Autumn Colour Run Half Marathon-Review

Autumn Color Run/September 21st, 2013/ $65

Autumn Color Run is one favorite races ~

I’ve run it three times now and it continues to be great.  Even with it’s wacky flaws.  It takes place in the mountains of Colorado in Buena Vista (pronounced byoona…like view).

The race benefits the Starpoint Center and the Boys & Girls Club of Chaffee County.

They have a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k and a 1k fun run for the kids.

At the end of the half marathon there is a huge potluck put on by the Starpoint families.  SO delicious.

***you can leave items on one of the buses and it comes back to the park where they will put it all under a tree and you can get it after the race.  Nope…I’m not making this up***


The Expo

Uh…nope.  We just showed up at the park in the morning and picked up the packet.  Easy peazy.  It was a little chaotic but mostly…easy.  Pick up packet, get on bus.

The drive to the start and the start

The buses drove us 13 miles out into the mountains.  It was a campground area and very tiny roads by the time we got to the starting area.  Each bus gets to the the turnaround point and then has to pull into the area and back up like it’s parking.  It is a little random because once they are all parked…they all pull out again.  Then they drive off down the road and stop at a random point on the dirt road.

We piled off the buses and some people walked back because there was A (note…ONE) porta potty if I recall back at the turnaround.  The line was extensive.  Most people used the forest around us.  This was a sight to behold.  People scattering off the buses like ants in every direction.

When they got back we all just stood there like…what now?  There is no starting line…no officials…nothing.  So we all just stood there.  Waiting.  The race was due to start at 9.

At about 9:06? an SUV pulled up and parked on the side of the road.  Someone kind of official got out.  After a few minutes he said…”one minute to start!”.

This race is pretty low key.  LOL

At one more minute…he said, “GO!”

We all started running.

The race

It’s a mostly downhill race and it’s UNBELIEVABLY beautiful.  That’s really all you need to know.  It has a few uphills, not enough to care about because it’s Autumn in the mountains of Colorado and you’re SO in awe of where you’re running, you just don’t even care.


There are three, maybe four water stations…the first at mile four.  That’s also the first mile marker.  Each marker after is every two miles.  The aid stations have an electrolyte drink and water, bananas cut in half and orange slices. There are NO porta potties.  Plenty of bushes. 🙁  That part was…unfriendly.

The finish

Run through town and around  the corner…down the street, through the park and up a hill (of course) to the finish.  Greeted with…Well, I’m not a good judge.  I couldn’t breathe so…pretty sure they take your tag so they can record your time and they probably hand you water and your medal.  Then you get an amazing potluck spread.

The gist of this race is low key.  No timing chip.  No “official” start.  No start LINE.  This is the most casual laid back race in the world.  It’s like the biggest group run you’ll ever take.  But you paid for it and your money went to a charity and at the end someone fed you with a giant potluck.

Do it.  You’ll be happy.

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