2014 New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon/November 2nd, 2014/$255

Yep. I ran that. Michelle and I ran it together.

It’s that one thing I get to say…I did that. 

I somehow always knew it would be like that.

But I’ll still try and work it out piece by piece.

I ran it with Team for Kids, a charity entry. So I’ll have to include that part of the race.  Michelle may have a differing opinion on how the race went as she ran it for Huntington’s.

On the Team for Kids part…I totally love the idea of the charity and I like the charity I ran for.  I do not love the amount of money I had to raise for it which was $2620.  But I went into it knowing full well I had to raise that so it’s completely on me and I was okay with that decision.


There are three ways to get into the NYCMarathon.  None of them are really…great. Unfortunately. At least for those of us who are average runners.

1. This is to qualify with a speedy time. Like Boston…you can be fast and this can get you in.

2.  You can get in with the lottery.  You have to actually pay the fee to apply…it’s expensive and painful.  Like surgery. Ha. Sorry.

3.  and finally you can run via a charity. This is, in fact, a guaranteed entry.  And it is  the way that I ran, as I previously stated.

Is it my preferred option? Nope. But it got me there.  Was it worth it? Totally. Would I do it again? Don’t ask me to. Seriously….I’m easy. I might…

I mean, I had a REALLY good time.


The Expo:

It was huge.

Of course.

There are directors everywhere. They were wearing blue t shirts and anyone that looked even remotely lost was promptly directed to the right place.  They were very helpful.

There wasn’t a line when I was there. It was open Friday and Saturday. We were there Saturday about 10am.  No line, just walked right up to the cute little girl behind the boxes with the bags of bibs.  She was happy and excited and after she looked at my ID (which they absolutely check) then she sent me on my way to the next step to get my t shirt.

After the t shirt pick up….

you can shop..

oh yeah.

Now…I’ve been known to shop at an expo but it’s rare.

I am super thrifty with running clothes.

Or…you could say cheap.

And I never ever buy running stuff that has a race name on it because I’m just guaranteed to not wear it.

Until now.

I mean, this is the race of a lifetime.

I plan on running a ton more races and I plan on having some great experiences but I also plan on giving each one the appreciation it needs and deserves. This one deserved a shirt.  I’ve worn it to death already. I love it.

Nice job Asics for sure.


The start

We took the subway to the Staten Island Ferry but some charities offered bus rides there for their own fund raisers and of course, you could get your own way there, also.

Once you get there, you take the ferry across to Staten Island and you are allowed to hang out in the terminal until pretty close to the start. I don’t know if this is the standard but this year was unusually cold and they had to make some concessions for sure.

Once we left the ferry, we took a bus to the start. As we exited the bus, we walked past policemen with dogs clearly checking for any kind of explosive situation.  I’m totally okay with extra security thank you very much.

We then waited at the start…

There were porta potties everywhere we looked.

Now….here’s the downside.

I cannot explain enough how sad it was to see the thousands upon thousands of dirty wet piles of clothes and sundries everywhere as runners ditched on their way to the start of the race.

It was nauseating.

Even knowing these items would be donated didn’t really help the matter.

It was really awful.

But I felt like the waves moved pretty quickly.


The race

What can I say about this race?  It was 26.2 miles of amazing.

The Island.

The bridges.

The five boroughs.

You see so many landmarks.

Oh my gosh the architecture. It was incredible.


The support

I ran this race without any music at all.

I’ve run races with good crowd support before and I inevitably throw some music or a book on for a small stretch…

but not this one. It was 26 miles of the best crowds I’ve ever seen.

I remember people screaming “Welcome to BROOKLYN!!!”

And I really felt like they were genuinely so freaking excited to see us!

It was the MOST FUN EVER.

Best support.

There were SO many water stops.

Lots and lots of water/aid stops- I can’t remember how many but I want to say every two miles. It felt like a lot.


The Finish

The finish circles Central Park and then comes through the big “finish”, right? And by then….you are ready to finish because it’s cold.

When you cross the finish you get your mylar sheet and your medal.

Right after you can step aside and get your photo taken.

Then you are “filtered” through a chute…

One chute is for the “no bag” people and the other side is for the “bag” people.

the runners that chose “no bag” will get a poncho.

It was pretty cold and those of us with no bag were fairly anxious to reach the ponchos…I’m so not kidding here.

Although I’m sure the bag people were, too. I have no idea how far they had to walk.

We had to walk several blocks to get the ponchos but when they were finally handed out it was like God himself reached down and warmed me up. They were pretty amazing ponchos.  I almost forgave the race organizers for that walk.


Not completely because we still had to walk. 

By the time we finished I’m certain we had walked to at least 27.5 miles… possibly 28.  It truly felt like we had added two miles to our 26.2.  It was long, cold and we were exhausted.

Michelle and I separated because she met her party and I had to meet mine.

This is important and we had arranged this beforehand…but still it was pretty iffy…

***pick a meeting place***

we had to walk to ours and then walk back to our hotel. It was just too crowded and I was too tired and stiff to stop and figure anything else out. My brain doesn’t work when I don’t feel good. I just wanted a hot shower.

So there you go.

It was an amazing race and the downsides were NOTHING compared to the upsides. I’d definitely run this race again in a freaking heartbeat.

Don’t ask me…I’ll blow my budget and go because I have no willpower.


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