When your dog looks sad.

  • First of all…yep. My comments are still messed up. If you want to comment you have to be looking at the individual post and not the stream of all the posts. I hope that’s clear. We’re still working on that. Which means we just have so much going on we can’t put longer than 3 minutes into it and we can’t find it in 3 minutes. Instead I have this stupid “last five comments” thing actually TWICE at the end. So frustrating. My tech guy has a life beyond me. That’s just wrong.
  • I think my dog is depressed.  Is there anything as sad as when your dog looks sad? I don’t know if he doesn’t feel good or if the neighbor dogs are depressing him. I emailed the vet this morning and we’re looking at our options. Our walk this morning, which was taking a brisk 40 minutes took well over an hour this morning.
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  • I went to get my tattoo worked on this afternoon. I know some of you MAY remember a mere three years ago (can it be that long?) that I got the tattoo but it’s faded really bad and you’re apparently supposed to get a touch up.
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    So I went back around a month ago to make the appointment and learned SO MUCH that I really didn’t want to know.
    They had no idea who it was that did the work. Like…NO ONE had heard of her (the owner wasn’t there, I’m sure he heard of her). They looked at it and said WHOA did she screw that up. Did it hurt like a son of a reallybadword? And I said  ~why yes, Yes it did~. And they said that was because she did it really wrong. She went in way too deep and that’s why it’s faded and it has all this scar tissue and whatnot. The guy that helped me was super nice and said he’d do the work for free (yes, I’m tipping him generously).  He said, “fair warning, when you go over tattoos like this…it’s usually far more painful than the first time”.
    Great. huh. We can all expect throwing up and passing out.
    So I went back today and for 80% of it I handled it pretty well. I even told him the pain was nothing in comparison. It was so much better than the last time I can’t even tell you. They were shocked. I told him it was AWFUL last time. I will say by the end it was a little rough. I was pretty exhausted and getting woozy so he stopped. We made another appointment to finish up in about a month and a half.
    He’s really nice and I may have him do more work for me later. They looked at it again when I went in and just couldn’t believe how much she’d screwed it up. I told him I don’t know anything. I did a LOT of research, I read a LOT of reviews, and I talked to Dave, the owner.  I came in trusting the shop. He said it’s really hard to get good tattoo artists and you sometimes don’t know they’re not great until they screw somebody up because they have a portfolio and a license so you have to just trust them based on that. Not a shock, though, that they gave her to the suburban chick who wouldn’t know anything.
    He also said it’s surprising I came in trusting them, most people come in acting like they know so much more than the tattoo artist.  I told him I’m very knowledgeable in some things but that’s not one of them so I had to trust the owner to assign me someone he thought would do a good job. It’s disappointing this happened. Fortunately Van is fixing it and also, it’s not the end of the world. I’m not dying or anything.
    Here it is three years ago. I really liked it but it faded SO much it was a very very light gray. The guy that’s working on it is making some tweaks. Do I like it. I don’t know. Do I care? Eh. I really like how delicate it was so I may be a little disappointed.  I don’t know if I will like it as much but he’s very good so I’ll just let it go. I don’t see it so whatever.  #somanyfreckles #thanksdaddy  #thesunhelpedtoo
  • When you have an iphone AND an ipad and EVERYTHING RINGS. I never know where to go. You should see me run around the house when I’ve left my phone in my bag and it rings. Stupid Apple.
  • I got my run in last night and it was glorious. I totally walked a few times but I didn’t care because it was cool and beautiful. Today I was going to head out but I ended up messaging my friend for too long and it was HOT 🔥 so I opted to walk Malachi.  He was excited! and then he was not.
    The high for the day is 82* so you know I’m a wuss. I’m going to run later when it’s cooler. This morning it was 50*. It was COLD…. ❄ and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I love fall.
    I know, that’s a snowflake. But it was cold, didn’t you get that? It was seriously cold.
  • Today I am having lunch with Miss Andrea because she’s going to Peru this week and besides being super jealous I haven’t seen her in like  a month. I’m having Andrea withdrawal. Yes, I talk to her all the time but I need to see her cute face. And she’s leaving for THREE WEEKS.
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  • Yesterday’s workout was:
    3.5 mile run
    39 pushups (three sets of 13 …  😎 )
    30 little squats without weights because I was in a hurry and I was multi tasking making dinner
    2 minute plank
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    Run on…

I need to make a direct link from my bank to my veterinarian. #somuchmoney

  • Apparently if you’re just looking at a running stream of my blog posts, you can’t see a place to comment. If you are looking at a particular blog post, you actually have a place to comment. I was reassured about this when Michelle commented but confused as to how the heck she did it. Sean disappeared into his office to hibernate and figure it out. He doesn’t have all the answers but he did figure that out.
    I want him to have all the answers. Why doesn’t he have all the answers?
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  • Malachi has gotten sick 47 times around the house in the last two days. More realistically…7 or 8 times. Sean has been shampooing the carpets like a maniac. He likes to do it and I don’t so I let him. Plus he does more than spot clean. He says as long as he has it out he’ll do the whole house…
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    Tonight he threw up something quite…unfriendly… and Sean was like…what IS THAT??
    I said…probably one of the socks he’s been eating.
    And that is exactly what it was.
    For some random reason, we don’t know why, he’s gone straight back to puppy behavior. Eating socks. So.damn.frustrating.
    I think I’ll have to email the doctor. And possibly pay her $8000.
    I long to have money again. What is that like?
  • Last year for Adam’s birthday Shaughnessy got him a Little Free Library. I love it so much. It took a while to get it installed because it comes as bare wood, not put together or anything. They built it, Adam’s mom, Joni,  painted it (isn’t it beautiful?)  and then Sean, Adam and Shaughnessy installed it. I came in at the end to be the annoying backseat driver. They were super thrilled with my participation. I want one so much but of course…I also don’t want one if we are moving so I’m going to wait. Shaughnessy says she’ll “believe it when she sees it” about us moving.
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    I digress…here’s the #littlefreelibrary

    Isn’t it great? I’m so jealous. Also, I love books. #littlefreelibrary #littlelibrary 
  • Here’s a friendly reminder...how are your running shoes doing? Are you feeling pretty good while you’re running?  What’s your mileage? Do you keep track of that? Remember you want to replace your running shoes typically between 300 and 400 miles per pair but flip it over and look at it. Is it particularly worn down on one spot or another? It could be causing your gait to be slightly off.  Are you having any aches and pains? Some running shoes will last a little longer and some give out sooner. There’s no hard and fast rule. It’s just important to remember your shoes. Most of the time people just forget until they feel pain and wonder what’s wrong.
  • The fires in MT (#thestatenotthekid)are killing the air here (not that I’m complaining because can you imagine the air in MT?) so running was pretty much off the table Monday. I have an appointment today with the tattoo guy so I’m going to try and get my workout done early. They say you can’t workout after you get your tattoo done. Do you think that’s a hard and fast rule? I’m going to google that. Anyone have a running tattoo? Pfft. I googled, they say I can run. I’m listening to the very VERY wise websites that say I can. Don’t panic, I’m not just grabbing ANY website. I’m doing proper research.
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    I am always a work in progress.

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Run on…

So many dogs. They’ve pushed us over the edge.

  • If communication were a love language...it would be mine.  In case you, too, were hopeful…it’s not.

They should fix that.
I’m pretty sure since all the books are out there, there’s this whole online thing going…it’s a huge industry you know… they probably don’t want to redo a language just because of my suggestion. Maybe it would be easier to just cross it out and make it the Six Love Languages.
Somehow I do not see that happening but it’s a fabulous idea because communication is an awesome love language.
My husband will not see me the entire day and if he sees me at 9pm he’s like…”Hey, wanna go see a movie?”
I think we’re dating.
Since my love language is actually affirmation I’d say it’s probably connected to communication. Just a thought. 😏
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p.s. I do see that the last line of my paragraphs are disappearing into my gifs…I’m trying to fix it.

  • I’m reading The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. I’m only about a quarter of the way into it so I don’t have any kind of a review except I am having a very difficult time walking away from it. I’ll keep you posted.
  • I had to take my computer to the church yesterday for a presentation just in case they needed it and I didn’t want my whole life of windows on display for 30 or 40 people so I closed the twelve-something windows I have up I keep a lot of stuff open on my windows. Probably not wise to let people that far into my head. I know you’re all laughing at THAT right now.  #toolittletoolate
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  • Wanna know where my head is most of the time? I keep Argan oil in my cupboard so I can grab it in the morning and at night for my skin. My face is very dry and it loves it. I keep a bottle of Vitamin D oil in my cupboard because being Celiac means my body doesn’t absorb minerals and vitamins so I take supplements besides my diet (foreshadowing!).  My doctor wants me to take liquid Vitamin D for better absorption and its just kind of gross. It’s a dropper and it’s oily and it’s just really quite unappetizing. It’s brief so I suck it up and shoot it down quick. The other night I grabbed my vitamin D…closed my eyes and shot that oil stuff straight in while simultaneously realizing it was my Argan oil…yeah.
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    Image result for that's not right gif
    I think I’ll find somewhere else to put one of those bottles. I totally expect that to happen again.
  • yesterday I worked on favor treats for my son’s rehearsal dinner. I think they came out pretty good for my first try…I made a test batch. His wedding is in a month.

    Hastily done photography…It is late. It was 96* today and I had to keep putting it in the freezer to keep it workable.
    They turned out pretty, didn’t they? Sean says they taste amazing so I think that’s a vote for them. No, they are not gluten free.  I wore gloves and was VERY careful. I used kitchen wipes a lot and there was no flour all ~flyin’ in the air~ so they were easy to work with. They’re also chocolate so I couldn’t have them anyway. But they seriously look delicious. *note~ I have never once ever been tempted to eat gluten since my diagnosis. I’ve been bummed but not tempted* I used the recipe from All Things Simple and her directions were spot on.  I love great recipe direction. Like I said before, I’m an average cook. I can follow direction and I can totally produce but there has to be good instruction and there can’t be ingredients I can only get in Zimbabwe.
    When I finished I sent the photo to a couple people because look what I did!
    I told you. Affirmation.
    I am an open book.
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  • Ford Yates is a Photographer you Should be Following
  • Seems to me a main reason people buy a house so they can freely have pets.  Yes, there are other reasons but that’s a valid one.  An honest disclosure, I love dogs and cats but am afraid of dogs so I love your dog…please keep him over there.  I do have a dog. My Shiba is more afraid of me than I am of him most of the time so we have an understanding. My neighbors all have dogs. Three or four EACH. They all bark…ALL THE TIME> Two of the neighbors are new this month. One of them bought the house and they have little dogs. The other neighbors rent I’m pretty sure and they have three HUGE dogs. Big deep barking~ SO LOUD. I’m sitting here with my headphones on and I can hear it through my headphones. Malachi keeps trying to go outside and rest on his pillow and they bark at him so he comes back inside…lookin’ all sad.
    We’re considering selling. It came up this morning. It’ll take some work. We’ve been waiting for a long time to get some stuff done on the house but kids took priority. Now I’d say we’re pretty done. Somewhere with a little land so a little space. Not too far out but we’re pretty done. We love this place. We love this neighborhood. Oh I love the neighborhood.  I’ll be sad to leave. The barking though, it’s just too much. It has to be on the table.
  • This morning I headed out to do 3.5 miles and somehow forgot to tell time. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but…my brain said I had plenty of time before church only to discover upon re-entering the house that I had to be at church in 30 minutes and there was no part of me that smelled like that should happen. Like…no.
    We made it and were only 10 minutes late…
    I hate being late.
  • What I’m doing: Today I’m going to do a HIIT and it’s supposed to be hot as hell so who knows what else I’ll do. It was WAY too hot to incline this weekend (remember the 96*?) so I’d love to do that. We’ll see.
    Also all the squats, pushups, planks and what not.
    “A good workout is a great way to clear your mind.” It’s amazing how a workout can clear your mind and make you feel so much better. No matter what goes through your mind, after that workout – you’ll feel more relaxed and focused. One of the best ways to clear your mind. Period. www.gymquotes.co for all our workout motivation quotes!

Run on…

How do you sign up for a race? Do you go looking or do you wait for it to come to you?

  • I’m playing with my blog…you may have noticed. Since I have a list of approximately 37 things to get done I think it’s the equivalent of cleaning out my closet instead of preparing my house for company. It’s not quite avoidance it’s just one thing led to another and at 3am when I couldn’t sleep I started messing with things and there you have it. I don’t know how I’ll leave it so if you show up tomorrow it could be another surprise! It’s like a new dress every day. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. I’ll try and get the work done quickly and thank you for your patience!
  • Malachi and I went for a lovely walk tonight. We went a different direction which completely freaks him out. He does not like change. He pulls on the leash and lean towards the regular trail to the park where he has taken a walk nearly every day for the last twelve years. You’d think he’d be bored. The new direction provides him with 472 places to stop and sniff. It took us a while to get home.
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  • I’m in a baking kind of mood but I’m not in an eating kind of mood so I’m going to try some glutened stuff. I have a friend that is loaning me her glutened food processor because I just cannot go buy another item that I’ll use once a year if I’m lucky. Plus who knows how good this will be. I’ll give it a shot and if it’s good maybe I’ll make it again, if not..well…I tried. I’m an average cook. No awards here. FYI: there is no flour involved and I’m wearing gloves. All precautions will be taken…
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  • My friend is going to Peru in like…7 days but she’s waiting on her all important visa and passport to come back from the consulate. Can you guess where the consulate is? Yep…Houston. They’ve given her updates. It’s closed until Tuesday the 4th…then they believe it’s ready to go and they’ll overnight it. Meanwhile, neither of us is sleeping because she’ll lose her trip and I worry for her. Now, grand scheme~ is this more important the the people who have lost their lives and their homes? Absolutely not. And if it doesn’t come through for her she’s decided she wasn’t meant to go right now and thank the Lord for insurance.  But it hasbeen a year of planning so there will be a certain level of disappointment for sure.
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  •  Devon Yanko, female champion of the Leadville Trail 100 Run wrote her story and it’s such a pleasure to read. I love to read about people that are running for the sheer joy of it.  Those of us that live here feel a particular bond to this race and after Sean and I “ran” ~I use that word loosely~ the Leadville Heavy Half we are in awe of everyone that runs it. It’s an incredible show of personal strength and courage just to run the race but to win it with joy and grace is the icing. It’s a great read. Leadville 100 Mile
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  • I get a billion emails ~no, I’m not exaggerating, why would you think I’m exaggerating?~ every day about this race company or that race company and they’re all offering a race coming up I should totally sign up for. Every time I go to delete it and instead I think…hm. Just in case I fall in love with one of these races I better not. I better keep getting these race notifications. FYI I have never once not one time never have I ever signed up for a race that came through via my email…anyone else?  How do you sign up for races? Facebook? Email? Friend? Do you go looking?
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  • I’m running this weekend but I’m also grabbing some incline work. I need to get my stairs in at least once…maybe a couple times before the 9/11 stair climb that Michelle totally suckered me into. Geez I will sign up for anything. We’ve nearly done the whole thing once before just to see what it was going to be about and neither of us felt like we were going to die but still I’d like to be slightly more prepared. Maybe we’ll go to the Shrine of Cabrini…we get our stairs in and some meditation and spirituality, too. I could use some silence right now.
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    Okay this is just funny but it’s not motivating so just laugh at it and move on past!
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  • Image result for running quotes
    This is 100% true. Image result for running quotes
    Run on…

Clearly deliciousness is on my mind today.

  • Reader Amy googled my blog today and  Google asked her, “did you mean “run less run?” LOL…Google…NO. That is NOT what we want. We want more running. #alltherunning  #runallovertheplace #getyourrunon
  • I popped onto my earlier post that included a link for donating to victims and apparently my link wasn’t there. Three tries later I did finally get it to work too little too late. Clearly I’m an expert at this. I know you guys have already figured that out, that’s why you come here.  I’m including it below. This is a great Slate article that includes a list of places that desperately need your help. Animal shelters, food banks and yes, The Texas Diaper Bank. Choose an organization and donate even $10. They’ll take anything and remember the country is counting on us because the president is in charge and what the hell is he going to do?

How to help hurricane victims

  • I went to Canada with my mom and I don’t know if I ever told you why but Amy was asking so I thought I’d type a quick reminder for anyone who might not know.  >feel free to skip this section if you already know this< My mom and I went to Vancouver, British Columbia because my grandfather was raised there by his grandparents after his mother died. My mom wanted to see if we could find the house he was raised in. Our chances were slim because it was a hundred years ago, literally. But we have a photograph from 30 years ago so we thought that was hope that we could maybe see something. Or find some hint of something. It was a very short trip (47 hours all total!) but fairly productive. We found the road the house was on which is more than we had before. And we found ideas of where it could have been. But it’s very built up with businesses so I just don’t know. We went to the cemetery and found where her great grandparents were buried. That was incredible. And then home. I do feel like I’ve told you this before. Where is my HEAD this week? Anyway, I’m going to see if I can contact the Vancouver Historical Society and also maybe look up land titles so I can try and get a better idea of where the house would have stood and then I’ll feel a little more accomplished.
  • I had a HUGE paragraph typed about Trump and the hurricane and the news and sadness and I just couldn’t keep it there. Just know I don’t live in the dark. I read. I watch. But sometimes talking about it sucks the joy right out of me.
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  • Did I tell you already that I found these awesome Gummy Bears? If I did, just chalk it up to fog brain from the last week.
    Gummy Bears. They’re organic…they’re gluten free and they’re delicious. They have two things wrong with them. Just two. It’s a short and virtually unimportant list I’m totally ignoring.
    1. There isn’t a lot of “gummy” to them so really you just eat them. Real gummies require a little work…that’s part of the fun. Not much chewing with these…the downside? I eat them a little faster than I need to. sigh. They’re really yummy.
    2. They’re a little pricey. I KNOW YOU”RE SHOCKED>Image result for i'm shocked gif

    This little pkg cost $1.99 at Target. I bought three. hahahah. Note to Black Forest– if you guys wanna team up you just give me a call, Baby..::wink:: I gotta tell you that’s not even that bad considering how desperately I love Gummy Bears and how much I have missed them. (How I’ve missed you!!) Money well spent!!
    And now you all know where my  standards are.

         I just looked on the website and besides being able to buy in bulk (they obviously know they’re audience) they have WHOLE BAGS OF JUST CHERRY!  
 Image result for so expensive gif
t’s safe to say I’ve said enough on this subject. Go buy your gummies now and enjoy. You’re welcome. Also, remember they’re organic gummies so that’s like you’re totally eating real fruit. For real. 😉

  • Not that I haven’t had enough to say on the subject of food today but I had this for breakfast…

    Now I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before but I really feel like I have to mention it again even if I have. I’m not a fan of yogurt. Like NOPE> Ask my poor husband. I eat it when I need something in a hurry in my empty stomach but I don’t like it and I complain with a loud “yuck” as he’s saying “yum”. He loves it SO MUCH. But I have always been a fan of pumpkin LONG before it was popular. I’ve loved pumpkin my whole life. It’s the most delicious thing ever. So when someone said Noosa yogurt was amazing I kind of gave it a half glance at the grocery store…then I saw Pumpkin Noosa and I had to try it.I almost died with the deliciousness. I’m flashing that I have actually told you guys about this before. Well, I’m in it now. Noosa Aussie Yogurt is so delicious and creamy it’s like freakin’ dessert. I have never tasted yogurt like this and I love it. I will eat any flavor. When you add the pumpkin it’s unbelievable. The pumpkin looks like that pumpkin puree stuff from the can? With the spices and stuff that you make pie out of. Pumpkin pie is my favorite Thanksgiving pie so I’m all in. I give it a little stir and die from the creaminess. It has a little creamy. It has a little sweet and tangy. It has that pumpkin pie spice…and I could eat the entire container. I have learned to buy the smaller containers or I will totally eat the whole thing. It’s like eating pie. These people know what they’re doing
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  • I ran 3.5 miles last night and it was the best 40 minutes of my day for sure. Possibly of my week. I do not care how long it took me it felt delicious. Hopefully tonight I will repeat that …it’s supposed to rain and I don’t care.
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    run on..

When your perfect shoes turn on you.

  • As I was typing last night...I was also scratching scratching scratching. I took my second dose of Benadryl. I went out to run my list down and somewhere in the middle of it I had to stop at the grocery store clear across town and run inside for Benadryl. Standing in the store I did the “itching” dance. I was on fire.  I had a small rash on my arms and everything hurt. I took an Allegra in the morning like I usually do but it didn’t help. I was a mess. Thank the Lord for antihistamines. Today I am much better.

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 don’t look like this but I totally wiggle like this because this is my life.

  • I took our friend Damon to the airport this morning…that’s why this is so late. And when I went to his house to pick him up (I’ve never been there before) I totally cracked up laughing.  So…here is an idea of MY house…
    NOT my house…just a random house I found on Zillow…but very similar
    Pretty average. Ordinary suburban house.
    Here is an idea of Damon’s house…
    Image result for pictures of giant houses source
    add a three car garage to the side and you might be there…freaking huge. The house is HUGE. I think you could put four of my houses in one of his. I laughed so hard. Turns out all of his friends have the same reaction.  We’re close friends to Damon so we’re comfortable enough to say to him, “DUDE. you’re HOUSE is HUGE”. Rather than “what  a lovely home you have” which I would say to frankly anyone else.
  • I went looking for shoes last night and about five minutes after arriving at DSW I found them. The perfect shoes. My dream shoes. The shoes I’ve been looking for all my life. They’re beautiful. They’re comfortable. They were…THE shoes. I looked at the price and they were $49. Oh my gosh they were also reasonable.  I couldn’t believe it.  I continued to walk for another few minutes just in case but I finally thought…nope. I love them. Those are the shoes. So I went back to get them I grabbed the box at the top thus revealing the ACTUAL price of the KATE SPADE shoes I was in total and absolute dreamy love with…$149. Yeah…I missed that little “1” there…
    Sadly..>I put the shoes back. I thought we were friends but no. My feelings were pretty hurt that Kate would turn on me like that but we were obviously not meant to be besties. If I win the lottery those shoes are MINE.
    Below is a picture of  a pair of her shoes that are similar. I can’t find the right ones online. They’re not suede, they’re plain black with cream straps instead and the heel is black GLITTER> Just enough glitter to be gorgeous and not too much to be ostentatious. ::swoon:: The heel wasn’t too high. They were sooo comfortable (I would expect nothing less for $150 shoes).  In my next life maybe…(on a side note I had several women friends that tried very hard to “encourage” me to buy them anyway. We are our own worst enemy! saboteurs 😏
    Main Image - kate spade new york 'jessica' pointy toe pump (Women) source
  • My friend in Houston is still dry and thankful.  The rain stopped for her yesterday so they took a walk around the neighborhood if for no other reason than they had to get outside…the kids were going insane. Four years old and cabin fever. Today she sent me a video of the kids with fidget spinners flyin’ around on top of their heads like the Globetrotters and their basketballs. Not only was it hilarious but it clearly showed they have talents beyond the normal four year olds. Promise of a big future. Dream big.
    Image result for gonna be a star gif
    Image result for gonna be a star gif
  • Yesterday I did a quick HIIT and walked Malachi but was itching so bad and so freakin’ high on Benadryl I had to sleep. I crashed so hard I didn’t even move until 8:15 this morning. That’s CRAZY. I’m surprised Sean wasn’t taking my pulse…
  • I bought a dress from Thred Up. Technically I bought two. Anyone else use it? I love the concept and I think I could really use it but I’ve had two fails so far so I think I’m done with dresses.  It’s a second hand store online with nice high end clothing at a significant discount. They don’t have a GREAT return policy. It’s good. I mean, you can return things so there’s that. But you have to do it within 14 days, you have to pay shipping, take the return in credit. So, that sucks. Their measuring system doesn’t seem to be very accurate. I buy a lot of stuff online and I can usually just buy a size without issue but once you start adding in designer clothes you get vanity sizing and it’s a crap shoot. I could wear a size 10 or a size 4. So measuring is critical.  After paying the shipping several times I’ve thrown away too much money and now I’m just going to return the second dress for a refund. I have a credit from the first dress (it was really inexpensive ~yay~) so that’s not bad but the second one is a little painful. It’s just frustrating. I’m settling and I think I’ll wear something I already have. Snoopy Dance that it fits! (first time in several years ~damn fibroid~)
    Image result for snoopy dance gif
    I also looked at the selling concept. I really only had one thing to go by that I could think of on the spot and that’s a gown I bought that I don’t need after all. It’s a $400 couture gown with the tags still on it. They have an “estimate what it’s worth” calculator and I had to pick another designer because I couldn’t find mine listed. I picked a comparable designer and filled the rest in and they said they’d give me $9 for it. Ha. I suspect they might give me a little more but probably not significantly more so…I think I’ll keep it😂
  • I walked Malachi this morning and it’s cooling off now so I might go for a run. I’d like to do a HIIT but we’ll see what I’m up for. I gave a little jog from the store to the car and felt such ridiculous joy at that it made me giggle. I love to run so much I can’t imagine not doing it. When I picked up Damon today his house is over where one of my favorite long routes takes me. He was asking me about it and I told him the hard part the beginning.

    Once you reach this particular sidewalk there’s this lovely downhill slope and the view is beautiful, the trees line the street and it just begs for me to run…feet flying down the hill.  I love to run it in the evening just as the sun is thinking about setting and the air is cool…my headphones are on.  It’s my favorite and I wish I was there right now. Running really is my most spiritual place.
    Image result for running quotes
    Run on…

Thinking of Texas today.

The size of that headline is giving me anxiety but I can’t figure out why it’s doing it so you’re stuck with it. Try not to stress.
quote from Sean: “All the stuff I love is the stuff that doesn’t love me BACK…well..you…you love me back”
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  • I went to Kohl’s looking for shoes (nope…couldn’t find any) but I happened upon a dress shirt I thought Sean would really like. He is incredibly choosy about dress shirts (that check is too big, that check is too loud, that color is too bright, that pattern is weird) so I grabbed it and checked out. The lady that checked me out (she didn’t REALLY check me out) was shocked I made it out of Kohl’s with just one thing and only spending $34. Practice and priorities. I am very good and just not buying things I really don’t need. Also…I don’t have trouble with Kohl’s. Hell, I don’t even have one of their credit cards they try to desperately to get me to have. That’s just how good I am…
  • I know a lot of people have trouble staying in budget with Target and I’ll say this is more of a struggle than Kohl’s. Can you get out of Target without spending $100? Most of the time but it does require laser focus... I got out today under $45. Where I have real trouble is the bookstore. I go for one thing..ONE THING…a card.  I don’t need a book. I have a WALL of books. I have a library in my living room. And what do I do? I can’t resist the pull of a pretty new book oh my gosh they are so lovely… and… I know you’re shocked…I bought a new book. Bet you saw THAT coming.
  • My ridiculous dog has a skin infection on top of an infection. It was misdiagnosed (it’s just really really hard to diagnose) for like…a year. Everything we tried failed. so we saw a specialist. It’s taken 8 weeks of antibiotics and then we HOPE it doesn’t come back. Meanwhile the world’s smartest dog won’t take his medicine. He has figured out every way not to take his medicine. So far, this is what we’ve tried…(I give you the list only to demonstrate how desperate we have been…and I’m positive this list is incomplete)
    peanut butter (he hates it)
    ice cream
    pill pockets (duh) and he’s taken those for years but now…nope
    tripe…yeah. we went there (got a little ptsd from that one)
    canned beef dog food
    hot dogs
    special dog tater tots made with liver and beef and whatnot
    cat treats…yeah that worked really well actually
    velveeta cheese (he loved that)
    hamburger/rice/peas mixed together. Note: he doesn’t like peas. Picks them right out and eats around them.
    His all time favorite? he loves Tostitos so Sean sandwiched the pills inside two tostitos and stuck them there with honey. Yeah, that worked the longest. He loves it. Don’t worry, it’s just enough honey to make them stick and he likes it so much. Go figure how weird that is. Even that was shortlived. We finally were down to one week and in desperation Sean just started opening his mouth and shoving the pills in. It was a little rough at first, then it got easier, now it’s back to hard.  It takes Sean six or seven tries before that second pill will get in there.
    I would do it but no. Dogs smell fear.
    Related image
    So Sean continues forward with his mission and he has four doses left. Four incredibly painful doses left. And Malachi looks at us like…so…where’s my steak?
    Dude, you coulda HAD steak. Your loss.
    All this for a dog who never in his life had people food until this infection.  It’s like giving medicine to a two year old.
    Image result for frustrating gif
    this is Sean’s daily conversation with the dog.
    He doesn’t answer.
  • Pause typing: Must have horrible itching allergy attack for an hour. Hey, can you stop what you’re doing for an hour and itch like a maniac? It’s kind of torture. #Thankyouceliac
     sad frustrated hell depressed eurovision GIF
  • It’s going to be 93* today. I have a hard time complaining about the heat when Houston is under so much water and so much suffering is happening. My friend is, thankfully, still doing okay though she has four year old twins so she may be losing her mind if that counts.
    Probably not.
    The devastation of Texas right now is unbelievable and heartbreaking. I force my poor husband to listen while I read the stories I just can’t help but share because, I don’t know…somehow saying it out loud makes it more real? Less surreal? Let’s someone else share my selfish grief (how is this affecting me?) and then somehow the pain doesn’t cut through as much? I don’t know but he’s amazing and even though it’s hard for him he listens. I was given an overdose of empathy when God dosed it out and that makes me cry at commercials. I can’t read an article out loud without crying. I tear up at photos as I share them with Sean. I am, clearly, a crying mess.
    For the second time since Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall, a dog named Otis has found its way into the internet's heart. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images source
    “Of all the videos and photos coming out of Tropical Storm Harvey, one heart-wrenching image of a Texas man clutching his dog in abject sadness is indicative of the tragedy befalling the Lone Star State.”~sourceAny donation would be helpful. Remember the animals, too. I can’t imagine having to leave my pets. I honestly don’t know if I could.
    Here is a GREAT list of places to donate and they all take online donations. Seriously…$10 makes a difference. If everyone donated that, can you imagine how much money they’d collect?
  • I’m off to get stuff done. I’m doing HIIT today so I can feel my ARMS again. Strength is wear it’s at Baby.
    8 Week Body Weight Makeover Program - A little progress each day adds up! No Equipment Needed. Get started today! #bodyweightworkouts #workouts #fitnessprogram
    Run on…

Ten (mostly) quick and dirty facts about Migraines

Whether you know anyone in Texas or not, it’s difficult to not be moved by the tragic events taking place there with Hurricane Harvey tearing the state to bits and flooding everything it hits.
If you want to help:

 The American Red Cross, which has shelters open and is getting supplies to victims, is accepting donations on its website via a dedicated link. Donors also can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “Harvey” to 90999 to make contributions. Alternatively, some companies are collecting donations for the Red Cross relief effort on their websites. Among them are Amazon and Whole Foods, which will match cash donations (up to $1 million total).

Image result for help a friend gif


I want to speak about the egregious display of racism the president made when he pardoned Joe Arpaio but I seem to be at a loss for words. Every day is a new gross example of his failing as a leader to anyone except racists.
The result is that I feel like this all the time. Just…all the time.
 disney sad crying cry pixar GIF
Migraine Facts

  1. Food is a common trigger of migraines. Some are well known, red wine, chocolate, etc. Tyramine and tannins are probably the reason for this. Hard or aged cheese, soy, MSG and artificial sweeteners and randomly…citrus.  These don’t all cause triggers for everyone but you should track your own diet with a journal to see what causes yours.
  2. caffeine. This one is tricky. If it’s the right dose and it’s the beginning of a migraine you might just stop it in its tracks. But there’s always the chance you can send it the other way. I avoid caffeine pretty heartily however I do have it in some of my medication. And when I need carbonation I’ll crave a Diet Pepsi and finding the caffeine free one is next to impossible. Since I don’t crave a lot of it, I’ll just have one or two small drinks of it and then drink water. I’m only in it for the carbonation.
  3. I’m going to break it down a little and say tannins are in red wine and also apple juice. I always wondered why I’d get a migraine from apple juice. I love Red Delicious apples but I rarely eat them…they give me headaches.  (duh)
  4. There’s a genetic link to migraines, if you have family that has them you are more likely to get them. So far both of my boys are prone to them. I’m hoping Shaughnessy avoids it completely. (pfft..the only thing Sean has passed on is his amazing ability at math…I’m feeling pretty non helpful right now)
  5. Stress is one of the most common triggers.   Work, family, emotions, relationships, any or all of that can create the stress to give you a migraine.
  6. Triggers we don’t think about:  lack of sleep,  dehydration.
  7. Weather can hit you with a migraine when you aren’t expecting it. The barometric pressure changes, extreme heat, extreme cold…all of it can affect you. Accuweather has a great feature that will tell you if it’s a migraine kind of day.
  8. Overuse of pain medication.  You obviously want to take it as soon as you feel your migraine coming on but if you continue taking it you can create a rebound migraine that will cause daily migraines you will find very difficult to manage. I usually walk around for a few minutes, drink some water, do some yoga and if that still doesn’t help then I medicate. Medicating is my last resort. Rebound migraines are the worst.
  9. There are criteria that makes migraines. You don’t have to have all of these but these are the main symptoms.
     moderate to severe pain
    one sided in the head
    pulsing/throbbing headache made worse by movement
    nausea or vomiting
    sensitivity to light and sound ~source
  10. Some migraines come with a fun side effect called an aura. Many people have a warning system with their migraines alerting them it’s coming. These are common aura situations.
    Confusing thoughts or experiences.
    The perception of strange, sparkling or flashing lights.
    Zig-zag lines in the visual field.
    Blind spots or blank patches in the vision.
    Pins and needles in an arm or leg.
    Difficulty speaking.
    Stiffness in the shoulders, neck, or limbs.
    Unpleasant smells.
    I get flashing lights like laser lights when I get a bad migraine but not at the beginning, more like I’m well into it. When I’m getting a migraine my skin hurts…just to barely touch it…like the worst kind of bruise…just skimming it. Especially right around my jaw, my neck, my face, all along around my head.
    *As always…consult your doctor about any pain you may be experiencing. They can help you with your diagnosis and assist you with a treatment plan.

I have a hot dat with my running shoes.
Run on…

How biased are you?

  • Who? Me? Biased?  A short video on bias in our everyday lives
  • Take the test: the Harvard Race Implicit Bias Test, a race test to indicate bias. It is clearly just a test and of course there are factors to consider, but still…interesting to take and consider the results. Take the test here…
  • We stayed near the airport in Canada and even though I couldn’t run there (my gosh, the traffic. So much traffic. and no time to drive to a fun place…next time) it wasn’t unusual to me.  It was a predominantly Asian neighborhood … more like suburb… and after working in the bank I worked in that was mostly an Asian bank it was very familiar. I was fortunate to grow up with parents that were very accepting of all ethnicities, cultures and lifestyles and religions. My mom grew up in San Francisco. Even though that was many years ago, she came from that city life to a city in Montana where there was an even new and different kind of culture and she just adapted.  I can’t imagine the awkwardness and difficulties tied with traveling with a parent or grandparent who might have a prejudice or bias. I’ve always been very grateful to my parents for making sure I knew everyone to be equal and to treat them as such. It was a real gift.
  • Turns out my keyboard on my iPad works fine, I’m just a distracted idiot. ::squirrel::  What was wrong with it? somehow the bluetooth got turned off… told you I’m an idiot. Why wouldn’t I check THAT?
    Image result for duh gif
  • note to self: don’t tell your husband an interesting story while he’s trying to fix anything computer related. Or really anything. I mean, he’s pretty ADHD anyway so keeping his attention is pretty difficult. Short sentences, lots of interesting facts…big ending. It doesn’t help if the big ending comes when he’s trying to work on your computer because then he doesn’t even look at you, realize your talking or frankly remember he’s married.
  • Think this is amusing? The whole thing from start to finish was over in less than five minutes and he didn’t remember I was talking. Yes. I still love him. He’s pretty damn nice. And really really funny.
    Image result for ten second tom gif
    And after all of the computer stuff he had a yogurt and said, “yogurt…is awesome.” (no, yuck. But he LOVES it. so funny…)
  • I went through security in Canada and got pulled aside because I had the iPad. They checked the bag and I told the girl not to mind my offensively green running shoes. She said she liked them and we spent five minutes talking about running and why she can’t. I told her to go to a good sports doctor and not her regular doctor because he’ll just tell her not to run. Then I told her to go to a running store and get fitted for new shoes because that’s probably the reason her one knee hurts. She needs to strengthen some weakness somewhere on that side. I said there was always a slim possibility there’s something more serious going on but I’ve been running for 40 years, I’m 50 years old and she said, “no WAY!!” It was pretty hilarious. She thought that was crazy and exclaimed several times. I didn’t tell her that for a compliment because I always think I look my age at least but I told her that because I’ve been running a LONG TIME. If you take care of yourself you can keep going and we all know that’s my goal…I hope she does it. She seemed excited. I love to get people excited about running.
     reaction taylor swift yeah queue reaction s GIF
  • I didn’t really mention it before but I had a low to mid grade migraine the whole time I was in Canada and it escalated when I got home. Traveling does that. Traveling, no sleep, etc. Last night I continued on the no sleep train and this morning I thought I’d just power through. I ran a ton of errands and when I got home I decided to go lie down before I start dinner. FOUR HOURS LATER… I woke up at 8pm. My sweet husband came home from work and let me sleep until I woke up by myself. Crazy I slept so long. I’m a pretty light sleeper and usually will nap for about twenty minutes. If I nap for a long time, it’s an hour. For me to sleep for four hours, I think my body had just had enough.
    Image result for so done gif
    because of that…I didn’t run. But my headache is nearly gone and I feel more human than I have in days. So count this as my recovery day. I guess everyone gets one of those. Am I wide awake? Nope…I could easily sleep more.
  • I typed all of that last night and now it’s this morning and I slept in REALLY LATE. In all fairness I went to bed at 3am so sleeping in was mostly just getting sleep. Today I’m going to finish up some quick errands…go grocery shopping and for sure do a HIIT and run.
    I know you’re skeptical but man I want to run so much. I need a good stretch. The key is getting dinner done early so I can get out the door…
    Image result for make running a priority quotes
    Run on…

Canada. I miss you.

  • Listening to Trump last night ~who am I kidding…I got the highlights this morning~ I could never actually give up that much of my life to that guy…he’s a nutcase. He’s totally and completely lost his mind and I am ready for someone in actual power to please PLEASE recognize this.
    Image result for wake up and smell the coffee gif
  • I spent the last few days in Canada but we can’t forget the eclipse happened. ..Look at these incredible photos.
    The Best Photos Of The Solar Eclipse
  • My flight to Seattle was great, and really the whole experience was good on Alaska Airlines  although we did have a glitch in Seattle with a power hungry ticket agent who was really really eager to get everyone to form ONE LINE FORM ONE LINE and felt the need to snap at elderly people and also a distinguished World War II veteran repeatedly in a terse voice. I put up with it for a minute or two and then finally snapped and went over to explain to someone else why the people were doing what they were doing (hello, they can’t hear because there are two gates being announced at the same time. They’re confused. We’re all confused)  and why he didn’t understand. She just nodded in a patronizing way and basically indicated I should go back to my corner. So I tweeted that I was pretty unhappy with Paul, the ticket guy. I bet it wasn’t 30 seconds later I got a tweet asking for a private message with my confirmation number so we could have a conversation and discuss what happened with Paul. We may not love what happened with United but the airlines are sure as hell paying attention. Also, don’t yell at elderly people. You are bound to be one.

    Image result for be nice gif

  •  I lived overseas for six years and have traveled internationally many times. Flying is my favorite and I just love adventure in general. But I haven’t been international since 9/11 (shut up, I know I’m old but I’m experienced) I don’t think… and wow…the customs event that was Canada. Just…wow. It was an event. Even the guys in front of us who have been through there before said it wasn’t usually like that. It was total and utter chaos. The airport people were trying to herd us in certain directions and shouting and guiding us and it was just…crazy.  We each had light backpacks for carry ons since we were there such a short time and by the time we got through customs an hour and a half – two hours later those bags were ridiculously heavy. I was glad we were leaving on a Tuesday..the day had to be quieter and easier to manage than the Sunday arrival.
    Image result for heavy bag gif
  • Our two days in Canada were effective. As best we could, we got done what we needed to do. I think I’ll still maybe try and investigate some more but we did the best we could under the circumstances. My mom’s great grandparents lived in Vancouver and her dad ended up living with them so he was raised there. We went to see where he grew up. Admittedly it was 100 years ago so…things have changed a bit. ha. But it was good to at least get an idea and also to visit the cemetery where her great grandparents were buried. It was so weird to see family names on those gravestones.
  • I taught my mom the art of the “flip around” which isn’t anything to do with cute hair but instead is if you miss a turn you flip that darn car around at the nearest opportunity which may or may not be completely legal but may instead be the biggest space your car will fit. Don’t judge me.
    Image result for so fun gif
    She did a lot of…”Whoa….” which I translated to mean…”huh…we nearly died THERE and I can’t believe you did THAT”. Canadians LOVE ME. 💖
  • I will also drive anywhere and as far as I need to so to me the hours are endless and the driving goes on forever. I like driving and don’t mind doing it at all. GPS keeps me from being lost so it’s all machts nichts to me. We are here to get the job done and there’s no reason to sit in a pretty sketch hotel room when we could be drivin’. So drive we did. I’m pretty sure she was over it but I made her keep going.
    Image result for are we there yet gif
  • The hotel room was an experience we won’t soon forget. The carpet had giant wrinkles in it and though you couldn’t actually SEE the dirt the entire room felt like it had a coating of “I’m really old so I can’t be clean” on it therefore the carpet just must be pretty bad. We wore shoes or socks the whole time. The smoke alarm hung partly off the wall…it’s okay, it was still lit up so that means it works, right? One lamp hung with the lampshade going one direction and lamp fixture going the other. We hoped it wouldn’t catch fire. The other lamp had stains on the lampshade. The air conditioning unit was coming apart all down the sides and the top of it that you adjust looked like three broken/token knobs just there for show but they don’t really do anything. All of the unit was quite dirty. Virtually no cool air came out, we kept the window open to encourage as much air flow as possible but it was all hot air so what the hell. We just kept it open and prayed to the god of any kind of air to just take us quick and wherever you take us may it be to the land of cool air and clean sheets. 😏
  • Sure enough the airport experience was slightly better Tuesday morning. It was still a little busy but nothing like Sunday. Maybe because it wasn’t a weekend? No clues…
     yes 30 rock praise kenneth parcell thank god GIF
    But I had an awesome flight home. It was direct to Denver (yay…) and it was a small plane (my favorite) and for probably the first time I got one of the exit rows. There was a young woman that left the exit row…I was surprised. Too much pressure I guess. I watched carefully and thought…yeah, I think I’m okay. I got this. I will be honest though, I would be fine without the exit row and I have long legs. I just don’t mind airplane seats…I KNOW. Don’t tell anyone. Although there was one flight I was one and it was highly uncomfortable but I think maybe it was Frontier. I remember landing and saying I would never fly with them again. Of course you do what you have to but I’ll work my hardest, I love to fly and I was miserable the whole time.
  • And now the moment of truth, did I run? Nope. I didn’t have any time to run nor was I in an area I felt comfortable to run. There was a LOT of traffic. It wasn’t really conducive to relaxed running, it might have given me a heart attack instead.
    Image result for heart attack running gif
  • I will totally summarize this though and tell you I had a fabulous time enjoying Canada. I loved the experience. I loved driving there, I loved the people, the whole thing.  I wish I had a little more time. Well, the airport when we landed wasn’t that great, it was pretty chaotic but I think it was an anomaly and I didn’t get to see Justin Trudeau.  I’ll forgive them for both I suppose. I’m sure he’s busy and the airport, well, it’s an airport.
      canada shrug prime minister justin trudeau GIF

I am going to do a HIIT workout today so I can feel strong and hopefully run later tonight. It’s a busy day and I have many errands and things to get done. I’m way behind this week. It’s bad when you start the week behind! But I’ve already walked the dog and I’ve gotten a lot done this morning so I’m working hard on being productive.
Also…I think we MAY have figured out what’s wrong with the blog!

don’t get excited. I didn’t say we DID figure it out. But that’s what happens when I leave my husband. He misses me and fixes my things. hahhahahha

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