Sweet List <3

1.  a new haircut! Thank you Princess Anna! @annaloze I love her.

2. November is here. I’ve never been so happy for November. #longestyearever #flewby

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3. MT gets home THIS WEEK.  I’m so glad he’s happy. I love him happy.

4. My computer font has been totally screwed up for two weeks and it’s been impossible to see anything clearly on the screen. It’s been like looking at a really really bad photocopy.

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 I finally figured it out today, or my computer figured it out for me and notified me of a glitch. Was it waiting for something in particular? What happened today that said ~this is the day we’re going to let her off the hook. Today she gets her regular font back. I mean, it’s been fun but the torture should stop now.  I would like to know for the next time it decides to do this.
5. I think (I think…) I am mostly caught up at work. Which means I am not going into the week behind. I’ve been working behind for weeks and weeks and for someone who likes to be ahead of the game on everything, this is causing me to lose sleep.  I finally feel somewhat even. I have a huge pile of work to do but if I dive in headfirst I might get it done quick. Who knew churches had so much to do.
6.  Sean and I went hiking today and it was the best way to spend a Sunday. I just turned off my phone (okay, I didn’t really but I put it on low power and put it away in the backpack) and enjoyed the gorgeous day outside.  You would think with everyone in my family being tucked away neatly in their homes I would not be so paranoid about being reached but I just am. So until I’m not…I keep the phone on. Meanwhile, here is me killing time while Sean is Ingressing. A four mile hike for a quick two minute Ingress moment? Totally worth it. Plus he made me laugh the whole time so I’m all in for that kind of day. #Ingress #hikingcolorado #excusesexcuses 

7.  Tea of a Kind. Now…here’s the glitch. I bought the Pomegranate Acai White Tea and it’s so delicious. I loved it. The other flavor said it had caffeine right on the bottle and this one didn’t so I figured I was probably good. I can’t see caffeine anywhere on the bottle and I can’t find caffeine information anywhere. White Tea generally has quite a bit of caffeine so I’m not sure what’s up there. I only drank a little of it to make sure I don’t invite a migraine but the answer is still a mystery. If you can have caffeine though…this stuff is delicious.

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8.  Shalane Flanagan. I mean Seriously. She just inspires you to get your ass out the door and run. Between watching her win the NYCM and the postcard perfect weather of Colorado in November I am dying to be running pretty much all the time.

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9. The Manitou Incline is tentatively scheduled to open Dec 1st. Which means I have to get back to doing my incline work. My legs are definitely not in incline shape. Michelle’s totally are. And a great thank you to the hard workers who haul themselves up those stairs every day to work on the incline.  It is an incredible workout and it’s cold and wet and just a huge undertaking. Those of us that love the incline and Colorado’s great outdoors appreciate your efforts.

10. I went to TJ Maxx because I have no work pants. I found a few pair that I think will work really well (I’ll be honest, I didn’t try them all on) but I  happened upon the greatest t-shirt ever (when I was looking through t-shirts so I didn’t really “happen” on it), I mean I was looking in the t-shirt section.  For $6.99 my life has been made better. I want to go back and buy six more. Long, soft, fits well, good grey color. I just love it. Good quality t-shirts are hard to find! No, I didn’t really need a t-shirt but … that’s not the point.

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That is probably very true.
But I got a t-shirt that changed my life and no I want six more. #idontexaggerate #ifonlyjeansfitthatway


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Sweet List!!

1. We are having a true and real -right down to my soul- autumn and it’s exactly what we all ordered. We are definitely dealing with cooler days but the leaves, the mostly warm weather and the occasional cool weather, the sunshine…we could not have asked for a better season.
2. I love my new job. It’s challenging and I don’t have a freaking clue what I’m doing but I’m figuring it out. Most important, I’ve been given the space to do it. My   biggest issue is I only have 20 hours and it’s a full time job. I think after I figure it out it’ll be closer to the 20 hours. For now, I’m there a LOT. 
. You know how I brag about my husband a ridiculous amount of the time? I mean, he’s such a slacker. The computer has needed way more than my capabilities.  I’d like to add I know husbands and wives are there for each other but this guy gets a hangout message that says, “I need help” and one sentence later he says, “I’m on my way”.  He knows I don’t ask him to leave his job and come help me if I’m not in trouble but my head was very bad and I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see very well and I was having trouble just focusing on the task that had to be done. I know very well how lucky I am and I don’t ever forget it. And yes, every Sweet List will have Sean on it so you’ll have to get over that. ❤
4. Winter boots!! Pretty shoes! Ugh. So many wonderful footwear opportunities I avoid going onto the websites or I would be totally poor. Okay, not really but I would want to be. I would want #alltheshoes
5. I love being back at work because I love wearing grown up clothes. I don’t have to dress up. People wear jeans to work. But I like dressing up. My friend mentioned to me that, like her, I probably preferred dressing up because it just felt right since it’s church. But after thinking about it…no I don’t think that’s it at all.  I don’t think God requires us to dress up. God accepts us the way we are…jeans and all.  The people at church are actual people. They laugh, they cry, they curse and they wear sweats and jeans. The downside to dressing up is that Sean doesn’t even flinch when I show up in a cute skirt and gorgeous heels. It’s just Tuesday for him. Dude…good legs. Come on! Nothin’. Good thing he’s cute.

“No one is young after forty, but one can be irresistible at any age”
― Coco Chanel

6. I have a brand new daughter in law! I know, it’s been three weeks but hey…it’s been a Sweet List hiatus. I’ve been busy.

7. This is what happens when you reply to spam email
A really great short and quick Ted Talk by James Veitch (who I am probably randomly related to in a really really far off way).
8. Seeing all of my kids happy. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

9.  The Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. Candy and treats, costumes and scary things…and magic! All with the cutest little kids ever. We didn’t get many trick-or-treaters tonight so I’m glad we had the party so we could see the all the kids. That was totally the best part.  #Halloweencuteness #tinyscarycuteness


10.  I woke up today and I’m not going to die. You think I’m making light but when these migraines are this bad you definitely just hate everything about life. This was just the worst I’ve had in a very long time. I considered urgent care for a “migraine cocktail” as my neurologist calls it but I thought the bill might make my headache worse so I took a drug I’d been holding off of and went to bed. I do still have it this morning but my Botox is today (the reason my migraine got this bad probably….it wears off as I get closer to my appointment) so we’ll decide at my appointment if I should reschedule and get treated for the migraine or power through the 30+ shots. Either way, it went from a “12” yesterday to an 8 today and that’s workable. #Icandothat #poweringthrough


I’m ending at ten because it’s late and I want to get this posted! But if I quick come up with three more I’ll add those.

Oh wait!

11. Vanilla Midgees. 

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Sweet List <3

  1.  The Oatmeal in all it’s delight, as usual.
  2. Ingress which continues to provide my husband happiness. Anyone that knows Sean knows he’s been looking for that for his whole life and I think he was really just bored. It keeps him engaged, his mind is always going, he’s out on his bike or walking or exercising all the time and he’s meeting new people all while he gets to see the major sites of Denver. I love this game and for however long he plays it I’m going to love it.
  3. My stability ball which is hilarious and also a great workout. I’m enjoying it and I totally anticipate theboy will, too.
  4. Jimmy Bar. It’s just enough peanut butter and just enough crunch for someone who doesn’t love peanut butter. No gluten and no chocolate means you eat a lot of peanut butter and that’s not my favorite.
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  5. I went running!! Like really running. It was successful and everything and I didn’t die! Okay, I was slow because my leg was pretty tweaky so I made sure to take care of it but still…running! Running in the evening is my very favorite. Sean and I went to the park last night so he could Ingress and I could run and then we walked around the park. On the way home we stopped and got ice cream. Best date ever.
  6. So far I’m pretty on track with my workouts. I’d like to up my game a little more but I think I have a really good start.
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  7. SO Delicious Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle ice cream.   Have I already mentioned this stuff? Because it is totally worth talking about twice in case I have.
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  8. My sister (sister Catherine) came to town for an event, she’s the owner/operate/CEO of Fairy Ring Beads and Things, and I totally bought this beautiful bracelet after coveting it for a day or two. The colors are so me I’ve barely taken it off. Also, rings and bracelets are totally my thing.
  9. I went to the grocery store the other day and came across this little delight…the possibilities are endless. I didn’t buy it, the garlic held me off a bit…it’s not my favorite, but the rest would be so delicious I think it would be worth it.  I am totally thinking I need to the next time I go to the store. It has suggestions on the package and yum…cornbread…oh and baked chicken…I’m kind of hungry.
  10. Neil Hilborn and his new book of poetry Our Numbered Days.  I keep putting it off, I’ve been living off of his Facebook page but it’s on my list to buy because he’s just so good.
  11. Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful LifeI can’t wait to dig in and read this. I hear so many good things about it and I love hearing about joyful living! 

  12. I went hiking with Michelle and I’m going again tomorrow! (pretty sure…I mean…plans change. One never knows….our schedules are always a little off…but we can always hope)
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    I’m an Ingress widow this weekend. It’s a big thing happening right now and then I get him back (yay). I know a lot of people are probably thinking..geez…does he spend any time with you? yep. I get a lot of time with him. He spends mornings with me hangin’ out and evenings just like regular families we are together most of the time and occasionally he has an event that takes his time. I’m extremely patient about it because we’ve been married a long time so I know he likes me. We spend a lot of time together. He’s so freakin’ happy (who knew?) and good LORD the running stuff he puts up with. The trips, the long runs, the running gear…so much. This is nothing.
  13. I saved the best for last. My sister Catherine. She’s just a few years older than me. It’s her birthday today.
    She’s kind and loving and generous, beautiful and smart, she has an endless amount of trivia in her head and I can’t remember a time she didn’t at least have a tidbit of info about something. she’s passionate about politics to the point that I occasionally have to hide her Facebook page for a day or two to recover (late at night she gets a little bit evil in her passion…yikes) only to go back to it because I missed her. She’s the most talented artist creating beads and trinkets, boxes and bits out of polymer clay and then creating jewelry out of those beads. Every time I see her I’m astonished at her skills and more and more impressed at how she’s grown as an artist. I continue to think she can’t get better and then she does. She is determined to live her life following her passion and I love her so much for that.
    She takes in strays~ animal and human and she has the smallest house but apparently the biggest heart because there is always room for one more. And when I say animal I mean she has had chickens, goats and everything in between in her kitchen while it recovers from a deathly illness. The baby goat in the diaper…I just died. It was too cute.
    And when I call her with an insane moment she jumps right in and never has to catch up. It’s like she was expecting the call all along. She’s a genuinely good person and I’m so lucky to count her as not just a sister but as a friend, too. Some people take those for granted, I do not.
    I love your face, Sister Catherine…from Mother Teresa. (this is what my kids used to call us)

    Catherine, Mom and me…no idea when but it’s so cute I really like the picture.
    Comparison is the thief of joy. -Theodore Roosevelt. Click through to read about what it means to honor your pace...:
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Sweet List <3

  1. I found a site that lets me post little 💕 and teaches me shortcuts. I’m keyboard illiterate so it’s right up my alley. Prepare for emoji craziness.
  2. Cheesecake. Because why not. Yumbana Shoppe based here in Colorado is full of amazing deliciousness. Their cheesecakes are melt-in-your-mouth. I do not recommend their carrot cake as it taste rather like crumbly dirt…
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    but we don’t have to talk about that.
  3. Choosing new wallpaper and ringtones for my cellphone. #itsthelittlethings
  4. I just finished The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas on Audible.  It’s a YA book but the age and content are totally relevant and I was glued to my Nano until I finished it. It was really good and yes, I still own an iPod Nano and I still use it exclusively for my music and my podcasts. Don’t judge me.
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  5. Finishing up my scrapping projects. So close. I mean, not the whole thing but this one set. Hey now… 🙂
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  6. I bought an actual real live plant that I’m in charge of keeping alive. I KNOW> Pretty crazy. Anyone that actually knows me knows that is a big deal because I do not have success with real live things. Except children. I managed to not screw that up. Thanks be to God.
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  7. Ted Talks. Anyone else watch Ted Talks and get sucked in to the next one and the next one and the next one? It’s the only thing I will do that with on the computer. It’s so wrong and yet it’s so good.
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  8. Little pink bowl…how cute is this? Shaughnessy found it at a second hand store and she clearly knows me.
  9. Aura Cacia Nurturing Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil. Which is a mouthful for sure but it’s lovely stuff. My skin is so dry I am always reaching for some kind of moisturizer for my skin (welcome to Colorado and the land of no moisture) but oil is always a plus and almond oil is a bonus. Delicious. It’s so very light you don’t have an oily feeling, the scent is barely there. and it just feels amazing. Highly recommend.
  10. Challenging myself on those crazy hiking trails. That was just the best part of my week. It might also have been the worst part but we won’t talk about that.
    Barack Obama michelle obama hard oprah own GIF
  11. These cute picture frames from Shaped Expressions. I bought them for my kids bedroom doors, it’s a project I’m working on but I really love their options and that they’re small business on Etsy. Side note to small businesses, I didn’t love that they had really cute  items but I didn’t find them anywhere on Etsy which means they had to be buried deep and I never saw their website listed which means it also was not featured very prominently. Work harder, People. Show your work.
  12. Fairmount Cemetery in Denver. This is an old cemetery with beautiful grounds and when we drive past it we are reminded of how tempting it is to want to run or bike through it but there remains the age old questions…how respectful (or disrespectful) IS that? Well I popped onto the website and they say right on there please…enjoy our grounds.  Also, take one of our tours! They have tours and they are awesome. Also, you can take them at twilight. How great is that? You can make up your own kind of tour and ask them to create that. I love it. What a great experience. I’m totally going to check it out.
  13. I’m off to see Michelle this morning so that has to be on the Sweet List. I’m assuming it’s going to be injury free. We’re maybe climbin’ those stairs. Wish us luck.

Travel and Adventure Quotes to Inspire Wanderlust - Live Free & Beer

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Sweet List <3

  1. Sunday mornings listening to music, hanging out in house with my favorite people…wearing jammies as long as I can.
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  2. Trumpcare (otherwise known as the Republican Healthcare Bill) defeated before it can even be voted on.
     party tina fey mind party time tina fey gif GIF
  3. THE BEST REACTIONS TO TRUMP PULLING THE REPUBLICAN HEALTHCARE BILL~ List of the best tweets after the bill was pulled. Pretty classic.
  4. Finishing up some much needed scrapbooking projects I have laying around.
  5. Laughing over this guy’s Facebook. Jay Allen tells his tales in hashtags. It is hilarious.
  6. Dinner out with Shaughnessy, Adam and Theboy. Theboy ordered noodles, fruit and broccoli…not sure if he’s ours or not. Double checking DNA on that one for sure.
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  7. Talking races, plans, goals, trails and dreams with Michelle. Girl is a motivator and that’s my style. I’m so glad to have someone who is on the same train as I am. Also…she’s generally hanging in the back of the train which means…we really really want to go but we’re a little scared of the destination. Damn…should be fun.
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     Life as Michelle’s friend. 😉 I LOVE IT.
  8. This is 45: The Eye of Life’s Storm ~ this great essay about growing older but somewhat smarter.

  9. Voss sparkling water. Now hear me out. I get it…It’s pretentious at it’s worst. But the sparkling water is in a GLASS bottle so duh..I’m reusing it. And it’s a great size. Plus…the sparkling water was pretty freaking delicious. Okay, there’s no real way to dress it up but I did love it and if I consider it a once-in-a-while treat then I think it’s okay.
  10.  Both of my doctor appointments are this week, meaning all stitches will be out and hopefully I can at least walk. I’m bruised and swollen all the way around my foot and up past my shin so I 100% guarantee there’s no running for now but walking maybe? Randomly I healed really fast from my surgery…like crazy fast…just had that one little glitch. And both doctors commented on how incredibly healthy I was and said I’d totally heal quick. Ha. No. #slowhealing #imableeder
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  11. Binge watching Parks and Recreation and it is ridiculously entertaining. I should just always watch happy and clean television. Life is good. Although Sean is rather judgmental when he comes home and sees me watching and says, “you’re on X season??  GEEZ”. Dude. I just leave it on. It’s a half hour show. What do you want from me? Also…it’s Saturday (or Sunday or whatever and…I can’t WALK…judge not, Sir)
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  12. Looking through old photos and finding sweet pictures of my kids when they were little, my mom and my dad and Sean just anytime because he’s so cute. How lucky do I feel. I do have really good memories even with my crazy family.

    MT…he used to just walk around the backyard and play. He could not be cuter.
  13. Spring. Spring in Colorado is no joke. It’s been hit and miss here the last few days and I’m a little offended. Spring showed up March 21st and I was pretty happy to see it but damn it if didn’t hide back under the rock a bit. I want it back. #snow #coloradospring 

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Sweet List <3

    1. Saturday Night Live. Because it reminds me there is sanity out there in this crazy world is now going to be Trumpland. ::shudder:: I’m feeling It’s a Wonderful Life “Potterville” horror….times twelve.
    2. We went to the movies tonight with 90% of the kids and besides it being 8* (I protest) and a long walk (we didn’t know about the parking garage underneath the theater…duh…) the seats are amazing and they recline and are super soft and comfy and it’s a great view and we get the back row which I LOVE and I don’t even care what movie we see ( I lie but we saw Rogue One and it was SO good) and it was awesome and we love this tradition. We’ve done it twice so…tradition.
    3. After the movie I found $.13! No lie. I really did.
    4. We drove past a house last week and I yelled at Sean to STOP AND GO BACK so he did because he thought maybe somebody was dead but NO it was SPRINKLE LIGHTS ALL OVER THE HOUSE and it looked like Tinkerbell had flown over it with Pixie Dust! and I said I want THAT! and he said, rather unimpressed, well I saw another house with it ~which suggested to me that ORDINARY PEOPLE could buy this magical dust for their house and so I went immediately to the magic store we call AMAZON and I looked up SPRINKLE LIGHTS because that’s really all I had to go on and GUESS WHAT? THEY HAD THEM! And I bought three ON the SPOT! They would deliver them to me in TWO DAYS for FREE. Ah the Amazon Elves. And when my sweet husband came home I said ~Sweet husband, my sprinkle lights came. And they need to be installed. If you want to do it right now, it might be a good idea because it’s 22*! If you wait until tomorrow, the high is 8*. Just sayin’. And I love you. He took that to mean DO IT RIGHT NOW. I don’t know why. I am a kind and generous person and I really wouldn’t have forced him BUT…I was BEYOND EXCITED when he installed them (re:staked them into the ground and turned them on.) (Side note: ground was frozen so this was not easy.) Husband points. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THEM> Total SNOOPY DANCING. #4 was long Sorry Guys.
    5. So…you know #4? Well in my house the lights sprinkle on my bedroom sheers and dance across the ceiling it’s the prettiest thing EVER! I love them. I know you couldn’t tell.
    6. I bought two shell blouses from Express and they are gorgeous. They fit great. I don’t feel self conscious in them. And they go with freakin’ everything. These things will last forever and now I want to go back and buy more colors.
    7. I am getting my Christmas packages mailed today. That is all.
      veep thats enough thats quite enough
    8. Lunch with Andrea planned for tomorrow. Her and I are trying to connect at least once a week. I’m pretty sure it’s self preservation.
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    9. The sweet girl at Walgreens, Ana, who was happy and helpful and clearly is great at customer service which means it comes naturally to her. She doesn’t have to work at it, she actually cares about people. When someone takes care of you or provides great customer service, let someone know. I tweeted a direct message to Walgreens with her name and store number. They tweeted back. Recognition for good work. Do it. It’s an easy 140 character moment of gracious. Newsflash: if you don’t actually care about people, please don’t be in customer service. We as customers, appreciate that choice. Thank you.
    10. What’s a Sweet List without the weather? Well we’ve had really really cold weather here for days. Today it’s a gorgeous 48* high. So beautiful.
    11. Tonight is Michelle Obama on Oprah. I die.
    12. Um….a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with Miss Ria. And I love her. We both got out our holiday stresses on the phone.
      Image result for my pain is greater than yours gif
      She just had surgery on her wrist so she might be suffering a tad more than I am. I’ll give her that one.
      Image result for I'm suffering gif
    13. Ria from Motivational Mom Personal Training (same Ria as #12) gave me my new workout plan and I get to start it today. I like having a plan. I like having a direction. Plus, I get to talk to her a lot more. 🙂


On a totally NOT Sweet List note: Yesterday I had a complete and utter mental breakdown of all things joyful. I sobbed and cried (not the same thing) and yelled and well..did all those things. I was struggling. Sean said, “what is…this?” I didn’t take that well. “This” is clearly me being REALLY REALLY upset! He tends to think I’m upset with him when I yell but um..no. I’m just really upset. Listen to the words. You have to listen to the words. It was rough. I’m sure there is still some part of him that thinks I’m nuts but I am far less nuts than just completely fed up and something snapped.

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Fortunately, I survived.

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Run on…

(p.s. even though I really like this poster I keep reading “reptiles” instead of realities. And yes, I just got my eyes checked)

Veteran’s kick ass. Also…a Sweet List. Because we deserve one.

Today is a Sweet List but if you make it to number 13 (see? I let you skip…that’s the beauty of me and my brain..I tell you how to get to the good stuff) that’s where you get to read all the joy. ALL THE JOY.
Sweet List
. And man do I need one. This month has been ROUGH.

  1. running when I’m stressed.
  2. secret groups to remind us there is some sanity in the crazy.
  3. Family coming together for just any occasion at all. Yes, even board games. #missingMT
  4. having a vet who takes great care of Malachi. We always seem to be able to get in even when he is only in once a week. Side note: how is he only in once a week? I need to ask him that.
  5. I read The Oatmeal. He posted a joke comic about gluten. And instead of reading 8000 comments agreeing with him I read 8000 comments saying HEY NOW. That’s uncool. We’re Celiac and we don’t appreciate how this does not help our cause. Right there. Very cool. 8000 may have been an exaggeration.
  6. Pinterest~ what an incredible resource for every need. Gluten free recipes, workouts, Bible verses, posters for the blog, craft ideas for Theboy and decorating ideas. Everything. It’s my go to for everything. It sounds like I’m addicted but fortunately I’m not that type. I’m able to hop on, search for what I need, lose interest quickly upon finding it and hop off. It’s perfect for me. If you are the type that’s easily addicted perhaps you should not…
  7. Brilliant exciting new ideas that take forever to take off but are still exciting. Patience. Rumor is that it’s good for you.
  8. Runningoffthereeses and her ability to get inside my head while she travels. She finds the nooks and crannies of the churches and libraries and castles and I have found no more words to express my love for her blog but I am so grateful for her ability to capture her journey in so much detail.
  9. If my children could see the way I dance when I’m alone they would be horrified. And they might not think about me the same way. #exoticdancing #hipsgocrazy What am I talking about, my kids totally know this about me and are sufficiently embarrassed. They grew up telling me to stop dancing and please don’t ever sing again. Well I don’t sing but somehow the hips still move. Sorry Guys.
  10.  I bought this incredible oil for my face (oh the searching for something for my skin) and my nails and hands love it. Pure Argan Oil from Josie Maran. Sell your firstborn. It’s $48 for 1.7 oz. But since it’s oil.. a little goes a LONG way. I bought mine at Sephora in Penney’s. It wasn’t actually my first choice but they sent me home with three samples and this was awesome so I succumbed to the glory of the oil. I didn’t want just oil. Who knew purity would win me over? My skin just sucks up moisture. Thank you Celiac, Colorado, allergies, winter, etc. I’ve probably gone through more of it than I needed to as I’m still learning the magic and I also love it probably too much. I need to ration myself. When my hands are dry I just reach for it. Thus, my nails. ::swoon:: (p.s. they aren’t like…a half inch long or anything, they just seem stronger and they are there. That’s a big deal for this Celiac. And they don’t seem dry. Yay!)
  11. I get to have lunch with Andrea today and I haven’t seen her in forever. I have no doubt we will spend far too much time talking and far too little time getting done what needs to get done. That’s the best way to spend the afternoon, isn’t it?
  12. A little Christmas shopping today (yay me!). After I have lunch with Andrea, right? Yeah… It’s GivingTuesday…DONATE TODAY!!!  I donated. It’s a beautiful thing, People. It’s all that is good and right with the world.
  13. And finally… I read that the Veterans group Veterans for Standing Rock that is going to Standing Rock to help the protest…well…they’re full. They got SO MANY VETERANS there isn’t room!!  And they raised $560,000. Tell me THAT isn’t a freaking miracle of goodness right there.  Veterans for Standing Rock. RIGHT THERE> We are a proud military family and I am so excited and proud that the veterans are standing up and helping in this national time of crisis when our Native Americans have given and given and given. It’s time for us to have their backs and give to them. It’s Giving Tuesday. Choose a charity and give. This is the time. I’ve chosen this place. My heart has been calling me to be there for months and I’m trying not to put my family out, my animals out, anyone out. But I can give. I’ve give already but today I’m proudly giving to Veterans for Standing Rock in the names of all the veterans in my life. #standingRock #veteransforstandingrock #NoDAPL

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Sweet List <3

  1.  New shoes. Pretty pretty new shoes.
  2. When you give Malachi a bone and he walks around with it for like…a half an hour…bewildered. He doesn’t quite know what to do with it.
  3. I’ve been craving cupcakes for like..four days. I bet you can’t imagine what I’m going for today…
  4. Fall is thinking about showing up and I’ve decided to let it. I’m just that kind of person. Kindness all around. Welcoming to everyone.
  5. Spending the weekend with Sean I managed to irritate him in every way possible. Time well spent. He calls it love
    toy toy story annoying movie disney
  6. Meb running the Olympic marathon and finishing in style. Always a class act. Could we love him anymore?
  7. Galen Rupp coming in third in the men’s Olympic marathon (only his second marathon ever…).  Jared Ward is no slouch for sure coming in sixth…I mean…seriously. 
  8. Sean and I went to see Don’t Think Twice. It was great. It was funny. It was emotional and it was totally worth it. (limited release, it’s an indie film..but if you get the chance it’s really good)
  9. I had jury duty this morning. I got excused after four hours. I entertained myself by interrupting the guy next to me every time he got back into his book and also fidgeting as much as possible. Only one of these things could really be controlled. Also, see #5.  #doingmypart  #justpassingtime
  10. Theboy’s first day of kindergarten. I’m so ridiculously happy for him. I LOVE SCHOOL!
  11. I really wanted a run last night but it was late and dark so I peer pressured Sean into going with me. I ditched his normal routes of quiet residential streets and instead opted for my usual city streets. This is what it’s actually like:

    Then you add in that it was uphill and super crazy ass windy. He had an awesome time and looks forward to tonight. He loves me.
  12. The overcast afternoon sky bringing cool showers. I could live outside in this.
  13. And I just remembered that I hopped on over to Pottermore and took the sorting hat quiz to see which house I’m in and I’m in Gryffindor. Now…rumor has it this is the worst house to be in but I like it so bite me.

I had a pretty debilitating migraine today so it took me the whole day to write this. I pretty much just wanted to sleep and sleep. And eat french fries. Of course, I always want french fries. But I am finished now and getting this out because it’s Monday and Sweet Lists should always come out on Monday.

Run on…

Sweet List <3

  1.  Ann Taylor Loft blouses. Kat, Kristen and I bought far too many and now we’re twinsie besties. Thank heaven we live in separate states.
  2. Cambia, the wonder drug. Worst migraine ever, gone like THAT. I love it more than a 15 year old crushes on the hot guy that’s dating the cheerleader.
  3. Bison burger- gluten free at Ed’s Cantina in Estes Park. Drool. Already planning another trip. I should tell Andrea. She needs to go with me.
  4. This Bar Saves Lives. It’s saving mine, for sure.
  5. Rocky Mountain Half Marathon. That’s it. I’ve already gushed and soon you’ll think I’ve had too much wine.
    The girls…Kat is dancing. Kristen and I do our dancing when no one is watching…it’s better that way…3352 bw1
    All four of us. I don’t know Sean’s bib number so I haven’t looked up his photos. He loves his as much as I love mine though so I bet he’d REALLY like me to post them. HA.  UPDATE: we just looked at them and I know you’re SHOCKED. He doesn’t like them. So there you go.
  6. Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffle. I like the Salted Caramel and I eat them like cookies. It’s an expensive habit.
  7. Charming Charlie’s travel bag. I could live out of this bag. Mine is actually black. But that’s the gist. Great bag.
  8. Went to San Diego. Got myself a Marine. You should, too! Hm. Maybe it doesn’t work that way.  I mean, I had to send a kid away and get a trade in so…check that out first.
    this face…just hangin’ with me. 
  9. Outside Magazine posted the 32 Summer Olympics Moments That Made Us Laugh, Sweat and Cry
  10. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I have a deep love for all things Harry Potter and I always will. Even if they aren’t written by J.K. Rowling.

  11. I have a kitchen full of food. I know this doesn’t sound that exciting but my refrigerator has been ridiculously empty. Unbelievably empty. Shockingly empty. At one point I had eggs, almond milk, and Neurosleep. Then Alex took the eggs. So…yeah. I needed to grocery shop. People are happy.
  12.   Theboy graduated from Prekindergarten. The cutest graduate ever. We didn’t get to be there but the photographic evidence is priceless.
  13. It’s Alex Michael’s birthday week.  I can only find joy from this day because it gave me Alex. Can you blame me?
    Oh…he comes with Megan now. It’s okay, that’s a good thing. We like her. 🙂 


Sweet List <3. Even now, we get a Sweet List.

  1. Breakfast with my kids on Sunday at LePeep. I got flowers straight from Shaughnessy and Adam’s garden and a small box of gummies and life is happy. Theboy was on his best behavior and breakfast was it’s usual awesome.
  2. Alex is building me a new mailbox. So that’s awesome. I’m in the middle of staining it so I’ll have to update you as we go.
  3. Megan (Alex’s favorite girl. Yes, I’ve been replaced. But I’m okay with it) gave me Skittles and Starburst, the most beautiful candle  AND returned my dishes. Alex never returns my dishes so I’m kind of excited about that.
    alexeastershirt        IMG_20160614_123509
  4. Spending my day at the Shrine of Cabrini which is so beautiful. Andrea went with and asks a million questions and I always forget. Every single time. And then I read and remember and forget for the next time. Too many drugs probably.
  5. Monica Sue bought me pretty things.
    freckles courtesy of Kent Veatch, thanks Daddy.
  6. I’m getting my miles in every day. I know a lot of them are walking but I am gettin’ ’em in.
  7. Letter from MT and that is my favorite.
  8. Getting my nails done today because well…I like to. and it’s June. Two very valid reasons.
  9. I’ve been very successfully selling things off from the party and the garage shelves. It feels clean #moneyfromthesky #thisisaparttimejob  #ifonlyImadeasmuchasSean #seanwishesthattoo
  10. I got a new travel size foam roller for a birthday present. Yeah, I bought it myself but doesn’t that make the most sense?I know what I want. 😉

    The next three things are odd to find on the Sweet List. But in this tragedy of the weekend I’m going to find good to get us through the mess. 

  11. John Oliver speaking so well and giving us just a little bit of hope right now. #westandwithorlando
  12. Chik Fil A stepping up in Orlando #westandwithorlando
  13. Jet Blue is offering flights for families who need to go to Orlando to attend to their family members #westandwithorlando