I’m getting there. To the end of my crazy tunnel. I see that light.

So Trump is kicking out the Haitians. Right now it’s amazing to be a Christian and an American. I’m so proud.

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On that note…really good article here.
Why would anyone choose Christianity Today?

And hey, there’s that awesome tax code that’s going to do such great things for all of us. But it’s okay, it’ll be pretty fantastic if you make more than $170,000. What???
I had a woman at my church today asking for rent assistance. She’s a NURSE. A nurse with four kids. Her husband died, her dad just died and she can’t pay the rent. The bills are just too high and she says if she can just get a little assistance to get through the month she’ll be okay. It’s SO hard to hear these stories. I give her the list of people to call and hope she has luck. One of the people she already called and they told her they don’t give rental assistance after the fifteenth of the month. That doesn’t help her when her rent is due at the end. But hey…sure glad those people who are making a freaking ton of money are getting that tax break.

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This is all I ever think to myself when I hear anything he’s done.

My morning yesterday started out amazing after what has to be the most perfect four hours of sleep EVER. Or at least that I can remember.  In the best of circumstances it would have lasted three more hours but I’m not even sorry about that! I went to bed with a terrible migraine, I’d been fighting it all evening and my second drug dose seemed to finally take the edge off. Sean has the plague so I told him he was on his own and I slept in the spare room and remembered nothing after that. Usually migraine drugs cause heavy sleep/hangover/I feel awful but this time…WHOA.

What magic is this? Seriously. I felt like I could run the world.  With all that joy I hoped I wasn’t jinxing it.  I’ve been looking for this particular shirt for a while and this morning I remembered exactly where it was. My brain kicked in and logic began to work for me. It was GREAT.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t found those pants yet. I thought for sure yesterday was the day to look for them due to the magic or maybe just meditate and think…”pants”… it was that kind of day.

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but no. it did not work.


Way back on Friday…

On Friday morning I had 472 errands to run (number of the week) and one of them was to go to the vet in Parker which is pretty far South.  South means a wealthier community. I’d like to dress that up a bit and make it slightly less obnoxious but let’s face it,  it’s the pretty neighborhood.

I live in Aurora. We’re pretty too, but our neighborhoods are not quite as …shall we say…refined. We don’t have nearly as many associations. Sean and I live in a free neighborhood ~yay!~and yes, we have a neighbor up the street with a pink house. Seriously. Breast cancer awareness pink. I know because I met her husband and he told me.  He also mentioned it turned out a little brighter than they were expecting but oh well, once they bought the paint they couldn’t afford to change it.
*lesson of the day, test your paint sample

I mean, I could be more politically correct about this but Aurora is just demographically lower income. Sean and I have discussed moving to a different area of the city but we have a ridiculously low house payment so it’s really beneficial for us to stay. Plus if we keep it that way we can spent all our extra money (it’s bound to be here soon, right? Extra money?) on traveling.  And some day we’re going to as soon as we get twelve minutes.

It’s really going to happen. I swear.

Meanwhile, I stopped in at the local Kroger store and OH MY GOSH.  I felt like I was in the Truman Show or that show on Netflix The Good Life. Where everything is pretty and shiny and beautiful. All the shelves are stocked and the fruit is shiny.

The produce department is twice the size of the store on my end of town, at least twice. It’s incredible. The store is HUGE. The gluten free products it stocks (gasp!) it’s really impressive. And I lost count of how many employees stopped what they were doing, turned to me smiling (smiling with a *ding) kind of smile…you know what I mean and said, “how are you doing?” or “find everything okay today?”

Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone of grocery stores. It kind of freaked me out. I’d like to say I’m kidding but I think I’m only half kidding. It was crazy.

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I can’t decide if I want the grocery store or not. I’m still deciding.

Sean was out of town and theboy stayed with me.
The difference between sleeping with a 200 pound man and a six year old is absolutely nothing. They both take up 3/4 of the space and you end up wishing you were in the spare room.  Theboy actually slept completely sideways and with both legs on top of me.   After pushing him back over he wiggled his little self back to my side and snugged up.

That’s ok. I’ll take that.

Also, he heavy sighs with a little….”hhmmm” in his sleep. ::swoon::

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Theboy learned how to play chess this week. He’s so excited and was telling me all about it. Then he said it was too bad I didn’t know how to play chess.

I do know how to play chess.

“YOU know how to PLAY CHESS??” he asked, incredulous.

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Huh. I wonder why that’s so shocking?

Yes. yes I do. My dad taught me when I was probably just a little older than he was.

He was dumbfounded. “Will you play with me?”
I told him I would. He wanted to know if I still remembered.
Poor Babe the dinosaur. LOL

Yes. Yes I remember.

At least 15 times while we played he said, “I can’t believe YOU know how to play chess”.
This is not a side of him I like…

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It’s okay. I kicked his little six year old butt. Three times.


I had this post ready to publish in the morning  and completely forgot. COMPLETELY>

In my defense I ran out the door super early for work and when I got there it was crazy busy until I left at 5.  At some point it will slow down, I’m certain of it. I just have to hang on until that happens.

I had so little sleep the night before last that even though I felt great I ended up with a pretty wicked migraine so I took some drugs, fed my family (yay, family) and went to bed for a three hour nap because taking care of myself has to come first.

My butt and my legs need a run though. I’m looking at training plans. I keep hitting people up for races.

I’m definitely feeling a little more in control though, this week. I know it’s only Tuesday but I didn’t bring work home today so that’s a plus. And if I hadn’t had a migraine I definitely would have run. All of that means there’s hope out there for time management.

It occurred to me that I could take a change of clothes and go to the incline after I get off work, if I can ever leave work at my regular hour of 2:30.

Schedules. So much scheduling.


Absolutely nothing. I slept. Tomorrow I will be better. I’m getting my steps in though and a lot of it is an actual staircase (up and downstairs at a dead run in heels all day long…that has to count as part of a workout!).

This is incredibly true for me. Every goal I ever had that I kept to myself I succeeded with flying colors. Most of the others crashed and burned with few exceptions. I try very hard to keep goals to myself.

10 Psychology Facts That Provide Useful Insight Into The Human Mind

Run on…

No porn. I swear.

I owed everyone three posts this week, I had it in my head and by God I’m getting it done.

I should change the name of this blog to something having to do with the church because I talk about the church a lot now but oh man that is some good material. We were figuring out our stewardship campaign the other day and our priest (who is hilarious and really nice but only an interim priest while we are in the hiring process) asked if we could just send out a little card with “pay up” on it.

I think…no? But damn that would be good. I think a humorous stewardship campaign would totally make me pay more.

Better living through humor.

I went to post my blog last night on Facebook and for those of you that don’t know this, Facebook automatically gives you certain stats on your page without you asking for them. I don’t really notice them most of the time but occasionally something will pop out.

Last night I posted and my previous day’s blog~which normally would say something like “16 people reached” or “8 people reached” or something along those lines had decidedly different numbers.

My Sweet List numbers said, “492 people reached”


So I popped back onto the list to see if I somehow linked it to porn by accident.

Nope. No porn. No explanation either. No idea. Nothing new happening over here.
So. weird.

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::waves to my little group of readers I have::
To the 492 of you that popped in…it was very nice to see you. 😎

I lost my pants.  (I know you guys are thinking…THIS is why the 492 people came by. But no. This happened after. And there was no nudity. and the 492 people would have run screaming from the blog I promise).

It is easy to lose my pants because  everything I own is black, pretty sure we’ve talked about this before. So I try and find my leggings (because dress down Friday is stepped up when you aren’t even supposed to work on Friday) so I search the drawers, I search the laundry, I look upstairs and downstairs…

…hell I even looked in that drawer that holds those underthings-you-wear-to-weddings and a swimsuit.

I hate that drawer.

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No leggings.

But as I searched I came across a different pair I apparently stashed last year in a drawer I like to call “the place where all bad clothes go until they decide to behave themselves and fit again”.

Since I’m an organizer … it’s a small drawer.  Only a few expensive beloved pieces are in there. They don’t last. I tend to donate rather than save.

Some Nike magic leggings made their way into that drawer and lo and behold they fit. I am now wearing them.

After trying them on my suspicion is that they were too high waisted (a pox on the inventor of the high waisted anything) and so that’s a little unfriendly but I have pants and the universe and everyone that has to see me today is pretty grateful.

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No, I never found my other pants. It’s been that week.

But I got a run in this morning before work (super short, like two miles) and did about 30 pushups. Ha…quickies! …and that’s on about five hours of sleep (miracle of miracles) and tonight I get to pick up theboy for a weekend of JOY and FUN and gallavanting around the church!

yeah, I’m bringing him to the church.

Shut up. don’t judge me. I have stuff to get done. He’ll love it. Run around like a maniac. Play Minecraft. Eat snacks. Charm everyone and own the place.

That’s my plan anyway. It could go hopelessly awry. Kids.

There will be no running tomorrow (theboy) but hopefully Sunday because MY KID WILL BE HOME.

did I mention my kid will be home? MT says he’s my favorite but you and I both know…it depends on what time it is. Shaughnessy was definitely the favorite yesterday. I’ll tell you that story tomorrow.

God help me I’ll never get a hot shower again.

Gotta run. I have letters to print!

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Run on…

Sweet List <3

1.  a new haircut! Thank you Princess Anna! @annaloze I love her.

2. November is here. I’ve never been so happy for November. #longestyearever #flewby

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3. MT gets home THIS WEEK.  I’m so glad he’s happy. I love him happy.

4. My computer font has been totally screwed up for two weeks and it’s been impossible to see anything clearly on the screen. It’s been like looking at a really really bad photocopy.

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 I finally figured it out today, or my computer figured it out for me and notified me of a glitch. Was it waiting for something in particular? What happened today that said ~this is the day we’re going to let her off the hook. Today she gets her regular font back. I mean, it’s been fun but the torture should stop now.  I would like to know for the next time it decides to do this.
5. I think (I think…) I am mostly caught up at work. Which means I am not going into the week behind. I’ve been working behind for weeks and weeks and for someone who likes to be ahead of the game on everything, this is causing me to lose sleep.  I finally feel somewhat even. I have a huge pile of work to do but if I dive in headfirst I might get it done quick. Who knew churches had so much to do.
6.  Sean and I went hiking today and it was the best way to spend a Sunday. I just turned off my phone (okay, I didn’t really but I put it on low power and put it away in the backpack) and enjoyed the gorgeous day outside.  You would think with everyone in my family being tucked away neatly in their homes I would not be so paranoid about being reached but I just am. So until I’m not…I keep the phone on. Meanwhile, here is me killing time while Sean is Ingressing. A four mile hike for a quick two minute Ingress moment? Totally worth it. Plus he made me laugh the whole time so I’m all in for that kind of day. #Ingress #hikingcolorado #excusesexcuses 

7.  Tea of a Kind. Now…here’s the glitch. I bought the Pomegranate Acai White Tea and it’s so delicious. I loved it. The other flavor said it had caffeine right on the bottle and this one didn’t so I figured I was probably good. I can’t see caffeine anywhere on the bottle and I can’t find caffeine information anywhere. White Tea generally has quite a bit of caffeine so I’m not sure what’s up there. I only drank a little of it to make sure I don’t invite a migraine but the answer is still a mystery. If you can have caffeine though…this stuff is delicious.

image source: Tea of a Kind

8.  Shalane Flanagan. I mean Seriously. She just inspires you to get your ass out the door and run. Between watching her win the NYCM and the postcard perfect weather of Colorado in November I am dying to be running pretty much all the time.

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9. The Manitou Incline is tentatively scheduled to open Dec 1st. Which means I have to get back to doing my incline work. My legs are definitely not in incline shape. Michelle’s totally are. And a great thank you to the hard workers who haul themselves up those stairs every day to work on the incline.  It is an incredible workout and it’s cold and wet and just a huge undertaking. Those of us that love the incline and Colorado’s great outdoors appreciate your efforts.

10. I went to TJ Maxx because I have no work pants. I found a few pair that I think will work really well (I’ll be honest, I didn’t try them all on) but I  happened upon the greatest t-shirt ever (when I was looking through t-shirts so I didn’t really “happen” on it), I mean I was looking in the t-shirt section.  For $6.99 my life has been made better. I want to go back and buy six more. Long, soft, fits well, good grey color. I just love it. Good quality t-shirts are hard to find! No, I didn’t really need a t-shirt but … that’s not the point.

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Image result for that's not the point gif

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That is probably very true.
But I got a t-shirt that changed my life and no I want six more. #idontexaggerate #ifonlyjeansfitthatway


Run on…

The day the walls came tumbling down

My big plan was to work out right after work today. I slept pretty terrible last night and instead wandered the halls like a ghost searching aimlessly for the other side.

I toyed with going first thing this morning and the air suited my mood. It was cloudy and frosty and the perfect kind of morning but I figured my unrest would contribute to a rough run. So I would wait until after work. The weather was supposed to continue and it would be good.

Then this happened.

I was underneath that.

I am totally fine. I was able to back out pretty quick as it was falling so my leg is bruised and after the adrenaline that had me shaking for about twenty minutes passed I realized I think it hit my head and my back hurts. As the day progressed my back hurt a little more but none of it was ~whoa you should SO go be checked out~. It was more…this is going to be a little achy later.

I’m definitely watching it and if it gets worse I’ll go in (That was for my mom).

They were VERY nice at work. Beyond nice. Asked me 427 times if I was okay. Insisted I get checked out. Checked on me multiple times a day. Really great.

The cabinet was ridiculously overfilled and apparently it wasn’t anchored into the wall.

PSA for the day. Use anchors.

Also, I got a papercut.

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Roll your eyes if you must but that sucker HURT.

They pulled out the whole office hutch contraption and replaced it with a floor file cabinet (gotta love churches. Someone is always donating furniture. We have rooms full of options downstairs. Anyone need a piano? We have three extra…). I got to organize the whole top drawer of that! It was pretty divine.

It took me two hours to clean up the mess and most of it I wasn’t cleaning, I was shoving stuff in a different drawer or a box until today. Some of it I did manage to organize and that was the best hour of my day.


Since I was thisclose to running this morning I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow morning. Sean said, “in the snow?”

He’s just a little ray of sunshine now isn’t he? Way to rain on my parade.
Kinda literally.

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This past weekend Sean did a Goruck event.  This was twelve hard hours overnight (it started at 9pm!) and  15 intense miles that include hiking in the dark with headlamps. Only he lost his headlamp so he used the light of the moon and stood between other people and their headlamps. He did an amazing job and I’m ridiculously proud of him. He was keeping me posted through the night with an occasional text to let me know he was okay and I will admit I was so grateful for each one. This is a crazy event. He came home that night  exhausted and spent. The next morning he got up and went back to spend the day bike riding. The guy is a machine.


So we’ll just take yesterday’s #myworkoutis and we’ll swap it over to today.

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Run on…

What’s your secret

How much do we LOVE this??

Shalane Flanagan Wins the New York City Marathon

Yeah…best moment. Between her and Meb I just want to go run right this moment.  And they’re such good people they deserve every great thing life brings them.


On Facebook I’m connected to a writer friend of mine.  He posed a question on his page…”what’s something you’ve done that you’re sure you’re the only one on my friends list that’s done it?”

Well…let me just say that reading the responses I’ve decided I’ve totally wasted my life.  You would not BELIEVE what people have done.

“Been on the cover of time magazine, dec.1969 issue for the takeover of Alcatraz nov 20, 1969. ~As a member og the group of native americans who took the island over around 3am nov. 20th, 1969.” ~ Geneva Seaboy
 I mean…come ON. That’s a beautiful part of history right there, People.

One lady babysat Jeffrey Dahmer when Dahmer was about 8 or 9 and the guy was 16. Apparently, he was nuts then, too. I won’t go into details.

Someone chatted with Jackie O while driving her on a short ride to a friend’s house. Said she was lovely and personable. (Swoon with jealousy)

There was a man that bartended at a university function and served a glass of water to the Dalai Lama.

There were crash landings, island strandings and movie star visits.  

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And of course, one guy who was probably having the same thought I was. He said, “Shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.”

Image result for johnny cash forever gif

yes…yes you are. sigh…I love Johnny Cash.

I do have a few stories (okay, maybe only one or two and they are not that exciting)…but mine I take to my grave. They are definitely not blog worthy. This takes the excitement away, I know. But rest assured…I didn’t shoot a man in Reno and I didn’t babysit any serial kill…oh wait. I did babysit for someone who murdered someone. huh. I forgot that.

Eh that was a long time ago.

And I have been to see the Dalai Lama but I didn’t serve him water, I just heard him speak and it was as amazing as you would imagine. But it was amazing for a few thousand people so…doesn’t qualify probably.  I’ll keep thinking.  Pretty sure my kids could answer this question in a HOT SECOND.

Someone mentioned the post has over 350 comments so far. It is ridiculously interesting but really it’s the concept. Who knew people had these secrets in their past?
Michelle and I climbed Mt Falcon Castle Trail on Saturday. And it hurt. Not during the climbing but afterwards…yikes. Seriously everything hurt.

The last time we went hiking we went much further and I didn’t hurt at all but today was a milder hike and man, my whole body aches. Probably something I ate affecting me. My guess? Kettle Jalapeno chips. I know you guys think I’m nuts but I don’t feel good after I eat them. I bought them Friday, first time in months. I think I’m over them. Weird right? Don’t get too upset, I’m still all in for jalapenos. Just these chips are a no go.

According to All Trails, the Mt Falcon Castle Trail is 7.9 miles. I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion. We climbed from the East parking lot up to the castle. At the castle we still had plenty of energy and we felt like we wanted more so we headed towards the West parking lot about a quarter of a mile thinking we’d get a great view  and we were not wrong. We did get a great view…. but we also got like 20mph winds. It was insane. Still pretty though.

We flipped around after that and headed back. The entire time we were hiking we were rewarded with deer sightings. They were everywhere just hangin’ out and having breakfast. Very relaxed. We went ridiculously early so there was virtually no one on the trail but us. Nice and quiet.

It was a beautiful way to spend the morning. Michelle and I don’t get much time together so when she messages with a “wanna hike?” I always say ~hell yes~ because it’s one of the joyous things in the world and she agrees. Just to be outside.

It was really bright outside and we were wearing really really bright clothes. The deer were not afraid at any point because we were easily spotted ten miles away.
In the end we hiked 6.5 miles according to all of the technology we were wearing so I again am not sure how they came up with 7.9 but whatever. 6.5 miles was plenty. I hurt like I had run 18 miles in the middle of a snowstorm. That was Saturday and on Sunday I still felt it.

3 easy miles|
40 push ups
40 squats
2 minute plank

Let’s hope I find the perfect temperature window to get that workout done in.


It's only cold if you're standing still. Check out my post - Five Cold Weather Running Tips.

Run on…

Let’s talk Botox

On the heels of such a terrible migraine and the Botox follow up I thought I would talk about what Botox is all about. Two years ago in February I got my first injections and I’ve had them every three months since.

They have always worked well for me, however, as time has passed the shots work better and better. I take two different medications for my migraines because Botox doesn’t make them all go away.  I continue to get some occasionally and one of those medications I would routinely fill every six weeks. I filled it six weeks ago and I’ve barely touched it. I have a full bottle.

Here is a photo of my neurologist who has nearly perfect reviews. His name is Dr. Ravi Shah.
Image result for dr ravi shah imagesI know. It’s a terrible quality picture. He doesn’t have a professional photo, how weird is that? I think this was cut out of a office snapshot or something. Anyway…here he is. He’s very GQ. Funny, so is my Celiac specialist. Suppose that has anything to do with the amount of money I’m paying for their services?
He is as good as the reviews say. He’s nice, he listens, he’s friendly, he always tries to fix whatever the problem is, and he goes out of his way to make sure I have meds…even if they’re samples until he can get me hooked up with what works. I have no problem getting an appointment and when I do have a problem he fits me in to fix it (I’m expressive, occasionally the Botox would freeze my eyebrow in “hey Baby, how you doin’? mode).
His specialties are neurology and psychology.
Yeah..I know. I’m screwed. Pretty sure he’s got me figured out.
A little of my history. I’ve been getting migraines as long as I can remember. I remember having headaches when I was very little and my mom was always trying different things to figure out how to help me. I finally figured they were migraines when I was 18 and was in the emergency room. They told me my “headache” was a migraine. Once that diagnosis was made my life got easier…if you could say that. Right?

Things to know about Botox

  • Botox does not help if you get episodic migraines or fewer than 15 migraines a month.
  • If you’re going to try it, settle in to give it two or three tries. Mine worked well the first time but each time it got better and continues to improve.
  • the cost is high. My insurance covers some of the cost so I am left with the cost of the actual vials which right now are about $600+ per vial. My doctor uses two vials on me. I also pay for my doctors visit which is $227 a visit. If my deductible is paid up then hey…this is no problem. If it’s nowhere near paid up then this comes out of either…
  • .Image result for gasp gif
    A: my health fund or:
    B: my own sad little pocket
    As you can imagine, my choice to do this was discussed with my husband at length and we processed  the cost/how well does it do it’s job- factor at length and continue to review it every few visits.
  • Botox (the brand name…) offers a Botox credit card that credits you BACK if you do the work. The work being paperwork. After I got my first treatment they gave me the paperwork. I signed up on the Botox website and filled out the information including uploading the last Botox treatment information. They sent me a credit card loaded with $240 on it that was “refunded”. I can use it on anything medical related. So the next treatment I can use it on the Botox or I can use it on the office visit or I can use it on another doctor’s visit. It just has to be medically related. I think right now I have nearly $500 on it. There is an expiration date of six months I think. They may have changed that with the new update.
  • I see him every twelve weeks and as the time winds down my head reminds me it’s happening. As it wears of, I get more migraines. That twelve week cycle is very tight for me.
  • I am still on Topiramate (generic forTopamax) as preventative medication and I also have Fiorinal and Cambia to actually treat any migraine I do get. He’s tried taking me off Topiramate and my migraines increase significantly enough that he’s leaving me on them for now. He did decrease the dosage (after the eye twitching episode a few months ago) but otherwise everything stays the same. I take 150mg a day. 50mg in the middle of the day and 100mg at night.My excuse for being brain dead is called Topamax. What's yours? BY: Gina Fabrizio
  • The Botox for migraines is diluted before it’s injected. It’s injected in approximately 31 locations across the head and neck.Image result for Botox migraine injection graphicIn the photo on the left, my injections are way at the top near my hairline, not down so far.  Because I’m pretty expressive, he dots two tiny little injections in the far edges of each eyebrow to keep me from flirting with people I don’t want to flirt with.The photo in the middle is pretty accurate though one of those injections is square in my temple, a prime spot for migraine pain.The third photo is also fairly accurate though the two injections at the bottom of the neck are much lower.
  • Does it hurt? yes. It hurts me for sure. Here is my experience- the shots are short…like two seconds. Short bursts. They aren’t deep, they are just under the surface. But they burn and on my right side-oh my gosh. Like it’s startling sometimes and then I’ll just burst into tears.  Because my migraines are 100% on the right side of my body, Dr Shah told me I would feel more pain on my right side for probably everything. That side would just be more sensitive. Well he isn’t kidding. I had noticed that before he told me and it couldn’t be clearer than when I’m getting these shots. They weren’t too bad the first time I got them but as time goes on they are more painful. I’m sure Dr. Shah loves to have me show up. I’ve passed out twice and I’ve nearly thrown up twice. I am a good time. For the record, I’m his only patient to do this. Also, he has offered me a scrip for Valium if that would help relax me before the shots but I have to drive after so I just deal with it. He has other patients who take it, I just choose not to. On a scale of one to ten, the left side hurts like a..4 maybe? The right side, depending on the situation, feels like a freakin’ 7 or an 8. Two seconds of a burning 8. Then he massages that spot to make sure the Botox disperses. The whole thing takes maybe ten minutes on a good day, twenty minutes if I have to stop.
    Getting Botox on the same day you have a migraine is not a good idea. It might be best to reschedule as the pain is a lot to deal with.  Totally.
  • Side Effects: The nitty gritty.
     1. Headache I always thought this one was random. How would I know?  #alreadythere
    2 . Facial loss of movement– I don’t think so. The first time I got shots my eyebrows ventured out on their own and that’s when I went back and he fixed them. I didn’t look too weird, just always intrigued…LOL. But right now I’m scrunching up my forehead just fine.
    3. Eyelid drooping – yep. my eyelids do seem to be a little droopier after 2.5 years. I’m also older. Good makeup? Lots of smiling… I can’t imagine getting it in other spots. Mine are so high on my hairline. Who knows what it would do to your face. 🙁
     4. Lung inflammation– nope…but I’ve heard about it and it doesn’t sound fun.
    5. Neck pain– neck pain being the most common complaint. 9% of the Botox test group complained of neck pain. I have never had this. 
    6. Muscle stiffness and weakness– how would I know? #thankyouceliac
    7. Muscle pain and spasms – how would I know? #thankyouceliac
     8. Pain at injection site – I have this for a few days after my shots and only in a few places. Sometimes I have small bruises in some of my injection sites but again, only a few.
     9. High blood pressure migraines are the only thing that raise my blood pressure. I still have low blood pressure.
  • Who to see about Botox: I was sent to a neurologist in my care circle. I still researched him. This was not something I wanted to take a chance on. I wanted to make sure he was a neurologist with years of experience treating migraines. Not everybody can do this. Just because somebody does Botox doesn’t mean they can work with migraines. It’s a delicate specialty. Your corner Botox cosmetic  aesthetician is not who you go to, even though it would probably be cheaper. And your general medical doctor is also not who you go to. You need a specialist and you want to make sure he has credentials. Do your research. 
  • Botox is totally worth it for me. I will continue with it as long as I have these great results.
    Great sources for Botox


My life, SLE, Sjogrens, endometriosis, fibromialgia, chronic migraines
Run on…

Sweet List!!

1. We are having a true and real -right down to my soul- autumn and it’s exactly what we all ordered. We are definitely dealing with cooler days but the leaves, the mostly warm weather and the occasional cool weather, the sunshine…we could not have asked for a better season.
2. I love my new job. It’s challenging and I don’t have a freaking clue what I’m doing but I’m figuring it out. Most important, I’ve been given the space to do it. My   biggest issue is I only have 20 hours and it’s a full time job. I think after I figure it out it’ll be closer to the 20 hours. For now, I’m there a LOT. 
. You know how I brag about my husband a ridiculous amount of the time? I mean, he’s such a slacker. The computer has needed way more than my capabilities.  I’d like to add I know husbands and wives are there for each other but this guy gets a hangout message that says, “I need help” and one sentence later he says, “I’m on my way”.  He knows I don’t ask him to leave his job and come help me if I’m not in trouble but my head was very bad and I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see very well and I was having trouble just focusing on the task that had to be done. I know very well how lucky I am and I don’t ever forget it. And yes, every Sweet List will have Sean on it so you’ll have to get over that. ❤
4. Winter boots!! Pretty shoes! Ugh. So many wonderful footwear opportunities I avoid going onto the websites or I would be totally poor. Okay, not really but I would want to be. I would want #alltheshoes
5. I love being back at work because I love wearing grown up clothes. I don’t have to dress up. People wear jeans to work. But I like dressing up. My friend mentioned to me that, like her, I probably preferred dressing up because it just felt right since it’s church. But after thinking about it…no I don’t think that’s it at all.  I don’t think God requires us to dress up. God accepts us the way we are…jeans and all.  The people at church are actual people. They laugh, they cry, they curse and they wear sweats and jeans. The downside to dressing up is that Sean doesn’t even flinch when I show up in a cute skirt and gorgeous heels. It’s just Tuesday for him. Dude…good legs. Come on! Nothin’. Good thing he’s cute.

“No one is young after forty, but one can be irresistible at any age”
― Coco Chanel

6. I have a brand new daughter in law! I know, it’s been three weeks but hey…it’s been a Sweet List hiatus. I’ve been busy.

7. This is what happens when you reply to spam email
A really great short and quick Ted Talk by James Veitch (who I am probably randomly related to in a really really far off way).
8. Seeing all of my kids happy. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

9.  The Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. Candy and treats, costumes and scary things…and magic! All with the cutest little kids ever. We didn’t get many trick-or-treaters tonight so I’m glad we had the party so we could see the all the kids. That was totally the best part.  #Halloweencuteness #tinyscarycuteness


10.  I woke up today and I’m not going to die. You think I’m making light but when these migraines are this bad you definitely just hate everything about life. This was just the worst I’ve had in a very long time. I considered urgent care for a “migraine cocktail” as my neurologist calls it but I thought the bill might make my headache worse so I took a drug I’d been holding off of and went to bed. I do still have it this morning but my Botox is today (the reason my migraine got this bad probably….it wears off as I get closer to my appointment) so we’ll decide at my appointment if I should reschedule and get treated for the migraine or power through the 30+ shots. Either way, it went from a “12” yesterday to an 8 today and that’s workable. #Icandothat #poweringthrough


I’m ending at ten because it’s late and I want to get this posted! But if I quick come up with three more I’ll add those.

Oh wait!

11. Vanilla Midgees. 

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run on…

Did I or didn’t I?

I did.
I found the birth certificate. I know you guys were pretty tense waiting for that answer.

Image result for found gif

In case everyone is thinking, “but you’re so organized? and…you’re an organizer!” I just have to say this…
Even someone really organized isn’t perfect and we lose things. And we make mistakes and here’s where I went wrong. 
I gather paperwork together that needs to be filed and I take it up all at once about once a week. The two certificates (Alex has two separate forms…) must have been at the bottom and I just missed that they were there. I always keep those forms in the safe but since I didn’t see them I just automatically put the papers in the “to be filed” file. This is something I go through every few months and properly sort but at least here it’s in the filing cabinet. Well when I put them in that file, apparently those two forms slid into the file next to the “to be filed” file, my mortgage file. I don’t know about you guys but I get my mortgage statements electronically. So the mortgage statements in that file  are several years old (probably six or seven) and in the short line to be shredded) and looking in there would probably not have happened anytime soon.
And thus the problem.
I didn’t even care that it was a mistake or even that it was my mistake. I was so grateful I found it I just walked upstairs and showed Sean. No singing or dancing,  just relief. And then I made eyeballs for the Halloween party.

Related image

Eyeballs which I totally forgot to take photos of and they were cute. But cuter still were the billions of kids (total exaggeration but probably 20 easily) that showed up in costume to Shaughnessy and Adam’s Halloween party. SO CUTE. There were probably 8 ninjas (popular costume this year), several little princesses, one especially cute cowgirl, a grown dinosaur (he was hilarious), a cupcake eating Mario and his brother the Ghostbuster…it was all so fun. I could look at kids in costumes all day long. They were all adorable.
Shaughnessy and Adam hired a magician who was  funny as hell and I only watched her for about ten minutes. She performed for 45! She was great and totally worth it. They had such a big group of people (kids and grown ups) they ended up having the magician outside and it was also about 45* and evening so my body said “hell no”. Too damn cold. I joke but I am always colder when it’s cold and hotter when it’s hot. So I stayed inside but my feet were so cold I couldn’t warm them up. My feet continued to hurt all through the evening and into today. More evidence I am not normal.
Eh…I have other qualities.

Image result for I'm still cute gif

Image result for I'm still cute gif

My mom always said to use what you’ve got.

Image result for use what you've got gif

Shaughnessy was a flapper (and beautiful of course) and Adam was Dracula because he is always Dracula. It’s his signature costume and it’s awesome.   Sean and I were Little Red Riding Hood and Sean dressed up as The Wolf! He was awesome. His costume was so great. I’ll try and get someone to send me a photo.
I was the same thing last year and I wanted to be something different this year but I ran out of time. I love the idea of Little Red Riding Hood but then when I’m there I just feel like I’m someone wearing a red cape and carrying a basket. Sean said that about his hat last year so maybe it’s just us! haha.
We need help wrapping our heads around what we want to be.  Next year, think ahead (anyone holding their breath for that?)


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We’ll see.
I was really hoping for photos but I’ll see if I can get some for tomorrow because dang they looked good. SO good.

I’m working on a BIG project for my job at the church (did I mention I got a job at my church?) as the office administrator. I need to know how to edit video. Anyone have any good tips? Easy software they love…free or cheap? So far the project  has gone GREAT and also…had some glitches that aren’t terrible but we can work with them. I’ll show you the first one when I finish so you can see what it is but then you’ll probably go..yeah, this is boring. But hey…at least you’ll  know what it is.



I did LOTS of yoga both days. I spent the weekend stretching it OUT. I feel so much better I can’t even tell you. I should have run but really just wanted to do yoga because I’ve felt pretty terrible so I honored that and worked on it.

Today I feel kind of the same but it’s a lovely 33* for a high so I might run. It’s really strange not having anything to train for or anything to do. I might have to change that just so I have #goals.  I don’t usually need them to work hard on my running but what the hell, maybe I’m just unfocused right now since I have so much other stuff going on.

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I’m working on it.

Run on…

I am at a loss but I’ll keep going.

I’m off today and I slept. As long as I could. This morning the temperature is 27*. That’s just wrong. It was 83* on Wednesday. So it’s cold. I am relaxing while I work. Did I mention the sun is shining GLORIOUSLY and it’s so beautiful it looks like it’s 70*.
It lies.

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My morning consisted of sweats, laundry, floors, dishes and some computer work and then getting my nails done because when my nails start coming apart it’s crisis mode and those suckers have to get done or they’ll peel down to nothing and become very bad.

After that I’m going to head over to Miss Shaughnessy’s house to help with party stuff. They are having their “annual Halloween Bash” which officially became annual this year.

Oh what did I do yesterday?…
tore the house apart, thankyouverymuch. I have paperwork on every surface of my house. All over the floor in the spare room. All over the couch and the floor of the family room. The living room has papers on the floor, the couches and the coffee table and my bedroom has paperwork on the desk under the television.
Alex is attempting to go on his honeymoon and his birth certificate has gone AWOL. It’s gone. Disappeared. Nowhere to be found. He insists I have it but I have zero clue where it would be. I keep those things in the fire safe and it’s not there. So….now I’m frantically tearing the house apart. He’s rather halfheartedly looking on his end because he believes I have it.
Alex was born in Germany when we were stationed there so his birth certificate replacement requires a LOT more than the average person. It requires an affidavit and a notary and sending money to Washington DC and then waiting patiently (hello, they’ve already paid money, they have tickets) It’s a pain and takes time. Did I mention he needs a new passport? Here’s his old passport…it expired, oh..I don’t know…a few years ago….

Just a little overdue for a new one.
But the emergency here is the birth certificate.  Feel free to pray on this for me. We could use all the help we can get.
Right now I’m attempting my ~think about something else. clean the house. Focus on work. Plan other things. ~ And it’ll come to you.

It’s very hard to do that. Also, going through all this stuff is really hard and I’m cleaning again. I know. AGAIN.

All I can think about is if I die tomorrow my poor kids have to deal with all of this.

I just don’t want to leave it for them. If I leave them four bookshelves of books they can haul it off to Goodwill or portion it out to friends but boxes of emotional paperwork? pfft…that’s just no good.

It’s really important that we think about this stuff before our stuff takes over our entire house  and we just keep right on moving forward oblivious to the impact our lives will have on other people.

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So I’m searching, cleaning and also become completely overwhelmed and slightly unglued.

Related image
I’m going to try and get a run in later but I’m going to do a mini strength this morning.

Some squats, push ups and planks.
I miss working out!

I have to go, super late.

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Run on…

vanilla midgees and mini salsas. One of these makes me really really happy.

On Sunday we went to dinner with the kids for Shaughnessy’s birthday. They are not kids. They are grown adults. But they will always be kids. My picture is very sideways and I tried to steal Adam’s picture but he only puts it on Instagram. You can’t take it from Instagram. Sorry. Just accept that she was beautiful and let’s move on.

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I went to Target the other day and when I left I was approached for cash. It happens. I think I’ve talked about this before. I give cash because I don’t want to pass any judgement on who is lying and who isn’t so I just figure it’s up to my Higher Power to judge. I’m just going to trust and give if I have it.

At Target, though, it is a different story.
Some information on our Target…the police officers I used to work for told me it’s a pretty dangerous area of Aurora and not to go there in the evening at all. The high number of apartments across the street make it a very high drug deal area which make it a very high crime area. Weirdly, you wouldn’t know this by visiting it. It seems like a nice area. So I just go at other times of the day. But there are ALWAYS people asking for money. ALWAYS. I’m usually on the lookout and careful but sometimes there’s just no avoiding people. I’ve been approached by the same person with the same “my car broke down and needs gas” story multiple times in multiple weeks and by more than one person. I’ve been approached in the dark by men in the parking lot (it gets dark early! Sometimes I’m just getting off work).  I just don’t love the whole situation.

So yesterday I was approached by a guy who very gruffly says, “don’t kill me but… (um…what?) I’m trying to get bus fare. I’m a veteran!”
Then he pulls out his military ID to PROVE it to me.
Dude. That’s just wrong.
It felt wrong, anyway.
So I told him he didn’t need to tell me he was a veteran and he certainly didn’t need to prove it to me. Everybody needs help sometime. And I gave him a couple dollars.
He got quite mad and confronted me and said, “what am I supposed to say then? What do I say??” as he moved slightly towards me.
I took a step back from him. I told him that him that telling me he needed help and was having a hard time was enough for me and I’d still give him something because everybody has troubles.
I think that being a veteran definitely plays a factor in giving. There are far too many of our veterans that are on the streets. Mental illness, PTSD, and the constant struggle with unemployment feeds all of this and causes family issues that are impossible to manage leading to veterans with no other real answers but to go to the streets.
Sean and I talked about it for a while because I was debriefing from the situation.  We’ve both given money to the vet on the corner carrying the cardboard sign that clearly says “out of work vet” or the guy wearing the veteran hat so why is this different? We finally recognized the issue in front of us was his pushing so hard to make sure I knew he was a veteran. He was pushing the issue so hard it became offensive.  To the extent that he pulled out his card to prove it. It was very uncomfortable.

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I know, right?
Can anyone tell me why you would need these??

You can see the regular size jars next to them…they’re tiny little jars of salsa
taaahhhny little jars of salsa.
Why would anyone need tiny little jars of salsa? I need gallon jars of salsa. I would go through this jar of salsa in one sitting.

Image result for why gif

I haven’t done anything but work and sleep in the last week. I feel like I haven’t done anything but work and sleep since the wedding except a little yoga to make my leg feel better. I mean I probably have but not much. I am in 100% exhausted mode 100% of the time. My right leg has been bothering me quite a bit. It already was, then the great hike of October did not help so I’ve been kind of limping a little- favoring that side.

Last night I walked Malachi for the first time in weeks and it felt so good to stretch out my legs and immediately I had progress. My body clearly was saying I need to keep moving.
walking the dog. Yeah, that’s all. Just that.

Image result for running injury quotes
I’m not really injured…just need to rest my leg.

run on…