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This day.

Memorial Day. Too many thoughts. People we’ve lost. Experiences we’ve had. This is always an emotionally charged weekend we try to fill with with races and barbecues and friends and family. It reminds us there is joy with the pain.

We don’t forget though. We really don’t forget.

Sunday I went for a run telling myself I will eventually have my fitness back and I really believe that.

Image result for I totally believe that gif

Okay, depending on the time of day, I really believe that.

The first half of my run I really believed it. The run was incredible, the air was beautiful and I felt amazing. The second half of my run was pretty rough and there may or may not have been tears.

Yesterday we did the Bolder Boulder which we do every year and this year we were determined not to because I was pretty unprepared to run six miles and we had put off registering so long that now the cost was the price of a small car. Admittedly it’s a Kia but whatever. But we pulled the trigger because we’ve done it so many years we can’t imagine not doing it. Also, what else would we do on this day? We figured we’d run as much as we could and we’d walk as much as we could. Sean bikes a LOT but not so much running so there would be a lot of walking. This year would be a rough BB.

It’s fair to note that I haven’t slept well all week so I have been tracking on little to no sleep and that didn’t help and then waking up yesterday I thought I’d totally be okay only to have my stomach say…

Image result for no meme

It pretty much stayed that grumpy all day but especially unhappy during the six miles so we were VERY careful during the run. Sean was pretty great to stop and walk whenever I needed to. I walked every hill (there’s a lot of hills in the BB) because you have to work harder on the hills and my stomach didn’t need that effort thankyouverymuch. So we just babied it. This strategy seemed to work.
I’ve never had a problem with Celiac and running really. This was a learning curve I could do without.


Alex was supposed to come over for a barbecue, he had invited about 8 million friends and Sean thought…well hey…we have a lot of people coming over I’ll just invite a few more. So he invited a friend and his family, too. We ran straight from the BB to the grocery store, he went one way and I went the other and $200 later (we picked up a few other things but yeah…that’s a lot of people and don’t forget the cupcakes)…we had a lot of food. Standing in the checkout I get a call from Alex that they aren’t coming.

So…what do you do when you have $200 worth of food and no one is coming? You count your blessings that your grocery shopping is done for the week and you put stuff in the freezer for the next barbecue because probably 25% of it I can’t eat. #gluten

We did have the one family come over and they were lovely…I was able to pawn off one package of cupcakes on them. God only knows what I’ll do with the other.
Image result for so much food gif


You know that whole…I think I’ll go hike the PCT and get away from the world thing?

I’ve been in hibernation mode for a while. You know how you get to that point where you just want hide in your house? I’ve been there for awhile. I’m liking it. It’s a good place to be for me. I might name it.

I’m totally there. That’s where my head is. That’s what I want to be doing. I don’t want to talk to people. I just want to be in my own head. And no, I’m not depressed…just don’t feel like talking to the world.

And pretty over the world sharing all of their thoughts with me.

Today I am walking with a friend and I am doing a HIIT. I think I have yoga on the schedule but I feel the need to raise my heart rate and sweat it out.

I may even head down to the incline and do that. I could use the stretch.

No automatic alt text available.
Run on…

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It’s that time of year again…

We’re registering for the Bolder Boulder. 

I’ll be honest, it’s the first year I’ve hesitated. Last year I didn’t love it as much. They’ve corporatized it too  much (it’s a word).

In April..they are running the Cherry Creek Sneak and I’ve never run it. I may think about that little race. Little being the operative word…

It’s April 23rd, it’s expensive ($40 for the 5k, $50 for the 5 mile and $65 for the 10 mile) and really big. It’s a huge race. I just am not sure I’m up to it. But I feel the need to get on the road and run.

I suppose I could search for a different race that is smaller and more of a pull…maybe more trail oriented but not.

Most 5k’s are in Wash Park or City Park and those are my least favorite.

I don’t know…I typed that last night and I’m already over it.

Michelle is thinking maybe she wants an ultra this year.

She knows I’ve always wanted to do an ultra so this is a big tease. SO mean.

Also, my son is getting married in October. Like…two weeks after the scheduled ultra and everyone knows you gain weight when you train for marathons and ultras so there’s THAT. But the joy is how awesome is it to not care and just run my ass off. Oh yeah…I just ran 30+ miles. Thanks… 😉

Yeah, I’d rather do that. Pretty sure.

Hey, Michelle, we get to walk a LITTLE, right? 😉

Damn…it’s crazy far.

The other downside, and it’s a big one for me, is that ultras tend to be trail runs and I’m a city girl through and through. So that’s part of the challenge. Running 30 miles on a trail. The upside is having someone to run it with. Having a partner would be so much less painful.

Note, I did not say easier.

I think we’re going to do some research on this and we’ll keep you updated. I’d like to point out I’m still not cleared to run, I haven’t run ANY kind of distance in months and months and MONTHS because…giant fibroid eating me from the inside out and cutting off my blood supply. I’m totally and completely freaked out about the possibility of not being able to ever run again even though I know that’s not even realistic. It’s just…out there in my peripheral.

If we attempt this giant feat there needs to be some serious yoga cross training to take care of my leg. My poor little right leg is definitely feeling some IT band issues. I don’t want to get half way there and have to stop.

I just messaged her and told her I’m in.

Image result for this could be a really bad decision gif
We’ll see. Probably next week I’ll break my leg since I publicly announced something.

Anybody out there have some great little races they want to share with me???


Power outages freak me out and makes me think of end times. I would not do well without power. I know that’s random but the other night all the neighbors houses were so completely black we were pretty sure they had a power outage. It was totally freaky.

Image result for I'm afraid of the dark gif


I had a doctor appointment yesterday (my Celiac doctor) and you know, I love her. She was the person who initially said, “we can’t figure this out and since you no longer have a primary physician let’s run a blood panel and see if that’ll give us an idea” and it did. It started the direction that led to surgery and me feeling SO much better so yay her! Unfortunately her nurse accidentally ran the wrong blood tests this time so it was a fruitless appointment. Thank the Lord for insurance? Hm. Not sure how that works. As we talked she said…wow…I’ve been seeing you for so long it’s been quite a journey!  She’s not kidding.

Yes…it has. I started seeing her like…six years ago maybe? For Hypothyroidism that couldn’t get regulated. I am quite the story. She told me again today…I am not normal. I’m not sick…just not normal. None of my tests ever come up normal. I’m a medical mystery.
Image result for house gif


It’s been too windy to do anything so today I am finally getting out of the house. I’m supposed to spend the day with Andrea but she’s been suspiciously silent so I may not be. I also get to have dinner with my friend Solongo (she’s not on social media…gasp) and I haven’t seen her in forEVER. I’m excited. Okay, she’s on Instagram but barely. She posts once every month or so.

But she’s my FAVORITE…I’ll keep you posted. We’re going to 730 South and it’s delicious.


"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis:

Run on…


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A little vagueblogging today. And other totally cool stuff.

  • I got an email telling me Destination Races was looking for ambassadors for their races! I should apply! It’s an exciting time! I politely read the email and then thought…hmm…What do you guys think? A totally dry Celiac is the perfect ambassador for that “will take you through some of the world’s most beautiful wine country”. Yeah… I didn’t think so either. Delete. They sure were excited though.
    season 8 episode 20 finale bravo rhony
  • I went to visit a friend today and found out that she voted for Trump. Another friend voted for Trump. So crazy. It was against virtually everything she believed in and she came thisclose to not voting at all. But she chose to vote for him and it all came down to the Supreme Court. She is strong pro-life and her words to me were “bottom line, he’ll hopefully be out in four years but the Supreme court is there forever”. Oh but that were true. The repercussions of electing Donald Trump to the White House will cause damage for too many years ahead of us.  If we’re lucky it’s damage we can recover from but only if we fight like hell for as loud and long as possible until we get someone in there to start the road back up again. If we’re lucky and we don’t get complacent.
    Image result for That's how you choose gif
  • I got my hair cut today (this has nothing to do with who voted for Trump. Shut up it totally doesn’t. What are you a DETECTIVE? movingonnothingtoseehere). And on the way home I was once again caught in Colorado’s snowstorm. Celiac’s tend to have an irregular heartbeat and a racing heart. I get this fairly often…once a week at least. so here I am for at least the third time driving in a freaking blizzard, slick as ice roads, snow white conditions, people pulling over because it feels safer than driving and I’m thinking what the hell? This keeps happening! However! On the bright side…I’ve learned that my heart is in very fine condition. It has to be.
    America's Got Talent agt americas got talent simon cowell heart attack
  • I struggled with my computer all day working on a superimportant project that I think I’ll tell you guys about very very soon because vagueblogging is SUPER fun (not) and NO ONE likes it (especially me) and but it’s taking a ridiculous amount of my time because I’m not always computer literate when I need to be. So.wrong. Nothing makes me feel less competent than working on this project. And the whole point of the project was to feel empowered and competent! ha. The irony.
    Image result for I don't know what I'm doing gif
  • I got five miles on the treadmill tonight. It was late but I seriously had to move. I did three running and two walking just to give my leg a break. And guess what? The iPad is a treadmill savior. It’s awesome. Oh my gosh. I love my Nook on the treadmill but the iPad is pretty awesome.

    Run on…

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Halloween is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and I need help!


Shaughnessy, Adam and Eliot are having a Halloween/birthday party for Shaughnessy’s birthday. It’s a costume party. What should Sean and I go as? It may be only my second costume EVER. So many costume choices out there. NOTHING SCARY.
WARNING: Just a tiny little political rant ahead… but I have politely noted it so you can skip it completely.
I just watched an interview  with an actual slightly off kilter (I’m being polite) woman who is vehemently voting for Donald Trump even after his remarks last week. Why am I bringing this up?

Because she is…and I quote… “I am a STRONG Pro life Christian woman and I would never talk like that. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I been married to the same man for 32 years. I have four children that whom I love and adore….”

Here’s the difference between her and I. I’m pro choice because it’s no one’s business what I do with my body or any one else’s. And that goes for men, too. Do I personally want to make that choice? Nope. But if I need to for some emergency terrible awful horrible reason I sure as hell want the option.

Virtually no other difference! I’m a Christian woman who doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs and I’ve been married to the same man for 30 years. I have three children who I love and adore. Good Lord I need a vice because if I am even remotely like this chick I am FREAKED OUT> Chick. stop talking now. You’re giving normal everyday ~God loving saved by Grace~Christians a bad name.
Image result for saved by grace

I can’t imagine anyone who loves a woman voting for this man. At this point even talking about it bears the question how can you hear the tape and think, “Oh he’d TOTALLY make a good President”.

Yep. Totally.

politics joe biden malarky
No big deal. Just one more thing to add to the tally of insane things. Sure.

Also, Jerry Falwell Jr. should be ashamed. Seriously.
I am off to run and Hammer and Chisel and something entertaining. I don’t know what. And run errands because I ALWAYS run errands. ALWAYS.  I live to run errands.

I was invited to do a race in the next few weeks and I am woefully unprepared for it. We’ll see. It would be fun. I miss racing. But I also don’t want to break anyone’s racing spirit. Especially my own!! LOL.

I’ll keep you posted on that.
Slow down and enjoy yourself a little more. Don't be so serious. Life is not a race. -Christiane Lemieux Quote #quote #quotes:


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People be crazy.

Sean and I are tearing apart the bathroom upstairs. Our downstairs bathroom will require about $15,000 so I opted for the upstairs which I’m hoping to do for about $800. Because I’m cheap. And a feisty little bargain hunter, that I am.

I do try to allow for the additional 20% any construction will undoubtedly cost you because…life.

Of course, Sean LOVES it when I take on a project like this so he jumped in with both feet. I’ve reassured him he doesn’t have to do any of it and he completely believes me. Anything I want his help on, I’m willing to do. Though I have to allow extra time, extra ick factor and extra computer searching to figure out how the hell to do it. But I’ll do it. It just may be a lot harder. I don’t think he really believes me.

He took out the toilet and the sink yesterday so I could work on the walls and ended up tearing up the floor. But under the floor…was more floor. And under that floor…was more floor. So now Sean is trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing.

Shut up, you know that was good.

This is the current state of my bathroom floor.
Thank the Lord it’s the world’s smallest bathroom because…yuck.

I know you wish you were here to help but no thank you. We really just want to do it all by ourselves. We’re having the best time.

I bought paint and if I ever can find enough of a floor to not be completely grossed out, I’ll use it on the walls maybe.

When MT was home he did the unforgivable.

As a matter of fact, I was pretty surprised it happened.

He put his ~please donate this stuff~ box…ON my treadmill.

My treadmill (though seldom used but always loved) is NEVER to be used as a table, a storage place or a closet. EVER. Do not hang things on it. Do not put boxes on it. Do not.

This makes it sad. It isn’t fulfilling its destiny.

So when it’s dark and I haven’t run I go to my treadmill and I get really..really…really…


Image result for tired gif

So I sadly turn around and go back upstairs. It’s just too much work to move the boxes.

In reality…it’s only two boxes. But did I mention …

Image result for tired gif

Note to self: move those boxes in the morning.


I use a computer program called “mighty text”. It let’s me text from my computer. It’s a fabulous little tool and I love being able to type my responses to people though I’m sure they wish I wasn’t so prolific. Mighty Text just sent me a message “you sent 324 texts messages last month. You’re a power user!”. Hm. As opposed to a power player. Hm. Too many jokes. Not sure where to go here. I’ll just leave it at that. But now you know what I do with my time.


This wedding shoot is amazing and Sean and I have been on this volcano…years ago when I ran my very first marathon we took a side trip. It was an incredible experience.


Yesterday I went to Petsmart and on my happy little jaunt out of the store I apparently walked too slow (pretty unlikely, I’m a quick stepper, you know) I crossed in front of a woman careening around the corner in the midst of a pet food emergency. She rolled the window down on her 1982 Toyota Tercel (pure speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised) with three different door colors all mostly burgandy and screamed hysterically at me like her life depended on it (or mine) “COULD YOU WALK ANY SLOWER???”
Image result for that was rude gif

Well, I was a little taken aback. And I was so cheerful just a moment ago. So when she screeched to a halt and jumped out of the car walking (nearly running) past me I said, “there’s no rule, I don’t think. I mean, I get to walk”.

She yelled at me again. Quite nastily I might add. So I cheerfully told her I hope her day gets better. 

She hysterically and angrily turned and screamed again at me, “I HOPE YOU DROP DEAD!”.
Image result for excuse me gif

That was IT> I had pretty much HAD it at that point and I needed to let her have a PIECE OF MY MIND.
Image result for right up until I'm rude gif

I told her I thought she was VERY MEAN.

She’s still upset about that. I could tell as she continued to scream obscenities to me on her way into the store. I believe she needs medication and therapy. But randomly this has provided me untold entertainment for the last two days. I don’t get out much.

G and I got our 6 miles in this morning and it was beautiful and cool and amazing and I loved it. It’s dark when we run but the park has amazing fog that creeps in and covers the park and it’s so creepy and beautiful and I feel like I’m running in San Francisco. It’s so lovely. #dreams

She has a race on Sunday and providing all the planets are aligned I am going to run it with her. Her running partner bailed on her. It’s not my favorite race but I always love running so that’s a good time, right? I’ll keep ya posted.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Max. I know you’re excited.

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Run on…

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I can’t imagine life without my GPS. I’m lost WITH it.

When Michelle and I messaged each other to meet she said, “Want to just meet at Bluff Lake in Stapleton?”

It sounded so…normal. Like it’s the regular place we meet.  We usually meet in Stapleton so I didn’t bother to look it up, I just waited until I was leaving and then I Google mapped it. Unfortunately Google brought up Bluff Lake TRAIL which is a lovely place but it goes around the entire nature center. So…yeah. I ended up taking this really strange back road direction and ended up driving past the trail, Google was telling me I was there (technically I was…I could see it over the fence) and I had no idea where Michelle was because this place did not look familiar.

So I called her. She said…”are you at the nature center?”.

Well, no. But now I’ll Google that. I got there a mere six minutes later and I said “um. We’ve never been here before”. She cheerfully agreed on that without realizing this is IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  No wonder I was lost. I mean, sure, I was lost because I’m ME but also because I kept looking for something that looked familiar!
Image result for I've been so lost gif

We walked our little hearts out at the nature area. It had miles of trails and some of them were even completed and in the park. We, naturally, took the road less traveled and it totally made all the difference. We didn’t know where the hell we were.  It was perfect until the 20 mph winds started, and the rain threatened…but hey…we were ready to go get lunch anyway.

At this point Michelle delicately says, “do you…I mean…can you…?”

I laughed and said…”oh I have no clue how to get there. Nope. No idea.”
Image result for no clue gif

Image result for no clue gif

I followed her.

Then we lunched for two hours on sweet potato fries and Chipotle mayo. That’s just happiness right there.

She would not allow a photo and inquired about a leftover from the NYCM. Um…sure. It’s only two years old? Three? I’ve lost track.


This is the photo I could find. She made fun of my hat the whole time. Whatever it was awesome and I was running the New York City Marathon. That’s an experience I was making the most of. And she’s one to talk…the running outfits she puts together? Sheesh. And she wears the RACE DAY shirt ON race day.

I don’t even know why she’s my friend.
Image result for you're outta here gif


So I put in six with G yesterday morning, probably two or three with Michelle and I walked the dog  in the evening.

I ended the day with 24,675 steps. Can’t beat that with a stick.


I met G again this morning (it’s SO gorgeous out at 5am. I cannot tell you) and unfortunately we had to cut our run short at 2.8 miles so now I’ll probably try and run later. I don’t have time right now,  I have another doctor appt. I KNOW> There is a lot going on right now. I’m super crazy.

Image result for busy gif

I am going to meet my friend Norma in the afternoon and snuggle her little bundle of sweetness (Margaux the baby mermaid) for a while and maybe work on getting in some more awesome steps.  I don’t think I can possible top 24,675 (oh yeah, I’m definitely going for 25,000 before bed. No brainer). But dang would that be tempting. I think I mentioned before that my friend, Ria at Motivational Mom is crazy with her steps. That is a normal amount for her. And I thought I was busy.

I hopped over to her FB page and she had posted this awesome commercial by Nike.

I just don’t think you’re ever too old. 

On with my challenge. Do something every day that’s a little bit of adventure. Tomorrow will not really be much fun. But after, I plan on fulfulling my evil plan to steal that tiny little darling and bring her home….I refuse to share. She must be mine.

Sigh. I bet they won’t give her up. So rude…


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Run on…adventure away…

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Budgeting, traveling, being too busy. Being a grown up.

  • I budget my life according to how close each payday is or when I need what. But sometimes life gets in the way and this time I just stalled. It happens (we get paid on stupid days. I may never adjust). So when I just got a call from the energy company that my bill was far overdue I panicked completely freaked and said I would TOTALLY pay it over the phone. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Then I looked at my spreadsheet. And my bill pay in my banking. And…it’s only three days overdue. What the hell XCEL? And newsflash…I paid it yesterday.
    If they cut my power because it’s five days overdue I’m out of luck.  I did triple check that I wasn’t three months late and it wasn’t a past due amount from like…June or something. I mean…how crazy is that? #imnotpoorimjustbusy #waytooverreactxcel
  • Every morning I spend my time catching up the Olympics. I have to say I have complete mixed feelings for Michael Phelps. I’m in awe that he’s so amazing and strong and yet I think it’s a testament that we don’t give up on people just because they are getting older. I mean, he’s only 31 but people are like…it’s his fifth Olympics…he’s 31…can he do it…you get the idea. But he’s so freakin’ arrogant. He’s just never been my favorite. I want him to be a LITTLE in our face but not quite SO in your face. Feel free to tell me I make no sense. On a side note: I feel bad for the people of Brazil. I don’t feel like they had any business having the Olympics in Brazil with Brazil being so completely unprepared financially or politically. #Olympics #timesuck #USArocks #gymnastics
  • MT wanted to do something the other night so we went to a movie downtown at ten o’clock at night. He fell asleep in the middle of it. And we’re old. Just sayin’.
  • Last night I made This Recipe.  I was the only one to eat it because I swapped out the onions (duh) and put in jalapenos and then found out Sean’s stomach had been mad at him all day so he couldn’t tick it off again. MT decided after looking at it that…no. All that big talk about eating things now was over. He just wants to eat what he wants to eat. So rude. I was HAPPY to eat it as it was amazing.
    Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet - a delicious gluten free skillet dish
    photo credit: Primavera Kitchen  because mine wasn’t that pretty.

    You should so try more recipes because she seems very talented, especially in the gluten free department.  I liked her Facebook page even though it’s bad for my self esteem. Her name is Olivia (only one of my favorite names EVER), she’s Brazilian (I die) and her husband is French Canadian. I think these people aren’t real. This is a movie, right? In my next life I’ll be a gorgeous Brazilian woman who speaks multiple languages. I’ve called ahead and ordered it. Yes, God IS laughing, what?

  • It’s been 187* here every single day for like…a week. I’m ready for this to be over. Anyone else??  Today, the high is 87*. So that’s better. I hope to run tonight. And not die. #lifegoals
  • In case anyone is keeping track…I’m sleeping. A lot. Like…a lot. Two days in a row I’ve slept until at least 8am. Not sure what that’s about but probably cycling back around. Pretty excited about it. Yawning now as a matter of fact. And who could blame me. I’ve been up for two hours. I must be exhausted.
  • I have been applying for jobs and can I just say, this is a soul sucking little experience. It’s rather awful. As I apply I realize how completely unqualified I am to even sweep the floors at these places. Ridiculous. Also, they ALL want my social security number. I don’t want to give it to them!  I realize I’m supposed to but…if you apply for 247 jobs that’s at LEAST 247 more people walkin’ around with that number that don’t need it. This…is upsetting to say the least. I do not enjoy it. Even the thought disturbs me and I’m already quite disturbed. Thoughts? Quit stressing? Give it up? Move on if you want the damn job? Move to the mountains of MT?
  • MT and I are off to adventure today and also have lunch with Miss Norma and the Princess Margaux. I plan on running later even if it’s POURING RAIN! Please let it be pouring rain.

    Fun side note:

    Miss Kat’s Instagram photo is in the running to win on the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon page on Facebook.
     photo credit…Katrina. She’s awesome.
    You should go like it…because it’s awesome. Bear Lake. SO GORGEOUS>

    Run on…

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Remember when I warned you about the crazy busy week ahead? #rmhalf

I was not kidding. Plus the wi fi in Estes Park was seriously awful.
Kat, Kristen, Sean and I went to Estes Park, Colorado to run the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon for the second time. This is my third time? I lose count. We have made it an annual trip and it is without question the best experience we have ever had with a race company.

Vacation Races is attached to national parks to remind people we have this great beauty right here in front of us and we should throw our selves into our cars and take road trips like we used to (or get on a plane like so many people did) when we were kids. We should travel the country and visit those parks we never thought we’d see.

We should see the parks unseen. Love the world we have and appreciate what God has given us with such grace. SO MUCH GRACE.

And so they show us the parks in the form of the half marathon and the 5k and they do that with the most well done races we’ve ever seen.

Leave No Trace: 
They want no trash at all found. If they catch you littering or throwing you trash you are disqualified and banned from all future races.
Bring your own container or buy one of their Hydra pouches. It’s reusable and you fill it up at each aid station. It’s rather brilliant and no more paper cups all over the road.
Discount for next year and visit the park:
They want you to stay and visit the park. Because the races aren’t IN the parks they want you to actually stay and visit. So they have hiking incentives of different levels and if you do one of those hikes and photograph proof with bib and medal within 72 hours you get 50% off the next year’s race. win win.
They encourage donations to the parks at checkout. Because…they care.
After the race they send out detailed surveys asking what can we do different…then they do those things different. Can you imagine the audacity?

I ran this race for the first time during my ~13 Half Marathons in 2013~ and I was completely hooked. At that time, the capped the race at 750 and there were only 200 runners. Sigh. The good old days. Now they allow 2500 runners which is a LOT more but still a VERY small race (hello….have you run a Rock ‘n Roll?). This is far better. After the race you get to enjoy the mountains, the town of Estes Park, the people, the food (if you don’t have Celiac there is pie and ice cream and oh so much joyful food…) if you do have Celiac we found several places to eat and I plan to make that Buffalo Burger with the gluten free bun we found at Ed’s Cantina and Grill  my last meal. I died with joy. We ate there twice.

I could go on and on…so I’ll leave you with this and tell you if you ever get a chance to run with Vacation Races at one of their national parks you should do it. It’s the best experience.  Estes Park is very touristy but if you go in knowing that you’ll still have a great time and in my experience 95% of the people appreciate you. That one guy in the t-shirt shop just had a bad day. Or perhaps needs a new job.

Bear Lake~ Rocky Mountain National Park

because the sunsets there all look like postcards…

moments_98F35FD8-2DA9-495F-A70B-C233429D2042_hi_res moments_347C3EA9-B831-49B4-8F1E-14F780166DB4_hi_res
These are part of the course…on the left is the morning half marathon. The right was the evening 5k. It was awful. Really disgusting.

This was Bear Lake. I should just live there. It was my favorite.

Alberta Falls…

Sean took this of us to show the Continental Divide. See the girls with their hair all sleeked back in their cute bobbie pony tails? And mine…literally blowing straight forward? At least three photos show my hair going in four hundred directions. It’s pretty damn sexy. I am the master of the windblown look.

    this is what it is supposed to look like
this is what I look like. I’m a work in progress.

Middle of the half marathon…we’re totally excited to be here!

Shocking to believe I’m the one who went to school for photography here and this is the photo I took. So wrong. However, my disclaimer is that we couldn’t see anything. Anything. It was a blank screen the sun was so bright. So I just pointed…and pushed the button and basically said…hope you’re in the picture. so the were…and so was that red bag. Sorry Ladies. 🙁  (Kat is on the left, Kristen on the right, stupid red bag in the bottom corner)

Our rewards!
Source #rmhalf

Source: born2ramble on Instagram. This is the MOST amazing account. Worth your time.

I’m leaving you with that because it cannot be topped.
See you tomorrow!

Run on…and plan your next road trip to explore America. There is nothing like it.

unless otherwise marked: photo credits go to Katrina and or Kristen and the occasional Sean. They were all so good I had trouble choosing. 

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The countdown.

  • MT leaves us in 6 days. Technically 7 but we say goodbye on Sunday. Pretty rude of him. Raise him, feed him, provide clothing, a room and a bed, a lovely home and the rotten teenager ditches your ass faster than you can say “just join the Marines why don’t you!” and he’s gone. So.rude.
  • Did I mention he gets his associates degree the day before? He’s kind of an awesome kid. Too bad I like him so much.
  • We spent the weekend hangin’ with the family.  On Sunday we had breakfast at LePeep (it’s my favorite) and then hung out at Shaughnessy and Adam’s new house just talking about nothing in particular and laughing about everything ridiculous.  Shaughnessy found a very sketch sectional on Craigslist so they all got in their cars and ran over to the even sketchier guy’s house and grabbed it and let me tell you….watching these guys attempting to get this couch into the basement of the house built in 1947…it was entertaining.  They did it. Took the french doors off, the feet off the couch and the railings off the stairs. That couch is in there forever. Hope she likes it.
  • MT is detailing my car. It’s not dirty it’s just “messy” with lots of nitnoid little things. As he gatherered my little things he came across this:
    yep…that’s 8 pens and a carpenter’s pencil. You can thank Alex for the pencil. But I don’t give it back because it reminds me of my dad. The pens…that’s just my own neurosis. What if I don’t have one in the car and I really really need one? So I grab another. In case you’re wondering about the cup….it’s one of those $.99 cups you can get at the grocery store but it fits in my cupholder as general “hold all”. And I like purple and black. Jeeps, you  know, are bare bones.
    You should see my purse… Bet you $100 there are six pens in there right now. Sigh…I have a problem. 
  • It is a high of 55* today and no snow in the forecast (well…on Friday it’s supposed to rain but we’re not thinking about Friday). You think that’s no big deal?  It has snowed/rained/sleeted for three straight days. It’s been crazy wet.  One commenter wrote “I was starting to mold“. So true. So very true.  You should SEE my grass…it’s incredible.
  • It’s been two weeks on the new scrip and so far…I’m not feeling amazing and renewed. I know you’re all shocked. Am I trusting my doctor? Well…no. But I’m humoring her because she did say if I don’t feel better to let her know and they’ll tweak it again. I will be taking her up on that because I’m pretty much unconscious. Good Lord I’m exhausted all the freaking time. All.the.time. I did not miss this when my numbers had found their lovely sweet spot.
  • This weekend was the half marathon in Pitt that I do every year and this year I canceled because I wanted to spend some last minute days with MT. It’s a wonderful race that takes you all around the city crossing all their bridges. This year though…muggy and wet. Darn…so sorry I had to miss it! Those girls did GREAT. They had a great time and missed me so much! That’s what I tell myself.. 🙂 They texted me the whole time and I definitely felt included. Look how cute they are?  So cute and so kickin’ ass.
  • Good article on Celiac Disease- 6 Celiac Disease Myths You Shouldn’t Believe
  • Shooting this out to you guys and then off to enjoy a beautiful run on this gorgeous day. It’s a big week for us and we’re going to enjoy as much of MT (thekid) as we can even though he’s being awful and leaving us.


I am here…still running. Not fast. not far. But running and that’s all that matters. Run on…

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I said I’d be back….didn’t you believe me?

Do any of you remember the great vet incident of 2015?  When our beloved Skosh (the cat with attitude) decided to eat Malachi’s meds (the dog with meloncholy)  and apparently those meds are deadly to the cat. When I rushed skosh to the vet the estimate was nearly $2000. I just think that’s a crazy estimate  and said there has to be another option and thus began the vet experience from hell.

You guys were awesome with your suggestions and comments of support and as I recall it was  recommended we find a new vet. I’ve been dreading taking Malachi in for his overdue checkup but it had to be done.

I went back to the evil vet.  Why, you ask? Because the specific doctor we see has been with us for so long he knows Malachi’s history and he really likes Malachi.  I made an appt with Dr.Demey and we went in yesterday. He checked him out and talked to me about some of his concerns with him and then I hit him with what happened. I wouldn’t have except that I have to take Skosh in for shots in the next few weeks and I know all of that is in Skosh’s records. The obnoxious tech wrote all this stuff about me. So wrong. It’s kind of really embarrassing. Very high school.

Well, he wasn’t very happy. He was SO nice about it.  Told me to email him if anything like that ever happens again and apologized profusely. He had us bring Malachi in today for a mild procedure that required Malachi to be knocked out and then he did some x rays to check him out…Malachi has been in some pain lately and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it. When we went to pay...he had cleared $600 off of our bill. $600.  Our bill was $49. For meds. Unreal. He didn’t have to do that, I was totally prepared to pay that bill but I definitely appreciated the discount.

He is the whole reason we stay there and after this experience I’m glad we trusted ourselves and didn’t leave. I think we’ll still go to the other clinic for emergencies (they are incredibly nice and definitely less expensive) but for regular work we’ll stay as long as we can. One bad experience (and whoa was it bad…ha) is just a glitch in the system. It’s not worth losing a relationship over. Especially when the business is going out of their way to make it right.

On another note:  When we went in to the clinic, Malachi huddled under the chairs and shook because he doesn’t like all the other people and animals and whatever. But as soon as they put us in a room by ourselves…I got this:

That is maybe the happiest I’ve ever seen Malachi in his whole life. EVER. Pretty great picture. That is one cute dog. It’s really too bad your dog isn’t as cute as this. Probably runner up cute, though. Close second.


The wind here has been seriously 15 to 20mph winds with 55mph gusts. I am not amused. NOT AMUSED> I haven’t run in so many days I’ve lost count. I gave up on eating well. Today. I gave it up today. I feel awful. I feel frustrated. I’m beyond frustrated.

I tried to do my first strength workout yesterday and my stupid computer wouldn’t play my DVD. The room I have it all set up in doesn’t have a DVD player. So I could move it all downstairs and I thought of that but everyone in my freaking family was home today and MT was using that room to play a video game that blows things up. And there were errands I had to run so…no. So instead I sat around on my ass (excuse my language but that’s where my head is today) doing nothing and reaffirming my ~let’s feel awful and never workout again oh and don’t worry about it you only have some HUGE races coming up and you’re completely and absolutely ill prepared what an understatement of the CENTURY there~ so yeah.

that’s where my head is.

I need to run.

Run on…and often…


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