Alien 13.1 Half Marathon Review

Alien 13.1 Half Marathon/September 14th, 2013

This was a small nighttime race held in Castle Rock, Colorado.  It included a 5k Terrestrial event which started at the exact same time.  The half marathon caps out at 25oo runners.  I only see results for 227 runners.  I’m not including the 5k.  I don’t know if they include that in their cap.

It’s all about aliens.  People dress as aliens, they have lots of lights and glowing things and they are there to celebrate the craziness of the race.

Proceeds for the AREA 13.1 half marathon support the Matthew E. Russell Foundation and Life Connection Ministries; who provide help to the people of South Africa through education, feeding programs, educational libraries and much more.

It’s a national race  and it’s also running in:

Roswell, GA

Austin, TX

New Orleans, LA

San Francisco, CA


No expo…just packet pickup at your local RoadRunner Sports or Lululemon.  They offered several different options for packet pickup to include race day.



$60 until May 15th
$70 until Sept 6th
$75 Sept 6 to Race Day

The Course:

It’s an out and back course that runs along Plum Creek.  The course this year was forced to change due to flash flooding but the main portion remained the same.  It was paved trail and well marked.

We did start 15 minutes late due to the rain delay.

The race started at the Douglas County Fairgrounds so we had access to indoor facilities and it was quite lovely.  Warm and dry and you walk right out the door to the start.  I didn’t use the restrooms but I’m positive they were awesome compared to a cold porta potty.

It was a pretty flat course.  There were a couple hills in there but for the most part just gradual inclines.   Because of the course change, this year we started out by running around the fairgrounds building, then onto the course and out to about mile 5 and change, flip around and come back to the fairgrounds building and circle it again and then out to the 5k turnaround.  They get a pass on a rough course due to the extraordinary circumstances.

The volunteers at all the aid stations were really excited and cheered their hearts out.  There were plenty of aid stations, I’d say like…5 at least.

They offered two different flavors of Gu at what must have been mile 4.  Then they catch you on the fliparound and offer you another one.

The Finish:

Just a simple finish up a slight incline and through the chute.  SO nice.  Got my medal AND a bottle of water right away.

Then inside to warmth and cookies and bananas if I want.  Some chocolate milk I think.  The usual.

**Oh, one thing they did have I thought was really interesting…a foam roller station.  Mats and foam rollers and you could just walk right over and grab a spot.  I saw a LOT of people making use of that.  That was a nice perk!**

To sum it up:

I’m not much into costumes but if you like costume races you would have a good time here for sure.  There were some great ones.  The race was done well.  Overall I would probably give it a 6 or a 7…I knocked serious points off for not calling the race during a flash flood and also for no porta potties.

Without those factors I would call it a 8 or a 9 pretty easily.    I ‘d run it again.  I love running at night.


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