I am running today.

That is all.




I lied.  Also…I’ve been out of my thyroid meds for five days.  I get to/have to pick them up today.  By day three I noticed I was tired at work.  By day four I was exhausted…EXHAUSTED at ten pm.  This morning I couldn’t get out of bed and my hands were killing me.  And…the STUPIDITY started.  I walked around this morning for two minutes TWO MINUTES (it’s a long time…try it) looking for my sweater.  I had it in my hands.  Picking them up this morning.

I hate my pharmacy.  Note to self: find a new one.



Resting, dammit. And I don’t like it.

Yep.  My leg hurt again this morning.  But not nearly as bad *snoopy dance* so I figured ONE MORE REST DAY and that’s just to appease the doctor in me.  So instead I went and got my long long LONG over due nails done.  That was to appease the princess in me.  I won’t show you a photo of my feet.  No one wants that.

I will say I actually have ten toenails now.  Some of you may remember I lost three toenails after last years marathon extravaganza.  No need to run in fear,  Children, the double toenails and missing toenails…a thing of the past.  No more covering your eyes when I wear sandals.  It took 7 months but dammit, my feet look like human feet again.  Hallelujah.


Rest Day

imageI’m having a really good training week. And the weather is gorgeous. But I’m also overdue for a rest day. Despite wanting to lace up my running shoes, I’m forcing myself to take a break today. Its killing me.

So this is what we are doing instead. (Don’t worry….we are an egg free house. Brownie batter is allowed)



Rebuttal, Your Honor

I get to read the posts early.  One of the perks.  So I read Michelle’s last night and now  I’m here to offer my rebuttal.  I’ll begin with~ I don’t believe I looked at her with DISDAIN exactly.  More like…~shock and awe~.  LOL.  Like…You are SO not going to wear that on RACE DAY…are you?  Because, you can’t.  It’s completely against the RULES.

So thinking about it..I believe I’ve narrowed down the problem.  I don’t really see the big issue with wearing the t-shirt but would I ever do it?  No way.

Because I am a rule follower.  There is a time to be a rebel and this is not it.  If I were to do that, I would immediately be labeled “the newbie”.  That is the last thing this ~always feels out of place~ chick needs.

That girl is faster than me no matter what she’s wearing.  And me? I am definitely rockin’ the high end sportswear with my  TJ Maxx $15 running jacket and Old Navy capris.  And you can tell with my 5k 31:46. 😉  That outfit has definitely made me faster.  Too bad it doesn’t do anything for confidence.  I could try Michelle’s outfit, she doesn’t seem to be lacking in the confidence department.  But it really did kinda give me a headache.  So. many. colors.


Running Billboard

Let’s talk Race Day Tee Shirts. Love them? Hate them? They are, essentially what your entry fee is paying for. No, they aren’t especially cute. They rarely fit right. And also, they aren’t especially cute.

But, put it on and suddenly you’re part of a group. You’re a runner in a massive crowd of runners. I know, I know, they don’t all run. And we are all wearing a numbered bib which binds us together as well.  But, the shirts scream out “I am here and I am here to RUN!”

As you’re running, others can see that you’re one of the cool kids, because you’re wearing the cool kids Race Day Tee Shirt. And if its a charity run? You have become a running billboard. That is pretty much the easiest thing you could do for a charity. Especially if you wear it for future training runs.

After picking up my bib, I immediately put on the Race Day Tee Shirt, regardless of its size or cuteness. It’s a race. It sorta comes with the package. I love it. Especially since, honestly, I probably won’t wear it again until it comes time to paint my kitchen.

Teresa, on the other hand, shocked me a couple races back, with her utter disdain at my Race Day Tee Shirt wearing enthusiasm. In fact, she told me I couldn’t wear it until I had earned it, by finishing the race. (Oh, I’m finishing it all right!) Ummmm, I paid $35 in an entry fee to do what is usually a free activity, I’ve earned this shirt! She’s not alone though. Only 1/2 the crowd at any given race will rock the Race Day Tee Shirt. Most will, in fact, hike a mile back to their car to leave the shirt in the trunk. They are the real runners. The true cool kids in their fancy shoes and expensive hair bands.

But, they aren’t having nearly as much fun. At a charity event, they aren’t doing their part with free advertising. They may as well be out for a Sunday morning run at the park. And they certainly aren’t going to get in all those super flattering official race day pictures!

Race Day Tee Shirt 2013 #1
Race Day Tee Shirt 2013 #1

i just beat 2/3 of the too cool for a Race Day Tee Shirt runners in a 5k. I totally rocked the Neon Blue Polar Bear themed shirt.  I will never wear it again, but I am looking forward to our next post race pie and french fry date. Ill be the cool kid in the Race Day Tee Shirt who just PR’d again.  🙂


P.S. The feather boas and santa hats? Those are just ridiculous and should be kept in your trunk.  In fact, can I hike the mile back to your car for you?

My leg hurts and I blame the bus.

So MT (my son, not the state) got his braces on today (serious pain right now…)so our little one car family had to do some juggling.  I take the bus to work on those days. Except…I can never pull it off!  The bus at my bus stop hates me.  The bus driver is the grouchiest meanest most unfriendly man on the planet.  And…he’s at LEAST 10 minutes early to the bus stop every time and he doesn’t wait.  So I get there as early as possible and I still miss him.

My right calf has been a little sore since Sunday so I thought I would rest it.  When I decided to take the bus, I chose boots.  The easier to run in my dear, versus heels.  Well, my calf did NOT like that and now it’s incredibly sore AND I missed the bus.  So I’m resting again for the sake of sanity.  I’m also icing and wearing compression socks.  Anything to heal.  Damn bus.

Meanwhile, I broke my little camera so I bought a new one and it should be here tomorrow!  I’m pretty excited and I will take a photo of something ridiculous.  Mostly because I want to play with it.

I felt a little better today.  Still have a headache though not as bad.   I grabbed some Qdoba which I’m certain is not gluten free but I had a salad and it’s mostly good. I needed something green. Tomorrow, high hopes for groceries.  My refrigerator glows it’s so empty and that is so not friendly.


Check it

My future running partners, Maverick and Lincoln
My future running partners, Maverick and Lincoln

Today I squeezed in a five mile run. It is the longest I have ever ran, at least in one day, as far as I know. Don’t tell anyone, but I sorta loved it. So, maybe I can do a half marathon or two…or 13?!?

I am a proud mama to two beautiful, crazy, attention stealing boys (ages three and two). We don’t have a super busy lifestyle by any means. They aren’t in school. I don’t work outside of the home. We don’t participate in any organized sports or involve ourselves in any high maintenance play date schedules. And yet, we manage to fill our days full. Before I know it we are in the middle of our somewhat exhausting bedtime routine and I’m wondering where the day went.

So, when my dear friend Teresa suggested I train for not just one, but THIRTEEN half marathons this year, I thought she had lost her mind. And on top of that, I’m supposed to blog about it all too?!? She must think I don’t require sleep!

Here I am though, typing up a post….while my children sleep in the car after an exhausting trip to the zoo on a beautiful January day in Denver. Yes, I’m in the car with them,  chicken pecking away on my IPAD. I got caught up in the fun of it all. I’m a sucker for peer pressure. And when Teresa sent me the Hal Higdon training plan, which includes just one long run a week, I caved. I ran out of excuses and agreed to give it the old college try (I did enjoy college for much longer than most).

I guess I’m in. All or nothing, right? And check it, I think I’m gonna love it.



Unmotivated? Or wise choice.

I really struggle with rest days.  I don’t usually schedule them because life inserts them automatically.  It’s really super helpful.  Saturday I ran the stairs, and Sunday I ran the 5k (ditching my long run though I wasn’t too worried).  This leaves today when I figured I would cover that missed long run.  Instead, I had doctor appts and errands all over town.

So here it is, it’s 10:42pm and I would really love to hop on the treadmill.  I’m a little tired and feelin’ the yawns start to hit.  I’ve been out of my Thyroid meds for three days (bad words to the pharmacist) which definitely affects my energy level.  Nevertheless,  I bet I could get a 3 miler done.  But I also know I’m a little sore from the stairs, my hangover from this weekends migraine has left me sick and I am just not sure I could tackle “renting” my dinner at this juncture.

On that note:  I ditched gluten free for the weekend and though it was totally worth it for the worlds most amazing cupcake (I do not have a photo as my camera died.  yes, I have another camera but I ate the cupcake) it was not worth it for the rest of the glutenous extravaganza I chose to partake.  Tomorrow, I make better choices.

I am going to give myself a break tonight on my LSD (long slow distance people.  yes, I do drugs but only the legal prescription kind and I try to make sure they belong to me).  No guilt.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully my legs declare their motivation and step up appropriately.

I heard from a little bird that tomorrow we may actually get to read a smart ass post from Michelle.  Are you holding your breath?  yeah…me either.  Where are you ‘Chelle?


5k in the bitter awful seriously what the hell cold

No really  it was seriously what the hell cold out there.  I am still cold.

So I started out the day thinking…man, it’s early and cold and didn’t I do this yesterday? (remember the volunteering gone wrong?). And yes, I did. I get a text and Michelle is already there.   She is ALWAYS early but this time she’s really early. So I grab a banana and head out the door.  *side note. I do not like bananas.

We were there an hour early.  Michelle was worried about parking.

Well, we started together and man, we both got HOT really fast (two shirts each will do that to you, rocket scientists we are).  I finally broke and just before mile two I had to stop and ditch a shirt.  yep.  I stripped in public. I was hot.  She kept going and I felt MUCH better.

About two and half miles in I began to really thank Denver for it’s brown cloud as my wheezing started. I stopped for 30 seconds to wheeze and then kicked it in again.  I finished with difficulty one minute behind Michelle at a lousy 31:46.  She finished at 30:40.  I know she is faster than that so she should have ditched me long before. She is going to have to run her own race.

This was a tough race.  It was only a 5k and I don’t run them a lot nor do I enjoy them.  I could blame a lot of things for a tough performance, I was up most of the night, my head has been pretty bad most of the weekend and I was clearly not dressed right.  But really, let’s just blame it on me.

Michelle took pity on my lack of breakfast and we went to Village Inn for pie and french fries.  She doesn’t have french fries because she thinks it’s weird but I think it’s awesome and I’m not the only one. I have at least one other friend that thinks it’s perfectly normal.  *justifyingweirdbehavior*  The Village Inn we went to was redone retro style and it had a BAR.  It was a very cool pie experience and we declared it tradition.