evening hopefully. IT’s just too pretty although…windy. And we all know that’s not friendly.
But it’s interesting that just a few days of not being active has made me feel sludgy. #itsaword
"When in doubt, go work out." - Jackie Warner on the School of Greatenss
Run on…

When your migraine takes over your whole damn self.

I’ve had this low lying migraine for the better part of a week. It’s more than just “a headache” and it’s more than just the average migraine (is there such a thing?) that so obviously debilitates but the pain is centralized and it’s understood what’s happening and what needs to be done. Instead the pain has spread out and I seem to have an overwhelming feeling of ache but it’s underlying so I don’t get up thinking I’m dying I just sort of carry through the day feeling unwell. Every half hour or so I remember that I feel unwell. I do somehow know that it’s related to my migraine though. Like the nerve endings are all connected to my migraine so all aches go there.

It just leaves me feeling very exhausted. I haven’t done much but straighten the house and run necessary errands and then sleep.

I’m hoping it’s over soon. Every once in a while I get an anomaly migraine like this and besides wondering how?? I also have to wonder how to get rid of it. In great fear of rebound migraines I stop medicating after just a day or two of meds and try powering through. Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes I go to a higher power. My neurologist.

You thought I was going to a different higher power? He’s always there, I’m calling HIM from the get go.
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I’m supposed to be doing 14 things today and instead I’m just…not.

I should go so I can pretend I am a productive member of society.
I may work out today and I may not. We’ll see what my head/therestofme says.
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Things I want to talk about but I don’t have the energy but you should read because they’re so interesting…
They trashed their wedding photographer over a $125 fee, so a jury told them to pay her $1 million
So this lifestyle blogger  doesn’t thoroughly read her contract about a small $125 fee and gets angry about paying it. Refuses to pay it. And then publicly defames the photographer on her blog and Instagram and then takes it to the news. They don’t do their due diligence and the world goes crazy after this photographer who then loses everything. In desperation and righteousness she sues and wins. Its cases like this we get to be thankful. Thankful that sometimes the little guy wins and the horrible person who caused the hurricane in the first place gets what’s coming to her. It so never happens that way but it is so great when it does.
Hey. Turns out I did have the energy after all.
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I think I like these lessons on living with a Navy Seal…I live by a lot of them what the hell…why am I not a Navy Seal? Sure there’s that whole…kill a man with my bare hands thing but whatever.

What I Learned from Living with a Navy SEAL

I’m pretty sure my husband will never be seen again if he ever gets to this spot. Otherwise known as “heaven”.

Welcome to the Quietest Square Inch in the U.S.

There is truly nothing about this I don’t love.

 Maxine Waters inspires a new anthem: ‘Reclaiming my time’

this is my whole life.
peace quotes Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.

Okay, I should probably go. I have a million things to do and I’m not doing them. Sleep is on my mind though.
Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the hell out of them. Clap for your damn self.

I know I’ve used it before but it’s good. I’m using it again.
Run on…

Late but still here. I’m knocking things off my list.

  • The Survivors –  This is a  powerful article about the survivors left behind when adventurers and climbers head out to tackle the world or the nearest giant mountain like Mt Everest. When they don’t come back because they’ve simply disappeared never to be found or they’ve had an accident and died, the people left behind have to live with the consequences and the climbers, though they care, they seem to be pulled to the mountain by a force so strong it overpowers the love of family, the love of father and mother even.  It’s really emotional and powerful to think about the call of the mountain and specifically Everest. It seems to have such a pull to these climbers they put it above everyone and everything in their lives. 
  • Just a quick note about B12, we talked about it yesterday. If you’re thyroid gland is not working properly it can cause hypothyroidism and this could lead to a B12 deficiency. As we’ve discussed before, if you have any kind of thyroid disorders you are at a much higher risk of having Celiac disease and should absolutely be tested. It’s an easy blood test and fairly inexpensive (hopefully your insurance covers it but these days…who knows but it really doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor…just remember to give a very strong case). The following are some symptoms of B12 deficiency however…as with anything these are only the most common symptoms. I did my own searching to find other symptoms and found eye problems among other issues. As you can see these symptoms could easily be symptoms of Celiac or even just hypothyroidism. You can get a blood test to see if you’re B12 is okay. I just know I’m Celiac and I’m always deficient in everything so I boosted my B12. Hopefully it works for the eye.

    The most common include fatigue, constipation, decreased appetite, tingling in the hands and feet, impaired memory, depression, and soreness of the tongue.

    Sean says he’s been short on B12 for twenty years apparently… LOL (fatigue…impaired memory…)
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  • Up and Humming just commented on yesterday’s blog to tell me Topiramate has a side effect that causes eye twitching and sure enough it does. I’ve been on it for probably ten years and never get any side effects from it but it’s high time I did. I’ve asked my doctor if I can go off of it multiple times but he wants me to stay on it for now. I just asked him again because I don’t want to be on eight million drugs. Hopefully he gets back to me today.
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    Actually I’m pretty patient but who doesn’t love a HP gif?
  • I am…as I am typing this…on the phone one more time with the menu system people from hell. I got a different person this time and she said “we are going to figure this out”. I like her. I told her my next step is to drive down there and possibly chain myself to a tree to be heard. OH MY GOSH> three minutes later and they found it.  I love her. ❤ I ended up calling the benefits people, too, and I feel confident we have this thing licked.
    #Iamgratefulforhealthcare #Iamgratefulforhealthcare #dailyreminders
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    I have the wrong kind of health insurance…
  • The high today is 94*. It’s currently 96.5*. Doesn’t appear to be slowing down…it’s only 2:30
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    I got a wicked migraine last night, I blame the wind. So I ended up just walking Malachi because it was too much to think of running but I’ll run tonight and I plan a quick HIIT workout or some strength this afternoon since I haven’t done anything since Friday.
  • New week. Bring it on. - Oh yes. Time to bring it on!
    Run on…