hiking Colorado.

Michelle and I met for hiking on Sunday.

Michelle and I have been hiking together for years. Each season of my life has favorite things about it.  Moments you can look back on or even just reminders that flash you to something you truly loved. This is it for me, in this this time and place.  These miles we put on the hills and mountains of Colorado are some of my favorites. This is our escape and our time to just be us. There’s no pretense, I don’t ever feel judged or pressured. I never have to watch what I say and I always feel appreciated. I can only hope and assume she feels the same because it’s our escape and I look forward to it every moment we plan.

This week we did South Table Mountain. Remember last week we did North Table Mountain. So we figured…better do the other side, right? I have so much happening and so little time, sleep, even focus sometimes, that she’ll send me a link and say, “how about we do this?” and I just say sure.

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This time I realized I don’t even look at the map. I had no idea where we were. I just get on the road and drive. I map it, get in the car and go where it tells me. I know, you don’t have to say it.

So we end up climbing the castle of Castle Rock…something I’ve always wanted to do!

Last week at North Table Mtn, it was flat. Like FLAT. So we walked and walked and it was kind of awesome but this week I thought…South Table… I’ll wear my running shoes instead of my hiking shoes. They’re more comfortable and my muscles like it better so it’s a treat when I get to do that.

Well, let me tell you, not.so.much.

We climbed MT Everest in flip flops. I pretty much wondered if this is how I was going to go…sliding down the freakin’ hill to the road at the bottom. So embarrassing, I can’t even go in style on an actual mountain.

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There are a lot of different trail directions you can take and we don’t stress about it we just throw caution to the wind and say…let’s go this way! This way led to a trail that was VERY steep and all loose dirt with the loose rocks… and me in street running shoes.

I was sliding the whole time. I finally resorted to crawling which Michelle truly enjoyed but it was either that or die on the hill. Not literally on my knees but definitely all hands and feet on the ground at all times please God don’t let me slide down. l aimed for the side of the trail which had vegetation for me to cling to.

We took a different way down.  I most certainly would have died if I went down the same way. What an event.

The climb, though, was SO GREAT. I loved it. It was short and sweet so we extended it by grabbing some other trails and running some. Michelle is currently anti running (according to her she’s over running) so that part was less enjoyable for her but I forced her to because sometimes I just HAVE to run.

This isn’t a mountainous green trail. It’s more prairie but very interesting and climbing was involved. I enjoyed it. I got to climb, scramble, and run and it involved amazing views and a beautiful landmark. I’d do it again.

This does not have a restroom at the trailhead.
Dogs are allowed but they must be leashed.
The trail can be difficult to find and we learned to follow the directions to Golden Summit Rd rather than South Table Mountain because for real that just takes you to a road that doesn’t allow access and you’ll be left confused.

South Table Mountain Golden Hills Road Access
16741 Golden Hills Road
Golden, CO 80401

There is also another access point that we never came across but that address is here:

South Table Mountain Camp George West Trailhead
1219 Kilmer Street
Golden, CO 80401

Today my shin was hurting from something I did yesterday that involved that climb so I spent a good 30 minutes doing yoga. It usually helps my morning migraine, too.

positive quotes 61 When in doubt... be great (18 photos)

Run on…

A bonus mini post. Because this is my day.

I am generally a very positive person with a twist of realist. I’m not hearts and flowers although I do really LIKE flowers I just don’t think everything is all kitten and rainbows.

I switched cliché’s on you but you get the gist.

I wanted to run this morning but I have something on my mind so I just stared at the ceiling a lot.

Eventually I got out of bed.  I have to, right, as I tell my husband (who makes far more money than I do) someone has to bring home the paycheck.

He is mildly amused by the overused joke but mostly it probably reminds him that he has to continue to go to work and could I please get a real job and actually bring home a real paycheck so he can retire?

My point from way way earlier in the post being…I will try and see the positive here but this has been a rough morning and it’s 9:30.

I’m standing in the bathroom with a towel on my head and I reach for the comb and the comb slips and falls behind the toilet.

Now I have to burn the comb.

Then the towel fell off my head onto the toilet. Not really loving the towel right now either. I guess my hair is dry enough….

Through circumstances that aren’t important even to this post, I left a half hour later than I wanted to and finally got to work. I’m still early but I wanted to be earlier. I got here and opened my bags to unload files, keys, pens and such to find I had left my iPad at home. No music today I guess. My computer doesn’t have a speaker so I put on my iPad and listen.

I know what you are all thinking…that much quiet sounds divine. But in fact it can be a little too quiet sometimes and just a little music helps.

Then I opened my other bag. Last night I asked Sean to bring me a soda and I usually drink just a little at a time so I brought it in to work.

Spilled in my purse.

I now have the cleanest money ever. My list of the day…pretty wet and irreparable. Starting again.

I cleaned it up and opened my little mini bottle of water but it was SUPERFULL and it spilled all over my jeans and I am now wearing wet jeans from thigh to knee.

wet. jeans.

9:30 People. 9:30.

I’m  a little afraid.

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Maybe I shouldn’t drive today.

I definitely shouldn’t operate large machinery….

maybe that’s just under the influence. hm.

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Run on…

but really…be careful.

is racing a dying trend?

or is it, you know…slowing down?
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And what contributes to the slow down?
I took a good look at this and came up with the following conclusions simply from my own experiences and also my Facebook feed which no longer is flooded with racing results.  In no particular order:

1. Running #alltheraces leads to over training and that leads to injuries. Better to wisely choose a few beloved races and train for those with happy results than hit as many as you can and end up injured  with a DNF.

2. The cost of races has soared and it’s smarter to pick and choose. One little 10k can be $65 (gasp), the cost of a marathon can be unbelievable.

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3. Running friends are often virtual and not IRL leading to destination races. When you factor in the cost of the travel involved, the rooms, food, etc…it becomes fairly prohibitive (money, time, training) to realistically run every race you really have your heart set on. Choose wisely, Friend.

4. There is a 5k every weekend but the half marathon appears to be the new baby. It gives you the most bang for your buck. The excitement of distance without the cost of the marathon. A happy medium. A compromise.  Perhaps narrowing the field is what’s happening?

5.  Burn out. Too much running and eventually it became just too much running. Orange Theory has never looked so great.

6. Everyone else was doing it.  Then you figured out it wasn’t your style. Maybe it’s boring (who really wants to run 18 mile training runs?) or it’s hard (it really is) or it’s just not really giving you back what you thought it would.  I personally have a hard time believing this one as I think running is the answer for everyone (sarcasm font) but there’s always the possibility someone doesn’t connect with running.

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7. Ultras have led to trail running and eventually to hiking. People reached for the stars with marathons and once they got there they said…but wait…there’s the more. The ultimate. the highest mountain. Training for an ultra took them off the streets and onto the trails and the love of trail running became a reality. Hiking was a natural fit from there and really once you’re there it’s hard to go back. I like both…I’m a city runner who loves hiking. The best of both worlds.

Related image

8. People started running to lose weight and when that didn’t happen well…
and so it goes. 
When you get into those longer distances you really aren’t going to lose weight, you may actually gain weight. Extra calories consumed (you may not need as many as you think), building muscle from training,  storing glycogen, there are several reasons for the weight gain and it’s more common than not.  Not having all the information, it can be frustrating to not get the results you thought you would get so…you stop.

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These are all really valid reasons and this is a totally unscientific post. I didn’t poll anyone and I just did a little reading but mostly I took information from friends I know virtually and it’s all observations I’ve made over the last year. That’s really about all the validity I have for it.

I see friends running races but not as many. I see friends running trail races. I see friends running lower mileage. I have a friend doing a half ironman and another doing a 100 mile trail race. So some people just keep right on going and some are like…you know..I think I’m good.


Money going other places.


what do you think?

I’ve noticed I’m pretty tired. I’m not lacking energy but I want to sleep. I get off early today (4!) so I’m going to run. Then I’m going to sleep.

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Run on.

Run on.

enter 2018.

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It’s a new year and what the heck are YOU looking forward to??

Sean and I have things we want to do and Michelle and I have things we want to do and Andrea and I have things we want to do and I’m telling you right now there’s just not enough time in the year.

I finally just created a calendar so I could try and keep track of all the plans I just don’t even have yet but my dreams are BIG Baby…BIG.

Well…big for us anyway…

I mean I’m still not going to climb Everest or run on the Great Wall but everything else is totally on the table.

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Michelle and I met early on Saturday for a hike. It was 10* according to Michelle’s car.

We had agreed the night before to NOT look at the temperature before we headed out but I accidentally looked and…well…it was cold. It was cold and foggy and incredibly beautiful in the early morning.

And worth it, right? Bundled up for the worst, we thought…three miles…maybe five…if we get “lost”…eight. She says you can’t get lost there but she clearly doesn’t know me.

We went to North Table Mountain in Golden.  There’s an incredible hill when you first start out that has an incline that could kill you if you take it too fast. Or if you just decide to climb it at all.  That sucker is intense. I went sllooooww.  Michelle’s plan was…warm us up quick. Worked like a charm, Baby.

After the hill from hell leveled out it really was just a flat trail for most of the rest of the adventure. It was flat, rocky prairie with moments of -am I on another planet? 

North Table took us to Mesa which eventually took us to Rim Rock trail and it’s very reminiscent of where I’m from in MT so we had to take that trail. It was really gorgeous with it’s unique landscape.






We did what we usually do…walked and talked and just enjoyed being outside. It suddenly didn’t feel as cold.

As we turned one of the last corners, knowing we were coming to the end our morning, a breeze lifted and a cloud of white fluff drifted across us like cherry blossoms in spring. So light across the air we turned around and looked in confusion at where this magic came from only to discover it came from thin air.

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It really was magic. Magic snow. It was my favorite moment of the day.

In the end we hiked nearly 6.5 miles and it was a beautiful way to end the year.

This trail was marked moderate to advanced but I only had issues with the first main hill. The rest was just flat. 
Dogs are allowed but they have to be leashed. 
This is a very popular mountain bike trail so expect traffic. 
There are restrooms at the trailhead and they are clean and heated. 

The Writer's Ink. "Take a Risk" || God has something amazing for you! Take that risk! :) www.thewritersink.com.au

Run on…

you can’t leave dessert around and expect me not to eat it.

I made little individual chocolate cakes from an old family recipe for Christmas dessert. There are three or four left because I live with men. I realize that’s sexist but every woman I know appreciates the beauty of a tiny little individual dessert and those little guys would have disappeared within a day or two. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner….please, I don’t understand how four days later they are STILL THERE> I also made little cheesecakes and I ate a few but politely left some for Sean. Then yesterday I said…pfft…fool. I am eating one. You cannot just leave it there and expect it to not get eaten. It will go to waste.

It’s all kind of painful to watch. #allthedesserts #amateur
Related image


About a month ago one of our employees brought in a camera they found in our parking lot and it took me until yesterday to say to myself…huh…I should put that SD card in my computer and see if I recognize anyone in the pictures. Don’t judge me too harshly. I haven’t had a lot of time this past month.

For some reason…my head was thinking it belonged to one of the 487,000 kids that troops through the parking lot after school. We had found it on a weekday and not on a weekend (thus…church). But of course, school kids probably would just use their smart phone, duh

I plugged that sucker in and BAM. I have a pretty good idea who it belongs to. It’s a really nice camera so I’m glad I took the time to do this and I wish I had figured it out a month ago.

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I talked to Catherine the other day and was having issues with my phone. I think it was being fine, the issues were probably user error. I’m sure you’re shocked. So she was telling me all about her phone love. ::sarcasm::

I’m walkin’ through Target and right out of the blue I hear her say…

“I mean, I had to teach the phone ‘pernicious’!”

shutthefrontdoor you did NOT. 

How many of you actually use the word “pernicious” in a text conversation? I’m just curious.

I told her she practically had to teach ME the word pernicious.

That’s an exaggeration. I know what it means. But talk about expecting a lot from your phone. Mine struggles with “that”. I need to up my phone standards big-time.

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When I type up my bulletins and newsletters for work they are seen by anywhere from 75 to 125 people. That’s a lot of people that will critique what I’ve done. The person I work with corrects commas and quotation marks all the time but seems to miss that the date is off or it’s the wrong Bible verse marked. Between the two of us we seem to catch each other’s misses.  I have the habit of moving on auto pilot so I don’t actually read it, I just cut and paste. Then when it’s done between the two of us we’ve finished it, checked it over and are confident it is right.

And I print it with that “this is an ‘A’ paper kind of attitude!


I used to.

After church on Sunday I get back bulletins with pen marks on them … frequently in red… that show me all the mistakes.

Suddenly my ‘A’  feels like a B-.

Sends me straight back to the 9th grade when I had history with that teacher that used to look over my shoulder as I was writing the answer and then he’d stand up and say as loud as he seemed to be able to, “you’re Wrooong!” with a flourish.

Gee I loved him.

I mean in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter except it does to my perfectionist self. When I go to church I can’t even look at the bulletin because I see all the mistakes. It’s so frustrating.

Two people looked it over carefully and declared it done!

I can never go to college.

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Yesterday I got a run in first thing in the morning (it was short, don’t get too excited) but after work I had the house to myself long enough to get some strength training in. That’s just not a bad thing at all!

I have to run to work this morning but I’m hoping to get a run in tonight because it felt so good and my runs are slloooow. I keep moving though because I need to.

I know it’s not exciting to read about someone who isn’t training right now or doing hills or intervals or running 7 minute miles (or ever has) but this is real life. Sometimes recovery takes time. Sometimes Celiac bites you in the ass and sometimes work takes priority for a little while. But eventually I always cycle back around because I’m always running. It’s who I am.

I’m still reviewing what I’d like to do for 2018. I know I never actually decided but that doesn’t mean I stopped looking it means I don’t know how to narrow it down. #alltheraces #allthedestinations #solittletime #denverlooksgood

I'll be back one day!

Run on…

post birthday/Christmas debriefing.

How’d you guys do? Did the celebratory events of the holiday season overwhelm you and leave you exhausted and unconscious on the couch at the end of the weekend or are you excitedly anticipating the upcoming festivities of the New Year?

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Yeah…exhausted here.

The weather turned which always makes my head implode so I drugged up and went to bed late Monday (otherwise known as Christmas) because there was so much baking, presents, eating, and laughing). I woke up in the night for a few more drugs and ended up sleeping in until…

are you ready??…
10:20 am. 


That’s like…lunch time.

Image result for what day is it gif

I felt like I slept in until Wednesday. I know. I was shocked, too. It’s not important except for the shock value so let’s recap the weekend, shall we?

Last week, did I mention this?, the lights went out on half my tree. My semi cheerful mood prevailed (I was determined to be positive throughout the season of insanity. My other mood is tears. I really didn’t want tears). I bought new lights and before I could put them on the tree, more lights went out.
Somewhere during that week the elastic that held my Christmas bear topper broke and he fell off the top. I tried hard to not look at that as a metaphor for my holidays.
Now the tree looked like a sad version of a candy cane.  Lights, no lights, lights, no lights, all stripe, no top. I sighed and started the process, quickly figuring out I’d have to undecorate a bit in order to do this -replace the lights- task. I’d say a half hour into it I furiously grabbed a laundry basket and took all the decorations off the tree. 

Naked tree for Christmas?

Yes, thank you. It’ll be fine. It’ll just be fine.  Things were going to get done.

At midnight on Christmas Eve I grocery shopped online and arranged it so I could pick them up that afternoon and be one less body in the store. #clicklist for the win.   I thought…

Image result for supposedly gif


I know…he’s gorgeous, right? I know. That smile is brilliant.

I went to Morning Prayer at 9,  theboy’s birthday party at noon, off to pick up the groceries at 3:30, back to the church to fix the computer for evening services and then home. At this point we figured out they had shorted us some bags at the store and guess what….

…the stores were all now closed.
I totally understand the need for everyone to be home with their own families on Christmas. I’ve worked enough retail that I fully support this. Except they shorted me my entire Christmas dinner and dessert supplies. Things were not looking good for the holiday. I decided not to worry and just keep powering through.

I searched on Pinterest for an alternate gluten free dessert I could come up with that used ingredients I already had and figured I’d have to make a different main dish. I could be creative and gluten free. Sure I could.
Between dessert, wrapping presents, straightening the house and cleaning bathrooms…(laundry, I obsess), and of course…”undecorating”, and of course my own lack of all things sleepy, I went to bed at 4:30 am Christmas morning.
When I woke up I looked stunning and ready to face the day! It was 8:30 and I had four hours of ROCKIN’ sleep.   I stayed in bed hoping for more that didn’t come and finally crawled out to prepare for the day. I got dressed and went to the computer….searching “stores open on Christmas”.

I’ve never been so happy to see Safeway.

Image result for christmas snoopy dance gif

If you work at Safeway, THANK YOU. The store was packed with grateful people shopping. Some of them were just…shopping because they don’t celebrate and it was just Monday to them and some people, like me, needed a few things for dinner. There were a few people that were sick and grateful for the pharmaceuticals to ease their misery. Everyone looked happy including the employees so I hope they weren’t too miserable. In a perfect world no one would have to work on a holiday but I appreciate the store that stays open for those of us having imperfect holidays.

Dinner prepared, decorations mostly working, the house smells great (Scentsy Christmas cinnamon) and I am still awake. It’s progress!
Alex and Megan got there a little late but we did have a great time anyway. We totally missed MT, he’s out of town visiting a friend. I think, especially with theboy, we have to get things going earlier and we’ll practice that next year. We keep learning and we’ve always been kind of “we’ll work with what we’ve got” kind of people but with everyone and their schedules I think we just have to start setting a real schedule and going by it.

My gift giving skills were definitely off this year but I’m not worrying about it.  Everyone has an off year, right? I keep telling myself that. They were great with me, I got awesome gifts and I loved everything. I had so much fun I almost regret that we decided to draw names next year… 😀

The arctic showed up to Denver and I learned that my love of the number 13 does not extend to the temperature. It’s so freakin’ cold. I’ve been doing yoga. My body feels it when I do yoga and also when I don’t do it. I think part of it is the cold, part of it is the change in temperature and part of it is sleep changes. I’m very stiff and sore and I need lots of stretching in the morning. My head feels so much better after I get up and do some yoga. Morning migraines are very common if you suffer from migraines at all and learning when to medicate and when not to is pretty key.

the weekend is coming. The first. The beginning. The new year.

What are you thinking about? How are you feeling? I have a list (which I normally do not do) that I am working on with someone else because life is flying by and we have to #getitdone while we can.

Yearly Bucket List Oath via Bucket List Publications


T-Shirt For Youga Lover. https://teespring.com/loving-yoga-tshirt-for-u


Run on…

Two days before Christmas!

So how is your Christmas going?

My Christmas tree lights went out. But only half of the tree so that should be fun to fix.

And a significant portion of my gifts are not showing up. My favorite is one I ordered for my husband which I’m certain will show up in a box labeled exactly what it is. But I ordered it quite a while ago and it’s been in Denver for most of this week. They sent me an email early this week saying, “it’ll be delivered by 8 o’clock tonight!”

That was like…Tuesday. Now it’s Saturday and they’re like…”delayed”. Delayed. Why? I don’t get it.

i’ve Ordered multiple things from Amazon that are just…not showing up. They were due here the 23rd or sooner and Amazon is sending me happy news that they’ll be here the the 26th! With a smiley face. Because somehow that’s happy news.
I am not getting upset because life has too much other stuff happening. Presents are presents and this is the holidays. This will just stretch the holidays out.

Image result for Christmas all year round gif

My husband has given up trying to fix my iPad problems. Poor guy. I’ve worn him down. Most IT people are challenged by new and interesting computer issues but not my husband. He’s so confused by whatever the hell I throw at him he no longer cares. He’s all..yeah. I don’t know. Sorry.

Stupid iPad.

My sister Catherine (#sistercatherine) has been having thyroid problems (because why not) and in an effort to fix them herself (health insurance is not her friend) she started taking Kelp. The result is that her hair is ridiculously curly. It’s pretty curly. What the hell? Though no one in her own house noticed (she’s invisible to her family. Aren’t we all?) the rest of the world is like…”whoa! Great hair!” Thank you Kelp. However, she needs to have an accurate blood test so I made her go off of the kelp and the result is…less curly hair thus confirming our suspicion that it is in fact…the kelp. How CRAZY is that??

I pay a fortune to have hair that is…acceptable. And she takes kelp and gets great hair. #sojealous

Image result for great hair gif

I went to the post office to mail a few cards to my waste disposal guys with their Christmas tips. Yes, I tip them because they work ridiculously hard and my life would be very difficult without them doing the great job they do. One of the envelopes came open and I went back to the window to ask the super nice guy for a piece of tape and he looked and me and said, “lick it!”

Um. I can’t.

He said again, “just lick it!”

Again…I can’t. I’m Celiac. There’s gluten in envelopes. I can’t.

It’s at this point he just handed me a glue stick and went back to his customers….kind of like…yeah. I don’t have time for THAT. I’m over you now.

Dude. #Celiacproblems  You think it’s hard for you? I had to ask you for tape to seal an envelope because there’s gluten in the damn thing. #mylife

Image result for my life gif

I’ve been doing yoga to get me through the week but today I went for a run after I finished yoga because I just needed to. And yes, I have 184 things to do but I just needed to get out on the streets. To be fair I waited until the temperature was over *30. Still, I was pretty excited to get out there.

My office is closed this week but I’m still working. I wonder if they’ll pay me? I’m so ready for Advent to be over. I did tell that to my priest and wondered if God would strike me down. He said when I least expect it so I think I need to look over my shoulder for awhile.  Once the madness passes I will have a  chance to actually get the rhythm of the office and then my blogging, work and my business can actually possibly be done. And most important, running. Right now I haven’t had time to sleep. It’s been crazy and I’ve missed blogging and running so very much.

3 miles of a very slow run but I loved loved loved it.
30 minutes of yoga and my legs loved that, too
2 minute plank
20 push ups (my body forgot how to do push ups)

You can change run to any training session!! Still true. All of it.
Run on…

I’m finally caught up. running again.

Not only have I not posted in days and days, I didn’t even remember I had a blog.

Image result for who are you gif

I’m not sure where my brain is these days.

When my house becomes chaos my brain really just shuts down and it takes all my concentration to focus on doing the things I absolutely have to focus on,  like the job they pay me for. So I prioritize subconsciously.

The result is that deadlines are met but everything else is utter chaos. I was talking to Shaughnessy the other day about Christmas and shopping and she said, unconcerned, “it’ll come together”. And I was so envious of that laid back ability to just know that it would all come together. It helps that she has Adam to help her and I think he legitimately puts in his share with things like housework and shopping and cooking- general home and family care.

Backwards or not, I take the bulk of that at my house. We’ve been discussing that over the last few weeks because Sean and MT both live with me and there hasn’t been any space to walk in the house due to everything I’m working on.  I exaggerate slightly but not much.

There were decorations everywhere, the tree was technically up… but not decorated in the slightest. For two weeks. Just…up. The pine garland took up the bulk of the square footage that I like to call the family room and there were rubbermaids stacked on my treadmill.

Yeah. That’s how you know it’s bad.

Image result for that's terrible gif

Upstairs I had piles of gifts to be mailed separated out into -this person- and -that person- and so on.  Mix that in with package after package arriving in the mail, some Christmas related and some not. I ordered a calendar for work (it’s still in my car, super helpful, right?) and it’s HUGE. Really tall because it’s three months worth and it’s vertical. The box it came in, though, is twice it’s size. Plus lots of wrapping you know, in case my calendar breaks.  That whole thing is an unholy mess. Boxes, stuffing, gifts piled everywhere. It’s ridiculous.

I’m doing a Giving Tree project at church and I’ve had to wrap some people’s gifts for them, which I cheerfully do. But wrapping paper, bows, tape, scissors, gift boxes. All over my desk, the table, the counter.

Christmas cards, don’t forget the Christmas cards. Had a lovely pile of those going for awhile. Finally gave up about halfway through the list. The remains of that are still stacked up along with stickers and lists and so on.

Oh, you thought surely I had to be done by now, right? Don’t forget returns because of this Giving Tree issue or that thing that didn’t work out. SO many gifts in my return pile.

I have a pretty small house, People. You can imagine the chaos. And in the midst of it I fell to tears twice (maybe three times but who’s counting) and this usually happens about midnight or one in the morning when I’m just so exhausted I can’t keep going but there is so much to do. It’s at this point my husband will say, “how can I help?” And I’ll tell him…please help me finish the x or y. I have to complete something because my brain isn’t working like this.

We go to bed, we get up, he goes to work and it all starts again because he forgot. And all I can think of is how can you forget??  But he does because he thinks different than I do and his brain doesn’t shut down when things are all over the house. I own that and I wouldn’t want to put that on him.  So I work to decide what is important and what can realistically be let go.

Like the Christmas cards, I am choosing what I’m willing to do.

Image result for I don't want to do that gif

The tree is done but it’s not the best most beautiful tree you’ve ever seen in the world. It’s pretty enough and sometime this week I’ll fix the teddy bear topper because he fell off somewhere behind the tree and I would bet money his little elastic holder-onner-thing is broken.

The decorations are definitely not my best effort. Most have been put back in the bins and the bins put away until January. At this late date I just can’t justify the time. There is evergreen and lights and that’s all we need.

The Christmas card list was split with people who must have one and people I’ve sent one to in the past. The must haves got a card.

Out of the eight packages I have to mail, I put four together last night and asked Sean to mail them. He said he’d do it this morning. I’m finding alternate ideas for two of them and two packages will be late.

It’s more important to spend time with my husband, I haven’t seen him in so long, and of course,  MT. He is leaving tomorrow and won’t be here for Christmas. Perfect decorations are not important.

I went to bed at 2am again. But this time I had those pkgs done, things were cleaned up and I had found order to my house. I cannot tell you how much better I feel.

I went to work an hour and a half early today so I could meet someone and spent a long 9 hour day getting all the Christmas work done…or most of it. Four bulletins…one day. It’s a record for me. So much printing.

All of this prep was so I could take tomorrow off to go hiking with Michelle and she can’t go. But I’m going anyway because it’s a day off. It’s getting cold here (20* on Saturday, rumor has it) so I’m hiking while I can.

Yes, I have shopping to do.

Yes, I have wrapping to do.

Yes, I have work to do in my office.

But I am taking the day off.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t run in a week. I miss it, I crave it and I’m taking every advantage I have to run now that I’m ahead.

I’d like to be that person that puts myself first so I can take care of everyone else better but my OCD doesn’t know how to do that.


Let’s have an honest conversation about Botox.

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I know, you’re all thinking -we are talked to DEATH about Botox.

But no. There’s more.

When you get Botox in your forehead it controls the muscles in your eyelids. It can give you droopy eyes. This is temporary with the Botox shots, it’ll wear off as your shots wear off but if you keep getting them it can continue and get worse.

It’s not fun.

I’ve developed this little treat.

My eyes are very heavy and it feels like I have to hold them open. If you look at photos of me, my eyes are tiny little slits. It’s really attractive-bringing sexy back-.

There are two options for treating this. One is eye drops that strengthen your eye muscles encouraging your eyes to be stronger and more open. The other is no Botox shots.

Pretty encouraging news, right?

So my doctor called me back and said we would totally rethink my treatment and he would have to stop giving me the shots near my eyebrows. He sounded bummed. Well the shots in my eyebrows keep me from flirting at strangers so who knows what we’ll do now but at least he has an idea of what we’re doing. He also reassured me it would wear off.

Three months can’t pass fast enough. My eyes are tired. And I look weird.
Still worth it? Sure. Yep. Few migraines, lower pain level? Of course.

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un on…

I told you I’d be back today. have faith.

In case you’re wondering…here’s what Andrea and I missed Monday.
But Tori (Andrea’s super cute daughter) and the friend she grabbed at the last minute totally went and had an amazing time. Tori is my fill in whenever I can’t go somewhere. Like Peru. Or Hillary Clinton book signings.
Tori is living my life.

It is not fair.

I’ll get over it because I love her.

See? Hard not to love her.
Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore.

Can we just scream in JOY over how proud we are of the black community of Alabama -specifically the black women of Alabama- for stepping out and voting?

As you can see…white women did not step up.

I’m going to tell you I don’t usually donate to political campaigns but I threw a little $15 at this one because I figured every dollar counts.

Some days I want to hide  in embarrassment lest someone think I might also be one of the stereotypes out there.  And then I go and walk into a Christian church, my gosh. I am THE stereotype. My age, I’m white, middle class, Christian. I mean stamp “Trump supporter” and “make America great again”  on my forehead and no one would be surprised except then I’d have to have you killed just for even considering that I would do that. Don’t even think that.

SOME of us do not fit the stereotype. Some of us, though not college graduates (give me time) are still educated. We are kind and we care about our world around us. It’s disheartening to know there are so many people in my demographic that think different and it has a direct impact on critical moving parts in our society. Our community, the environment, the financial stability of  the country just to name a few.

Tonight’s victory was well deserved, well earned and we needed it. We’re all tired. We were all getting so beaten down I’m not sure how many were willing to take to the streets time and again only to be proven the terrible were stronger. We needed this and it felt really good.


I promised you happy information and here it is. We went hiking.

I went hiking on Saturday with the amazing and beautiful Miss Michelle. My hiking partner of the world. What will I do if she ever stops hiking with me? What will I do when her boys get big enough to take over for me? I will cry.

So we started at the NCAR which is the National Center for Atmospheric Research which sounds AMAZING but really was just the greatest parking lot for a trailhead because if you know Boulder you know the parking lots have like…9 spaces to 57 people that want to hike there.

So we parked and started on the Mesa trail, which was fine, just a trail. It was pretty in that -hello I’m gorgeous but I know it so whatever- way but then we veered off onto Fern Canyon because it’s my name and hello we HAD to do that.

Now, full disclosure, once I saw the beginning of it, I did hesitate. I was all for it but I was a little worried about what I signed Michelle up for because I will freakin’ do anything and she’s like…look…I have to go home eventually. And I just wanted a little hike. I didn’t sign up for Everest or anything.

But she said, “no. You wanted Fern Canyon because ‘It’s your name’ so we’re doing it”. You have to make sure and put a little bit of a mean girl twist on that when you say it. The little brat. Ugh. I do love her. And I laughed pretty hard when she said it.

Well, that trail turned out to be incredible. It was a hike in the truest sense of the word but incredible for sure. And it was stairs of rocks. It seemed like it was all stairs. It was so great! And beautiful…my gosh it was beautiful. I lost count of how many times I stopped to say “this may be one of my all time favorite trails ever”.

The caveat being…we had only a vague idea of where we were or how long the trail was or what it was like..if there was an end. If there wasn’t. It was wicked difficult. Fern Canyon leads to Bear Peak.

We did not make it to Bear Peak because it because it was wicked windy and I’m not kidding. Hard core wind and serious cold. We said…you know, not so much. So we came back. But I’m totally ready to do it again because it was the best time.  

“Fern Canyon (1.2 mi; 2,121 ft.) starts at the Mesa Trail 0.8 mi. south of the junction of the NCAR Trail. Climbs gently southward, then turns west to begin an unrelenting 1,700 ft. climb to end at the summit of Bear Peak, elevation 8,461 ft.”

I loved it.

Michelle and I looked hard at the map this morning and we came so close to the summit we need to go back. With nourishment. We were tired. But looking back and where were were…it’s worth the hike. Look how pretty!


I am almost better. Each day I get a little better. Still not hungry. Still have a low grade fever. And I still feel pretty damn tired but I’m up and working.

I may…I MAY consider walking the dog today but I am not running anywhere. Maybe tomorrow. I am yawning as I type this.

Run on…

when you least expect it…

Nearly twenty years ago I had what I fondly describe  as a near death experience.

Now it’s possible I’m being dramatic but in my lifetime I’ve had surgery twice, given birth three times (once in a foreign country and no one spoke the same language) and of course I have Celiac disease and some of those days are very very rough. The flu I had that day, though, was the sickest i’ve ever been in my life. Sean was in Australia and I had to rely on Shaughnessy far more than I should have to help with MT. Alex was being Alex and it was an awful day. I ended up going to the urgent care because I was completely unable to hold anything down and I was crawling everywhere. It was the worst.

My best friend Andrea came down with it the next day and to this day we recognize that as the terrible horrible flu of 2000. She was a grown woman with four kids and when her mom popped in to visit she opened the door with tears and said, “Mommy!”. Seriously, the worst.

Sunday after church I got a few quick things done and then ran home to tell MT we’d go do the incline with theboy. I had a wicked headache though so “let me lie down for about 15 minutes and see if I can make it feel better” was my comment before becoming completely incapacitated.

Like the Facebook friend request from that relative you really hoped would forget you existed, this flu showed up with no warning, completely uninvited and left me wondering what the hell to do now. I was down within an hour. Imagine a flu symptom and I had it.

When I got it I thought…huh…I can do this. I mean scale wise this flu was totally amateur. I was not holding anything down or in. I had body aches and fever and my head was the worst but it’s like the normal flu and not like the flu on steroids. This I could do.

My neurologist told me I would probably always have migraines because my brain was trained to have them after all these years.I mean, it’s been 45 years. that’s a long time.My brain thinks it’s a normal reaction to any ripple in the universe that feels even slightly different.  The flu is a ripple. My head was bad.

Andrea and I were supposed to meet Hilary Clinton yesterday. You don’t have to say it. I was bummed.  She had a book signing at the Tattered Cover in Denver. I bought the tickets MONTHS ago.  I was kind of bummed I’d have to stand in line for several hours but totally willing to do it for the experience and also to spend time with Andrea who I haven’t seen since August.



Andrea gave the tickets to her daughter, Tori. Hopefully her and her friend made it by the cut off time.

Life Interrupted.

I spent the whole day trying to type this up. Every time I tried to type the screen was just too bright and it hurt to look at it so I would close the iPad and go back to sleep. Because my iPad is all I can muster you don’t get any entertainment today. Just me.


Eventually it was  2:30 in the morning and I was wide awake because the dog got sick (did I give the dog the flu?) and I had to get up and at least pretend to clean it up until morning.

Back to bed to stare at the ceiling because I was SO AWAKE.  I finally gave up and turned the television on to find the immortal words “no network connection”.
I swear to you some day I’m going to shoot the television or the computer for telling me that.

I was simultaneously on my ipad getting the same message so I typed in what I knew to be the password and…


Time and again.

My life in wi if.

It’s 2:30 in the morning  holy Mother did my head hurt.

When I picked up my keyboard and iPad from next to the bed it flipped out of my hand and landed hard on the floor. I grabbed it and it looked fine but upon typing in the dark I find the “p” is missing from the keyboard and it’s hard to type without a “p”.

This was the story of my life at 2:00 am. I wish I was sleeping.

I kind of understand what the Apple people went through without the “I” on their phones working.

Today I am at 80%. I’m super tired. Not hungry at ALL and my head is better. So all in all much better. I’m going with it.

I’m leaving this here and I promise you tomorrow I will actually post a real post.

I have hiking information and EVERYTHING.

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Run on and remember to take care of yourself.